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The Heir of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw by Looney_T_Luna
Chapter 8 : Exciting day in Diagon Alley
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Ginny stood right where she stood, her jaw dropped too shocked to speak. Tawny stood right next to her a little too uncomfortable “Ginny are you okay?”

Tawny’s question brought her out of her shock state and she backed away from her “okay! You think I’m okay after hearing that?!”

“Ginny I know it’s a big shock, but you have to believe me when I say I’m here to change something from happened” Tawny said trying to explain moving closer to the young witch.

Ginny moved farther away from her “you except me to believe you! I don’t even trust you! Have you even told Harry or Dumbledore?!”

“Shhh” Tawny hissed moving her hands up and down “do you what everyone to hear you?! No I haven’t told Harry, but Dumbledore knows he figured it out when I first came here.”

“But what do you need to change? Why are you here and why haven’t you told Harry or Hermione?”

Tawny signed “It’s not that easy Ginny” she mumbled taking a seat on the bed “you just freaked out finding out I’m from the future, I just got Harry and Hermione’s trust it’s easier if they didn’t know I’m from the future. To answer your other question, my world is like living in hell all because of something that happen in the Final Battle I’m here to change that from happening and there’s a dark wizard that is here with me, he is trying to change the past. I have to stop him and to do that I need yours and everyone’s help.”

Ginny took a seat next to Tawny “but if you need help you should tell Harry the truth no matter what you think your going to lose his trust and everyone else trust.”

“Its better this way, the less they know about me and the future the better.” Tawny looked over at Ginny she looked confused “Gin, there’s this thing called future consequences, too much information of the future could change it also just me being here is changing a lot, it’s better for them to only know I am here to help and that I came here from America.”

Ginny nodded “okay, I think I’ll be able to trust you now knowing what you were hiding was being from the future and I’ll keep it a secret until you tell them or I have no choice.” Tawny smiled at her “thanks Gin, I really appreciate you not telling anyone and that you trust me.”

Smiling Ginny got off the bed and helped Tawny onto her feet; together they walked out of the room down the stair and into the kitchen to see everyone there already having dinner. Tawny walked over to her usual seat by Harry and Hermione and Ginny took hers by Draco only to have Ron glare at her. Ron had to except their relationship, his family and friends had and they seemed to be okay with the two going out, he was just having a hard time dealing with the fact her baby sister was now dating he’s once worst enemy. He felt someone rubbing his shoulder and turned his head toward Luna who was smiling at him. He smiled back and placed his hand on her, he knew that someday he would be able to fully except Ginny’s and Malfoy’s relationship and everything will be fine.

The next morning Tawny did not have training because they were going to Diagon Alley to get all their school supplies before school started. Tawny as usual was in the kitchen before anyone was else, but Hermione was up just after a few minute that Tawny had entered the kitchen that morning. Hermione watched Tawny sit at the kitchen table a cup of coffee in her hands while she stared out the kitchen window.

Hermione signed the girl had been having horrible nightmares for the past few days and it was worrying her, Tawny hardly ever slept now and when she did it was only for a few hours. She could tell the lack of sleep was catching up with her as she stared at the dark bags under her eyes, she was troubled by the nightmares and she was going to find a way to help her.

Tawny jumped when she heard someone pull the chair out from the side of her, looking up she saw Hermione giving her a worry smile before sitting down in her seat. Tawny smiled as well before going back to starring out the window “you seemed troubled this morning Tawny, what’s wrong?” Hermione asked.

The young girl looked at her, her eyes showed so much pain and hurt, but too quickly it change to her plan honey brown eyes that held no emotion “nothing wrong just been thinking about what any of the horcruxes could be that’s all.” She turned back to the window not wanting to talk anymore.

