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Anglophobia: A Story Of A Death Eater by noraxslytherin
Chapter 10 : The Secret Tale
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CHPT.10 (The Secret Tale)

I was doing the wrong thing, and I knew it.  But how could I resist the offer of being close to Tom and having friends when I was so desolate?  And furthermore, Tom had saved my life.  I seriously owed him.  My scars were fading now, only white lines dug in to prove I had a past.  From now on, I knew I had changed.  I felt like I belonged, for once since I got here.  

In the dormitory, I let the hot shower wash away my hatred for Tom.  Then, feeling rather festive, I curled my hair, applied some light eyeliner, and wore my robes with a flourish.  I felt exhilarated for some reason and nothing my mind warned me of could change my hearts decision.  

“What took you so long?” Celsus asked, half an hour later, in the Great Hall.  I smiled at him sweetly, this time poison-free.

“You look very nice, Belle.” Tom concluded, and then watched me blush with obvious interest.  “Very well then, let’s introduce you to our little club.”

“Tom’s the leader, and we follow everything he says.  You’re going to be teaching us, so I expect you’d be second in charge.” Nat said, scrutinizing me as if waiting for me to deny the teaching opportunity.  Hearing no interjection, he continued.  “We shall meet every night at a designated area chosen by Tom, at different times, as not to raise suspicions.”

“Wait, is this why you and Rebecca weren’t at bed sometimes?” I asked Lucretia, hoping she wouldn’t think I was spying on them.

“Yes.” She answered simply.  I nodded solemnly and looked back at Nat, waiting for more, but he didn’t say anything.

“So, is that it?” They all nodded.  “Okay.  So, um, what about Rebecca?”

“What about her?” Celsus asked.  What really struck me was how little they cared about her health, though I could’ve sworn they had known each other for a long time.

“Well, um, she’s in the hospital wing, so um…well never mind then.” I said as they all shrugged, then I got another question.  “Whatever shall I teach you?  I’m not splendid at the dark arts or anything-”

Before I could finish my sentence, I was thrust against the wall by Tom.  Inches away from mine, his face turned to stone.  “Please, don’t talk about this here.”

“Then you shouldn’t have told me to meet you here!” I retorted.  

“Do you want us talking in little corners and raising suspicions everywhere?!” Nat cried.  I thought about it for a minute.

“Well, I guess not…Just forget it then!”

Tom nodded, let go of me, and then began to walk upstairs.  “Belle, meet me out on the Hogwarts grounds at 9 sharp tonight, will you?”

I stared at him, a bit dumbfounded.  Shouldn’t he have whispered that instead of declaring it out loud?  The rest of the group followed him and I stayed rooted to my spot.  Clearly, I wasn’t invited.  Deciding I was hungry, I skipped to the Slytherin table and got myself some breakfast, sliding in next to Eileen.

“Hey Belle.  Oh, don’t you look nice.” She said.  I chewed on a breadstick, and tried to smile.

“Thanks for, err, helping me.” 

“No problem, dear.” Eileen said quietly.  We continued to eat, without a word passing between us, when she suddenly spoke up again.  “Belle, listen to me.  I don’t think you should accept any offer Tom Riddle makes of you.  I rather agree he’s good looking, but, oh you saw what he’s capable of!”

I shrugged, and then changed the subject entirely.  “Look, I have to go to class now, so I’ll talk to you later.”

Not until I was in the hall did I remember it was a Saturday…

I was walking the halls, idly, when someone wrapped their arms around my waist.  I turned around and Tom was smirking.  I couldn’t help but blush.

“Belle, meet me outside at 9 tonight, but inconspicuously.” He whispered.  I nodded.

“Okay, but why?”

“You’ll see.” He winked and then headed off, moving as quiet as an old man.  “Oh, and you’ll need your wand.”

I grinned, and began to walk again.  If anything, my life had definitely taken a big turn.  I was so excited for it to be 9, to see what this was about.  Maybe Tom wanted to…but no.  I was thinking so hard, and letting my imagination run around, that I didn’t realize where I was till I ran into someone.

