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Unify by RAB
Chapter 1 : Beginnings
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Hey Guys.
Obviously nothing of this is mine but the plot and any character you don't recognize.
This is my first fanfiction.

This chapter as well as the rest of the story's chapters are being edited.

Chapter One: Meeting New People    of  Unify (The Untold Story of Isabella Lestrange)


Isabella Lestrange

"Come on Ella, wake up!" A young boy of 11 years, shouted, shaking his younger, twin sister, attempting to pull her out of her heavy sleep. Her dark brown hair is sprawled against her light green pillow truly making her look angelic.  Her slim, pale fingers hold on tightly to her dark green comforter as she tries her hardest to stay in bed, despite her brother's protests.

"Five more minutes Rabastan!" The girl cried, throwing the covers over her head.   She was not ready to get up yet and nobody was going to make her get up before she chooses to.  Rabastan just tried to pull the covers back off of her.

"But Ella, we start Hogwarts today!" The boy yelled, knowing how excited his little sister was about it, just as he too could not wait to get on the red train later that day.

That did it.

"I'm up!" Isabella Lestrange shouted, throwing aside her covers and jumping out of her  large bed.  She was too excited to sleep any longer.

"Now get out!" Isabella pushed her brother out of the door and closed it. Rabastan just looked at the door and shook his light brown hair, letting it finally settle against his forehead, before heading downstairs. Isabella changed into clothes for her trip to Hogwarts. She combed her long brown hair out of her sparkling blue eyes. Her blue eyes were part of what made her different from the rest of her family, who all had hazel colored eyes. Nobody was quite sure where she got her blue eyes from; it was a mystery, much like the girl, herself.

Today she started Hogwarts with her twin brother, Rabastan. Her older brother, by a year, Rodolphus had started the previous year and as suspected and expected by the family, was sorted into Slytherin. Isabella and Rabastan were expected to follow his footsteps. Rabastan was older by ten minutes and he never let her forget it. Her parents had been in Slytherin, as did every generation in her family.

An hour later, the Lestranges arrived at the train station to board the Hogwarts Express. Their mother and father gave her each a quick hug, before during to her brothers. "You boys better watch out for Isabella," her father said in a stern voice. She was basically a Daddy's little girl and her parents were old fashion enough that they expected her brothers to practically baby-sit Isabella.

"Of course, father," Rabastan said, looking over at his baby sister.  Despite the fact the two of them were twins, most everyone always thought Rabastan was much older by the way he treats his little sister; of course if you saw the way he acted in general, you' think him much younger.

"We won't let anything happen to her," Rodolphus answered, before giving his sister an affectionate pat on the back.  Rodolphus truly was a typical older brother.  Unlike Rabastan, he didn't pick on Isabella and would also rarely let her do anything in which she might get hurt doing.

Their parents both nodded, and quickly appareted away.  Don't get them wrong, them, like most parents loved their children, but they were busy people  and could not simply spend the whole day saying their goodbyes to their children.

"Rabastan and I are going to go find some of my friends," Rodolphus told his little sister. “You can come and find us if you need us. Don’t do anything stupid.” Her brothers gave her a small smile and without waiting for a reply, the boys ran off to one of the compartments.

"Oh great! Thanks a lot guys! Stupid brothers..." Isabella whispered to herself as she went in search of compartment. It was like them. Sometimes they'd stay with her and keep her company or ask her to come with them, but normally when they had the chance they'd just run off with some of the other Slytherin boys and leave her to fend for herself. It wasn't as if they were being mean to her, they just thought she would be bored listening to their talks of quidditch and girls. Normally the two of them were quite protective of Isabella, but they knew she would be perfectly safe among other Hogwarts students. Others would realize she was a Lestrange and know that if they messed with her, they would be in deep trouble.

After trying out a few compartments only to find older-looking students who refused to be bothered by a first-year, Isabella finally stumbled upon a group of students her age.

"Hey, do you mind if I sit here?" She asked a group of boys, already sitting in. From the looks of it they looked like they too were first years. 

"Sure you can, Love" a boy with dark brown hair that fell to his eyes. He had to have been the most attractive boy she had ever seen, and she had seen quite a few. He looked familiar and she wondered if he was a pureblood she had seen at a party.  His steel grey eyes quickly caught her attention and greatly added to they appearance of this young man. 'Perhaps a Black?' she thought.

"Thanks!" She replied back enthustiastically and took a seat across from the boy who had spoken, allowing her to have a perfect view of his incrediably handsome face.

"What's your name?"asked the sandy haired boy, who was sitting next to her. She didn't recognize this boy 'Must not be a pureblood,' she thought, 'I hope my brothers don't see me. They wouldn't like this.'  He had light blue, almost grey eyes that gave him an angelic look.  He looked tired and pale as he sat in his seat, giving Isabella a warm, comforting smile.

