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Begot By Evil by 12ewright
Chapter 9 : First Birthday
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Over the next few days, Jordan was extremely quiet and with drawn.  She wasn’t having the nightmare anymore, but she was still worried about the last one.  The boys were obviously worried about her too.  They didn’t like the quiet, somber Jordan that had emerged.

    One day Jordan was walking around the castle by herself.  She didn’t have anywhere to go.  It was a Saturday, so there weren’t any classes.  Her mind was jumping all over the place.  There were footsteps behind her.  She turned around.  It was Remus.

    “Hey,” she said.

    “Hey girly,” he replied smiling at her, “Why are you walking around all by yourself?”

Jordan just shrugged.

    “Come with me.  I have a surprise for you,” he said taking her hand.

    “What is it?” she asked following him.

    “Just follow me.”

He led her all the way back to the Gryffindor tower.  They walked into the common room.  As she walked in, Sirius and James jumped from behind the couch.

    “Surprise!” they yelled.

All around the room were balloons and confetti.  Hanging from the ceiling was a banner reading ‘happy birthday.’

    “What’s going on?” she asked.

    “It’s your birthday,” said Sirius giving her a hug.

    “It is?”

    “Yeah.  McGonagall told us.”

Jordan was completely shocked.

    “How old am I?” she asked.

    “What?  You don’t know?” said James.

    “No.  I’ve never celebrated a birthday before.”

They stared at her in shock.

    “You’ve really never celebrated a birthday before?” asked Remus.

She shook her head.

    “Well, McGonagall said its your twelfth birthday, you dork,” said Sirius putting his arm around her shoulder, “Come on.  We’ve got a ton of cake and ice cream.”

    “Aww, you guys are so sweet,” she said.

James grabbed some party hats.  He placed a pink, sparkly one on Jordan’s head.

    “Uh, no way,” she said taking it off, “Here you go Sirius.  It suits you better than me.”

She placed it on Sirius’ head and took his blue one.

    “You’re lucky it’s your birthday,” he said.

    “Or you’d what?” she said tauntingly.

    “Or I might have to shove this cake in your face.”

    “Like this.”

She grabbed a hunk of cake and smashed it in his face.  At first he was too shocked to do anything.

    “That was awesome,” said James.

    “Really?  Here you go.”

Jordan shoved some in his face too.  Remus started laughing.  A second later his face was covered in cake also.

    “You are so dead,” said Sirius grabbing some cake.

Before he could do anything, Jordan waved her wand and sent some ice cream at him.

    “Oh, that’s it,” he said jumping at her.

Right as he was about to grab her she took some more ice cream and shoved it down his pants.

    “Cold!” he said in a rather high pitched voice.

Jordan giggled.  They all glared at her.  Remus, who was sitting across the table from her, took what was left of the cake and smashed it into her face.  Jordan jumped up and dumped the pitcher of butter beer on him.  She tried to run to the other side of the room.  James grabbed her and threw her down on the couch.

    “You’re really going to get it now,” said Sirius running over to the couch.

He grabbed the vat of ice cream.  Remus and James held her down while Sirius smeared it on her face.  Jordan struggled against them.  Finally they let her go.  Remus stood over her smiling.

    “You’ve got something on your face,” she said sarcastically.

    “Oh, I didn’t know.  Let me get it off.”

He bent down and rubbed his face on hers.  Jordan shoved him away and sat up.

    “I love you guys,” she said grabbing a large napkin, “Thanks for a wonderful birthday.”

    “It’s not over,” said Sirius, “You still have presents.”

Jordan looked confused.

    “It’s an old birthday tradition,” explained Remus, “The birthday girl gets presents.”


    “Yeah.  We should probably clean up first.”

With a wave of her wand, Jordan removed all the cake and ice cream from their faces.  She cleaned up the table a little bit.  The bowl of butter beer was refilled and the cake was repaired.

    When it was all cleaned up she sat down on the couch and the boys joined her.  Sirius reached underneath and started throwing presents at her.  Jordan’s eyes grew wide.  There were so many.

    “Good God, I didn’t need all this,” she said.

    “We’re pretty sure you do,” said James tapping the hat on her head.

