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Identity Confusion by shadowkitty22
Chapter 3 : Mikayla Montclaire
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    The next morning, Misty rolled over in bed and laid down on her back. She stretched her arms and legs as she inhaled the light fragrance of lavender coming from the pillows. She opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings, confused as to where she was before remembering that she was in the house of Blaise Zabini, whom she had just met yesterday when she collapsed on his front porch. Misty noticed that she was laying in a queen sized bed with a deep purple comforter, and that there was an armoire and desk in the room as well. Tossing the covers from her body, the auburn haired woman walked into the bathroom to relieve herself before leaving her room. In the hallway she looked towards Blaise's room and saw that the door was still shut, so she just headed downstairs in hopes that she could remember where the kitchen was located.

    After about fifteen minutes of wandering around, she finally found the kitchen. She began going through his cabinets in hopes of finding a coffee pot so that she could make some to help her wake up better. Finally finding the coffee pot and some coffee beans, she prepared the coffee and turned the pot on. As the coffee was brewing, Misty began opening cabinets again in search of the coffee mugs, creamer and sugar. Seeing as how Misty appeared to be a good eight inches shorter than Blaise's 6' 2", she wasn't quite tall enough to reach up into his custom made cabinets. So instead of standing on her tip toes and groping blindly for a mug, Misty hopped up on to the granite counter top and spun around on her knees in front of the cabinet. As she was setting the mugs on the counter, Misty heard a voice call out.

    "Oi, I want some coffee too."

    Misty whipped around so fast on her kness that she promptly fell off the counter and landed on the floor with a yelp.

    "You're not Blaise," the visitor said.

    "And neither are you. Unless you used that magic that you're so interested in, to become slimmer and dye your hair blonde. How did you get here anyway? I didn't hear the door."

    'Magic that he's so interested in
?' Draco briefly thought to himself before answering. "I flooed over."

    Misty had a puzzled look on her face as she repeated, "You flooed over?"

    Draco was about to respond when they both heard Blaise's voice. "Who are you talking to?" He then entered the kitchen and saw his friend. "Oh, Draco. Fancy you being here. So what are you two talking about?"

    Misty pointed at Draco and said, "He claims he flooed over this morning."

    "Well I did," Draco said indignantly.

    Blaise, quick to think on his feet, came up with an immediate response. "Of course he flew over this morning." Draco smiled at her smugly. "He's visiting and his plane apparently arrived earlier than expected." Draco's smile slipped off his face.

    "What the bloody hell are you on about? You know very well that I didn't fly over here, I flooed."

    The dark haired man grabbed his friend's arm as he steered him towards the kitchen exit. "Pardon us. We'll be right back."

    "Well do you want some coffee?" she called out to their backs.

    "Yes please," he responded over his shoulder as he dragged the blonde man into the library.

    Once they were alone and the door was closed, Draco yanked his arm out of Blaise's firm grip. "What the hell was that all about? And who is that woman?"

    "Well for right now her name is Misty," Blaise started to explain but was cut off by Draco.

    "For right now? What, she doesn't even know her own name?" Draco asked incredulously.

    "Correct. She can't seem to remember anything. I found her yesterday morning, soaking wet and unconscious, on my door step. I brought her in the house so she could at least be warm until she came to.

    "I then went to work and had a crappy day and so I essentially forgot about her by the time I came home. So I got quite the surprise when I went to my bathroom and saw her naked, coming out of the bathtub." Draco smirked and winked at his friend. "Her body was covered in bruises. Some of them looked suspiciously like fingers. We eventually got to talking and I can't figure out if she is a witch or a Muggle, since she seems to have forgotten everything. So as long as she is here I have to pretend magic doesn't exist until I figure her out."

    "Bloody hell, Blaise. What kind of fucked up shit have you gotten yourself into?"

    "I don't know. I even had to send Tripp on vacation. He was so horrified until I explained it to him," Blaise commented.

    "You even had to send off your house elf? I hope you figure this out soon."

    "You and me both. Come on, she's probably wondering where we went off to. So can I trust you to not talk about magic around Misty?" Blaise asked as they headed back to the kitchen.

    "I'll try my hardest but I can't promise that something won't accidentally slip. I mean we've both grown up with magic our whole lives."

    "Yeah I know. I had to explain all of my spell books as an educational interest in the mystical."

    Draco snorted. "This is going to be interesting." The two men walked back into the kitchen and smiled at the auburn haired woman.

    "Your coffees are on the counter," she said cheerily as she sipped from her mug at the kitchen table.

    "Thanks," Blaise said as he and Draco went to get their mugs and prepare them how they liked. When they walked back to the table, both men took a seat on either side of Misty. "Oh yeah, let me introduce you two. Misty, this is Draco Malfoy, my best mate and old school chum. Draco, this is Misty and she is my guest for the time being." He sipped his coffee.

