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The Escapades of a Filthy Cheating Adulteress by 16 99
Chapter 3 : Most likely...
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A/N: Hey guys. I'm so sorry that i haven't updated ANYTHING in ages. I hope i can update more often from now on. I hope you like this chapter.

Sorry it's really short.

Mmmmm. Fooood. Food is good. Food will keep me sane. Food will keep me from looking at that…hot… saucy… fine piece of… chicken! Yes, think of chicken, Austin! Chicken is yummy… and has great bone structure… and is really muscular, and oh, what if I covered it with gravy. Hot, steamy gravy. Hmm, I’ve never tried that actually, but then again, I don’t think a guy would like it if I randomly came up to them, ripped off their shirt and threw hot gravy at them…

Most likely not…

“Urgh, Steph, this is not working!” I cried, burying my head in my hands. I think a few people might have looked weirdly at me, but hey. It’s dinner time. The room is just full of sexy little pieces of-

Steph scoffed. And rolled her eyes at me. Maybe she thinks that it’s ‘roll your eyes at Austin’ week. Not nice, Steph. Not nice.
“Well, maybe if you stopped starring at that group of guys and actually looked at the food, then it might work.”

I shook my head. “Nope. I can’t even look at chicken or gravy without thinking about them…”

This is quite sad really. I am a mature 17 year old. I should be able to contain myself and my raging hormones, shouldn’t I? That’s it! I’ll blame the raging hormones!!

“Damn me and my raging hormones!!”

“Austin,” Margie sighed. “I don’t think hormones have anything to do with this. I think that you were just born to be put in a mental institution for your psychotic thinking.”

Well don’t I feel loved…

Dear Mr Bookay Thing

Well that step was complete and utter bull.


“Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast!” Jess cried gleefully as we entered the Great Hall. But nobody looked weirdly at us. I think they’ve gotten used to us by now. Spotting some free seats near the head of our table, I sat down and turned to the person next to me.

“Morning Lily. How long have you been down here? Gosh, it’s weird not having you in our dorm any more!"
Lily gave me a smile. “Oh, I had to finish off some things… plus eat before the ‘annoying one’ came down and ruined my day.” Me, Steph, Jess and Margie weren’t exactly best friends with Lily. We didn’t hang out or anything, but after living in the same dorm with her for 6 years, we’ve grown to be good acquaintances.

“Oh come on, Lily, Potter’s gotten heaps better since last year, and you know it.” Everybody knew about James’ and Lily’s… situation. But really, James Potter has grown up a bit… and tightened up, in some areas… not that I’ve been looking, or anything!

Oooh, speak of the devil…

“Lilykins!” I saw her cringe and watched in amusement as she hurriedly packed away her things and got up
“Seeya girls later!”

Lily all but ran from the Great Hall, Potter and his friends chasing after her. Poor thing. At least I’m not the only one with problems.

Just then, the post arrived. I waited a few moments, before a letter arrived in front of me. My face drained when I saw the owl.

Crap. Justin.

Slowly untying the letter from it’s feet, I shook open the letter. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

Closing it back up again without reading it, I hid it in my pocket. Steph looked at me, her brow furrowed.
“Austin, who was that from?” I looked at her and smiled.

That day, I snogged a total of 5 guys, flirted with anyone I saw, and attended another quidditch training session, just to keep my mind off of the letter that Justin had sent me. Bloody letter.

My Dearest Austin,

I have never missed someone so much in my life. I wish I was with you now.

I’m sorry I haven’t written to you until now. Things have been really busy here, lately.

I’ve gotten a promotion. I know I haven’t been working at the daily prophet for very long, but they’ve seen something in me, so now I’m doing more than just clerical work. I actually get to write! Isn’t that exciting? The pay’s a bit better as well. I’ll be able to move out of my parents as soon as I find a place cheap enough, and then you can come with me once you finish school! It’ll be great, Austin. Just the two of us.

How has Hogwarts been? The same place of insanity as ever? I hope you’re doing well in classes. Getting good scores for NEWTs is one of the most important things for you right now, and I don’t want you to mess up. They’ll determine your future, you know. But I suppose the Professors have drilled that into you already.

I’ve asked for some time off so I can come and see you when you have your next Hogsmede trip next weekend, but I might be a bit busy at Christmas time, so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to see you, sorry.
God I miss you.

Looking at the photos we’ve taken just aren’t enough. I miss seeing your face smiling every single day. If only you were a year older, then you could be with me now.

I love you heaps, Austin. I can’t wait until I can see you.

All my love,



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