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Before Night Falls by harrypotterhugefanforever
Chapter 1 : My Love
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Author’s Note: So, this is a new story.  I can’t tell the pairing because it’ll ruin the plot.Chapter 7 for Last Chances is a quarter of the way done, so what out for it!Enjoy!


Loud bangs echo around the Room of Requirement as I walk through the hidden portrait hole, leading from the Hog’s Head to Hogwarts.  He’s here.  I can sense his presence.  It’s been two years since I last saw him.  My mind begins to buzz with unanswered questions.  Is he still the same goofy person I once knew?  Is his hair still as red as fire?  Can he still make a situation seem fun and not depressing?

Looking around the large room, which I remember from my days in Dumbledore’s Army, I see many faces I remember.  Harry Potter stands out to me the most.  My body fills with pride to see him still alive and fighting.  Standing by Harry, is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.  They stand proud and strong by his side.  On the other side of the room, I see my best friend.  She smiles brightly to me, and waves me over.

My feet shuffle towards her, and I sigh as I meet his gaze.  His bright brown eyes shine with warmth and laughter.  He holds me close in a tight embrace, lingering more than was needed.  Goosebumps roam all over my skill, prickling up in odd places.  He chuckles and smiles down to me.  Then he moves away, and I’m hugged by his brother, and then Alicia.

As everyone is talking amongst themselves, Harry leaves with a girl, whose name escapes my lips. Ron and Hermione were whispering softly, before following after Harry, but headed down the opposite corridor.  The door snaps back into place with a loud bang. 

As I turn back around, he’s still looking at me with interest.  His face doesn’t show any emotion, seeing as he’s been able to hide his emotion since third year.  My face begins to turn red in embarrassment.  I’m not use to him staring at me so much.  What is he doing?  Sucking up every feature of my face?  Trying to remember who I am, and who I was?  It didn’t matter to me.  I like him looking at me, but why now?  Why this minute, when a war is about to begin?

After three minutes at staring, he finally looks away.  “Something is different about you Ali.  You seem different,” he whispers.

I shake my head in confusion.  Something different?  I don’t feel different, I don’t feel changed.  Am I a fraud?  Do I not know myself no more?  “I am?  What’s different?” I ask.

“I don’t know.  You’re just different then I remember from seventh year.”

“Perhaps it’s you who has changed.”

He nods his head, and turns back to his brother.  Suddenly, members of the Order of the Phoenix are rushing in through the portrait whole, squeezing into the already filled room.  They’re shouting loudly over the talking.  “It’s time everyone.  It’s time to fight.  Time to finish this war, once and for all.”

Suddenly they’re there, and then they’re not.  Members of Dumbledore’s army are filling out of the room, one by one.  Teachers are suddenly running past the open door, their wands at the ready.  I’ve lost track of where everyone is.  I don’t even see him run past me, quickly grabbing my hand and squeezing it.  I feel it, but I don’t see it.  My heart flutter sat his touch, but it goes unnoticed.  I stand in the corner, waiting for everyone to go.  Perhaps he’ll still be there, but I doubt it.

Once everyone is out of the room, I sink to the floor.  Tears flood my eyes.  For the first time in my life, I feel alone.  Empty.  Then, I feel a soft, delicate hand on my shoulder.  I lift my head, and I come face to face with his sister, Ginny.  She and another woman are the only ones left in the room, apart from me.

I don’t know why, but her hand soothes me.  Perhaps it’s the Weasley way.  To make everyone comfortable.  “Thank you Ginny.”

I finally have strength to lift myself of the ground, and head towards the door.  Ginny runs after me and wraps her arms around my waist.  She leans against me and whispers, “He still loves you.”

“Thanks Gin.”

“And if you see Harry, tell him I love him with all my heart.  Once it’s over, I’ll say it to his face.” She smiles up at me, and I nod my head in understanding.  She lets go, and hurries back to the other woman.  She raises her hand in farewell, and I do the same.  One thought runs through my mind.  Will I ever see her again?

I rush down the well known corridors of Hogwarts, not meeting a soul as I do.  More loud bangs echo around the castle.  I’m knocked off my feet, but soon return to them as I hear footsteps coming towards me.  Percy Weasley comes around the corner, and is nearly hit by my stunning spell.  I hurriedly say an apology before going down the corridor again.

