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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 40 : Chapter forty
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Disclaimer JK Rowlins owns Harry and friends; I just sit here and wish I did.

Time again forty

Harry looked over at Hermione as she, helped by his mother who oddly looked about the same age, put the finishing touches to little Richards miniature wizard robes, some thing about Hermione seemed to glow in some way, it took him a while to figure it out then it dawned on him, it was the pleasure in her eyes when she looked at her children, they seemed to light up her face with joy and pride. As far as he was concerned Hermione had never looked anymore radiant than she did right then as she dressed the twins for the coming celebration.

His eyes roamed over her from her head to her feet, ‘heck she’s turned into a beautiful woman’ he thought even as his gaze stopped at her slightly larger than normal waist line, the memory of the softness of her stomach over the last few weeks flitted through his mind, ‘she has just had twins and already her figure is returning’ he thought slightly surprised, it wasn’t that her figure was returning that had him surprised he already knew it would, it was the speed of it all.

Turning his attention away Harry looked disbelievingly out of the window, the warm sunny weather they had been enjoying had gone and had been replaced by an extremely heavy rain; he could hear it pounding on the marquee roof even through the closed window. He was just thinking that it might ruin the naming celebrations when a hand was placed on his shoulder, looking to see who it was he found himself looking into the proud eyes of his father.

“You should move every thing into the dinning room, Glanry knows the phrase that will convert it into a ballroom,” James said quietly as he looked out into the rain.

Harry checked his watch, he had about half an hour before the guests were due to arrive, if he was quick enough he might just be able to do it. Calling Glanry Harry told him what he was about to do.

“Master Harry should change for the celebration, we elves will arrange everything, sir,” Glanry said as he looked at Harry still in his old jeans.

Harry looked down at himself “Sugar I forgot,” he gasped before grabbing his fresh clothes from his wardrobe and rushing to the bathroom.

Hermione looked up into the eyes of Lily Potter, “Do all new mums feel this way?” she asked quietly as Lily tied the tiny shoes of Richard.

Lily beamed a smile at her “I was so proud of Harry, so happy and full of love on his naming day, I still am, I’m just sorry we missed so much of his life, we were never there to help him.”

“You were always there Lily, every step he took he thought about you and James,” Hermione said knowing it to be true.

Lily gave Hermione another smile “I’m so pleased that Harry was given the chance of some happiness, his coming back to put things right, I am so pleased he did the right thing, I’m so happy for him.”

“That’s all I ever want to do, is to make Harry happy,” Hermione told Lily as they checked the twin’s clothes for one last time.

“I know sweetheart, it is only through the power of the love you two share that we were able to come back and be here today, my boy loves you so much,” Lily said as she cuddled her grand daughter.

“I wish you could join us at the celebration Lily,” Hermione said wistfully

“Me too, but it can’t be, no one else must know,” Lily replied quietly “I mean we are dead remember.”

“I know but…” Hermione trailed off she just wished that things could be a little different, she really liked her mother in law, they were so alike.

“I wish it was different too Hermione dear,” Lily said as if she had heard Hermione’s thought.

“I love you and James Mum,” Hermione suddenly said as the two women picked up the babies.

There was a quiet knock on the door, without thinking Hermione called come in; it was a split second to late when she remembered about her guests.
Ginny Weasley dressed ready for the ceremony in a cream coloured dress that was tight fitting at the top but flared at the waist down to just below her knees entered the room and stopped in shock.

“Bloody waving wands, Hermione,” she exclaimed as she saw her tiny name sake floating a few feet from Hermione, “what the heck are you doing?”

Hermione looked at Lily wondering just what Ginny could see, “She can’t see me,” Lily mouthed smiling.

“Are you crazy, you can’t levitate a little one like that,” Ginny said sounding a little angry.

“I’m not…” Hermione trailed off.

“Ok Lily you can show yourself,” Godric said as he noticed what was happening.

Hermione turned to him and gave him a smile of gratitude; the last thing she wanted was for her best friend thinking she was being reckless with her babies.

Ginny’s jaw almost hit the floor as all of Harry’s family revealed them selves to her, first Lily then James, followed by the grand parents and great grand parents they all appeared just behind Hermione.
Godric and Merlin appeared near to the window, all of them were smiling at the shocked Ginny Weasley.

“This rain, you know I think it’s his way of letting us know he’s not happy with us,” Merlin said as a flash of lightning lit up the room.

“You could be right,” Godric nodded looking up at the ceiling.

Hermione had to chuckle at the look Ginny had on her face, “Ginny I would like you to meet Harry’s family.”

Ginny stared at Lily for a moment or two before she was able to speak “L-, Lily Potter?”

