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Haunted Elegance by emerald_princess92
Chapter 1 : The Music Of Her Soul
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the plot

Softly, the dusk slips in as shades of sunset colors the evening sky and the quiet night settles gently upon the earth leaving Hogwarts to lay enveloped with darkness except for the dim light of the moon that shone through dark clouds, casting a pale light over the still lake. The leaves dancing with the gentle wind as it arises from the earth, scattering...

Soft footsteps was the disturbance of the serenity. A girl with red hair and brown eyes looks around for anyone who would be out at this time.

No one...

She sighes as she tugges a bit of her red locks and bit her lip, a habit she had taken up as a child when she was thinking of something that worried her.


She sighs as she thinks of the boy, that makes her stomach turn into knots and makes her blush so easily.

How could one boy draw such deep emotions from her. How could one boy get her rile up by one fleeting look. How could she let one boy make her feel this way.

She glares in frustration at the lake. She wants answers. She needs answers.

Why does she love the boy that goes against her morals?

She pauses and rethinks her statement and her eyes widen in horror.

Did she really love the boy that haunted her every waken hour?

It was a slip of the tongue. She was caught up in the moment. It was a mistake. She didn't really love the boy; could she?

She shook her head and furrows her brow. It was already bad that she had tinsy little feelings for him but to love him?

She wouldn't, no, she couldn't fall in love with him.

'Don't get too friendly with him, though, Rosie. Granddad Weasley would never forgive you if you married a pureblood. Especially a Malfoy!' 

Those words of advice her father had given her, seemed so far and long ago but now, as she watched the trees sway with the wind, she couldn't help but think of those words. She knew it was wrong, ever since she began to feel the way she felt but she couldn't help it.

She sighs and arises from the soft ground, finally noticing the darkness around her. It was too late to be out, she needed to get back to her dormitory before anyone noticed. She turns and begin her walk back into the castle.

She fiddles with the hem of her uniform as she loses herself to her thoughts. The wind blew against her cheeks and the sky darkens, notifying her of a storm that would soon come.

She mused at how alike her and nature was. She was the wind, gentle and always going with the flow. Scorpius was the storm, rough and dangerous.

She sighes as she reaches in front of the castle doors. She leans against it and gazes at the disappearing moon.

It was twisted how, to her, the moon was both beautiful and ugly, bright and dark, romantic and horrifying.

A rough hand rested on her shoulder and she jumps, startled, by the disturbance of the new person. She turns around and finds herself captured and swallowed in dark, gray eyes. Her breath catches in her throat.

She couldn't breathe.

She didn't want to...

She snaps herself out of her still state and takes a few steps back. Startling, the person that is standing in front of her. He takes a step forward towards her and, instinctively, she takes one back.

They were inches aways from each other. She narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth to speak.

He places a finger upon her lips to quiet her and she, once again, loses herself into those eyes.

Her heart was pounding against her ribcage. She gazed at Scorpius and she knew. No words were spoken between them and no words were needed.

He likes her, too.

His eyes told her everything. So when he took another step forward, she didn't move. He laid a hand on her cheek, causing her to blush.

She couldn't want this, she just couldn't...

She didn't like him, he was a Malfoy and this was against all her belief. Everything that she thought was right could be questioned with one single touc...

Her eyes, which she realized she had closed, snapped open as lips came into contact with hers.

Soft, warm lips...

Then, she felt it...

She felt the flames of passion rise and leap within crimson and golds, dancing erotically to the music of her soul...

She sighed into the kiss as fireworks went off in her head. This was her happiness...


For a moment, she forgot what would be the consequences for her actions... 

All is still, All is silent.

Not for long... 

Suddenly, thunder reared his powerful head claiming the night as his own, he prowled the night sky; ever mindful of the sparks in the airs. Without warning, she jumped, startled, then she laughed as lightning licked through the night, willful and strong. 

Then, for a brief moment in time, they merge for a passionate-filled kiss with no worry of what tomorrow might bring, liquid fire courses through the night; illuminating in all its magnificence...their union. 

Ultimately, in the final moments as they near each other for yet another kiss; the world shatters, great clouds open, the sky quakes, and torrents of rain spill forth. 

Mother Earth's tears. 

Pearls of anguish succumbing to release, purifying droplets of regeneration oozing from her eyes; washing away human destruction... 

The things that taint the beautiful earth...

Shamelessly, demanding opportunity to revive Mother Nature and her precious ecology... 

With rain drenching them from head to toe, they gaze at each other. Trying to find something within the other...

Open your mind...

Let me break through your barriers...

Let me move your mood...

Let me touch your soul...

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Haunted Elegance: The Music Of Her Soul


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