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What if by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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Chapter 4

Ginny bit her lip as she peered through the steam floating from the top of the pearly white liquid. She smiled as the steam suddenly stopped. Meaning the potion was ready. She poured most of into her left over potions bottles, in case she needed to try it again. She spat into the mixture and stirred. The pearly white turned slowly silver, then carried on a bright gold. Staring in shock she backed away from the cauldron. She picked up the muggle pregnancy test from her bed, and went into the bathroom.

Ginny had read the instructions three times in all. Not wanting to make a mistake, and then had done as they had told her. She was now sitting on the loo, holding the test in one hand, chewing the nail on her little finger. The seconds ticked by slowly, and Ginny glanced at the clock every few. Her eyes flicked up again, and her heart skipped. Three minutes had passed. She looked back down at the test. There was no escaping it now, both Wizarding and muggle tests had come to the same answer. There was knock on the door.

“Ginny, are you O.k.? You’ve been in there ages.” Came Mrs Weasley’s voice through the wood.

Ginny stood up, and unlocked the door; she had to tell her. But how? She hid the test behind her back, and pushed the door open. She smiled at her mother and leaned against the doorframe. She looked her mother in the eye. She had to tell her straight.

“Mum, I need you to promise me you aren’t going to freak out and disown me. I know it probably wasn’t the right time to do what I did, but I’m of age now, and I don’t regret it one bit.” She stood up straight, and still looking her mother in the eye revealed the pregnancy test she had concealed behind her back. Her mother took it, and stared. “That’s the muggle version of the test. If you don’t trust it, I did the potion too. They’re both the same.” Ginny watched her mother as she stared down at the red letters. She saw as tears welled up in her eyes, and she looked back up at her daughter.

“Please tell me it’s Harry’s.” she said, as she stared into Ginny’s eyes. Ginny nodded, not breaking eye contact with her mother. Mrs Weasley suddenly smiled, and pulled Ginny into a hug. “I would have liked to see you married before this happened, and I know you know it. I’m happy for you all the same, because if he were still here you would be married before this had happened, and we both know that. I also know that I will love you no matter what, and that you will do the same for your child.” Ginny smiled over her mother’s shoulder, and felt tears of relief fall down her face. If her mother could accept it, then everyone else would be easy to tell. She would love this child unconditionally, as she and Harry would have done together.


Despite her earlier conviction that telling everyone else was going to be easy, she struggled to find the right words, or the right time. Ginny decided that she needed to tell everyone separately, to make sure everyone found out in exactly the right way.

Hermione found out first, Ginny deliberately left out the potion bottles full of the pregnancy potion, along with a bottle of the one she had used when Hermione came over to borrow a cook book from Mrs Weasley, and popped up to Ginny’s room to say ‘Hi’. She also left the txt book open on the right page, in case Hermione needed another clue, which it turned out she didn’t need. One glance at the bottles told Ginny that Hermione knew. They grinned at each other, and a congratulatory hug was shared. Ginny assured Hermione that Mrs Weasley knew, and made her promise not to tell Ron.

Mr Weasley found out next, when he found the pregnancy test box in the bathroom. He found Mrs Weasley and Ginny in the lounge, where both had been sitting for the past hour waiting for him to find the obviously placed box. He was delighted that Harry had left a child behind him, and although he thought Ginny was too young to be a mother, Mrs Weasley soon reminded him how quickly the two of them had got married, and started having children.

All her friends, Ron and Fred found out at a DA reunited meeting, in honour of their dead members. Ron was surprisingly relaxed about it, and Fred immediately started joking about all the mischief he could teach his nephew. Which made everyone laugh. Luna was as dreamily pleased as everyone who knew her would expect. Neville took Ginny aside, and spoke to her seriously, warning her about telling the press too much, and that he’d always be there if she needed anything.

Bill, Charlie and Percy all got letters, as they had gone back to work and were very busy, and as Charlie was in another country it was the easiest was. Both replied with excited letter of congratulations. Mr Weasley soon told all the old Order members, and Ginny was soon inundated with cards of luck and congratulations. Among this mail, came a heavy parchment envelope with VIP passes to the next puddlemere united game. Ginny grinned and the note scrawled on a scrap pf parchment that came with them.

I got as many as I could, but I can only get five for each game, two of them went to my parents. If you come early I can give you a tour before all the other spectators arrive. Match starts at 11.00
See you then

Ginny smiled down at the three passes. Trying to decide who she was going to invite to go with her. Fred couldn’t go, Hermione would be bored, Charlie was in another country, If Bill and Ron could get time off work. She continued to run through lists of people in her head, and finally decided to ask Bill and Ron, as they would most enjoy it. She owled them both, and although bill couldn’t get time off work, Ron was really excited. She still had one more ticket to give out. Finally deciding to owl Percy, who also seemed enthusiastic, in his reply.


By the end of the match Ginny was hoarse from cheering on Puddlemere, and Oliver especially. She had met his parents before that match when he had given them all a tour of the stadium. Oliver had played brilliantly, and she was grinning from ear to ear as the final score was announced as 310 to 100, meaning Puddlemere had won. She pushed her way through screaming fans, along with Oliver’s parents and her two brothers to get back inside the stadium to congratulate him.

She let his parents see him first, thinking it only fair, and grinned as he turned to her and her brothers, all four of them grinning.

“As amazing as ever Wood.” Said Percy jovially

“Thanks, didn’t think you had much interest in Quidditch. Well Ron, have I converted you to being a Puddlemere fan?”

Ron laughed and shook his head. “Sorry Oliver, I’m sticking to my guns, and refusing to be fickle.” They both grinned, Oliver taking Ron’s statement as a hidden compliment, which it seemed Ron had intended it to be.

“Well Ginny?”

“You were amazing, I can remember the struggle they had to replace you on the house squad, and that was just a reminder of why. Then again they struggled to replace Ron when he left.” She said with a grin. Everyone laughed.

“Mr Wood,” called a voice from across the room. Oliver looked up, eyebrows raised slightly. “Rita Skeeter wants an interview.”

“Tell she’ll get the same comment as the rest of the press, and that’s ‘no comment’” Oliver replied. “When I have interviews, I have them with real journalists.” He said in an undertone to the five people gathered round him. All of who smiled, knowing exactly what he meant. The amount of people she had made look bad by twisting their words was ridiculous.

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What if: Chapter Four


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