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What happened to Cho? by artemisia
Chapter 1 : The one and only chapter
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“Another year at Hogwarts.” Harry said excitedly to Hermione and Ron while on the Hogwarts Express.

“At least someone is excited to go back to studying and learning about magic.” Hermione stated

“Oh Hermione that’s not why Harry can’t wait to go back to school, he wants to see Cho again after not seeing her all summer.” Ron pointed out

Hermione was about to get into a heated argument with Ron when a girl walked into the room of the train.

“Oh i'm sorry if I interrupted you I just moved here from America and i'm afraid i'm lost.” The girl stated walking and eventually sitting next to Harry.

The room fell silent and the only noise that could be heard was that from other cars. Harry bit his lip and looked over the person who just walked in the room. She had blue eyes, a perfect smile, and a face that screamed beautiful.

“Hi what’s your name?” Harry finally got the words to come out of his mouth. He didn’t exactly know why he had a problem spitting out the words he had formed in his head he loved Cho and this girl (whoever she was) was not going to take that away from him.

“California, and I already know what your name is Harry Potter.” She said.

Hermione who had been talking to Ron came into the conversation talking to California about America and about Muggles. Apparently California had been home schooled for her magic lessons since no magic schools existed in the United States at all. She told us about Rock bands and something about a “Green Day”. When the train stopped at Hogwarts Hermione and California were the best of friends.

“Harry did it ever occur to you that Americans were so weird? She kept using the word “dude” and what the bloody hell is a “rock band”.” Ron said.

“Ron if I knew I would tell you besides she can tell us a lot about muggles and Hermione and her are best buddies now.” Harry wondered though what other crazy things she would tell them next.



            “Hermione I was wondering in England you say Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas don’t you?” California asked Hermione in the common room. Harry couldn’t believe it California got picked to be in Griffindor.

“Yeah that’s right. Are you stuffed cause I am that was one of the best feasts Hogwarts has put on.” Hermione said while lying back on the couch smacking her lips all of a sudden walked over to Hermione and sat down next to her. Harry knew that this was the year that Ron would tell Hermione that he loved her. Thinking of love Harry got up from the armchair in front of the fireplace and headed for the boys dormitory. Harry found his trunk where it always was at the foot of his bed and reached in it. At the very bottom he found a piece of parchment and the marauders map.

“I am up to no good.” Harry chanted to get the map to reveal its secrets. Then he read the piece of parchment he had been saving all summer reading it over and over to himself just to make sure it wasn’t a lie:

Dear Harry,

Even though we are not in the same house or in the same social class of friends I would like to take you up on the offer you asked me last year and would like to become more than friends. If you still want to meet me on the first day of school at night. Since you showed me the map I know you won’t have a problem finding me.


Cho Chang


Harry wondered why Cho had changed her mind, but at that moment he was way too excited to even care. He ran down the stairs leading into the Gryffindor common room and snuck out the portrait hole.



Earlier that same evening:

“What to do what to do?” Draco said in confusion as he paced the Slytherin common room. All summer he had thought of nothing else, but why it was so unlike him and felt so wrong. Crab and Gyole stared at him not wanting to interrupt in case Draco got mad. Finally Draco just couldn’t take it anymore he just had to talk to her see what she was doing just being with her would be enough. He marched out of the room and headed to the Gryffindor common room.

After climbing all the way up there he realized that he couldn’t get into the common room because he was a Slytherin. Draco decided to head back down to the dungeons when he saw the portrait of the fat lady fly wide open. Draco immediately ran behind a suit of armer and saw Harry potter running down that stairs a map in his hands. Draco knew that this was the perfect moment to sneak in. So he walked quietly into the Gryffindor common room as the portrait hole closed right behind him.









Harry spotted Cho on the map entering the library and headed there. When he reached his destination it was quiet but he could hear a low breathing coming from one of the nearby tables.

“Harry come over here I’ve been waiting for you.” Harry quickly scrambled into the chair right across from Cho.

“Hey Cho how was your s…s…summer.” Harry stammered trying to make his mouth move.
”It was fine but I really missed you I just couldn’t wait to come back to Hogwarts and see you.”

Harry looked into her eyes and moved closure until their lips locked. Harry had never felt so happy and nothing in the entire world could make that moment terrible.

“Harry what are you doing kissing that girl?” a strange but familiar voice said from behind Harry. Cho and Harry immediately stopped and looked at non other than California.

“What are you doing here California?” Harry said darkly since he decided a while ago not to trust her.

“I wanted to take a tour of the castle and see some sights I could text to my friends back home.

“Text what is that?” Cho asked.

