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I Will Never Forget You by thehappytimelord
Chapter 1 : I Will Never Forget You
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Author's Note: This is AU, not all the facts are 100% the same as in GOF.

He was a Death Eater
She was a future Auror.
He was a trouble maker.
She was the best student.
He was a Slytherin.
She was a Ravenclaw.
They were in love

Barty's Trial

Eclipse Dodgely sat stiff in the courtroom, the next to be tried was Bartemius Crouch Jr.

"Eclipse, do you wish to leave the courtroom?" asked Albus Dumbledore leaning forward to speak to the blonde in front of him, "I understand you and Barty had relations during your years at Hogwarts."

"No, I'm fine Professor Dumbledore," Eclipse replied turning to face the elderly man. "That was many years ago, I'm over him now." She looked down at the gold ring on the silver chain around her neck.

She turned back as Bartemius Crouch Sr. began to speak, "Quiet everyone. The next on trail for suspicions of working for the Dark Lord as a Death Eater, is Bartemius Crouch Junior." his voice cracked on his son's named.

Barty Jr. was brought before the courtroom, he scanned the room, and his eyes met every face. He searched until his eyes met with the eyes Eclipse Dodgely. She tried to look away, but his eyes showed the torture he'd been through the past days since his capture. She saw all the years they had been in love reflected from his eyes into hers.

Death Eater and Auror starred at each other, still. The case was coming to a closure Barty had been found guilty, a life sentence to Azkaban would be the verdict. Their thoughts were the same: the old days and days that would be no more. He longed to remember her when long days were suffered in Azkaban. She longed for him to be free, for them to kiss and embrace again. She wished she had been able to change him, wished he had never become a Death Eater.

As he was taken away to wait for the arrival of the Dementors, he kissed the air though he would have given anything to kiss her.

First Year

"Miss Dodgely can you please tell me the answer to problem ten?" asked the Professor of Charms to the young blonde Ravenclaw.

"Yes Professor. The answer is, ‘Hippogriffs are extremely dangerous when agitated. Always let them approach you’."

"Yes, very good, ten points to Ravenclaw." Eclipse gazed around the room; all the houses in the class room were clapping except for Slytherin. She had noticed that they only clapped for Slytherin points, no other houses. However she noticed a Slytherin boy clapping for her,but he stopped as their eyes met.

"What is it?" asked the girl seated next to Eclipse as she turned back round.

"Nothing, Nancee, just a boy I like."

"Hopefully not that Crouch boy," her friend stated. "He hangs with the wrong crew of Slytherins."

"I don't care, I like him. I want to meet him."

"Class dismissed." announced the Professor and the students began picking up all their belongings. Eclipse hurried, hoping to be able to catch up with Barty, to speak to him. But as she turned round she realized most of the Slytherins were gone, Barty included.

Eclipse walked down the corridor alone, Nancee had gone to the common room and left her alone to go to the Great Hall. Her arms were full of her homework which she hoped to do over dinner. She hated walking alone in the halls, usually her friends would walk with her, and sometime the Grey Lady would too. She heard running behind her and was slammed into by several Slytherins. They all laughed as her papers and books fell to the ground, and then ran on. All but one; Barty.

He looked hesitant at first, like he was going to keep running, but he stopped and helped Eclipse pick up her homework. "I’m Barty Crouch."

"I know, I'm Ecl-," She hesitated, flustered. "Eclipse Dodgely." He handed her the fallen papers and she took the books from his arms, "Thank you."

“No problem, Eclipse.” She loved the way he said her name, “So what do you think of Hogwarts?”

“I like it so far. I’m the first in my family.” She cringed. She thought he, like all the other Slytherins, would curse her and turn away. But he just smiled.

“That must be pretty cool, being the first. I am one in a long line of Hogwarts attendees.”

She sighed a sigh of sheer relief, “You’re different than all the other Slytherins. Not to offend you or anything, I mean different in a good way.”

“Thanks. Yeah I am a bit nicer that the rest of that lot. So you’re a Ravenclaw?”

Eclipse smiled, “Yeah, I have the brains. I was like this at Muggle school too you know. But I guess you wouldn’t know, would you?”

“No I’ve never been anywhere but here. I really like the classes, just not the work.” He shrugged.

Eclipse formed a plan in her head, “I’m really good with the work. I could be your tutor, on one condition.”

“And what condition would that be?” They stopped just before the Great Hall’s entrance.

“I help you learn the material, and you have to do your own work.” She pointed her finger at him.

He nodded his head, “I have my own condition as well… You must be my friend.”

“Did you even have to make that a condition, I thought we already were.”

“Well I thought we were too, just needed to make sure you thought so.”

They both laughed as they walked into the Great Hall. “I bet we’ll be friends forever!”