Hermione signed in defeat knowing she was not going to get anymore information out of the girl and got up from her chair to get a cup of tea. The rest of the morning everyone got ready and was eating breakfast, some time during breakfast Tawny had lift. Harry had notice that Tawny was missing most of the morning and only saw her again while getting ready to go to Diagon Alley for their school supplies.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna and Tawny walked together down the streets of Diagon Ally while Malfoy and Ginny had gone somewhere else. At the moment they were on there way to the Leaky Cauldron, they had finished their shopping about five minutes and were going to have a few drinks. While walking Tawny looked over at an alley that she knew led to a shop and held very dark magic objects, they might have some books on Voldemorts history or even Horcurxes. She first had to lose everyone before she could go anywhere “Hey guys?” she spoke getting their attention “I was going to go look at some of the new Qudditch gear; I’ll meet you over there?”

She was hopping Harry and Ron wouldn’t go with her, since she said the one place the boys would want to go with her, but to her surprise they didn’t asked to go “go ahead Tawny, we’ll save you a seat,” Harry said.

Tawny nodded and walked down the other way, once she saw them enter the pub she walked in the other direction down the alley way. She walked down the smile road until she came upon an old shop, the shop that should have what she was looking for.

Walking in, she stopped on the other side of the shop was two of the Dark Knights she knew from the Ministry. Quickly she hid behead on of the shelf, she could hear them talking, but could hear anything they were saying. Moving closer behind the shelves she was about a few feet away from them and could the conversation they were having.

“The Dark Lord is here, he has warned Voldemort of his plans and about the witch that is here,” one of them spoke. Tawny leaned closer making sure to hear everything they were saying “good, that girl will get what’s coming to her, but I heard that Potter and the mudblood are here we should attack!”

The Dark Knight nodded “yes, we will we just have to wait for Daniel’s command before we do anything.”

Tawny eyes widen, backing away very slowly she forgot about the book she was looking for and snuck out of the shop running toward the Leaky Cauldron. She entered the pub and search for the group, finding them in the back she ran over to them.

Ron was the first to spot her and yelled out “Tawny you done already? Come have a drink.” Tawny stopped in front of them taking the butterbeer out of Ron’s hand “there’s no time, there’s Dark Knights and Death-eaters here we have to go NOW!” she pulled Harry and Hermione out of their seat and dragged them out of the pub.

Once outside she saw the two Knights walk out of the alley and were looking around for something, she looked around two more coming out of the other alley way by the pub. Tawny pulled Harry and Hermione close to her and made sure Ron and Luna were close “guys, there are Dark Knights coming out of the alley ways in front of us, I want you to go back inside and use the fireplace to floo back to Grimmauld Place and I’ll find Ginny and Draco.”

Ron and Luna ran back inside, Hermione was about to when she saw Harry not moving “Harry what are you doing? Go now!” Tawny yelled. Harry shook his head “no, you need help I’ll help you find Ginny and Malfoy.”

“No! Damnit Harry! This is not training this is the real think and they will kill you easily! They are here to kill you and Hermione! This is different from the attack at the Ministry, they actually have a plan!” Tawny pushed Harry towards Hermione “just go, if I’m not back with Ginny and Draco in thirty minutes come with help!” she said before running in the other direction sneaking pass the Dark Knights.

Harry turned back to Hermione; she was giving him a worry look, just as he was. They knew Tawny was a good fighter, but could she real fight off four or more Dark Knights or even if Death-eaters joined the party.
Hermione let go of his hand and pulled out her wand “come on Harry, she needs help if she runs into those Dark Knights and I know she’s weak.” Harry nodded and pulled out his wand, the two ran down the road in the direction Tawny had gone in.

Tawny ran down the street looking everywhere for the couple, Dark Knights have come out of almost every alley. Tawny had to find them fast before they found the couple. She was just about to run farther down the road when some Dark Knights and Death-eaters had come out of the alley right by her. Rushing into the nearest shop, she spotted Ginny and Draco snogging in the back of the ice cream shop she seemed to have rushed into.

Calmly rushing towards them, so not to worry everyone else in the shop, she knew that when the Knights had a job to do they would try to stay clear of people they were not after, but sometimes they would attack others. Tawny pulled on Draco’s shoulder to stop them, Draco was about to yell at her when he saw the look of fear and worry written on Tawny’s face he held his tongue.

