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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six: Fear the Dark
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A/N: Hey, guys, guess what? I'm updating pretty quickly! And guess what else: this chapter's title is pretty intiminating. Can you guess why that is? I'll tell you, because this chapter is interesting. I like it. But you are going to probably hate me. Just warning you. Getting you all pumped up so that when you, like, hate me you'll still review. Because you guys are just awesome that way.

Chapter Six: Fear the Dark

The next day was a Tuesday that only stood out to Adara for one reason; one Sirius reason.

At the beginning of potions, he had asked whether she had taken her potion. She said yes and inquired as to how he’d gotten the note up in her room. Sirius had shrugged and said, “I have my ways,” and Adara let the matter drop for the moment as Slughorn began talking. She would have brought it up again, but forgot about it as she turned and found the dark haired man beside her uncharacteristically furiously scribbling on a piece of parchment. She had cocked an eyebrow and sneakily tried to get a view of what he was writing. She knew it couldn’t be notes. She had gotten close enough to read the words Moony, careful, tomorrow night, and meet by before Sirius moved the paper far away from her and blocked her view with his muscle-y arm. Adara knew it was on purpose, but had to get started on her potion. She would bring up the subject later… well that’s what she told herself.

Now, Adara was sitting at dinner with her boyfriend scanning the Great Hall for Sirius. He’d continued the weird writing and evasive maneuvers throughout all their classes and even in the hallways. Adara had barely seen head or tail of her usual partner all day. He arrived at classes just in time, then as if the teachers were on his side, all of them had given lectures which meant Adara had to take notes and couldn’t ask Sirius any questions.

At first, Adara had just been curious, but now it was starting to get on her nerves. It was only yesterday that he’d been stalking her and now it was as if he was avoiding her. What, Adara thought as she sighed and realized that Sirius was not present at dinner, is wrong with him? Is he bloody schizophrenic?

Adara must have been staring over at the Gryffindor table lost in her thoughts for too long, because Christine kicked her under the table – the universal sign for pay attention.

“—Jayden, mate. Adddie and I have prefect rounds tonight. Bully for us,” David was saying.

Oh yeah! Adara had forgotten that it was the first time that they had official prefect patrol! Adara loved prefect patrol, another thing that her friends referred to as ‘one of those weird Rune-like obsessions.’ She didn’t mind though, “Right! That’s so exciting!” Adara joined the conversation. David rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, well, the Gryffindors are patrolling with us tonight, well Lily is. Remus is sick… or maybe his mom is, either way, Estelle’s brother is taking his place tonight.” David piled more potatoes onto his plate.

Adara nodded. Maybe she’d get a chance to talk to Lily. Emmet, Estelle’s twin brother, and David were good friends despite the house rivalries so they would probably want to patrol together leaving Adara and Lily alone to talk (or vent) about their respective marauders. Not that Sirius was “Adara’s marauder,” just that he was the one she had to constantly deal with.

The rest of dinner seemed to crawl by and it took forever for nine o’clock to finally arrive. Adara was sitting by Jayden on the couch when the hour stuck, not that she’d been watching the clock or anything.

She kissed Jayden goodbye, yelled up the staircase for David to “get his arse down here,” and the two exited their common room together. They walked to the Great Hall, the proposed meeting place for patrollers to report to the Heads. As Adara and David approached the Hall, however, only the Head Girl was present.

“Okay, is that everyone?” she asked in a tone that suggested she’d rather be anywhere but there.

Adara waved to Emmet and Lily, and the four sixth years nodded.

“Great, then pair up and be off. Duty is over at eleven, report any suspicious activity to me, the Head Boy, or directly to a staff member, any questions?” she ran of what Adara assumed to be the required list. The four others shook their heads and then the Head Girl was off.

“Emmet and I will take the dungeons, then?” David suggested.

“Fine with me,” Lily agreed. Emmet and Adara nodded.

“Later,” David said as he and Emmet made their way down the nearest staircase.

“Start at the top?” Lily suggested.

“Sounds like a plan,” Adara nodded and the two headed up the stairs, “How’s James doing? Still in one piece?” Adara started the conversation.