    "Nice to meet you," Misty said pollitely.

    "Pleasure to meet you too," Draco replied while giving her a charming smile.

    "So anyway, who wants breakfast?" Draco and Misty both nodded their heads and so Blaise went back into the kitchen to try and make some bacon, eggs and toast.

    About ten minutes later, the pair at the table jumped up in alarm as they smelt smoke and so they ran to Blaise. They watched for a few seconds as he coughed and waved his hands to try and clear the smoke away before they raced to his side. Draco pulled him away from the stove and towards the table while Misty turned off the burners, moved the pans to the cool burners and turned on the fan before returning to her host.

    "Blaise, are you ok? What happened?" she asked concerned.

    "I'm fine," he wheezed in between coughs. "I was just trying to make breakfast and then there was smoke everywhere."

    "Have you ever made bacon, eggs and toast before?"

    "No," he admitted with a sheepish look.

    "Oh, Blaise. If you've never made them before why didn't you say something? Ok, you guys stay here while I prepare something else." She ran her fingers through his hair absentmindedly as she turned to leave, so she didn't see Blaise close his eyes and grin at the unexpected touch.

    Draco however saw it and gave a knowing smirk to his friend when his eyes opened.


    "You fancy her don't you?"

    Blaise scratched the back of his neck before bringing his hands down to cup the coffee mug. "Maybe."

    "Oh come off it. You fancy her and you know it," Draco retorted smugly.

    "So what if I do?" Blaise questioned.

    "Nothing, just that you are on your way to no longer living an estrogen free existence."

    "Sod off," he said jokingly as Misty came back to the table with three bowls and glasses.

    "Alright guys. I'm sorry that this breakfast won't be as hearty as the original one but it's the best I could come up with with your limited food supply. How do you eat, Blaise?"

    "Oh well, I really don't know how to cook that well so I go out to eat a lot or my housekeeper cooks," he admitted, just slightly spinning the truth by not saying that his housekeeper was really a house elf.

    "Ok, well then you should go grocery shopping and I'll cook. Deal?"

    "Sounds good to me but you can come shopping with me since you'll know what to get. We also need to go clothes shopping for you. So we can do that when I get home from work as well," Blaise said.

    "Oh no, you don't have to buy me any clothes. I'm fine," she reassured him.

    "As much as I like the way my clothes look on you, I'm sure that female clothing would look better," he flirted.

    Misty blushed when she realized that she was in fact wearing his clothes. "I give in. You win."

    Draco just chuckled at the pair before taking a bite of his breakfast. "What is this?"

    "It's a fruit and yogurt parfait. Like I said, it's all I could come up with. It's also sometimes eaten for dessert. I also managed to find some of the thickest orange juice I have ever seen. I hope it hasn't gone bad." Misty then took a sip of the orange liquid and set it down with an astonished look upon her face. "This isn't orange juice. It tastes like," she licked her lips, "pumpkins."

    "That's because it's pumpkin juice," Draco immediately replied without thinking.

    "Pumpkin juice?" Misty stared at Draco in confusion as this was the second odd thing he had said that morning.

    "Yeah," Blaise said, jumping to the rescue. "It's a recipe I found in one of those magic books and I thought I'd try it. After it was made, I decided I liked it, so I keep a fresh supply of it in the house."

    "You have a magic recipes book?"

    The raven haired man nodded his head. "I'll find it for you before I go to work and you can look through it and see if anything catches your eye."

    "Sounds good."

    The trio then finished their breakfast with both men still feeling hungry afterwards and agreeing to get something more to eat on their way to work. Then two men went to the library to get the book for Misty and when they came back, Blaise handed it to Misty and told her he would be home around 3 pm. Then he and Draco walked outside the house and went some distance before disapparting, so as not to alert Misty to a loud cracking noise or vanishing in a flash of emerald flame if they were to use the Floo network.


    When Blaise got off of work that afternoon, he went over to Gringotts to get some money converted. When the goblin asked him how much he wanted, Blaise realized he didn't know and told the goblin. So the goblin suggested their newest invention: the money conversion card.

    "What does it do?" Blaise asked.

    "It takes money from your account and converts it into the proper amount of Muggle money every time you swipe the card. That way witches and wizards can avoid any embarassing situations," the goblin explained.


    "Just step back by that line so I can take your picture for the card," the short pointy nosed creature instructed. Blaise moved to the white line. "Now look at the camera and smile." He did so as the camera popped and flashed. The goblin handed over the card once it was processed. "Here you go."