Second Year

“Mum, Dad you’ve got to met my friend Barty.” Eclipse exclaimed as they entered 9¾. She looked around for the boy she had spoken about, and was tackled by him before she could even say his name.

“So you are the boy Eclipse hasn’t stopped speaking about all summer?” her dad asked.

“The one and only.” Barty replied proudly. He looked at Eclipse, “All summer?”

Her Mother shook his hand, “The only time she didn’t talk about you was when she was asleep.”

“Mum, you’re embarrassing me. Now Barty, say good-bye to my parents, so we can look over your summer’s homework before the train sets off.” Eclipse stared from Barty to her parents.

“Good-bye Mr. and Mrs. Dodgely.” He said with a wave as Eclipse hugged her mum and dad good-bye.

Eclipse and Barty walked onto the train, “I hope you’ve got all the work done.”
“Pretty much so, Eclipse, all but a few questions for potions. And I had some difficulty with Charms so I need you to look over that as well.” He smiled as they took their seats.

“Well that’s good, let me see.” She took the papers from his hands and noticed scribbles all over them. He had inked out most of them but you could clearly see ED&BC had been written in several places. Eclipse’s face flushed as she read over the papers, he may have felt the same way as her. Hallelujah.

Third Year

Eclipse sat in Ancient Runes, one of the few classes she had without Barty. It was a relief she didn’t have to coach him through this hard class which had been recommended for only the most advanced students in her year. He wasn’t a bad student, he was fairly smart. He just never tried to excel, he did the bare minimum for every subject never anymore. He swore the only reason he was anywhere near being a good wizard was because of Eclipse’s help.

There was only one down side of Eclipse being friends with Barty, and him being friends with her. Both houses looked down upon their friendship. Ravenclaw house thought that the only reason the Slytherin boy was her friend was because he was using her for school work help. Slytherin house thought nearly the same only some twisted version which no sense at all. Something about her charming him one day, so she’d have someone to carry her books around. They both had lost friends because of their friendship.

“Hey Eclipse.” Barty greeted her, as she sat down next to him in the study hall. Everyone looked up and eyeballed them as they sat together. “How was Runes?”

She sighed, “Pretty good. But I’m getting really tired of the looks we get. Why are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff friendships okay, but as soon as you’re friends with a Slytherin you’re shunned?”

“I haven’t a clue. But I have a question I need help with answering.” Barty replied with a grin, and handed her a piece of parchment. Scribbled across the parchment was: Question One. Will you be my girlfriend, Eclipse?

She looked up with a grin spreading from ear-to-ear, “Of course!” Eclipse planted a simple, soft kiss on his lips.

Fourth Year

Eclipse held Barty’s hand as they walked around the streets of Muggle London. They had done this ever day that he had been staying with Eclipse’s parents. He had been trying his best to act “normal” but he kept his wand close by him at all times. He didn’t like having to wait for breakfast to be made in the mornings, and not having everything done by magic.

The one good side he found to staying with the Dodgely’s was the fact Eclipse helped him get all his homework done by the second week of summer. Her parents had no idea that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but they still played it safe by having him sleeping on the other end of the flat. Not that they had any interest in anything but holding hands and occasionally kissing.

“So what else is there to do?” Barty asked his blonde girlfriend.

“This is pretty much it. Wandering around and window shopping, or sitting in the flat,” Eclipse replied. “And besides this is our last day before school starts. All our homework is done.”

“Our trunks are packed. Owls are cranky in their cages. I only used mine to talk to some of my friends.”

“You mean the letters you wrote that you wouldn’t let me be in the room when you were writing them. And when you got replies you burned them.” Eclipse stated bitterly.

“It is secret brotherhood stuff.” Barty replied sourly.

Eclipse sighed, “I suppose the reason we are such a good couple is because we both don’t know everything about one another. Oh, how I loath returning to school. Those last weeks of school after we got together were torture, and Nancee made it worse by forcing me to sleep in the hallway.”

“I was teased a bit, but all of our parents are friends so none of us stay enemies long.”

Eclipse looked down, but her sadness vanished as Barty cupped her chin and kissed her with their trademark simple kiss.

Fifth Year

The snow was falling over Hogsmeade. Couples were making snow angels, wandering around, and rushing into stores to escape the cold. However, Barty Crouch and Eclipse Dodgely walked side by side never touching hands, as they made their way into Madame Puddifoot’s Tea Shop for a Valentines Day date.

“Two cups of the Valentines Special.” Eclipse said to the waiter as she and her date took their seats. Other peoples eyes fell on the quiet couple as they were the most spoken of pairing in the school, and they were fully aware of that fact.

“It’s nice to have these Hogsmeade weekends, isn’t it?” Barty asked stiffly, as their tea was served.

