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Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising by witowsmp
Chapter 5 : The Rest of the Holidays
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Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, not me. I’m not making any profit off of this.


Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising


Chapter Five – The Rest of the Holidays


“But why would this Heinzl want to kill my family?” Neville asked after the Longbottom will readings, “We’ve not got anything against the Muggle-borns.” He shrugged sadly. “I suppose it could have something to do with Great-Uncle Algie’s dislike of Squibs.” He was having a cup of tea with Harry and the rest of the gang at Potter Manor. What Neville didn’t know was that his family were prejudiced against Muggle-borns many years ago, although it had nothing to do with the family he knew.


As the last Longbottom (despite the fact his parents were still alive although in St. Mungo’s), Neville had been left the entire Longbottom estate, although his grandmother had made several charitable donations. When Neville comes of age, he could call himself Lord Longbottom. Harry and Sirius offered him a room at Potter Manor, because Neville couldn’t face returning home. Sirius and Remus brought his greenhouse over so Neville could continue his Herbology work.




The next day, Harry, Hermione, Neville and Ginny were at the Burrow, babysitting baby Annabeth while Molly went to check up on things at the paper and Arthur had to go and deal with a case of Muggle-baiting. He later told them that it was another case of shrinking door keys and a regurgitating toilet.


Ron hadn’t caused any trouble since Ginny’s birthday party. Molly and Arthur had sealed him up in his room and put silencing charms on it. Food was given to him twice a day and he was permitted to leave to use the bathroom. He had complained that doing this was illegal, but Arthur had found out that if a witch or wizard was showing signs of insanity, their parents had full rights to put them under house arrest and seal them in their bedrooms if they presented a danger to themselves or others. Ron was told that he would be allowed out of his room when he apologized to Harry and Hermione, and more importantly, Ginny. Otherwise, he would only be let out on September 1st in order to return to Hogwarts. Ron refused to apologize.


Hagrid visited later that day to return Pigwidgeon to Ginny. He had done a perfect job on healing him. Ginny threw herself at him and gave him a huge hug.


“Tell Ron when you see him that ‘e is no longer welcome to any of me classes,” he said with a very angry voice. “If he do come aroun’, I might be tempted to set Fang on ‘im. Anyone who treats animals the way he did don’ deserve to be in me class. Say hi to your parents and Charlie for me, please.”


He left the Burrow just as Molly and Arthur returned. Then everything started feeling cold.


“Wands out!” Arthur ordered. Everyone got their wands out. Harry feared a Dementor attack. Then the air shimmered and the ghost of Heinzl appeared.


“Another pureblood family! Enjoy voicing your dislike of Muggles and Muggle-borns?” he asked.


“We don’t dislike them,” Arthur said. Heinzl looked around and sent a mind probe into everyone, again with such precision that no one knew they were being probed.


“Weasley, Potter and the Longbottom kid,” he said. He then looked at Hermione. “I don’t know your family name. Are you a Muggle-born?” She nodded nervously.


“It seems you support Muggle-born rights, then,” Heinzl said, looking at Molly and Arthur. “I can see you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to help gain rights for them. I won’t harm you, but know this, all purebloods who preach death against the Muggle-borns will be destroyed!”


It seemed Heinzl found the Potter name familiar but didn’t say or do anything to Harry.


“Did you kill the Malfoys, Crabbes, Goyles and Longbottoms?” Ginny asked.


Heinzl turned to face her, as if he was furious that she dared ask a question.


“Yes I did. They’ve been voicing their anti-Muggle-born views for centuries. I didn’t get the chance to tell the Longbottom kid this, but for centuries, his ancestors arranged Muggle-born Hunting Parties!”


Everyone looked shocked at this. “When I read the mind of his relations, I discovered that for years, he was almost classed a Squib, and he is pro-Muggle-borns so he will remain unharmed.”


“But be warned, there will be a time when you have to choose sides. Be careful in what side you choose.” Heinzl vanished. “Because, if you turn against me and the Muggle-borns, then you will be destroyed!”


The whole room was silent for a long time. Eventually, the silence was broken by the sounds of Annabeth crying.




The next day in the Potter Press, there was a full article on Heinzl’s attacks.



Special Report by Anna Jesse


Over the last few days, attacks have been made on members of the prominent pureblood families Malfoy, Longbottom, Crabbe and Goyle. In each case, all but the children were murdered by a ghost called Heinzl. People will recognise the name as one mentioned by a woman in Diagon Alley a couple of weeks ago.


The ghost was witnessed standing over the bodies of his victims with his hand over them with it glowing. Unspeakables from the Department of Mysteries have theorised that Heinzl could be draining the magical core from each body. So far, this is the only theory on how a ghost has managed to affect the outside world in such a manner. There is no theory on how to stop this most unusual ghost yet.


Narcissa Malfoy, who survived the attack on her home because she visiting the Black Ancestral Home at the time of the attack, told the Aurors that the ghost told her son Draco that he would not tolerate use of the word ‘Mudblood’ and put a form of the Cruciatus curse on him that would torture him everytime he used that word.


The Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle families are known haters of Muggles and Muggle-borns, and if the reports of Heinzl’s origins are true, it would provide a motive behind the attacks. There is no known motive behind the attack on the Longbottoms although they are known haters of Squibs.


The Ministry of Magic is warning all Pureblood families to be on their guard.


Full obituaries of the victims begin on page 7




Tonks came into the kitchen in Potter Manor looking ill and nervous. She had been throwing up every morning for a week. Adrianna Brooks then followed and joined Sirius at the breakfast table.


“What’s wrong, Tonks?” Harry asked. Remus walked over to her worried.


“There’s something I have to tell you, Remus,” Tonks began, still very nervous. “I’m afraid to tell you this because you might not want to be with me anymore.”