Lily shrugged, “Hasn’t been to bad lately. He’s been writing a lot in classes where he’s my forced partner,” she lit her wand and looked at Adara, “You?”

“I forgave Sirius,” Adara shrugged and lit her wand, too, “but he’s been weird lately. One day he’s practically stalking me then today it’s like he’s not there.”

“Yeah, it’s those days that you learn to treasure.”

“At least Jay does,” Adara nodded. Jayden had seen must less tense now that Sirius wasn’t talking to her.

Could that be the reason?

“Your boyfriend?” Lily asks, “he’s the big keeper for your team, right?”

Adara noded.

“How long have you two been together?” Lily asks keeping up the conversation.

Adara was getting a bit annoyed, she wanted to talk about Sirius and James and what they were up to, “Three years, about.”

“Congratulations,” Lily smiled, then muttered, “did you hear that?”

Adara had, and nodded. There was what sounded like a faint whisper coming from a nearby classroom.

“Let’s investigate,” Lily whispered. They crept up, closer to the classroom, then a crash sounded from behind them. The girls exchanged glances.

“Let’s split up, I’ll see what that was, you see who that is,” Lily suggested, Adara nodded. As they went opposite directions, Adara heard another whispered, “Don’t worry, Prongs,” it said.

Adara remembered a very similar situation last year…

“Pads, shhh, someone’s coming!” Adara heard the voice from down the corridor and wondered how the person had known. She was being really quiet.

“Don’t worry, she won’t dock us. Mischeif Managed!” Another voice whispered as Adara neared the classroom. Yeah, she thought, I won’t bust them.

She lit her wand and entered the classroom to find two Gryffindor boys that were about her age, “You know that you two are out after hours?” she had asked.

The boys nodded and the longer-haired one stepped forward, “We’re sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“You’re right. Because I’m going to…” Adara stopped short as she saw one of the boys fiddling with the corners of a bit of parchment, “What’s that?” she pointed.

“Nothing!” cried the boy holding it as he shoved it into his robe pocket. He had messy hair and black-rimmed glasses.

“Give it here,” Adara demanded. She loved having power.

“I… I…” the boy stammered and looked at the other boy, “Fine.” She handed it to her. It looked like a bit of parchment, nothing more. But Adara had been smarter than that. She tapped her wand to it.

A message began to appear. The boys looked smug. Adara read:

Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Adara Moore and hopes that she will not hold his idiotic friends accountable, as her abnormal interest in snooping is appreciated.

Adara blinked twice. How the hell did the paper know who she was? She barely had time to contemplate this as another message appeared.

Mr. Wormtail bids that Miss Moore will relinquish this parchment and go back to her studies, the nerd.

Adara looked from one smug looking boy to the other then back at the thing in her hand:

Mr. Prongs agrees that Miss Moore’s snooping ability and obsession is worthy, yet adds that she would be wise to take it elsewhere, possibly to the dungeons.

Adara was stunned.

Mr. Padfoot would like to compliment Miss ‘Dara as she is quite beautiful, yet he also wishes that she would please use her ability to catch a worthy Slytherin.

Adara gasped from her perch outside the classroom where the same voice she had heard a year ago was whispering.


Pads?... Padfoot?

Sirius was Padfoot?

What’s a Padfoot?

Adara barely had time to register her mind’s questions as the door to the classroom she was supposed to be sneaking up on flew open.

“Adara!” she could barely make out his gorgeous – um, nice-looking face in the faint light of her wand.

“Sirius? James?” she acknowledged the other man that had showed up.

“Hey, Adara,” he waved.

Adara switched into prefect mode – a strict version of her prefect form, as she was irritated with Sirius’ earlier behavior, “What are you doing? It’s after curfew!”

She thought she heard James mutter something along the lines of ‘I’m glad you can tell time.’ She scowled.

She opened her mouth to say something but Sirius spoke first, “What was the crash? Where’s Lily?”

“Lily followed the crash,” Adara said, “How’d you know I was with Lily?” she questioned.

“You let Lily follow a loud, potentially dangerous crash alone?” James sounded mad.

Adara was confused about so many things right now. So she just nodded.