Instantly it turned into a shiny, little crown.

    “Well come on.  Hurry up and open them,” said Sirius excitedly.

Quickly Jordan started tearing off the wrapping paper.  Many of her classmates had gotten her little gifts like candy or girly, bath stuff.

    About half way through the pile, Jordan got to McGonagall’s gift.  It was a thin, square thing with a little lump in the middle.

    “Did she get you a book?” asked James jokingly.

    “She knows I like books, so probably,” replied Jordan tearing at it gently.

Underneath the paper was a beautiful, antique photo album and a ring.  The album was covered with genuine leather and inlaid with silver.  The ring was spectacular.  There were four valuable stones in the middle; a blue sapphire, a yellow sapphire, an emerald, and a ruby.  Between the stones were four small shards of petrified wood.  Jordan slipped it on one of her fingers.  Magically it adjusted to fit her perfectly.

    “Sweet,” she said holding it at arms length.

    “A photo album?  What the Hell kind of present is that?” said Sirius, “Cool ring though.“

Jordan smacked him and opened it.  There was a note written on the inside.

Happy birthday sweetheart.  I was going through some of my things and I came across these pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.  I’ve also included a ring that’s been in your family since the school was founded.  I love you sweetie.

    “Why is she so nice to you?” Sirius asked, “She’s always yelling at me for something.”

    “That’s because you deserve it,” replied Jordan opening the album.

Her eyes grew wide.  The entire album was filled with pictures of her mother.

    “Who’s that?” asked James.

Jordan couldn’t answer.  Towards the end of the album were pictures of her mother when she was pregnant.  The very last picture was new born Jordan sleeping in a bassinet.

    “Is that you?” said Remus.

    “Aww, you were cute.  What happened?” joked Sirius.

Jordan smacked him again.  She still didn’t say anything.  Remus gently placed his hand on top of hers.

    “You never knew your mother, did you?” he asked.

    “No.  McGonagall told me she died right after I was born,” said Jordan, “I still don’t know very much about her.”

    “Are you okay?”

    “I’m fine.  It’s a wonderful present.”

It really was.  Naturally, it made Jordan a little sad, but over all she loved it.  Remus seemed to know exactly how she was feeling.  He squeezed her hand comfortingly.

    “Why didn’t you tell us you never knew her?” asked James.

    “I just didn’t.  It’s not exactly something I want to talk about.”

They were silent for a while.  The boys didn’t know what to say.

    “Moving on,” said Jordan closing the album, “Give me another present.”

    “This one is from me,” said Sirius handing her another box.

Jordan opened it happily.  In her hands was a small mirror.  It was extremely beautiful.  On the back was a floral design, inlaid with onyx and ivory.

    “Thank you.  It’s so beautiful,” she said giving him a hug.

    “That’s not all,” he said, “Look in it.”

She did.  A few seconds later the reflection changed to that of an older Jordan.

    “Oh my God!” she yelled turning it away, “Did you make me old?”

    “No.  It’s supposed to do that.  It shows the future.”


    “Do it again.  I want to see,” said James.

Jordan put the mirror in front of her face again.  Once more the reflection changed.

    “Wow.  You look good,” said Sirius, “For an old lady I mean.  Hey what’s that on your shoulder?”

She moved the mirror so it reflected her shoulder better.  Reflected in the mirror was a large bite mark.  Remus gasped.  He’d seen a bite mark like that before.  It was the one on his arm.  There was no way he would let something like that happen to her.  He tried to grab the mirror, but Jordan wouldn’t let him.

    “Stop,” she said holding it away from her.

They were both reflected in the mirror.  Their reflections weren’t staring back at them.  Instead, their lips were glued to the other’s in a passionate kiss.  Jordan yelled and put the mirror down.

    “Eww!” she said, “Sirius, please tell me this thing isn’t always right.”

    “It isn’t always right,” said Sirius laughingly.

    “Are you lying?”

    “Yes.  It’s always right.”

Both he and James were cracking up.  Jordan looked at Remus.  There was still a look of fear on his face.  Somehow he knew the bite mark was from him.

    “Remus, are you okay?” asked James.

