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.You.Don't.Know.Us. by 33hesta333
Chapter 4 : The Riddles begin to be revealed.
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Seth smirked as Harry walked over to the portkey. "Don't waste your time, we aren't going."

"And why not?" Dumbledore asked coldly.

"Because the only time I want to see that bastard is when he's dead."

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow and was about to say something when the office door burst open.

"Albus what's going on?" Lupin was stood in the doorway looking from me and Seth to Dumbledore and Harry.

"I could very well ask you the same Remus."

"Stop it." I said coldly. "Lupin doesn't know."

"Doesn't know what?" Dumbledore turned to me.

"About who me and Seth are." I said calmly.

"Who does know?"

Seth answered this for me. "Us two, Voldemort, and two other people."

Lupin turned to us. "And who ARE the two other people?"

I smirked. "2...Brothers."

"Right that's it, I do know who you are, I read your letter remember. Does Sirius know THAT?"

"Of corse he does, you don't know anything though, does it really matter if Dumbledore knows THAT bit?"

"Apparently not, although to save you a lot of awkward questions, I wont tell anyone."

Dumbledore seemed to accept this for the time being, and spoke directly to me. "Zara, you need to make your own choices. You can't just let yourself be dragged further and further into evil."

"I already DO make my own choices, and anyway, isn't it a bit late?"

"It's never too late. It doesn't matter what's happened-"

"Oh yeah?" Seth interupted. "Doesn't it matter what's happened?

"If you tell us we can help."

"Who said we NEED help?!" I asked furiously.

For some reason Potter decided he would answer. "So you're saying your happy being Voldemort's servents, doing esactly what he says, fearing him, watching what he does to people?"

Seth laughed coldly as I answered. "We are NOT his servents. We don't do what he say, we DEFINATLY don't FEAR him, and we don't really care what he does."

Dumbledore stared at us coldly for a few seconds, then said "Go to your Dorms, I expect you to be on time to all your lessons tomorow."

We calmly strode out of the office, ignoring Potter protesting to Dumbledore.


I was woken up in the morning by a girl with short black hair, who I remembered as Pansy Parkinson. I quickly got changed and walked down to the common room, where Seth was sat waiting for me, with the Malfoy boy. They were lounging in two of the chairs, carelessly talking.

"Come on Seth!"

Seth jumped up, followed by Malfoy, and I led the way out of the Common room to the hall. We reached the entrance to the hall just as Potter, Weasley and Granger were coming down the stairs. Potter stopped when he saw us, then walked over to us, staring Seth directly in the eyes.

"I know who you are."

I laughed coldly. "I highly doubt that."

"You're death eaters."


"Show me your right arm then."

"Fine. Come over here though." I led him over to a statue, and raised the sleve of my robe, facing it towards the wall so only Harry could see it. He gasped at what he saw, as I lowered my sleve again.

"See, no dark mark..."   

"But-whats that on your wrist?" Harry hissed under his breath, so nobody else could hear. I glared cruely at him.

"I tryed to commit suicide. OK?! Or do you need me to tell you every fucking detail that made me want to be DEAD rather than live in all this shit?!" Harry lowered his eyes, and muttered "Sorry."

He walked over to his friends, who had been trying in vain to listen in. Seth and Malfoy were smirking at me looking impressed, not having heard what I had said.

"C'mon then..." I walked into the hall without looking back. We were just sitting down when a voice came from somewhere behind us.

"Miss... Zara and Mr... Seth, would you please come with me." We both looked up in suprise and saw the minister of magic, Cornilius Fudge in the doorway. Panic shot through me, and I looked at Seth in terror.

Seth had already acted, there was no going back now. He had stood up, and had his wand out, pointing it directly at the minister. I also whipped mine out, and non-verbally cast the strongest sheild charm I knew around us, though I did it unnoticed, and as the spell was invisable, noone could see we were proected.