Eclipse didn’t reply, she just nodded her head. Their relationship had taken a toll this year: with horrible gossiped rumours, to his father’s anger over him dating a Muggle Born.

“What’s wrong, love?” Barty questioned, placing his hands over hers.

She smiled, “Nothing. I was thinking about my Runes homework.” The lie rolled off her tongue with ease. She truly thought about how Barty had become more secretive, showed up late for classes, and seemed to be the Slytherin King. She however, was still the gawky Muggleborn girl dating a Slytherin pureblood, the smartest girl of her class, and had only one best friend; Nathaniel. The fact that she was so different from Barty scared her sometimes.

“Are you sure?” He asked raising his eyebrows as he took a sip of his tea. Her only reply was a nod of her head.

Eclipse sat alone in Potions, Barty had never showed up. It hurt her that he was letting not only his grades slip, but their relationship slip as well. She jumped a bit as Nathaniel plopped down on the seat beside her.

“Thought you might want a Potions partner. Noticed Barty never shows, and Virginiya is getting on my nerves.”

“Thanks Nathaniel. Yeah, Barty didn’t show up again.” Eclipse gritted her teeth as she lit the fire beneath her cauldron. Nathaniel was a true friend through and through.

“Barty, where were you during Potions?” Eclipse shouted angrily from across the hall. Barty quickly turned from the group of Slytherins and pulled his robe sleeve down. “Oh sorry, I er, stayed back in the Common Room.” He said as the others stifled laughs.

“Well I brought your homework. We’ll do it during study hall.” Eclipse said angrily, turning away sharply.

“Wait! Eclipse!” Barty caught up with her. “Will ‘sorry’ work?”


“Will a kiss work?”


“Then, what?”

Eclipse narrowed her eyes, “You telling my why you’ve changed. Yeah, that’ll work.” Barty was about to answer when Eclipse caught the sleeve of his left arm and saw what she feared to find.

“The Dark Mark.” She whispered taking several steps away from him.

He approached her, “It’s not what you think!”

“Stay away from me. I don’t know you!” She pulled her wand out and pointed it at his face.

“You don’t understand, everyone in Slytherin has one.” He pleaded.

“I don’t know you anymore Bartemius Crouch.”

“Please Eclipse.” Barty begged her in the hallway before Charms.

“Stay away from me Death Eater!” she barked out.

Barty suddenly grabbed her head, pulling her into a kiss, their first real kiss. She pushed away, reluctant, but she lost her anger in his lips.

She broke the kiss, “Don’t expect me to forgive you Barty.” She kissed him deeply once more. “We’re not over yet.”

As he walked away with a smile he heard her say to Nathaniel, “I’m giving him this second chance. I can change him, trust me.”

Sixth Year

Barty and Eclipse stood on the grounds near Hogwarts gazing up at the sky, "You see that up there, Eclipse, that's Orion's belt."

"Oh really, Barty. I didn't know you taught Astronomy class." she replied with a laugh.

"And that, that's a shooting star." he smiled taking her hand, "Make a wish."

She smiled at him, holding his hand tightly, "I got my wish already." With that they ran off back to the school, holding hands.

She thought she had changed him; he attended class every day, did his homework, and was the perfect boyfriend. He was still a Death Eater, although he never let her know that. He loved her too much, but craved the power being a Death Eater supplied. He explained that once marked with the Dark Mark, always marked: it wouldn’t fade away. His loyalty was split in two; he followed both Lord Voldemort and Eclipse. He knew he couldn’t hold on to her forever, not with her dreams of being an Auror. He couldn’t bear to let her go now, not with an engagement ring on her finger.

“We’ll always be in love won’t we Barty?” she asked, kissing his cheek as she was about to enter the Ravenclaw Common Room.

“Through thick and thin.” Barty grinned, a glint of a grimace on his face.

Eclipse noticed the grimace quickly, “What’s wrong Barty?”

“Nothing, you need to worry about. I had a nightmare last night that’s all.”

Eclipse sighed, “What about? Was it about me?”

“Well, not exactly. You see in my dream I was a Death Eater, again.” He quickly corrected himself, “I had to choice between you or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I think I chose him.” He actually knew he chose him in his dream, him over Eclipse. Her death had awoken him from the nightmare.

“Oh Barty, its okay. You’re not a Death Eater anymore, you need not worry.” She patted his shoulder.

“You’re right Eclipse. Goodnight, sleep tight.” He walked away, guilty for the fact that he had blinded her with lies.

Eclipse entered the Common Room to find Nathaniel sitting solemnly on one of the arm chairs. He looked up from the fire place where he gazed, “Eclipse.”

“Something, wrong?” she asked, somewhat concerned. He tried his best to not make eye contact.

