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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 3 : HELP!!!
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Author's note:I understand this chapter is short, but I had to get another one up!

Disclaimer:I don't own Harry Potter

Lily landed with a thud in the Potter’s fireplace. Quickly standing she brushed herself off and looked around. Portraits lined the walls containing James and the rest of the Potters. There was a couple containing Sirius as well. On either sides of the marble fireplace were oak tables with vases of roses on them. A giant chandelier hung from the ceiling. Everything looked very nice. The only thing missing were the Potters to greet her.


 “Hello?” Lily called out hearing her voice echo back to her. Instantly she was smothered in a hug. Once she was released she whirled around to find James Potter beaming at her. ‘GREAT! Out of all of the Potters that could greet me it had to be him! Oh and Black!’ she thought as Black walked in the room. “Oh bloody hell! Please tell me your parents are here!”


“Mum and Dad had to do some late night shopping, but don’t you worry Lilyflower you’ve got me and Padfoot to keep you company. We’re sure to have a good time. Go ahead and give me a kiss of appreciation.”


“KISS YOU! Why the hell would I kiss YOU out of all people? You’re repulsive, arrogant, and a jerk! Not to mention you can be a pervert at times.”


“Come on Lils! Admit you’re your dying love for James and kiss him!” Sirius said with a slight smirk.


“I will not and you BLOODY well know it Black! Just show me to my room so I can unpack!” Lily screamed. She was growing more frustrated as each minute ticked. Oh how she would kill her mother for such torture. How the hell was she going to manage Potter for the rest of the summer?


“As you wish my sweet Lilyflower. Your room is right next to mine. As promised!” James said as he led her through various hallways. Lily had to admit the Potter’s home was the most lavish place she had ever been. Finally they stopped outside a door. “This is your room. Come next door to your right if you shall need anything.” Lily gagged as he blew her a kiss.


Lily gasped as she entered her room. Her bed was in the middle of the room on top of a small black plush carpet. On the bed was a down comforter with a gorgeous rose design and dozens of black and red pillows. Bookcases lined the walls near her bed containing her various favorite titles. A chandelier hung from the ceiling that bared a similar resemblance to the one she had seen before. Not only that, but she had a seating area where she could hang out with friends. In the center was a table that had a vase of a dozen roses. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The room was so beautiful and meant just for her. As she crossed the room towards her closet she couldn’t help wondering how Potter knew her so well.


The closet could only be described as perfect. Clothes lined the walls surrounding her. The amazing thing was all of the clothes were in her size. In the way back was a mini hairdresser area and a place for her to do her makeup. She was in complete heaven. For a moment she could have kissed James. ‘Wait a minute, did I just think about kissing JAMES!!! EWWWWWWWW!!!’  


Desperate to get James off her mind Lily quickly grabbed a book and plopped down on her bed. Yet 15 minutes later she threw her book down in frustration. Why couldn’t she get Potter of her mind? She was going to have to ask one of her friends about this matter.


Grabbing a spare piece of parchment she quickly wrote Mia:


Dear Mia,


I’m sorry for writing you so late at night, but I desperately need your help. This guy did something incredibly nice and now I can’t get him of my mind. The thing is I don’t even like him, HELP!




Sending it off with her owl Nibbles, Lily curled up in bed and fell asleep.

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Lily and James-The Real Story: HELP!!!


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