“We have to go right now, there’s Dark Knights and Death-eaters outside” she whispered to them. Ginny and Malfoy quickly got out of their seats and walked with Tawny to the exit. Tawny looked out the window and saw Harry and Hermione fighting off two Death-eaters and a few Dark Knights. Groaning she turned back to the couple “Guys, go out through the back door and try to find a shop with a fireplace and floo back to Grimmauld Place.” The couple didn’t hesitant and ran to the back door.

Tawny looked back out the window before running to the door. She stopped as she faced the back of the Death-eaters and Knights that were in front of Harry and Hermione “Hey idiots!”

The Dark Knights turned around fast while the Death-eater looked confused at the person calling them. One of the Dark Knights smiled “Well isn’t it Tawny are little witch that always as to miss with our plans.”

Tawny smirked “well you are a bunch of idiots that don’t know how to keep your plans a secret. Then there’s the death-eaters that don’t even have a plan just start attacking everyone like wild animals.” The Death-eaters glared at her, aiming their wands in her direction, she just chuckled “I would think you would have learned from the last time we met.”

The two glared at her “Why are you here? How did you get here?”

Tawny shrugged “none of your business.” Pulling out her wand she quickly sent stunners at the two Death-eaters, to make to battle against the Dark Knights easier. Moving away from the hexes shooting from the Knights she moved over to Harry and Hermione glaring at both of them “I thought I told you to get out of here!”

Harry sent a stunner at one of the Knight before answering “We couldn’t just leave you here fighting these Dark Knights.”

Pushing Harry out of the way before a hex hit him she snorted “I can take care of myself thank you!” Having enough of the Knights she yelled at both of them “just use your powers before the others come!”

Harry and Hermione looked at each other before their fire had come to life in their hand, throwing the fireballs at the two remaining Dark Knight they ran for it. Tawny behind them as they ran toward the twin’s shop, before getting their Tawny screamed in pain as the Crucio curse had hit her from behind. Tawny fell onto her knees, Harry and Hermione turned around running over to her and pulling her onto her feet.

Running into the twin’s shop, the twin were about to greet them when they saw Harry and Hermione dragging Tawny near them. “Harry, Hermione what’s going on?” Fred asked.

“Death-eaters!” Hermione shouted “quickly help us get Tawny to the fireplace to floo to Grimmauld Place!”

With no hesitation Fred and George help them get into the fireplace, they were the last to floo when the door busted open Death-eaters and Dark Knights filling the room.

Once at Grimmauld Place Harry and Hermione had placed Tawny on the couch only for her to jump off it, her eye shown nothing but anger as she stared at the two “I told you guys to come here!”

Harry was taken back by her out burst “We couldn’t just leave you there, we know how you haven’t gotten enough sleep and it’s catching up with you!”

Tawny rolled her eyes “I know that, but I can take care of myself! You two on the other hand have no right being there! Did you even listen to me when I said they wanted to kill you?!”

Hermione stepped in front Harry “How do you know this?”

Tawny stopped for a moment before answering “I heard them talking before they were going to attack.”

“How?” Hermione asked “you said you were going to the Qudditch shop, why would they be in there?”

Tawny glared at her “what you don’t believe me?” Hermione shook her head “no, it’s just that why would Death-eaters be hiding in a shop where everyone could see them?”

Signing Tawny walked over to the couch and sat down “I didn’t go to a usual shop, I went to one of the shop that was in an alley, where they sell dark magic objects.”

“You went there?!” Harry yelled “do you know it’s dangerous down there? You could have been killed!”

Tawny jumped off the couch walking over to him “you could have been killed! I told you to come back here! I was getting Ginny and Malfoy out of there safely until I saw you two in trouble!”

Harry opened his month, but closed it again not knowing what else to say. Tawny smirked “you know I’m right, but next time just listen to me. There are others out there that want to kill you besides Death-eaters and Voldemort.” Harry nodded and Tawny smiled before checking with Molly to see if Ginny and Malfoy had gotten here safely, when she said they were safe in the library she walked back up stair and into her room. She fell onto her bed, finally she let the tears fall, the pain from the crucio cruse really hurt, but that’s not what worried her. Her body couldn’t take anymore of this, she either had to find away to get some sleep or she would be no help to anyone.