    “Yeah.  I’m fine,” he said, “Why don’t you give her your gift.”

James grabbed a sloppily wrapped present.  It turned out to be a red and gold scarf.  A slightly forced smile came to Jordan’s face.

    “Before you say how lame it is, put it on,” said James.

Jordan wrapped it around her neck.  Instantly she felt a comfortable warm feeling all over her body.

    “It’s bewitched to keep your entire body warm,” explained James, “No matter how cold it gets.”

    “That’s amazing.  I wish I had something like this growing up,” said Jordan, “Thank you so much.”

She gave James a hug.

    “Jordan quit cheating on Remus,” said Sirius.

Both Remus and Jordan hit him.

    “Remus give your make out buddy her gift,” said James.

    “Will you please let it go,” groaned Jordan.

    “Yeah, you guys.  We all know that’s never going to happen,” said Remus.

    “Why won’t it happen?” asked James.

Remus glared at him.  So did Jordan.

    “Enough,” she said, “Remus where’s my present?”

    “You’re getting it later,” he said.

    “Why?” she asked.


    They stayed awake for a little while longer.  Jordan couldn’t remember ever being so happy.  She loved her boys so much.  When what was left of the cake had been eaten and all the butter beer had been drank, they all said good night.

    “Thank you so much you guys,” she said giving each of them a hug, “You have no idea how much I appreciate this.”

    “You’re welcome,” said Sirius, “We’re glad you had a good first birthday.”

Jordan giggled.  Then she went up the stairs to her dorm.  She walked over to her bed and started to change into her pajamas.  As she was changing she noticed something on her pillow.  It was a cream colored carnation.  Next to it was a card.  Silently Jordan read it.

Hey Jordan.  I hope you had a wonderful birthday.  The flower is my present.  I remember you telling me carnations are your favorite flower.  This one is special.  It will stay alive as long as we are friends.  As our friendship grows, so will the flower.  I want you to know I am so glad you are my friend.  I will always, always care about you.  Happy birthday.

When Jordan was finished reading the card she picked up the flower.  She thought about the mirror incident before.  Secretly, the image of her and Remus kissing had made her heart skip a beat.  Deep down though, she knew she probably wouldn’t live long enough to do anything with him.  Friendship was as far as it would ever be able to go.

    A little sadly, Jordan finished changing.  She tried to sleep, but couldn’t.  Her body couldn’t get comfortable.  With a groan, she got up.  Right as she got to the bottom of the stairs she ran into Remus.

    “Hey,” he said.

    “Hey.  Couldn’t sleep either?” she asked.

He just shook his head.  They walked over to the couch.

    “Oh, thanks for the present,” she said giving him a big hug, “And the card.  They were both very sweet.”

    “You’re welcome.  I would have given them to you before, but I was worried the other two would make fun of it.  And that was before the mirror.”

    “I understand.”

Jordan looked at the coffee table.  The mirror was still there.

    “Do you want to look at it again?” she asked.

    “No.  Do you?” he said a little nervously.

    “Of course not.  I’m just making sure you don’t.”

    “Okay, because we both know…”

    “That it’s never going to happen,” she finished for him.

They looked at each other sadly.  Jordan hadn’t realized they were still hugging each other.  She rested her head on his shoulder.  Remus held her tighter.  Just thinking about the mirror made his breath catch in his throat.  He knew it was wrong to even think about her that way.  Besides the fact that it was dangerous for her, Jordan deserved better than him.  He thought of the bite mark again.  If he ended up hurting her like that, he would die.

    Eventually Remus heard her snoring.  He lay down on the couch.  Jordan still held on to him.  He reached over and grabbed the mirror.  There they were.  Jordan was sleeping soundly on his chest.  He was watching her sleep happily.  On her left hand was a ring.  He angled the mirror so he could see her shoulder.  Carefully he lifted her shirt.  The bite mark was still there.  He gently stroked it with his thumb.  Jordan moved a little in her sleep.  She buried her face into his neck.  Remus set down the mirror.  He put his arm around her again and held her as tight as he could.  A few minutes later he fell asleep.  That’s how Sirius and James found them the next morning.

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