“It can’t be that bad, can’t it?” asked Remus.


Tonks gulped before answering. “I’m pregnant.” Everyone went to her and hugged her and offered her their congratulations. Remus, ever the faint-hearted, fainted. Sirius revived him.


“Why so scared to tell me Nym?” Remus asked.


“Both of us are out of work. How are we going to manage? We can’t expect Harry and Sirius to keep us here forever, especially with a baby on the way,” responded Tonks.


“Stop right there, Nymphadora!” Harry said. Tonks pulled a face at him – her Metamorphmagus abilities not working, “I told you and Remus a million times – you can stay here as long as you want, rent free, and money is not an issue.”


Remus and Tonks began to say something but Harry stopped them. “If it makes you feel better, when you get a new job, you can pay me back a Knut every two years.” Neville, Sirius and Adrianna all burst out laughing. Tonks got up and pushed Harry to the ground, then jumped on him and started to tickle him.


“Harry James Potter, you said that on purpose!” she said. Everyone was finding it hard to keep a straight face and not to laugh.


“Stop it!” Harry shouted, “You know how ticklish I am!”




Later that day, Ginny arrived with her new laptop to receive lessons on using it from Harry and Hermione. Neville was also joining in the lessons. Ginny had gotten her new wand the day before – seven inches made from willow with phoenix feather and unicorn hair. It was one of the oldest wands in Ollivander’s store. He told Ginny that his great-great-great-great grandfather had made it. He gave her one of his trademark looks which made people think he was crazy. He told her moments later that there was a wand just like it many hundreds of years ago.


“Yes, despite the fact all Ollivander wands are never alike, there was a wand just like yours, around the time of the founders. Although most facts from the time are shrouded in mystery, each Ollivander wand maker passed down the wand making knowledge and information on wands they sold to people.


“An identical wand to this was sold at the time of the Founders. Although there is no physical evidence to prove this, but the other wand was sold to Rowena Ravenclaw. It was lost not long after she died but it is rumoured that Gryffindor, who had feelings for her, kept hold of the wand and put it in his vault at Gringotts so his descendents could give it to hers if they ever wanted to claim it.”


The gang were very intrigued when Ginny told them what Ollivander had told her. There was much discussion over who the Heirs of Ravenclaw could be. Hermione reminded Harry that the next day, they had an appointment with an eye specialist at St. Mungo’s to discuss the charm she had discovered earlier that year which fixed Harry’s eyes earlier that year.




Heinzl walked through the village of Godric’s Hollow in his invisible state. He knew that is was a big wizarding village so there was a risk he might be recognised. The day before, he had seen an article on him in the Daily Prophet which mentioned his sabre tooth. There was a photograph of him, taken inside an eyewitness’ memory via a Pensieve, that he thought did not do him justice.


He walked towards a war memorial and before his eyes, it slowly changed. It was now a statue of a young couple holding a small baby. Heinzl looked at it and recognised the male as the Potter boy he had seen in Devon. He theorised that the man must be his father.


Heinzl continued walking until he arrived at a graveyard. He walked in and looked around. He saw a big marble tomb and walked to it. On a marker in front of it was engraved the words:


Here Lies

Godric Gryffindor


One of the Four Founders of

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


He noticed that there was no date of birth or death. He considered adding the dates, but in the end, decided not to desecrate a sacred tomb. He made himself visible and knelt down in front of the marker.


“I am sorry, my Master. When we met, you took me in against everyone’s advice and made me your apprentice and I ended up betraying you in the end. I was right about Slytherin. His prejudiced ways still reign freely today. I am going to put an end to this and help the Muggle-borns gain their rightful place in our world.”


He stood up and removed the sword of Gryffindor from his holster and stuck it in the ground in front of the tombstone. He then walked to another section of the graveyard where there were older gravestones. He stood in front of one and used a cleaning spell. On this tomb was written:


In this tomb resides

Violet Heinzl


Born: May 1st, 972 – Died: November 12th, 1002


Beloved Mother

She died for the wrong reasons,

Killed by those who vowed to protect her


Heinzl knelt in front of this tomb and conjured some flowers, placing them in front of the tombstone.


“I should have protected you. We should have left when you wanted to leave after my powers came to light, but I wanted to give the residents of our village a chance. You were right all along, but for my own selfish reasons, I wanted to stay and, as usual, I had my way, but they killed you for it.


“My master arranged for this. When I met him, I had nothing. He arranged for you to be brought to this village named after him and buried you, where he knew your remains would be safe from the Muggle heretics who would have destroyed your remains to get to me.


“I will see you again after my work is done.”


He put his hand to his mouth, and then placed it on the tomb. Heinzl stood up and walked out of the cemetery, restoring himself to his invisible state. He continued walking until he saw a ruined house with a wooden plaque in front. He looked at it and saw that it was beginning to rot. He turned it into marble so that it was now readable. He then read it:


At this house on October 31st, 1991,

James and Lily Potter met their end at

The hands of You-Know-Who.


Their son Harry, only a year old

at the time, somehow survived

The Killing Curse.


Harry vanished that night,

to be raised by Muggles.


We all await the day when he is

brought back to the wizarding

world and carries on his heritage

by attending Hogwarts School.


Heinzl remembered what he saw in Harry’s mind. He saw memories of ten years of abuse and neglect at the hands of his relations. He saw the memories of the Dursleys calling him ‘Freak’ and anyone with magic ‘Freaks’ because of their magical nature. To him, it was just as bad as the Purebloods mistreating the Muggle-borns because they didn’t have magical ancestors. He would have to pay these ‘Dursleys’ a little visit at some point.




Please review. Thank you to those who have.


PS: I know the Potter house plaque isn't what is shown in DH but I thought a different one might be good

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