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Nightly Patrol by HPsmartone32
Chapter 1 : Nightly Patrol
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Nightly Patrol

Tap, tap, tap.

“Rose, for Dumbledore’s sake, will you please stop?” asked Tiyanna Krum looking up from her essay. Rose stopped tapping her nails on the table, set her quill down on the table, and looked at her best mate. Tiyanna had, luckily, taken after her mother and was a tall, slender Bulgarian girl. She had dark chestnut hair that fell just past her shoulders and perfectly rounded light brown eyes.

Rose sighed and tossed her own bushy, red-brown hair over her shoulder, “What do you want me to do?” she asked, “I’m bored out of my mind.”

“Next time, act like a normal fifteen year old and do your essays the night before they are due,” Tiyanna answered, not looking up from her essay. Rose sighed again. It wasn’t her fault; apparently she’d gotten the studious gene from her mother. Right along with the bushy hair.

Rose leaned back in her chair at the common room table and looked around. The red-gold walls shone in the warm firelight and the shadows of students hustling around darkened the walls as their makers fooled around.

Rose’s cousins, Fred and James, were unsurprisingly causing most of the commotion. As a prefect, Rose knew she should put a stop to it, but she didn’t. She probably wouldn’t get anywhere, anyway. She and Al had never been much of a match for their crazy relatives, not even as school prefects.

This thought led Rose to remember that she and Al had prefect duty that night. With the Slytherins. Insert groan here.

Rose figured that since Tiyanna wasn’t being such good company at the moment she’d go up and see what Al was doing, “I’m going to see Al,” Rose announced as she packed up her ink and quill.

“Have fun,” muttered Tiyanna. Rose rolled her eyes and threw her bag over her shoulder.

“Later,” she waved to her friend who grunted in acknowledgement.

Rose deposited her possessions in her own dorm that she shared with Tiyanna and the three other Gryffindor fifth year girls: Lindsey Longbottom, another one of Rose’s good friends, Caleigh Stanics, and Nyah Kingsley. She then headed up to the fifth year boys dorm, knocked twice as warning, then entered.

“Hey, Al,” She greeted as she plopped herself onto her cousin’s bed.

“I hate divination, I should have listened to your mum and not taken it,” the dark haired boy groaned and snapped his book shut. He turned those brilliant green eyes on Rose.

Rose had always wished she’d had such amazing eyes, but no, she was stuck with the Weasley-blue ones.

She laughed at Al, “I’m glad I stuck with Arithmacy,” she said, “Where is everyone else?”

The two relatives were the only ones in the messy dorm, which was odd as Al had four other roommates. Al shrugged, “Dunno, haven’t seen Sam or David since dinner.”

“Sam’s probably with Lindsey, those two are inseparable,” Rose sighed. She did have to admit that Lindsey had good taste, though. Sam Wood was one good-looking bloke.

“We’ll probably catch them while patrolling,” Al mused.

He was probably right, too. Rose nodded, “You want to go?”

“In a second, I have to prepare myself for this,” Al laid on his back next to Rose.

“Well, they aren’t that bad. I mean that Malfoy can be a git sometimes, but he’s not as bad as his dad – according to Mum and Dad, anyway.”

“Yeah, I guess not, it just seems like the Head Girl always sticks me with that bloke-ish girl, What’s-her-name Nott,” Al pointed out.

“And then I’m stuck with Malfoy –”

“—stupid house unity.” Al finished.

The two lay in silence for a while, each lost in his or her own thoughts. Rose’s drifted to the Malfoy boy. He really wasn’t that bad. Just a bit conceited. She did love his eyes though. They seemed to see right through her. It was kind of scary, but Rose was a Gryffindor by Merlin and she could handle him.

“Why aren’t you out patrolling and doing other authoritive things and whatnot?” the new voice made both Al and Rose jump. They sat up and saw one of Al’s roommates, David, shut the door to the dorm.

“We were just mentally preparing ourselves,” Al laughs.

“Slytherins tonight?” he asked as he stripped off his jeans and collared shirt so he was only in his boxers and undershirt.

This wasn’t weird, even with Rose in the room. Rose Weasley was an accepted part of the fifth year Gryffindor male friendship clan, as was Tiyanna, so undressing or dressing in front of them was the same as it would be in a room full of guys. That said, this wasn’t the first time that this had happened… and it wasn’t the first time that Rose was internally grateful that her cousins had Quidditch-playing friends. Because, while she wasn’t in love with David, Sam, or any of the others, she didn’t mind that they had nice bodies.

