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Dare... by darkkid
Chapter 45 : One Down
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The letter I got back from James was extremely blunt.

Sure, I'll be there.

You would expect more, wouldn't you? But no, James had to be the stubborn little boy he is. What else would I expect though? It's James.

Once again, like almost every day, I was completely dressed and ready before eight o'clock. I found a project of cleaning my room, dusting and all, to occupy my mind so I wouldn't go crazy while waiting. It seemed the hours went by slower than the days.

Every so often I would have sudden surges of energy, drowsiness, or my mind would turn completely blank. Full moon would be in no less than three days, yet the pain had ceased to pour through my body like it normally would have. It was strange, though pleasurable, because usually the pain would have been close to unbearable with such little time left. Yet I had none. Not even when my bones quivered, getting read to grow or shorten, for the transformation.

I was just organizing the papers on my cluttered desk when a knock on the door erupted an unsteady noise throughout the room, it startled me, causing me to drop the stack of used parchment onto the floor. I sighed and bent down to pick it up, knowing that it would most likely be my mother on the other side. I ignored the knocking when it sounded again.

I turned quickly when the door flew open, the parchment falling to the floor once again, it bounced loudly against the wall behind it. Looking at who stood there, I wanted to yell, the person I had never wanted to see again looked at me with murderous eyes.

Fenrir Greyback.

"I'm here under orders," Fenrir snarled quickly, already seeming to know the question I was about to ask. Though his face showed aggression, his eyes had a lost, scared touch to them. If it was anyone but him, I probably would've felt guilty, knowing it was my fault, but since it was him and I happened to hate him, I didn't do anything except smirk.

"And your orders are?" I asked in a bored tone, picking at my fingernail as if I wasn't listening.

"In three days, as you probably know, is full moon," Fenrir retorted. He looked annoyed, and as usual, angry.

"So," I replied, rolling my eyes. I looked up to find Fenrir smirking. I gulped, an odd feeling erupted in my stomach.


I apparated to the field at approximately quarter to twelve, a new emotion of anger and terror flooding through me. As I expected, it was empty. James, being the kind of person he was, was more than likely going to be fashionably late rather than early. I sighed and laid out on the yellowing grass and stared up at the azure sky.

Much to my dismay, there were no clouds to shield the blinding sun, and due to the fact that I was a werewolf and it was nearing full moon, all of my senses were clearer than those of a regular human. The sun burned my eyes, I had to hold up my hand to keep the blinding sensation away.

Before I knew it, my eyes closed and my arm fell limp to my side. Drowsiness had taken over my body and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Within mere seconds I was sound asleep under the violent sun rays.

"You know, since you called me away from my extremely busy schedule the least you could do is actually be awake so you can plead your case." My eyes darted open and I sat up quickly. There, standing above me, blocking out the sun, was James. He stared down at me, his eyes still showing some form of hatred.

"Uh, sorry," I said, standing up. I was sure my hair looked messier than a haystack, but I just left it as it was.

"Listen," James began. "I have to be home in--" he glanced at his watch "--fifteen minutes. You better make this quick."

"Maybe you should actually listen to me," I mumbled.

"You're a Death Eater--"

"James! What's wrong with you? I told you, I don't want to be one! Really, in a way it's Sirius' fault!"

"Now you're blaming my best friend? How the hell could it be anywhere near his fault?"

"It's because I love him so much," I snarled, patience having been forgotten. "The Dark Lord would've went after him if I didn't become one. Sirius would be dead!"

"Oh yeah?" James said, still a look of disbelief on his face, though by his voice I could hear he was beginning to give in. "And how would He know that you, supposedly, loved Sirius?"

"Because my mother is a filthy traitor," I said. "She told the Dark Lord everything there is to know about me. And.." I hesitated at what I was about to say. "and I think she had something to do with the death of my father."

Silence. It was eerie silence, even worse. James looked at me with an odd look in his eye, I stared right back at him, hoping he would believe me. Finally, he said something.

"You're telling the truth?" James asked, more to himself it seemed, than to me. I slowly nodded my head. "I guess I owe you an apology then?" I laughed the first real laugh I'd had in days.

"Oh yes," I said.

"I'm sorry, Aleesha," James said.

"I accept your apology," I said, grinning. I brought him into a hug that he returned shortly.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Shoot," I said, letting go of him.

"What's He like?" James asked. "I've heard of him all the time in the newspapers, but..."

"Truthfully," I said. "I'm not really sure. I've only seen him twice."

"Did he really do all the stuff they say he did?" James asked, a new excitment in his voice, similar to that of a gossiping teenage girl.

"Sort of," I said. "Mostly his "followers" did it though."

"Death Eaters?" I nodded my head sadly. "Are you going to tell Dumbledore?"

"I thought about it," I said slowly, my mind buzzing back to the talk I had with the voice. "Well, actually someone, or something told me to tell him."


"Uh, yeah," I cringed. It was either now or never. "Okay, please don't think I'm insane or something, but I have a voice." James gave me a quizical look and I continued, not wanting to be interuppted. "It talks to me... in my head."

"And you're telling me not to think you're crazy," James said, staring at me aprehensively.

"No, I'm serious," I said. "It gives me advice sometimes." My eyes turned wide. "Oh good lord, I am crazy."

"Maybe you need to get some sleep," James said. He glanced at his watch again. "I have to go. Remember, sleep."

"Yeah, yeah," I sighed.

"Isn't full moon in a few days?"

"Urgh," I groaned. "Don't remind me."

"Sorry," James said. He waved and quickly went off in the direction of his house. I sighed and plopped back down to the ground, exhaustion consuming my body again.

"One down, Aleesha," the voice said as I drifted of to sleep.

"One down."

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Dare...: One Down


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