Hermione was actually the first one up the next morning, she looked over a found Tawny still in bed sleeping restless. She looked so trouble in her sleep like she was having a bad dream. Hermione had to wake her up, to Tawny jumping out of bed and pulling out her wand at her.

At that moment Hermione understood how dangerous Tawny’s life was before she had moved here. The look in her eyes when she had pointed her wand at Hermione, had told her how terrified she really was. After Tawny had clam down she told Hermione that there would be no training today and quickly lift the room. Hermione had wanted to make sure Tawny was okay but, quickly changed her mind when she figured the young witch would get angry.

She lifted her room and walked down to Harry’s room where she found him asleep in bed snoring softly. Tip toeing quickly to the bed Hermione pulled the covers and laid down next to Harry without waking him, once she was settled she moved closer to Harry making sure not to wake him. Once her face was close to Harry’s neck she started laying kisses on it. Harry started to shift and Hermione bit on his neck lightly getting a moan from him, she smiled on his neck and kept biting lightly on it.

Harry finally opened his eyes and rolled over to pin Hermione down, Hermione only smiled when she saw how flushed Harry looked and grinned wider as his head lowered meeting her lips into a passionate kiss. Hermione leaded up deepening the kiss, she could feel Harry’s tongue on her lower lip, smiling she opened her month. The kiss lasted until neither of them could no long breathe and had to brake apart for air.

Breathing heavily and their hearts pounding in their chest, they only smiled at each other. Harry lowered his head again giving Hermione a quick kiss and pulled back “Good morning” he whispered.

Hermione smiled back “good morning, how did you sleep?”

Harry shrugged leaning on his elbow while his other hand played with her hair “Okay, I just can’t wait until we get to Hogwarts and we’ll be able to be in the same bed.” Laughter filled his ears as Hermione laughed “Oh Harry is that all you care about?”

Harry shook his head “No, I care about being with you all the time, not having to worry about being interrupted by anyone or have to worry about Mrs. Weasley scolding us.” He paused, stopped playing with her hair and took her hand in his “I love you Hermione and one day I hope to marry you, so we’ll always be together.”

Hermione wanted to cry, no one has ever told her that before, she realized how much Harry loved her and how much she loved him. Squeezing his hand she lean up to kiss him “I love you too” she said after pulling away “and yes one day I’ll marry you.”

His grin grew wider as she said those words “I’ll buy a ring soon and really propose to you.”

They stayed in bed for a few more minutes until they heard Mrs. Weasley yelling for everyone to get up. Hermione gave Harry one more kiss before leaving the room and get ready, she met Harry in his room and together they walked down stairs.

At King Cross everyone was saying bye to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Tonks, Fred and George, Tawny stayed far enough to give everyone time and space as they said good-bye. Ginny seem to be the only one to notice how sad Tawny seemed to be as she stood by the train, walking over to her she stood next to her looking at the train as well.

“You should go say bye to everyone” Ginny finally spoke, Tawny still didn’t look at her when she answered “I don’t know them well to say bye, I’m also giving everyone their privacy.”

Ginny signed “you still should, my mum will be upset if you didn’t.”

Tawny finally looked at her “why are you being nice to me now? I know you said you’ll start being nice to me, but I didn’t think you’ll be this nice to me at first.”

Ginny looked away “I’m sorry for treating you that way, I had no right to judge you like that when you are here to save everyone away from your own time.”

Tawny seemed to be shocked by what Ginny had said because she didn’t speak for a few moments “Well it’s alright, but like I said you can’t tell anyone until I have no other choice. But you need to still act like you don’t like me.”

Ginny snapped her head back to look at Tawny “Why?”

“Because they’ll think something up if you just all of a sudden started being nice to me, just act like you don’t like me little by little until they think it’s because you just got to know me, alright?”

Ginny nodded and looked back at the group “alright, we better get on board everyone else is.” Tawny nodded getting her trunk and followed Ginny onto the train.

Thanks to tehcutieEM @ The Dark Arts for the Chapter Image!

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The Heir of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw: Exciting day in Diagon Alley


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