Mutters of fear had errupted through out the hall when we pulled out our wands, and Dumbledore stood up, his wand also out, while the minister was frozen in shock. Dumbledore didn't cast a spell, instead he calmly spoke to me and Seth. "Please put your wands away."

"Why?! So you can try to kill us like last time?!" Seth hissed venomously.

"When has the ministry ever tryed to kill you? Stop your stupid childish lies." The minister seemed to have regained his usual confidence.

I answered this time, speaking slowly and threateningly. "We are assuming that you being here would mean you had found something out, and therefore that we have to take apropiate measures to protect ourselves. If you had not, then we made a mistake, though it's too late now. So I suggest you either allow us to leave, or we summon Voldemort, who, believe me, will not be happy to see you."

"Stop this ridiculous talk children, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has not returned. Now you are forcing me to do this." Fudge pulled out his own wand, and shot a binding spell at us. I could tell he was making it as strong as possible, but we didn't either bother to raise our wands, it just reflected off my sheild charm, causing gasps of shock and fear to errupt all around the hall, as everyone had been unaware of the spell before. Dumbledore looked slightly worried.

"Bindenodia!" Dumbledore shot his own spell at us, and this time the sheild shook slightly, but the spell just caused it to ripple slightly before becoming invisable again. I could feel the power that had radiated from the spell, and Dumbledore was looking increasingly worried.

"Do you really want to know who we are Dumble? Or have you already guessed?"

"No I do not know, though I would be delighted to find out." Dumbledore said coldly.

"Zara, would you like to explain to the old man?"

"Certainly." I smirked slightly, then rolled up my sleve, revealing the dark mark seared onto my pale skin. "Now think of this, if either of us summoned him-"

"Death eaters do not summon the Dark Lord, the Dark Lord summons them. Now stop playing games, and lower your wands." Snape said from the top table.

I raised an eyebrow before talking. "If your that sure," I pressed my two fore fingers on my mark, and Seth followed suit, causing them to almost immidiatly turn jet black. "We'll test it shall we?"

Dumbledore raised his wand higher, and the rest of the teachers followed suit, standing up. "Will all students please remain seated, do not panic, we have everything under control, Ministry Aurors are on their way."

Seth laughed coldly. "Ministry Aurors? You think we will be scared or something?"

Just as he finished speaking, the great hall's doors burst open. In the doorway was about 20 hooded and masked Deatheaters, wands raised.

Everyone was deadly silent, as one stepped forwards. "Seth, Zara." I recognised the voice as Regulus Black, though I kept my face void of emotion.

"All of you except Black leave."

"WHAT?!" Potter shouted out. "Sirius Black isn't there!"

"I didn't say he was Potter." I turned back to the deatheaters. "I thought I gave you an order. GO."
A fairly large deatheater stepped forwards. "I'm sorry girl, but why should we accept orders from YOU?!" he said mockingly.

"Because." I changed the tone of my voice, cold and powerful, and looked the man straight in the eyes. "If you don't, this will happen." I flicked my wand, and the man immidiatly fell to the floor screaming out in pain.

Dumbledore walked fowards slightly. "So we have a new 'Voldemort' do we Zara? Instructing the deatheater? I'm sure your master will be pleased."

"He is not my master, and I am not 'Voldemort'. He is pityfully weak compared to me and Seth." I flicked my wand and the man stopped screaming, but remained shaking on the floor. "Stand up." I ordered coldly. "Anybody else want to question my orders?"

"Yes." I heard a voice from behind me. "Who are you?"

I turned round and saw Harry Potter stood up, glaring steadily at me, with Granger tugging his sleve trying to get him to sit down.

"Dont worry Mudblood, We don't want to kill Potter. I've had enough relatives dieing without causing more myself."

"WHAT?!" Potter yelled indignantly. "You're not my relative!"

"James Potter was our fathers younger half brother. 3 years younger. Our grandmother abandoned our father in a muggle childrens home and pretended she'd died." I said bitterly.

"So that makes us... cousins?!"

"Half cousins." corrected Seth quietly.

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