“Yeah,” Rose answered, “Come on, Al, we need to get going.”

“Let me…” he grabbed his prefect badge and climbed off the bed, “Let’s go.” As the two headed out the dorm, David was kind enough to supply music: the funeral march. Before shutting the door behind her, Rose stuck her tongue out at him.

Yes, they were quite the mature bunch. Rose had been told she got said maturity from her father.

“Hello, my dear brother and cousin,” James waved over his shoulder at the prefects as the past.

“James,” Rose nodded at him and Fred as they past. They were near the portrait hole when she turned back around, “don’t do anything stupid while we are patrolling, please.” She added.

Fred put on a mock-offended look, “Rosie, we,” he pointed from himself to James, “as responsible sixth year students in this wonderful school of Hogwarts, would not dare to do anything that compromised the sacristy of the place!”

Rose rolled her eyes, “Right,” she said then called, “Al and I are leaving, Ti!”

Tiyanna looked up long enough to wave Rose off then went back to her essay. Rose smiled when she noticed that a handsome sixth year boy had joined the table.

As they exited through the porthole, more relatives entered.

“Hey, Rosie,” called Lily.

“Later, Lils, Hugo,” Rose managed to say as they crossed paths and the portrait shut behind her.

“Have you ever really thought about how many of us there are here?” Al asked as we headed to the Great Hall.

“Yeah,” Rose nodded, “and even more if you consider the friends that we knew before we even came here, like Lindsey Longbottom, who’re practically family.”

Al nodded, smiling, and they continued the rest of the journey in silence. As they entered the Great Hall, Rose spotted Scorpious and the Nott girl already standing with the Head Girl, from Ravenclaw.

“Okay, now that everyone’s here, Malfoy and Weasley will patrol the top floors, Nott and Potter have got the dungeons and such,” the Head Girl said, “Jaz,” (the Head Boy, a Gryffindor) “and I will take the middle floors. Report back here at eleven.”

The four prefects nodded and began to separate. Before Al and Nott disappeared, Rose laughed as Al mouthed, ‘Help me!’

“What’s so funny, Weasley?” Scorpious asked Rose, staring at her with those piercing blue eyes.

“I… I don’t think… Nott is just a bit large for her age,” Rose stuttered under his gaze, she got lost in his eyes. Realizing that this was potentially dangerous territory, she tore broke the connection and started back up the stairs, “You coming?” she called behind her.

Scorpious caught up with her easily, he was quite tall and was a fellow Quidditich player, “So, Nott scares the Gryffindors?” he teased.

Rose stopped at the top of the stairs looked at him. Their eyes were at equal heights as he was standing about two steps below her, “Al’s not scared, it’s just that, as I said before, that girl is huge.”

“So he’s scared of her size.”

“No, so he’s freaked out by huge Slytherin girls.”

“Are you freaked out by huge Slytherin girls?” Scorpious threw back at her. Why was he so chatty today?

“Not particularly, I mean maybe I’d think twice about the ones that know how to cast a spell properly, but not Nott,” Rose said, carefully avoiding Scorpious’ eyes.

“Are you ‘freaked out’ by Slytherins in general?” he asked.

“No,” Rose scoffed and turned to continue up another staircase.

“What about Slytherin boys?” he pestered.

“No, I’m not scared of, or freaked out by, Slytherins, Malfoy,” Rose told him, “You need to accept that your House really isn’t that scary. So you wear green and act all evil and misunderstood, I, and many others, know it’s a ploy.”

“A ploy, is it?” Malfoy said, Rose could hear the amusement in his voice and it irritated her. Honestly, they weren’t that scary.

“I just don’t think you’re all as evil and dark as you come off to be,” Rose explained as they reached the very top floor.

“That’s an interesting theory, Weasley,” Scorpious commented. Rose nodded and they walked in silence, turning corners and checking empty classrooms on occasion.

The silence was constricting, or at least that’s what Rose thought. She realized that she had preferred it when Scorpious was talking; at least then she didn’t feel as awkward and empty. His voice comforted her, but only because they were on the top floor of an ancient school late at night and his voice reminded her that she was not alone. That’s all.