Lily laughed “Yes Miss Weasley and that tall dark haired handsome one is Harry’s dad James, then we have the grand parents, those two rogues over by the window are Godric Gryffindor and Emrys Myrddin better known of course as Merlin.”

Ginny looked around at the people who had so suddenly appeared, “How? Why? When?” she stammered as she finally collapsed onto a chair.

“They came to bring their heirs their blessings,” Hermione said still chuckling at Ginny.

“Bloody hell,” Ginny said as she looked from one face to the next “Godric, The Godric?”

“At your service my dear,” Godric said with a sweeping bow.

“Bloody hell!” Ginny repeated her self.

Merlin lifted his beard and walked over to Ginny, then taking her hand in his he bowed and kissed her knuckles “Emrys Myrddin at your service M’lady,” he said grinning, then he turned to Hermione “funny isn’t it the last time a lady looked at me like that her name was Guinevere as well.”

“Bloody hell,” Ginny repeated once more as she stared at her hand.

“Language Ginny, don’t forget there are children here,” both Hermione and Lily said in unison then they burst out laughing in unison.

“Bloody hell,” Ginny gasped again.

Harry walked back into the bedroom to find his family all chuckling at Ginny, “Hi gin,” he said as he walked over to James.

“Can you fasten this for me dad,” Harry said waving a bow tie.

“What ever do you want to wear one of those things for, isn’t the Gryffindor tie good enough,” Godric said pulling a funny face at Harry. “It was so much better in my day, none of that fancy stuff.”

James gave Harry a questioning look “He’s right you know, you would look better with a Gryffindor tie instead.”

Ginny watched as Harry talked with his dead father as though it was the most normal thing in the world

“Bloody hell,” she exclaimed once more.

Hermione walked over to Ginny and gently placed little Richard in her lap, “Just hold Rich for me Gin,” she said as she did so.

Hermione walked over to Harry’s wardrobe and grabbed his old school tie, then she offered it to Harry “Don’t you dare say a word Mr Potter,” she said as Harry took the offered tie.

“I wouldn’t dream of it love, but I did say I should wear my Gryffindor tie,” Harry chuckled, then he looked at Ginny and noticed the shocked expression on her face “what’s wrong with Gin?” he asked.

Lily chuckled “I don’t think she expected to see us.”

“Ginny, you can’t tell anyone what you saw here,” Harry said as he looked into her eyes.

Ginny looked up at Harry “Do you think I’m mad Harry, they would have me locked up in the crazy ward at St Mungo’s faster than Canis can eat his dinner,” Ginny said her face a picture of surprise “can you image it if I walk around telling everyone I just met Godric Gryffindor, and Merlin kissed my hand,”

Harry chuckled “Well when you put it that way,” he leant forward and kissed her cheek “wouldn’t want our children’s godmother locked in St Mungo’s now would we.”

Another flash of lightning lit up the room “We have to go,” James said as he looked up listening to some unheard voice.

Harry and Hermione just had time to say goodbye to every one before they all vanished.

“Are we ready?” Harry asked as he stepped between the two women left in the bedroom.

Hermione carried Guinevere while Harry carried Richard and together the three of them made their way down to the dinning room where they were met by Neville, the room looked enormous it was at least three times its original size and it had been huge to begin with, Glanry and the house elves had re-organised everything and all was ready for when the first guest arrived.

Half an hour later Mr Weasley stood and asked for everyone to be quiet “If you would all take your seats please,” He said as he nodded to Harry.

Harry and Hermione stood and together they walked across the room to where Mr Weasley was waiting.

Arthur stood and cleared his throat “I have been asked to officiate at today’s naming ceremony; it is a task I feel very honoured and privileged to do, for I have known both Harry and Hermione since they first entered the wizarding world. I have for a long time now thought of both Harry and Hermione as two of my own children, that said I now consider the two little ones we are here to name as my first two adopted grandchildren.
I have watched this young couple grow up, Harry from a scrawny little fellow who was lost at Kings cross station, to the man he is today, I know he will make an excellent father.

And Hermione once a bushy haired plain little thing who had all the answers, I am sure that if not for her Harry would still be chasing the evil that was Voldemort. I know that future generations will remember the greatest witch of our time and all that she has done. I have watched as she grew into the beautiful young woman she is today, a woman who will be the best mother she can possibly be, a young woman I am very proud to know.

Harry and Hermione are you both agreed on names for these two new members of your family? If you are you both in agreement then let their names be entered in to the register of the magical community.

Harry and Hermione answered together “We are in agreement.”