James ran past her down the corridor, a look of fury on his face. Sirius chuckled, “Poor boy.”

Adara sank against the wall too confused to even think. She pulled her knees to her chest and put her head in her hands.

Her mind was racing: Sirius, Padfoot, parchment, how he knew I was with Lily…

“Adara?” Sirius asked softly. Adara didn’t respond. She was trying sort her thoughts. She felt a body sitting beside her.

“‘Dara?” she felt his warm hand cover her knee, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

She looked up, “What are you.” She asked.

Sirius laughed , “What do you mean?”

“You. Are. Strange.” Adara began, “Whenever I’m near you something weird happens: the dog on the Quidditch pitch, the parchment that knew my name last year – even though I didn’t know you then, it was still weird –

“You remember the map?” Sirius asked, smiling with glee... and embarrassment, maybe?

“Map? You mean the parchment? Yes, and then you somehow manage to get a note into the Ravenclaw’s girls dorm, then one day you are all talkative, the next you write a novel about 'Moony, careful, tomorrow night, meet' in every class and barely talk to me!”

Sirius appeared to be concentrating on something, maybe even a hint of fear was etched on his face, “Adara…”

“Just tell me what the hell is going on!”

“What the hell is going on,” Sirius mumbled, repeating the phrase. Adara scowled, not in the mood for jokes.

Sirius scooted from his spot on the wall so that he was directly in front of Adara, “Look, I can’t tell you everything, but I’ll tell you what I can on one condition.” He said seriously.

Adara looked at him, he looked worried, what could he want? “What is it?” she asked.

“I really wish you’d promise me first,” Sirius sighed.

“I’m in Ravenclaw, I know better than to do that,” Adara explained.

“Fine,” Sirius rolled his eyes, “You have to promise, no, wait, pinky promise that you won’t go outside the castle tomorrow after sunset.”

Adara blinked, what? Why would he want her to promise that?

“Just trust me, ‘Dara,” Sirius pleaded.

“Why that?”

“Trust me.”

Adara thought about his proposition. How much would he tell her in exchange for this weird promise? Why this? Could I trust him?

That was the one it came down to, really. Could Adara trust Sirius.

She knew, by looking into his eyes and feeling his hand on her knee, that she could. Because he was her friend, of course...

“Fine, I pinky promise I won’t go out after sunset,” Adara held out her pinky without having to be reminded.

“Good,” Sirius replied and took her pinky in his.

“Now tell me.” Adara demanded.

“Okay, so the note in the dorm, I can tell you about that one,” Sirius smiled, “Though it’s more mysterious if I don’t…” Adara glared at him, “fine. I just got on my broomstick, flew to your window then levitated the note onto your bed. I knew it was yours because of the picture of you and Booty and… your mother?”

“Yeah, my mum.”

“She’s pretty, I see where you get it,” Sirius complemented.

“Thanks,” Adara smiled.

Sirius nodded, “The rest is –”

“Padfoot!” called a voice down the hallway. Adara saw James walking towards them, “We need to get away before my dearest Lily catches up!”

Sirius rolled his eyes, “Which curse?” he called back.

“Nothing I can’t handle… just… so many dots…” he was walking like a drunk man. Sirius stood up, Adara followed suit.

“I’ll see you later, no forgetting, this promise is important,” he warned.

Adara nodded, “You can remind me tomorrow, though, right? Because you owe me an explanation!” Adara called as Sirius took James by the shoulders and walked away. He looked back at her with a grim smile, then picked up the pace and was gone.

“Adara?”  she tore her eyes from the spot where Sirius had disappeared and saw the red head walking towards her at a brisk pace, “have you seen Potter?” she growled.

Adara couldn’t think, so she instinctively shook her head ‘no.’

“Ugh! I bloody hate him. So much for ‘not that bad lately,’ yeah?” Lily vented. This conversation was the exact one that Adara had wanted only minutes before, but now… not so much. Now she wanted to go somewhere quiet and think.

“So, did you dock them points?” Lily asked Adara wearily, she was in Gryffindor, too.

Adara shook her head again. Lily looked relieved, “Why not?” she asked.