    Blaise looked at the small blue rectangle with his name, a bunch of numbers and the words 'Galleons Savings Bank' and his picture upon it. "Why isn't my picture moving?"

    "Because you are going to use your card in the Muggle world and their pictures do not move of course," he explained as if he was talking to a five year old.

    "Oh right. Well thank you," Blaise said as he pocketed that card and exited the bank so he could Apparate back home.

    A few seconds later, Blaise appeared in a secluded corner of his front yard, hidden behind a tree and large hedges. Quickly checking himself for any twigs or leaves on him, he stepped out of his corner and started walking up the driveway. When he arrived at the front door, he used his wand to unlock it and stored it back in his pocket before opening the door.

    He walked into the house and shut the door behind him, locking it before he took off his robes and stored them. "Misty, I'm home," he called out into the silence. He continued to call out her name as he searched the kitchen, living room, backyard and guest room for her. Blaise then decided to check the library, where he found his guest sitting on the window seat, still going through the recipe book and jotting down notes on a piece of parchment every now and then. "There you are, Misty. I was looking for you," he said as a way of greeting.

    "Actually it's Mikayla. Mikayla Montclaire," she informed him.

    "Mikayla," he said to himself quietly. "So you got your memory back then?" Blaise asked excitedly.

    "Not really," she replied sadly. "Just some things but mainly my name."

    "So what else have you remembered?" Blaise asked as he sat down on the opposite end of the window seat near her feet.

    "Memories of times spent with my mother. We used to bake when I was younger. So I guess looking through this recipe book just triggered those memories or something." Mikayla closed the book and ran her fingers over the cover as if she was caressing a baby's cheek.

    "So you made some of the recipes in that book then?" Blaise asked in hopes of getting an answer to whether or not she was a witch or a Muggle.

    Mikayla chuckled, a very pleasing sound to her companion, as laughter danced in her sparkling green eyes. "Of course not silly. These are magic recipes," she said while rolling her eyes. "But I did find quite a few that sounded interesting. So I wrote down their rather odd ingredients to see if we could find them at the store today."

    Blaise was a little let down that he still hadn't managed to get a definite answer to his question but he just smiled as he listened to her. "Well I'm sure you'll remember more in due time," he said encouragingly.


    "So are you ready to go shopping?"

    "Yeah, just let me get some shoes."

    "Alright, I'll meet you out front," Blaise told her. As soon as Mikayla was out of sight, Blaise ran to the front door and searched his yard for something to transfigure into some mode of transportation. Not finding anything suitable, he just turned a trash can into a rolling cart to carry their purchases in. Blaise hurriedly stashed his wand as he heard the front door opening. "I thought we could walk into town since it's such a nice day."

    Mikayla looked bemused and nodded her head. "Alright. Lead the way."

    The couple walked down the road towards town, chatting amicably between themselves mainly about Mikayla's newly returned memories and what her mother was like growing up.


    A few hours later the couple was done with their shopping and were heading back to Blaise's house. They had spent most of their afternoon in town shopping for Mikayla's new clothes. Blaise had been highly amused by Mikayla's childlike glee at getting to go shopping and her worry at the same time of Blaise spending so much money on her. He finally had to tell her to just get whatever she wanted and to not let it bother her because he had enough money to cover everything.

    This assertion seemed to have changed her mind and she began trying on clothes with reckless abandon. Every once in awhile, she would pop out of the dressing room to ask his opinion of various outfits, which offered him plenty of views of her curvy chest, trim waist, shapely arse and not to mention her slim legs. Apparently at some point she had decided to mess with him by coming out of the dressing room in a rather racy outfit. Blaise remembered his reaction all to well as the memory came back to him.

    He was sitting in a chair propped back on its' back two legs with his legs stretched out in front of him. His hands were laced together and lying on his stomach and he was idly twiddling his thumbs while his head was lolled back and his eyes were closed while he was waiting for Mikayla to either come out with another outfit for him to look at or to say that she was done. Blaise actually didn't mind either way because she had an attractive body, even with all the bruises that he knew the clothing covered up. As he was lost in his thoughts about all the glimpses of her skin he had seen today, Blaise heard Mikayla clear her throat.

    He opened his eyes and snapped his head up at the noise, before propmtly falling over backward in the chair and hitting the floor because of what she was wearing. "Sweet Merlin, Mikayla! What are you trying to do to me?"

    She giggled as she slowly turned around showing off the rather revealing outfit. Mikayla currently had on a very short dress that was just long enough to cover her bum and the top was a silver corset with a black lace overlay. The corset was a do it yourself design because it laced up the front while the back was left sheer with just lace to cover your skin. "Well," she started while toying with the ribbon ends that laced her top, "I thought you might be getting bored and not paying attention anymore, so I wanted to see if I could get a reaction out of you. So what do you think?"

