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Evil? by artemisia
Chapter 2 : evil little bitch
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Everyone stared at the girl who walked into the Great Hall. Some even whistled at her. That girl was no other than Hermione Granger.Harry and Ron both ran up to her.Hermione we have been looking everywhere! You didnt come to the common room last night!Ron said
I don;t know who you are but I know that I dont hang out with Gryffindors. Your like disgusts me! She insulted them both. Hermione walked past them and sat down next to Draco Malfoy.

"Harry why would she want to sit next to Malfoy?" Ron asked Harry.Because when she was on stage no one liked her not ;doing anything so someone threw an apple at her head. He answered.Harry and Ron were having a terrible time, but Hermione on the other hand was having a blast flirting with Malfoy.Oh Malfoy your so funny! Hermione giggled.Not as funny as you are HOTT.; Malfoy returned her compliment.r Malfoy if you are so in love with Hermione then just go out with her! Pansy shouted at him.Hey that isnt a bad idea, Hermione wanna go out with me hermione?&But Hermione wasn’t paying attention she was staring at the Gryffindor table when she saw him turn towards her Hermione turned towards malfoy and kissed his hard. Malfoy was really happy bout this one.;"Yeah Id love to go out. You know the Yule ball is tonight." She said.

An hour before the dance Pansy and Hermione started to get ready. Hermione put on her dress, which was tight, black, and really low cut, and did her hair in a pretty up do with curling tendrils that framed her face, And finaly she did her make-up in a simple manner only using mascaria and lip gloss.When she finally went down the stairs from the girls dormitory Malfoy was waiting for her.

Well dont you look sexy. This is why Im glad Im tall. He said looking down at her chest.

If you keep talking like that itll be forever until you can see the rest of it. She smirked."Malfoy turned a deep shade of red but shook it off.They reached the Great Hall where the dance was being held and music was already playing.

Ron ran up to her offered to dance with her but she declined. Hermione and Malfoy started to dance, as the Hall grew dark. Everyone who had a date was freak dancing and so was Hermione and Draco. They kissed as they were doing this and Harry and Ron just stood there, their faces turning pale.

"Potty, Weasle why are you staring at my girlfriend!?" Malfoy shouted yelling at them. He let go of Hermione and chased after them. Hermione walked over to where Dracop had them pinned to the ground beating them senseless."Hermione you have to remember us." Harry pleaded blood dripping from his nose.

Hermione just stared at them and Harry thought she remembered."

Oh I remember you, She started Harry and Ron held their breath and Draco stopped hitting them, you are the asswipe Red head Weasle or bloodtraiter call it what you want. Potter the crap head who destroyed the Dark Lords chance of returning."

Hermione walked away and they stared at her until Draco stopped looking at her ass and continued to hit them.

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Evil?: evil little bitch


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