Why are you so chatty! Adara wanted to ask, or yell at, her. But she didn’t; she just shrugged. This seemed to be enough, though, as Lily continued her one-sided conversation and Adara nodded or grunted when needed.

They patrolled the rest of their designated area, met back at the Great Hall where Lily reported Peeve’s crash, then Adara walked up to the tower with David. A few more minutes, Adara kept telling herself, then I’ll be alone. She had never wanted to be alone to think so badly – well, save that one time when she was seven and Gregory Johnson had kissed her, but that was a different story. Had David always been this talkative? Adara didn’t think so.

Finally, at last, thanking Merlin and all other dead respectable wizards, they arrived in the common room. Adara bid goodbye to her friend and tried not to sprint up the stairs to her dorm.

Once she had tiptoed past her friends – whom she had given strict instructions to not wait up for her – she turned the shower to full blast, cranked up the hot water, stripped, then stepped in. She sunk down into a seated position and let the water rush over her.


Adara woke up the next morning with no clue as to how she had gotten to her bed. She reached over and turned her alarm off, trying to remember.

So she had met Sirius and James during patrol, talked to Sirius, he’d explained something, made her promise not to leave after sunset tonight, come back and gotten in the shower. Then her memory stopped.

As Adara stared at the top of her canopy she came to the only possible conclusion: it was a dream.

It was all a dream. Today was Tuesday. She had dreamed a whole day.

She had almost completely convinced herself of this when her curtains were ripped open and Christine hopped onto her legs saying, “So, I heard you come in at like eleven thirty and take a shower, what was that all about?”

So it wasn’t a dream.

Damn, and I’d had it all thought over, too. The thought of yesterday being a dream made much more sense than if it had actually happened.

“Hello?” Chiristine waved her hand in front of Adara’s face, “Are you alright?”

Adara came out of her daze and nodded, “Yeah Chris, I’m fine. Just really tired. And you're kind of on my legs.”

"Oh, sorry," the other girl nodded, “Well you’d better get ready! Runes this morning!” she climbed off of Adara’s bed and legs and began to dress in the uniform kilt.

Adara sighed and did the same. When she looked in the mirror to do her hair, though, she realized that she hadn’t brushed it after her shower last night. It was a tangled mess.

“Great,” she sighed.

“Just leave it like that. The ‘just rolled out of bed’ look is in,” Christine grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the dorm before Adara could do much more than grab her bag and wand.

“Chris,” Adara whined as her friend continued to pull her down the stairs where Jayden was waiting.

“Hey,” he greeted. Christine released Adara and Jay kissed her forehead.

“She wouldn’t let me fix my hair!” Adara pouted like a five-year-old.

“Good, I like it like this,” Jayden commented as he put his arm over her shoulders and played with a long strand.

“You two are impossible,” Adara muttered.

“And that’s why you love us,” Christine danced from Adara’s other side.

“More like that’s why I feel bad for you,” Adara smiled.

“Yeah, well, we’ll still let you hang out with us,” Jayden mock-sighed.

“Thanks, love,” Adara said. Then froze. ‘Love?’ Had she really just stolen that from Sirius?

After a hearty breakfast, Adara walked to Runes class with Christine and David. She was excited to go to Runes – and to see Sirius, but only to make him explain himself.

“Same seats good for you?” David asked Christine.

“Yeah, no sun light in the eyes or reflecting off that gross kids glasses,” Christine answered.

Adara rolled her eyes. Her friends were… erm… weird.

They entered the classroom and Adara took her seat, the one beside “Sirius’s seat” so as not to piss him off… right away.

She took out her supplies and waited. Other students began showing up yet Sirius wasn’t there. Class started, yet Sirius wasn’t there.

He should be here. He’s never missed a class! Well, Adara couldn’t really say that because she’d only known Sirius for the last, what, two and a half weeks?

But he’s never missed a class this year. That, at least, Adara was sure of.

All leading to the point of ‘where the hell is Sirius?’

The rest of the day was the same. Sirius didn’t show up to any of his classes. Adara was beyond mad each time a class started and he wasn’t there. By the end of the day, Adara was beginning to get worried. So worried, in fact, that she stopped Lily Evans after class.