But Rose wasn’t going to start a conversation. She’d probably say something completely idiotic. Talking to him was different than talking to David or Sam or Al. Because she was only friends with them. They had always been friends; that’s the reason it was easy to talk to them and why the thought of saying something moronic to Scorpious was so nerve-racking. Nothing more.

Rose’s watch beeped. It was ten o’clock. Though they had another whole hour to patrol, Rose didn’t think she could handle another second of this tension. Well, at least that’s what she was calling it. But it was only tense because they were so different. Why else?


The lone sound of her name in the silence made the slender fifteen-year-old jump three feet in the air. And experience what she thought was very near a heart attack, “Merlin, Malfoy, don’t scare me like that!” she exclaimed clutching her heart, “and you called me Rose.”

“Yes, I did. But more importantly, scare? I thought we Slytherins weren’t scary?” he smirked. Rose’s knees almost gave out. But only because she was weak from the near heart attack.

“Well, you sure are when you do that!” she mumbled.

“Which brings me back to my point,” Scorpious said, “of whether or not I scare you.”

Rose raised her left eyebrow. Hadn’t she just told him that he wasn’t scary?

“You don’t scare me,” she said simply opening the door to one of the classrooms, looking around, then closing the door back. She turned around and saw that Scorpious was right in front of her.

“Well, if I don’t scare you,” he said, “I’m wondering what I do do to you.”

His closeness made Rose nervous. And this time she didn’t even try to find a rational reason as to why, this was a feeling that she’d never had with any other person, “ don’t do an...anything to m…me,” she lied.

“Hmm,” he thought, “well then that’s awfully unfair.”

Rose took a step back so that she was against the wall. She concentrated on keeping her breathing normal. Her mind was spinning. What was this feeling?

“H… how so?” she managed to whisper.

“It’s just that if being around me does nothing to you, I think that it’s quite unfair that having you around does so much to me,” the extremely handsome boy in front of Rose explained.

“I… I do stuff to you?” she breathed.

Scorpious nodded, “Whenever you’re near, my palms get all sweaty and I can’t really think straight when you do that thing with your hair; the way you flip it back when you are bored or irritated.”

Rose nodded. She never knew that she did that. She never knew that anyone else had watched her to know that she did do that. And she certainly had never had anyone tell her that she basically drives them crazy. She tried to discretely wipe her own sweaty palms on the back of her jeans.

“You know what else?” Scorpious continued.

Rose shook her head.

“I think that you were lying,” he whispered, “because I can tell that you feel something.” He slowly lifted a hand traced Rose’s jaw line with his finger. Rose didn’t even try to stop him. She closed her eyes as a tingling sensation shot throughout her body. She released a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding and looked into his amazing eyes, now understanding why she never wanted to look away.

Scorpious stopped at her chin, cupping it softly between his thumb and forefinger, “You feel something, right?” he whispered.

Rose gave up all pretense and nodded into his hand, not breaking the eye contact.

“Good, because if you didn’t I couldn’t do this,” he breath was hot on Rose’s face.

She closed her eyes again as she felt his face nearing hers.

Their lips met; his were soft and warm on hers. She was sure that her head was going to explode. How had she lived without this for fifteen years?

Her instincts took over and she found herself kissing him back. His tongue grazed the top of her lip and she parted them. She was being pushed harder into the wall, but she didn’t care. She brought one hand into his neat, silky blonde hair and placed the other one his neck. She felt his hand one her face and the other on her hairline.

Where had this newfound passion come from? And why hadn’t she realized it sooner?

Gasping for air, the couple broke apart and Rose slowly opened her eyes as if he would disappear if she looked to quickly. Her hands dropped and rested on his shoulders.

He was still standing there, his breathing as heavy as hers, his eyes dancing with happiness and passion. Rose was sure that her own eyes were give away her feelings, too. And she didn’t really mind.

She now knew that she had fallen for Scorpious Malfoy.

And she was perfectly okay with that.


A/N: Yeah, so one night I was bored and wanted to write a good (well, as good as I could) romance scene. And then I decided that I liked this ship, so I wrote a one-shot. haha. I hope you like it! Don't worry, readers of my other stories, the next chapters to those will be up soon. I just wanted to get this one up. Please review. I'll love you forever. =]

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