His looked told her something was very, very wrong. “It is Barty. He’s still a Death Eater.”

“No you’re wrong. He promised me. He wouldn’t lie. He couldn’t. Tell me what evidence you have to prove he’s guilty for your claim.”

“Virginya was attacked this afternoon,” he began slowly. “She swears that your perfect boyfriend was one of the attackers. He and the others known for being Death Eaters.”

Eclipse couldn’t listen, “And what does her word prove? She has always hated Barty and me together.”

“She was attacked by the Cruciatus Curse. One of Barty’s friend’s wand was the one that cast the spell. However the last person to use the wand was a one, Bartemius Crouch Junior. Even as we speak he’s being searched for.”

“No he was with me all afternoon.” Eclipse cringed, “Except for a brief time period, about an hour.” A tear fell down her cheek. She turned sharply running from the Common Room.

She ran down the hallways and corridors hoping she could reach him first, hoping the Aurors, which she had seen down one of the hallways, wouldn’t find him before her. Her heart was in her throat, and her stomach had nervous butterflies soaring around. She hated him, but she loved him, and she had to find him.

“Eclipse?” whispered a voice from a Broom closet as she made her way near the Quidditch locker rooms.

“Barty?” her voice was stiff, as she held back tears. He appeared from within the closet, “You have to go, they’re searching for you. Please don’t make this any harder for me.”
“I love you Eclipse, I really do.” He looked into her eyes as he reached for her hands, “I… I... I will never forget you.”

She nodded, fighting back tears, “I know.” She captured his face between her hands, her lips on his. They stood like this, never pulling up for air: her lips bruised by his forceful kiss, his bottom lip bloodied by her nibbling. What seemed like hours was only a minute, when the passion filled kiss finally stopped.

“They’ll question you, Eclipse. Fight them if they search your mind. And for Merlin’s sake don’t give up your dreams.” He held her in his arms, she embraced him tightly.

“I will be an Auror, Barty. No matter if I myself must hunt you down in the future, know I still love you.” She said fiercely. “I will see you again.”

He kissed her again, before he took to the sky on a broom, leaving behind Eclipse Dodgely and her hope of ever becoming Mrs. Crouch.

Three Years Later

Eclipse Dodgely groggily pulled herself out of bed, yawning as she stretched. Her clock read five o’clock, thirty minutes until the owl would deliver the Daily Prophet. She made her way to her kitchen to turn on the kettle of tea, and cast a spell to fix breakfast. She walked, tiredly towards her bathroom to brush her hair and teeth.

It was a Monday morning, after a long working weekend. Though she loved her job in the Ministry of Magic’s Auror office, she loathed the early mornings, late nights, and seven day working weeks. After taking a shower and getting dressed, the clock now read five twenty nine, and just at that moment the owl arrived. She paid the money and read the front page’s bold headline, Bartemius Crouch Jr. CAPTURED.

“No, it can’t be. It just can’t be.” She read on a realized that reasons for this arrest was different, he had been found guilty of slaughtering by another prisoner: Igor Karkaroff. The report had been written by Rita Skeeter, and she added so many lies about Barty, lies about Eclipse and Barty during their Hogwarts years. At this she realized that though it had been three years ago to the day, that she had last set her eyes on Barty, his memory would haunt her forever.

Thirteen Years Later

‘I will never forget you.’ Echoed Barty’s voice as Eclipse awoke, tears streaming down her face. It had been sixteen years, and yet she was still haunted by that moment in time. That moment when Barty left her, he wasn’t running away from her but the trouble he had caused for the both of them. He never knew how painful it was for her to be forced to give up his location. How hard it was for her to become an Auror after the known fact that her former fiancé was a convict. How hard it was for her to wake up in the mornings and realize because of his love for her, she had never gone on a date since the night he left. How hard it was for her to think about his trial, the day that was probably the last day she would ever see him.

She didn’t even know if he lay dieing in Azkaban or if he was rotting somewhere in the depths of the prison, already dead. She still wore the engagement ring, only now it lay on a silver chain. Pictures of his vacation to her parent’s house hung on every wall, the good times.

She glanced down at the newspaper she had just collected, and saw his eyes staring up at her. ESCAPED Azkaban Prisoner: Bartemius Crouch Jr. She knew with all her heart where he would be.

Eclipse walked down the pavement of Muggle London, heading towards King’s Cross Station. He would be there, she was sure of it. She franticly walked around the train station, looking for the man she loved. She knew as soon as she went back to work, tomorrow, she would have to join the hunt in finding him. This was the only chance she’d have to see him, free. Suddenly she stopped, she thought she saw him. Eclipse locked eyes with the man she loved.

He ran towards her, wand raised. A bright green flash. He had made his decision.


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