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Evil? by artemisia
Chapter 3 : In Trouble
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"Come on Pansy i don't want to be late to class!" Hermione said.
Draco, Hermione, Pansy, and, Blaise were in the Great Hall after everyone had run to class. Draco had just got done complimenting on Hermione’s outfit for the 20th time. She was wearing a ripped pair of pants and a tight shirt. Draco had said that he could see everything with that shirt on from her nice curves to her small breasts.

“Relax Hermione we usually skip class anyway.” Draco said kissing her neck.

“Well if we’re going to skip school then I have a perfect place to go then, Hogsmead.” Hermione said thrusting her arms back in emphasis.

“Hermione you have the perfect ideas.” Draco told her.

“That is a good idea, Pansy started, but how do we get out of this castle its guarded.”

Hermione had the perfect answer to that.

“Follow me.”

Hermione got up from the table with Draco holding her hand. Blaise and Pansy looked at each other and shrugged.

The threesome followed Hermione around the castle until they reached a statue.

“Hermione this is just a statue of a witch.” Pansy declared.

“I’m well aware of that but there is a tunnel that goes all the way to the cellar of Honeydukes. It’s not guarded because Filch doesn’t know that it exists.” Hermione stated

“Ok well lets go then.” Blaise said.

They walked through the tunnel in silence with almost no interaction with each other. Except when Draco reached to feel Hermione's ass.

When they were finally at Honeydukes they carefully walked past the man at the counter and the sweet smell of candy without drooling. When they finally got outside to the snow covered ground.

“So who’s up for some Butterbeers?” Blaise asked bringing out a bag of coins from his pocket.

They traveled through the snow and entered the shop. They didn’t know though that someone was following them.

The foursome sat down and ordered some butterbeers, while the cloaked figure that had been following them came up to their tables.

“Hermione Granger, Pansy Perkinson, Draco Malfoy, and Blaise Zabini do you know that it is not allowed to skip classes and go outside the castle without permission?” the cloaked figure asked.

“Duh we know but why do you care what we do?” Hermione challenged the stranger.

The cloaked figure revealed it self as a very worried Dumbledore. The four teens gasped Hermione turned pale and Blaise muttered under his breath how he had never been caught before.

“You four are in serious trouble come with me.” Dumbledore said leading them back to the castle.



They were all situated in Dumbledore’s office with Dumbledore in his big chair behind his desk.

“Blaise, Pansy, and Draco you three will have detention for as long as it takes you to learn your lesson. It starts tomorrow in the trophy room at 9:00pm. Now leave so I can talk to Ms. Granger here. Dumbledore said and without a word the three Slytherins walked out of his office.

“Dumbledore I’m sorry I didn’t follow the rules i…

“Hermione you know why I didn’t give you detention? It’s because I know what your up to. I’ve had my suspicions. So just go get him when you feel like you can.”

Hermione smiled and walked out of his office.




A/N. sorry there is no Ron or Harry in this chapter you'll see them alot though in the chapters to come!

 Review please and give me ideas for the next chapter

sry about the confusion something deleted my 2nd chapter thts y it was so confusing



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