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Dare... by darkkid
Chapter 46 : With Fenrir
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"You know, you could at least tell me where I am, if you're not going to tell me why," I snapped at Fenrir, glaring daggers at him. He glared right back at me, I was sure I was beginning to annoy him with my questioning.

"You don't need to know where we are," he snarled.

"Well, then I'll just leave then," I said, standing up and heading towards the opening. I, however, didn't get very far, for he snatched my arm, crushing it like he had done once before. "You really don't want to do that," I said calmly, glaring up at the furious man.

Realization seemed to strike him and he flicked his arm back quickly, as if I was burning his hand. He narrowed his eyes at me, but explained.

"We're just outside of London," Fenrir stated.


"The full moon is tonight and-"

"I know that!" I exclaimed. "But why here, I usually go somewhere else!"

"You're one of the Dark Lord's followers," Fenrir sneered. "You'll help in some way or another, and the Dark Lord thought this would be best."

"What do you mean?!"

"Meaning," Fenrir said slowly, it looked like he was biting his tongue. "We're going to get more werewolves."

"How are we--" I suddenly gasped. "No! No way am I doing that! No! Never! I can't do that to anyone!"

"Oh but you are," Fenrir said, I could see he was fighting the urge to roll his eyes.

"I'm leaving! I'm not doing it, you can't make me!"

"Go right ahead," Fenrir said, a smirk forming along his lips. "The moon should start to rise anytime now. Let's see you find somewhere to lock yourself down before you become a monster." I took the liberty to glare at him, making no effort at all to hide the fact that he was pissing me off. He smirked, an amused expression on his cold, hard face. I wanted to slap him!

I turned on my heel and sat on the ground, as far away from Fenrir that was physically possible. I glared up at him still, and he did nothing to hide the enjoyment he was getting from my rage.

In only one mere second the pain of transformation began to consume me. I gasped and fell forward, now on my hands and knees. My throat clogged, no air escaped and no air would come through, I, as usual, began to panic. I thrashed around, grasping at my throat. I knew Fenrir was around somewhere, I could hear him, but my vision was blurred from tears, I couldn't see him.

As my wind pipe opened again, I now had wolf lungs, my bones began to quiver, getting ready to grow, shorten, or bend. The tears spilled down my cheek as everything began to blacken. The last thing I saw before I was lost to the monster side of me was the door bust open. I knew that what would happen tonight would haunt me for the rest of my life.


James glared at Sirius again, but felt sympathy for him at the same time. Sirius was refusing, in all ways, shapes, and forms, to discuss matters of Aleesha. James knew for a fact that he still loved her, he was just having a hard time trying to get Sirius to convince himself.

"Stop glaring at me, Prongs," Sirius sighed, annoyance written across his forehead. James didn't answer and continued to glare at him. "I don't know why you want to talk about your cousin anyway. She's just a t-"

"Don't even say it," James said slowly, his lips pressed in a thin line, a lot like McGonagall's is when him and Sirius are goofing off. "She-"

"Cheated on me!"

"She kissed your brother," James groaned. "Once! He probably kissed her anyway!"

"We've already been through this," Sirius sighed. "I hate her, she hates me, let's all get along with out life."

"She loves you!" James exclaimed, wanting badly to pull out his hair from frustration.

"Yeah right a--"

"You love her!"

"I do not!"

"Oh no, you're not going to lie to me," James said, shaking his head at his friend. "I know love when I see it! Look!" James quickly snatched Sirius trunk and opened it, right on top was every letter Aleesha had sent him. "You've kept them all."

"I thought they'd be a good laugh," Sirius retorted. "You know, memories?" James rolled his eyes and slammed the trunk closed.

"You're are such a bad liar," James laughed half-heartedly. "This is all going to bite you in the ass one day my friend. It's called karma."

"Whatever you say, Prongs," Sirius said, laying down on the couch that he always slept on. "Whatever you say."

"Oh, you know I'm right," James retorted, before disappearing through the door. His footsteps weren't heard for the lateness of the night.

Sirius sighed and looked out at the full moon. He could only guess what kind of torture his friend and his one and only true love was going through. He knew James was right, and he was just waiting for the karma to come back around.

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