Time after time, I’m knocked off my feet.  I don’t see another soul.  Then, when I thought I’d found him, I see something I never wanted to see.  His crying form, sprawled out across his brother’s form.  His mother’s face buried in her husband’s shoulder.  All the Weasley’s are there, each one of them comforting the other.

As I head towards them, I see Harry Potter running down the corridor.  I send out a hand to stop him, but he shrugs it off, and continues down the hall.  He doesn’t even shot a glance at me.  I shrug off the weird feeling and head into the Great Hall.  He’s still over his brother’s body, but he’s been joined by his mother.  I don’t wish to intrude.  It’s not my family.  I wish them to be, but they’re not.  Perhaps one day, but not now.

He suddenly looks up, and his eyes meet mine.  I gasp in shock, and take a step back.  His cheery eyes weren’t cheery.  They’re haunted with his brother’s death; haunted with the memories of the past; laughter, good times.  I suddenly stumble into someone’s arms, knocking the wind out of them.  They chuckle, and pat my back, before standing me up straight.  It’s Percy.  His eyes were full.  Not full of good times as they once were.  I gasp again.  What has become on the Weasley family?  Then my eyes come in contact with the dead form.

Fred!  My heart snaps cleanly in two.  My best friend!  The brother to my bestest friend.  The man I felt safe with.  He looked after me when I broke up with my boyfriends.  He held me when I cried.  He always told me it would be alright if something was wrong.  His arms were open after the death of my grandparents.

I fall the ground in a heap.  He wasn’t my love, but he was close enough to it.  After every fall he had, I was there to be with him.  He was there for me, and I for him.  George leaves his brother’s corpse to come to me.  He wraps his arms around me, and lets me cry into his shoulder.  He begins to cry again, this time into my hair.  We hold each other close, and cry into the other.  My heart slowly began to form again.  I was safe in his arms.  For now!

Then, our comfort turned to a nightmare.  A loud evil laugh is heard from outside the castle.  My heart shudders.  Voldemort!  I dare speak his name.  Fear the name, means fear of the thing itself.  We’re all hurrying outside to see what has happened.  For the third time that night, I gasp.  It goes unnoticed by everyone, as they do the same.  Then a horrid scream comes from someone.  I look around.  Professor McGonagall?  Yes, it’s here.  I’m sure of it. 

Then, Ginny comes running out of the hall.  Her eyes shine with tears.  She’s closely followed by Ron and Hermione.  “HARRY!!!!” she yells.  She screams loudly, and Ron came to hold her back.  I turn away.  I couldn’t bear to see her – anyone – like this.  George slips his hands into mine, his wand raised.  His fingers entwine with mine, and I look down at them.  I felt safe.

Then the war began again.  I lost sight of everyone I knew.  I went unnoticed by all.

The war finished and was won.  Harry came out of nowhere and destroyed that monster.  Mrs Weasley took down Bellatrix and George and Percy took down Fred’s killer.

The after party was slow and uneventful.  People grieved for lost ones.  People cheered for freedom.  People hung in groups and raised their glasses to Harry Potter and to the end of the war.  I sat silently on George’s knee.  He looked dead like his brother. My eyes kept wondering down to his.

I kept my arms wrapped around his waist, and my head on his shoulder.  We cried silently and held each other.  Then suddenly he said the one word I wanted to hear: “I love you.”

The years went by.  George and I married.  I gave birth to a beautiful little boy: Fredrick ‘Fred’ Weasley.  We raised him in the way of laughter.  Every day, George gets better.  Spending time with his son, telling of the stories of him and Fred, made him smile.  It was good to remember the good times.

We watched Fred grow up and marry.  He moved out and had his own children.  He told of the life of his Uncle Fred.  His hero!

Now I sit here at my desk, writing down my tale of love.  I write of war and of life.  Of death!  I watched my husband’s sleeping body rise and fall.  I slide my quill over parchment one last time before finishing; the title the one last thing to write.

As that is finished, I turn on my chair and head towards my bed, where my husband wraps his arms around my waist.  “Goodnight,” he mumbles.  I fall asleep into his body, taking one last glance at the parchment where the title smiles up at me.

Love - a story by Alicia Spinnet Weasley

It was simple.  Only simple.

What did you think about my first George/Alicia fan fiction?  Please review!

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