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Evil? by artemisia
Chapter 1 : The Change
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"So, as you all know Hogwarts is hosting its first talent show!" Professor McGonacall said to her transfiguration class. 

Hermione looked around, most of the class was laughing, but what was strange was that McGonagall was smiling. 

"I know you think it's funny and if Dumbledore didn't make it mandatory no one would join. Today after lunch in the Great Hall we will be holding auditions. Class dismissed." 

After class Hermione rushed from her class to meet up with Ron and Harry who had just had potions. 

"Why are they making us do this Hermione." Harry and Ron both said together. 
Lunch was next so The three friends walked to the Great Hall. While walking they didn't say a word like a dead silence. Hermione knew she had stage fright and would probably faint, but she knew a way to get the one she liked to like her back and she was thinking of how to tie this all together. 

After a very quiet lunch Professor McGonagall stood up on the stage,(that Dumbledore put together) and said a spell under her breath to allow a fireball to come out of her wand, which got everybody’s attention quickly. 

"We are going to go in reverse alphabetical order." She yelled so the whole hall could hear. Blaise Zabini was up first. He sang pretty good Hermione thought. the Hall cleared out really fast (except for those who stayed with their friends) and soon it was Hermione's turn. She stood up and walked slowly to the stage. When she got up there she saw all eyes focused on her. 

"Get it together Hermione it's the same thing as when you were up here getting sorted.' She told herself.

But she knew it was nothing like that. When she was getting sorted she was excited and didn't have to say anything this was totally different. She felt dizzy and sweat was pouring down her face. She looked up and saw something fall then everything went black.

"Hermione wake up!" Hermione could hear voices and people screaming all over the Hall. 
"Ughh, what happened and who are you?" Hermione said pointing to two very worried looking boys, Ron and Harry. 
"What do you mean who are we, we're your friends?" Harry pleaded for Hermione to remember.

"I don't know who you think you are calling a Slytherin like me you’re friend. I mean look at the way you’re dressed and Potter you're such an ass." Hermione said coolly.
Harry and Ron just stared at her mouths a gap.

Pansy, Draco, and Blaise could not believe they were hearing this for real. Hermione actually calling Potter an ass. They all ran to the stage and helped Hermione up.
"Yeah Potty leave Hermione alone she doesn't want to hang out with the likes of you." Pansy said with a cold hard look. 

"Come on Hermione we have to get you out of these clothes and you badly need a makeover." Pansy told Hermione. After looking over herself She did realize she needed a makeover.

After Dumbledore agreed to Pansy's wishes that Hermione being allowed to come into the Slytherin's dormitory whenever she wanted was granted Hermione went to see Pansy about the makeover. 

"I really did need this thank you so much for doing this for me. i can't believe that Potter actually thought that i was his friend like as if." Hermione complained to Pansy who agreed.

"Now what is up with this long skirt and tucked in shirt. I don't know about you but I actually want boys to check out my ass if you know what I mean." Pansy said giving Hermione a wink.

Pansy walked over to her trunk and found a mini skirt and handed it to Hermione.
"That should work she said when Hermione was done putting it on.

"Now about this shirt i think i know what you mean know." Hermione said while she untucked the shirt and unbuttoned the first two buttons. This should do it she thought to herself.

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