“I’m so sorry!” I apologized, as some scrolls clattered to the floor from the person’s hands.  I looked up and met the nurse’s eyes. 

“Please watch where you’re going in here!” she snapped.  I helped her pick up the scrolls, and then I straightened up.  That’s when I saw Rebecca’s limp form on a bed.

“Oh my God, is that Rebecca?” I said more to myself than the nurse, but that didn’t keep her from talking.

“Yes, yes it is.  She’s rather sore at the moment, however-”

I didn’t hear the rest.  My heart was pounding against my ribcages when I saw that her beautiful face was pasty.  Her once lively blonde curls looked horribly straight against the pillow.  But her eyes really made me tear up.  The blue no longer had an edge or glow, but it was simply…no words could even describe it.  This was only one day too!

“-and I told the Headmaster several times to expel anyone involved in this!  But I would’ve never guessed Tom Riddle would be!  Why, he’s such a sweetheart- came to visit his little friend earlier!”

“Wait!” I stared at her.  “Tom came to visit Rebecca?  Why?”

She laughed.  “Oh, I don’t know.  He told me he wished to talk to her privately, and I obliged.”

“D-did Rebecca change after he left?” I asked stupidly. 

“Well, she did seem much quieter.  Though, I’m certainly not complaining.  She’s so bossy!” 

I stared back at Rebecca and sighed.  I don’t know what Tom had said to her, but I guessed he had threatened her.  

“Dear me, I must go attend to these Roman healer scrolls.  You can talk to Miss Bobbin, and then leave.  Though, I do doubt that you’ll get a word out of her.” She bustled out of the room, and left me with Rebecca.

Rebecca didn’t acknowledge my presence at all.  Her lips were extremely dry.  

“Rebecca, look, I know you don’t like me…” I paused.  What was I supposed to say to her?  “…but um we can try to be friends cant we?”

Still nothing.

“Is there a reason why you hate me so much?!” I spat out.  I saw her narrow her eyes.  “Look, if its about beauty- trust me- your full of it!”

“I-i-its n-not.” She said softly.  I stared at her, begging her with my eyes to go on.  “W-water.”

I grabbed my wand out of my pocket and filled up her glass with cold water, then passed it over to her.  She drank it heavily and thanked me.


She cleared her throat.  “You have no i-idea what your g-getting yourself into.  I envy you b-because you have a chance to turn back, and you don’t t-take it!”

“You have a chance too…” I said bluntly.  She laughed shrilly.

“Me?  A chance?  No, I don’t.” She paused and I saw her eyes glistening with tears.  “I’m not a pureblood.  I’m not even a half blood!”

My mouth dropped in surprise.  “What are you?”

“I’m a half breed!” She started to cry, and glared at me.  “My mum was a pureblood and decided to elope with a French werewolf.  When my dads, the werewolf, friends found out he’d betrayed them, they killed him. My mum came back to England and gave birth to me, and told everyone she had married a French pureblood but he had died from a serious illness.  Then she went off and married a pureblooded man named Abraxas Malfoy and had his kids.”

She started shaking with anger and sadness.  I stared at her, uncertainly, but she continued.

“I confided my secret with Tom, and only Tom.  Ever since he found out last year, though, he’s been treating me differently…like I’m nothing!  Then you come along, a perfect pureblood, and destroy everything!  You don’t even know what your getting yourself i-i-into!”  She cried even more, and turned to the other side.  The nurse came in at the precise moment.

“I-I t-think she n-needs her pills.” I whispered as I got up and left to get ready…for tonight.


A/N: omg sorry for the lateeee update!  I’ve been wicked busy lately, and I apologize.  But my chapters wont be late anymore, cause I’ve thought of more twists.  I’m thinking this story’s gonna maybe have 30 chapters, and then it’ll be the end.  I might change the number though.  Anywho, I’d also like to apologize if I leave late reviews to your story, its just that I cant track anyones story cause my things demented, but I WILL get to them as soon as I spot them updated.  Thanks to all you awesome reviewers!!  

xx nora

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