“Lily? Can I talk to you real quick?” Adara asked going up to Lily and two other girls. The others exchanged confused looks, but Lily smiled and nodded.

Adara led her a little away from the crowd, “Hey, I know this may sound weird, but do you know where Sirius is? I, erm, kind of need to talk to him and he hasn’t been in any of his classes today.”

“Sorry, I have no clue,” Lily shook her head, “I haven’t seen him since yesterday in potions.”

“Oh,” Adara became more worried, “see you tonight for patrolling, then?”

Lily smiled, “See you then.”

Adara waved and they both turned to go opposite ways, “What was that about?” Christine asked Adara.

“Patrolling duties,” Adara automatically said, and this time she didn’t even lie.

“Oh, yeah,” she muttered, “I was hoping that we could go out to the pitch and fly tonight. Jayden’s holding tryouts on Friday, remember?”

“No,” Adara said immediately, “You can’t go fly tonight!”  If Sirius didn’t want her out after dark for some reason, Adara was not going to let her best friend go out.

“Why not?”

“Because,” before this year, Adara would have been screwed, but she’d been practicing lying quite a bit lately, “because the wind is going to be hell tonight and it might rain and I don’t want you to slip and break something.”

Pretty convincing, score one for Adara.

Christine rolled her eyes, “Yes, mum.”

Adara nodded, content, and the two girls headed up to the dorms to drop off their bags before dinner.


“—any suspicious activity to me, the Head Boy, or directly to a staff member, any questions?” the Head Girl recited. Adara, Lily, Emmet, and David shook their heads and the older student left.

“Same as last night?” Emmet suggested. The other three nodded and left to their positions with their partner.

“Did you ever find Black?” Lily asked as they climbed the stairs.

“No, it was weird, it’s like he disappeared,” Adara commented.

“I saw him in the common room tonight, but only for a second before he ran up the stairs to the dormitory.”

“Huh. I think that they are up to something.”

Lily laughed, “The marauders are always up to something,” she said, “this time its probably to bring up Remus’ spirits, I hear his mum is really ill.”

Adara didn’t say anything. She didn’t think this was just some silly prank they were going to pull. This was bigger; more serious.

“Transfiguration this year is hell, agreed?” Lily bounced along the patrolling keeping the conversation up. Adara participated to some extent, but her mind was elsewhere.

At ten forty-five and Lily and Adara were waiting in the Great Hall talking about what the Head Girl’s problem was when they heard it.

A scream. Or squeal. Whatever it was, it sounded like it was dying. Dying or suffering from severe pain. And it was on the outside of the huge doors. Adara and Lily exchanged scared glances.

“What was –”

“Do you think –”

“Let’s go,” Lily muttered a look of determination on her face as she lit her wand.

What?” Adara gasped. They couldn’t go out there after it!

“Adara, it’s dying!” Lily said.

“We don’t know what it is!”

Lily was fumbling with the locks on the doors, “It sounded human,” she said.

Adara knew that whatever it was needed help. And she knew that most of the castle was asleep. And she knew that she was on patrol. She was in charge of keeping the students safe now.

“Lily!” she begged.

The scream sounded again. Lily managed to unlock the door and push it open. The cold air hit Adara and made her shiver in cold and fear.

“Let’s go,” Lily said.

Adara had pinky swore, but she thought that Sirius would be okay with her breaking it to save a life; because it was apparent that whatever was out there was dying.

“Come on!” Lily was outside, about ten feet from Adara.

“Damn sodding brave Gryffindors!” Adara muttered as she ran into the light of the full moon after Lily.


A/N: So, if you hate me right now for that cliffhanger, remember this: that chapter was almost 4,000 words! FOUR THOUSAND! That's a pretty good-length chapter in my opinion. But, then again, I did end it in a cliffie, so i guess you can hate me a little. As long as you leave a review! =]

Thanks guys! I really do love all the reviews and stuff. And don't worry, I already have the next chapter written, I'll just have to update As Stupid As Me first, then this one. Shouldn't take long as long as the waiting period stays low *kudos to the staff of HPFF for that!*


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