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Your Welcome, Pansy by KeevinLover_9216
Chapter 1 : Thank you
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Her voice felt like and echo in an overly large room.

“I’m having and affair.” He told her.

Her limbs didn’t feel like they were moving, her mind had stopped working.

“I want a divorce.”

She felt like a wall had suddenly hopped out in front of her body. She couldn’t find her voice.

“I already packed my bag.”

“Good.” she finally said, “Good. Get out, now!”

She was yelling screaming pounding on his chest. Then she heard a little whisper.

“Momma?” her son called

She looked at him and saw his father as a toddler.

“What do you need baby?” she asked him quietly forgetting about my husband

“Why are you yelling?” he asked her

“Daddy and I are having a discussion.” she told him, “go back to bed and don’t wake your sister.” She patted his head and turned him toward the stairs

“I love you.” He whispered

“I love you more.” she said and turned toward her husband. He looked at her peculiarly.

“I’ve never seen you with him like that.” He said quietly

“That’s because you don’t look. I love my children. Unlike you, who is abandoning them. Please get out. Go to your girlfriend and I will send your belongings to your mother’s house.” she told him

“Pansy, wait. I love…”

“No Draco. Not anymore. I’m not taking this anymore. Go to your little whore and have fun. Me and my children will be just fine without you.” she said

“You can’t kick me out Pansy.” He told her

“Really? I can call Harry, Ron and Blaise and tell them what you did and they will remove you from this house.” she said

He stayed quiet as he collected his already packed bag and walked outside. She watched him apparate away and slid down the wall next to the door. Her actions and emotions were finally in tune. Tears slid down her cheeks freely and she banged her fists on the floor. She then stood slowly up and walked up the stairs into her bedroom. She slid off her clothes and climbed into the bed. It felt like her heart was ice. She finally fell asleep and was awoken by the clatter of something in the kitchen. She shook her head and sat up slowly. Her body ached as if she’d just gotten into a fight. She pulled her hair into an elastic and slipped on a pair of shorts. Her stocking feet made little sound as she padded down the steps to find Harry and Blaise in her kitchen. Blaise stopped whatever he was doing and immediately walked over to Pansy as she collapsed on the kitchen stool. His arms wrapped around her chest as she started to cry in earnest. Harry continued to cook and let Blaise do most of the comforting.

“He just left. We’d put the kids down and we were eating ice cream and he tells me he is having an affair and that he is moving out and that he doesn’t want to be with me anymore.” She sobbed into his shirt

“Yeah, we heard. He came to our flat and spilled everything. We got pissed but Ron understood, after what he did to Hermione.” Blaise said sitting down next to her, “You and your kids deserve so much more than him. Tristan and Giselle deserve so much more than him.”


“I know.” She said, “Thank you both for making breakfast. I’m going to go back to bed. Giselle sleeps until about noon, so I’ll wake up then…”


“Nope. You get to sleep and heal. We are taking the kids to the park after we feed them breakfast. You get to be alone all day, I’m sending Ginny over to give you a massage. You need to relax.” Blaise said


“Okay, but don’t send Ginny over. Would you come? You are so much better at massages. Leave Harry and Ginny alone with the kids.” Pansy asked


“Sure girly. I’ll be over around 2. Go back to bed.” Blaise pushed her toward the stairs and she walked up them. She stopped in Tristan’s room and found him already awake.


“What are you doing little one?” she asked


“Coloring a picture.” He said


“Well, uncle Blaise and Uncle Harry are downstairs in the kitchen making French toast. Better go down before they eat it all.” Pansy said to her 3 year-old.

He got excited and stood up and ran down the stairs. She heard him start giggling as Blaise probably picked him up and tickled him. She moved to her daughter’s room. Giselle was a year old and slept until noon most days and went to bed at 8. Pansy carefully lifted Giselle out of her crib and watched as the little girl started to stir and then wake up. She saw her mother and smiled. Pansy set her baby down and walked her to the stairs and then watched as Giselle took the rest of them on her butt giggling the whole way down. Pansy then went to bed.


At 1:30 she was startled awake by her bedroom door closing. She looked up and saw Blaise in a chair with a cup of coffee in both hands.


“Good morning.” He said huskily


“Morning.” She said back reaching for the cup.


He handed it to her and they sat in silence and sipped their coffee. Then she started to take off her shirt and he looked alarmed.


“You’re giving me a massage right? Well I don’t like to wear my shirt for a back massage.” She said and unbuttoned the last button. She shrugged the garment off and lay on the bed. Blaise put his coffee on the side table and sat on the bed. He grabbed the lotion of the floor and started to rub her back. They talked then, about everything. His latest failed relationship. Her failed marriage, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione. Everything. Soon he wasn’t giving her a massage anymore and was laying next to her also shirtless and they were talking. What no one knew about Blaise and Pansy is that secretly they were best friends. Soon they weren’t talking anymore just laying there.


It was Blaise who made the first move. He was rubbing her shoulders when he leaned down and kissed her upper back, then her shoulders. Then he was kissing her neck and she was turning over.


“What are we doing?” she whispered as he kissed her neck and upper chest.


“Healing.” He said as he unclipped her bra.


She nodded and took his lips. He slowly kissed down her body from her neck to her belly button. He then grabbed the rim of her shorts and pulled them over her hips.


As he entered her she gasped. They moved in unison. Neither questioning the moment. And then finally as Pansy rocked against him she whispered,


“Thank you.”


“Your Welcome, Pansy. “


A/n: I started this a while back I’m ion a new phase, I’ve decided to look into Blaise. So now I’m going to start a whole length fic based off of how I see Blaise. But here is a one-shot. Read and Review…thanks!!

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Your Welcome, Pansy: Thank you


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