“Then let the names of Richard Neville Potter and Guinevere Helen Potter be entered into the register.” Arthur then shook hands with Harry and kissed Hermione on the cheek.

Now who will stand as godparents to these two new members of our community?”

Ron looked just a little miserable as Ginny and Neville walked out to the front to join Harry and Hermione, Harry and Hermione handed their babies over two their two best friends.

Neville was a little nervous but he took a deep breath and proudly held little Richard in his arms, a slightly teary eyed Ginny held the little bundle that was her name sake and looked lovingly at Neville, she hoped that some day in the near future that they could stand together and watch the naming of their first child.

Arthur took a moment to collect him self as he saw the look his little girl gave the man next to her, she was in love and Arthur knew it in that instant.

“Neville Ambrose Longbottom, do you swear to take on the duties of godfather, to protect and take up parentage of these children Guinevere Helen, and Richard Neville Potter, should their parents be unable?” he asked solemnly.

Neville took a deep breath, he was not used to speaking out in public, “I Neville Ambrose Longbottom, do solemnly swear in front of those gathered that I will undertake the care of these children, I shall protect and care for them as their father should the need arise.”

One of Neville’s knees was shaking but he calmed when Ginny gave him a smile and a look of pride.

Arthur turned to Ginny “Ginevra Molly Weasley, do you swear to take on the duties of godmother, to protect and take up parentage of these children Guinevere Helen, and Richard Neville Potter, should their parents be unable?” he asked.

Ginny drew her self up to her full height “I Ginevra Molly Weasley do solemnly swear in front of those gathered that I will undertake the care of these children, I shall protect and care for them as their mother should the need arise.”

The huge cheer that rose from the guests was deafening, but the twins slept through it, the sound of scraping chairs filled the air as everyone rose to congratulate Harry and Hermione before moving on to congratulate Ginny and Neville.

Neville stood surrounded by friends and acquaintances gently rocking his godson as people wished him the best, turning to Ginny he suddenly spoke up right in front of Arthur “I, er, will you marry me one day Ginny?”

Ginny stared at him in surprise barely nodding her head; she could hardly believe what she had heard.

“You really should answer him dear,” Arthur whispered into her ear.

Ginny had tears running down her face when she leant forward and kissed Neville, it was an awkward kiss as they still held the babies, “Yes Neville Ambrose Longbottom, Yes.”

There was a huge grin on Harry’s face when he took up the position that Arthur had been standing in, raising his voice over the noise he called for silence. Everyone in the room fell silent and waited for Harry to speak,

“Friends and family I want to thank you all for coming here today in this atrocious weather, I know you all came to celebrate the naming of the two new Potter’s, well tonight we have something else to celebrate as well, Mr Longbottom has just asked our best friend to marry him, and Ginny said yes.” Harry finished speaking and went over to an overwhelmed Ginny, kissing her on the cheek for the second time that day he whispered “you take good care of him, you hear,” he then chuckled as he watched a surprised Hermione give a red faced Neville a kiss on his cheek.

Harry took their son from Neville while Hermione took their daughter, then with a baby in one arm and holding hands with the other Harry and Hermione walked over to their table and sat down.

Neville and Ginny remained where they were it was as though they were both rooted to the spot, that is until the Weasley twins startled them.

Harry and Hermione were joined by Hermione’s mother and father who were laughing and joking with the Puckle’s and Mr Granger senior.

‘That’s a sight I never imagined the first time I met the bishop’ Harry thought to Hermione.

‘I’m so happy they all seem to have forgotten their differences, perhaps there is someone we should maybe try to forgive’ Hermione replied.

‘Sorry love but there are some things that just can’t be put right, one of them is the gap between me and Ron’ Harry said as he took a sip of butterbeer.

‘Maybe someday’ Hermione sighed.

“That was an amazing ceremony,” the bishop said as he reached over and gently rubbed a finger along his great grand daughters cheek “she is so beautiful.”

“You getting soppy in your old age dad?” Richard asked his father a smile breaking on his face.

“No son, not soppy, I just woke up, I think I may finally be getting a little wisdom,” the bishop answered.

“Yes well I have to agree with you, our little Ginny is a beauty, maybe she will take after her mother,” Richard said as he too stroked her cheek

“Well I hope you are both right, because I should hate her to look like me,” Harry laughed.

Hermione sat back listening and stored all they were saying in her memory, she was proud of her husband and she was proud of their children, she was so pleased that they had not waited to have a family and began to think of when she might have the next baby.

The party slowly turned into a celebration for Neville and Ginny, as they formally announced that they were now engaged, the party was still going strong when at one in the morning Harry went up to bed to join Hermione who had left early to put the twins to bed.

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