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Time Turner Tribulation by thehappytimelord
Chapter 3 : The Reckless Spinning of a Broken Clock
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Made by CarrieBerrie over on TDA

Lily’s head throbbed as she opened her eyes; she was facedown on the stairs where she had fallen. She sat up stiffly feeling the sharp pain or broken glass, from where the Time Turner had been.

“Are you okay?” asked the voice of a boy on the flight of stairs above her.
She glared up, looking at a Slytherin she’d never seen before. “I’m fine.” She tried to sound bitter, but in came out faint and weak.

“Do you know what happened?” he asked keeping his place on the stairs.

“No, but I need to speak with the Headmistress.” She stood up holding to her chest, nearly falling back down.

He had come down the stairs and was helping Lily up. “I think you need to see Madame Pompfrey before you see the Headmaster.”
“No I’m fine, take me to the Headmaster.” She starred at the dark-eyed boy.
“What ever you say.” He shrugged consciously admitting defeat and helping her down the stairs.

They were silent as they moved down the hallway to the statue marking the Headmaster’s door. “I’m Barty by the way.” he said frankly.

“I’m Lily.” She debated on whether or not to say her last name, but if she had traveled back in time it could be disastrous. She knocked on the door and Barty left quietly. The statue turned and a man appeared, a man younger that a portrait she had seen of Albus Dumbledore.

“Ah, Lily Potter. Time traveler from the future.” He whispered, looking around as though some one was listening.

“Sir my Time Turner broke.” Lily didn’t seem shocked that the man with half-moon glasses knew what she wanted to say before she did.
Her ushered her in, offering her a lemon drop, “You must fix it then, you can only return by the Turner that brought you. And you must be careful, do not use your last name; your grandparents are seventh years and would find it quiet unnerving to meet someone with a bit of both their names. Remember do not tamper with time, understand?”

Lily was gobsmacked as the Headmaster spoke, “And where am I to stay while I repair the Turner?”

“Ah yes,” the elder man stroked his graying beard. “What to do with a fourth year that has just appeared. You could stay here, or the Dungeons, perhaps in the Infirmary.”

“Defidently not the Dungeons, not here.” Lily looked down, “Infirmary I suppose. I really wish I didn’t have to be confined though.”

“It gives you time to fix your Time Turner. Now you’ll have to stay here while I inform Poppy of her newest patient. The sooner we get you back to your time, the better. Use your time to read up on the repair.” The surprisingly agile man moved to a bookshelf and back with a stack of books. “That particular Time Turner has caused quiet a bit of trouble through the past. IT would be best if while you are here, in seventy-seven, if you stay to the Infirmary or at least to the shadows.”

“Yes Professor.”

Lily began reading the books and was horrified by the three month repair time that would fix a Turner broken during or after reverse time travel. A month to recreate the specially forged timesands, another month to correctly melt timesand into glass, and a final month to properly melt together the broken metal fragments.

Lily settled herself down upon the hard infirmary bed, she decided she better gets used to it; she’d be there for a while. The school was dark, and quiet, something that with stood the test of time. She had begun to drift to sleep when she heard the sound of footsteps.


“It’s me Barty.” Lily could finally see after he cast ‘Lumos Maximus’.

“Well, what brings you to my bedside?” her voice was sour.

“I’ve never seen you before, however you were in Gryffindor robes. Dumbledore had words with several professors on a quote-unquote ‘new student’. Plus you’re staying in the Infirmary.”

Lily realized that she was between a rock and a hard place, “It’s hard to explain and even if it wasn’t hard I can’t say. Really you need to go.”

“Are you okay at least?” sincerely he asked.

“Ever so much.” Lily said, fighting off a smile.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Barty had begun to walk away.

“You’ll be seeing me for a few months, but really you shouldn’t come here anymore.” But Barty was already gone. 

The sun wasn’t even up yet but, Lily was in the Infirmary kitchen setting up a cauldron to begin the first step, “Eye of newt and Mockingbird feather, silver and gold, and root of heather.” She put each into the cauldron and waited for purple smoke to rise. The door opened and Madame Pompfrey entered in with a tray of food.

“I thought the young time traveler would like to dine this morning.” Lily turned and smiled at the nurse and reached for the apple on the tray.

“Thanks.” She sunk her teeth into the apple. She turned to the cauldron that had purple smoke and she added the time sand. “Now the fun part a month of waiting.”

Barty showed up every single night and every night Lily and he became closer friends. She carefully thought before she spoke, and shielded the truth with lies. Barty told her his whole laugh story in a matter of two weeks; how his father was pushing him to follow in his footsteps with politics (“I really have no interest at all in the Ministry,” he said).

Lily lay stiffly after Barty had left; she was horrified by who he was. He had mentioned his last name for the first time, Crouch. The name had instantly rung warning bells. Barty was the one who pretended to be Moody, the one who killed his own father, the one who worked for Voldemort, and the one who caused pain in her father’s fifth year.

“I can’t talk to him anymore he is bad, so evil.” She began sobbing.

“Lily what’s wrong?” Barty asked reappearing in the doorway. Lily jumped from her bed like it was made of pins.

“Stay away from me Barty Crouch!” Lily snapped as he approached her.

“What?” he was flabbergasted by her behavior.

She ran as fast as she could, hearing him just behind her. Tears blinded her as she ran, she never felt this way before. She felt betrayed and confused, and heartbroken. “Stay from me!” she cried out as she ran to the moving stairs.

“Lily wait.” he ran towards her, but she was at the edge and the stairway below her wasn’t there yet.

She turned back and met his glare, he moved towards her, “Lily.” He warned her but she turned around and began to run and fell. He caught her hand as she began the lose grip of the edge. Barty pulled Lily up within the last few seconds before the two stair cases joined.

Lily wrapped her arms around him, shaking from fright. She sat back and looked him the eyes; noses brushing, their lips centimeters apart. Lily lost all the fear of who he was as their lips met.

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Time Turner Tribulation: The Reckless Spinning of a Broken Clock


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