    Scrambling to his feet, Blaise righted the toppled chair and readjusted his pants for a more comfortable position. He stared at her for a little longer before inhaling and exhaling in a rush as he ran his hands over his face, through his hair and finally settling on his hips before answering. "Damn."

    Mikayla giggled once more as she returned to the dressing room and Blaise sat back down in the chair, taking deep and even breaths to try and calm his erratic heartbeat.

     Clearing his head of the memory, Blaise could hear Mikayla talking. "You know, Blaise, I didn't realize you lived so far from town. Why didn't we take your car?"

    "Because I don't have one."

    "Why don't you have a car? And how do you get to work?" she asked as they continued to walk back to his house.

    "I have alternate means of transportation to get to work. And my housekeeper does most of the shopping so I never have to worry about bringing home multiple bags," he explained. "And if for whatever reason I know I'm going to be coming home with more than I can carry, I just bring this cart with me."

    "But what about large items? Like furniture, appliances and electronics?"

    "I have them delivered," he answered once he remembered the proper Muggle term. "I manage fine without a car and I just walk to town whenver I feel like it." Blaise mentally patted himself on the back at coming up with a relatively decent and believable answer to his lack of a ground vehicle. He couldn't exactly tell her that he enjoyed flying around on a broom. At least not until he knew if she was a witch or not.

    Apparently appeased with his responses, Mikayla just smiled and nodded as she continued. "Well still, a 30 minute walk to town and back with all these packages is a little much. I say we just call a taxi next time." Blaise just made a noncommital sound as he continued to push the cart. "So what would you like for dinner tonight?"

    "I don't know. Surprise me."

    "Oh no mister. You're going to help me and learn how to cook."

    "Do I have to?" he whined playfully.

    "Uh-huh." She grinned at him as they finally made it to his house and hurried inside to put the groceries away and start dinner.


    Later that night as Blaise was getting ready for bed, he was thinking about how making a meal the Muggle way had not been that bad at all. Especially with Mikayla as his teacher. When she had asked him to chop vegetables, Blaise instinctively put his potions ingredients chopping skils to use, trying to make eack slice the same size as the last. He remembered how his back had grown warm and tingled from where she placed her hand on him when she came to check on his progress. He felt like glowing when Mikayla praised him, but he managed to supress the urge and smiled warmly at her instead.

    Blaise couldn't help but notice how perfectly she seemed to fit next to him. Granted while he hadn't actually tried anything, he was fairly certain that if he was to wrap his arms around Mikayla, that her curves would align just right with his angles and that he would be able to rest his chin comfortably on the top of her head.

    Blaise was actually surprising himself with these foreign notions of wanting to be affectionate with a woman, especially one that he had just met and knew next to nothing about. He had always been the kind of man that wanted just the physical part of a relationship and nothing more. And then when he grew tired of the woman, he would move on and neither party would be upset. That's how it had always been. But now he found himself wanting a potential relationship from an almost complete stranger. With these thoughts running through his head, Blaise climbed into bed and went to sleep.


    Meanwhile, down the hallway, in her room, Mikayla was getting ready for bed as well. She was about to pull her new teal silk nightie over her head, when all the bruises on her body made her pause. Mikayla's fingers lightly traced over her purple and yellow skin. 'I really wish that I could remember how I got these. It seems just a little too odd that they are only in spots that can be covered up by clothes. I'm fairly certain that I'm intelligent enough to not inflict them on myself and I hope that I would be smart enough to not be in an absuive relationship.'

    Growing weary of looking at her bruised flesh, Mikayla slipped the silky material over her head and reveled in how it flowed over her skin like water. Climbing under the covers, her thoughts turned to the attractive man sleeping down the hall from her. She couldn't explain it really, but she found herself drawn to him. Not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Mikayla felt as though somehow all the answers to her problems could be found in Blaise. Completely positive that she had never met him before (even though she didn't have the memory to back this idea up) Mikayla still felt as if she had known him for the longest time. Blaise made her feel safe, secure and cared for. Sighing into her pillow, Mikayla rolled on to her side and dirfted off to sleep.

A/N: Well there's chapter three folks. I know the clothes buying scene might seem a little strange but just keep in mind that they are attracted to each other and are just playing around. And I know having her find out her name already seems a little soon but with the way this story has just run away from me plot wise, if I didn't make her find out at least her name early on, who knows how long this story would wind up being. It's already much longer than I had originally anticipated.

Anyway, I'm still interested to hear what you think Misty/Mikayla is. Magic or Muggle? And of course, the reason why you think she is that or should be that. Until next time, have fun! Oh yeah, I just added a Meet the Author section to my page if you want to check it out.


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