"Oh, I'm Isabella," she answered kindly, careful not to say her last name. She didn't want anyone to judge her because of that. If these boys found out, they may assume too quickly that she is just like the rest of her family.  She couldn't have someone hate her (or in some cases like her) simply because of who her family was.

"I'm Sirius Black," the boy across from her answered. 'So I was right!' thought Isabella. 'But what is a member of the noble and ancient house of Black doing with a halfblood?' "This here is Remus Lupin, James Potter, and lastly Peter Pettigrew" he finished, pointing out each boy has he said their name. "We're all first years." Two of them were Purebloods. The other two must by halfbloods. ‘My brothers will kill me if they see who I am with, but serves them right for ditching me!', Isabella thought, silently to herself.

"What house do you think you'll be sorted into?" the boy named James asked. He had extremely messy black hair and glasses that covered his beautiful hazel eyes. He put a hand in his hair, messing it up even more as he gave her a smile. Isabella knew little of his family, but she was sure her parents had called the Potters a blood-traitor at least once a week, perhaps even more.  There was no denying the fact that he was a very cute boy who would soon grow up to a very attractive man.  He was tall from what she could see of him sitting down; he was skinny, but had a little bit of musces, probably from playing quidditch, that would only get bigger as he aged.

"Oh, I'm not really sure," Isabella said, "I suppose I could be in any of them," knowing full well she better end up in Slytherin or her family would not be happy. Her family knew her though, they knew she was too kind to be in Slytherin and all of them were quite worried she would end up in a place like Hufflepuff or if she was lucky, Ravenclaw. While they would be angry if she didn't end up in Slytherin, they would still forgive her if she did end up in Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, however, would disgrace them. These boys however did not seem the Slytherin-type and she didn't want to mess up their friendship already.  "What would they say if they knew who I reallly was,'  she thought, silently to herself.

"I'm going to be a Gryffindor! I know it! Everyone in my family has been one," replied James, smirking a little. Isabella was not surprised.  She shouldn't be talking to them, she shouldn't even be around them, yet she wanted to.  Being around them almost felt like rebelling against her family and their beliefs.  It was a scary, yet exciting feeling, though she knew it would not last much longer.

"If I'm not in Slytherin, my parents will kill me. If I end up in Slytherin, I'll kill myself," Sirius Black said. "I'm nothing like them and I never will be." His face grew dark for an instant, before he gave Isabella a small smirk. ‘Great, two blood traitors. Rabastan and Rodolphus would kill me if  they saw me here, now, with these guys,’ she thought, a look of worry momentarily etched on her delicate face.

"I suppose I'll be in Gryffindor, though I wouldn't say no to Ravenclaw," said Remus, who had pulled out a book and started reading.  Isabella looked at the cover and read, 'Hogwarts, A History."

"I can see why," laughed Isabella as she nodded towards his book, making the other boys in the compartment laugh as well.

"I'm going to make the Gryffindor quidditch team!" James said arrogantly, messing up his hair some more. Turing to Isabella he asked, "do you play?"

"A little, but my brothers normally don't let me." She hoped they wouldn’t ask about her brothers or why she wasn’t allowed to play.

"I hope I get beater," Sirius said, flexing his muscles jokingly. "Check out my muscles!"

James adjusted his glasses and looked at Sirius, "what muscles? I don't see any!"

Isabella, Remus, and Peter just laughed.

Isabella looked over towards Peter.  He was a rather chubby boy, with diry blonde hair.  He looked so out of place among this group of friends as he silently wached them all speak, rarely talking at all himself.  When he did speak a few words, his voiced sounded mousy and high, almost like a girl's.

For the rest of the train ride the new friends talked, laughed, and joked, all the while Isabella being careful to not let slip what her last name was or anything that would make them ask about her family.

'I hope my brothers don't come looking for me,'
Isabella thought to herself, as she laughed at one of Sirius' many jokes.

A little while later the train pulled into the station.

"Fi'st years ov'r her'" James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Isabella walked over to where the big man called for them. Unable to fit all five of them in a boat, Isabella gave them a wave goodbye and went to look for Rabastan.

None of the boys noticed her get in a boat with the group of soon-to-be Slytherins.

Hey guys, I hope you liked the story so far.  I'll probably be moving through the story semi-fast so I can get to the action, but we'll see.  I'm not expecting this to be an extremely long story, almost definately under 20 chaters, maybe closer to 15, but we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading and please leave me  review telling me what you think of the story so far.

Much love,

Preview of next chapter:"Ah a Lestrange! Where should I put you? You aren't much like your family; you’re too kind and brave. You'd do well in Gryffindor, proving your bravery. Or perhaps Hufflepuff where the hard working and kind reside? Or maybe Ravenclaw, with brains like those you'll succeed. But in Slytherin you can do some good and have the power to unite. Where should I put you? A tough one you are, but I know what to do. It better be..."
Reviews are always nice!

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