California pulled up a chair and sat down next to Cho and told her about the wonderful world of cell phones. Harry just sat there and watched his perfect night being spoiled by a stupid girl, with her blue eyes, long brown hair, perfect smile and … was he actually fantasizing over someone other than Cho? Nah it wasn’t that at all. He decided that it was best that he and California leave Cho and go up to bed. Harry stood up and took California’s arm and walked away from Cho back up to Gryffindor tower.


“What are you doing I was talking!?” California yelled pulling her arm away.

“What am I doing what were you doing interrupting me when i'm with my girlfriend?!” Harry shouted back at her.

“It’s nothing to get so worked up about, you know she isn’t you’re girlfriend yet, and besides you deserve better.” California pointed out.

“Who could be better?” Harry asked

“Why me silly.” California said so sweetly.

Harry rolled onto the floor and laughed so hard tears came to his eyes.

“I’ll even prove we’re meant for each other.” California said. So Harry stood up, and waited to hear what California had to say. She didn’t say a word and after a moment of silence he was about to walk away when she grabbed his face and put his lips up to her’s. Harry tried to pull away at first but then found himself kissing her back.




Draco hid behind a couch where he saw Ron and Hermione talking.

“Hermione I was just wondering you know if we could hang out more than we usually do.” Ron said.

“Well now that Harry has Cho it will get lonely but who else do I have to hang with?” She said.

Ron sighed obviously she wasn’t getting the point. Ron wanted to spend more time with her because he liked her. Draco stood where he was hiding and watched Hermione intently. All summer he had thought of no one else besides her. Just to see her now was enough back in his common room but now he wanted more he wanted to always be near her and never leave her side.

“Hermione I’m going up to bed I’m exhausted I’ll see you in the morning.” Ron told her.

“Goodnight.” Hermione said pleasantly.

Draco knew that now was his chance he knew he would be able to talk to her now. He quickly looked around the room to make sure there was no one else. When he saw it was all right he jumped on the couched right next to Hermione. She let out a soft scream, but he was faster and covered her mouth.

“Listen I’m leaving don’t worry, I just needed to tell you something will you listen?”

Draco still covered her mouth, but when she shook her head in agreement he released her.

“I can’t eat sleep or anything because all summer I have been thinking of only one person and that is you. I know that you like Ron and I never will have a chance with you but I just needed to tell you that.” Tears came running down his cheeks and he ran out of the Common room and back to the dungeons.






Unlike Draco though Harry had a lovely time with California and was walking holding hands with her on the way up to Gryffindor tower. When they finally got there Harry was exhausted and ready for bed. California gave him a kiss on the cheek and he walked up to the boy’s dormitory. It had been a perfect night. Harry Got in his bed closed his eyes and was about to go to sleep when he realized that he had just agreed to be Cho’s and California’s boyfriend. Greayt he thought when the girl who you loved finally falls for you, you go with someone else.







“Harry why did you ditch me last night?” Cho asked while she ran over to him in the courtyard.

“I didn’t exactly ditch you, California she…”

“I knew exactly what’s going on here, and if you decide to actually care about me again come find me. But in the meantime just hang out with your girlfriend California!” She interrupted him and then ran away. Harry could not believe what was happening to him and on top of it all he was failing potions again and Hermione was to busy with Ron to help. He just wished he could go back in time and never made the mistake of kissing California.

Wait a sec, I can go back in time using Hermione’s timeturner because I knew she still has that!” He said excitedly under his breath. Harry packed up his things and ran up to Gryffindor Tower to find Hermione.

When Harry found her she was reading a book in one of the armchairs by the fireplace

Harry tapped her on the shoulder and she spun around and looked at Harry.

“Oh Harry you startled me so what do you need?” She asked.

“I need your time turner so I can go back in time and stop myself kissing California so Cho will still like me.” Harry said.

Harry didn’t notice before but it looked like Hermione had been crying. So Harry sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong.

“Well last night after you left to go see Cho, and Ron went upstairs to bed someone really unexpected came into the common room.” She whispered into Harry’s ear.

“You can’t tell Ron though, it was Malfoy.”

“Malfoy came into the common room why didn’t you tell me right away. Now we can get him expelled.!!!” Harry screamed.

“Harry no he didn’t do anything to me, Hermione told him, he only wanted to tell me he loves me.” 

“He what? He loves you Hermione it’s a joke you can’t trust him.” Harry knew that Draco was a good for nothing ass who no one could trust.

“Anyway Hermione just stay away from him, can I borrow your timeturner?” He asked her.

“Fine just don’t let yourself see you.” She said as she reached for the necklace and handed it to Harry.


The next thing he knew Harry was in the Gryffindor common room the night before, and spotted California coming out of the girl’s dormitory. He ran after her, and hid behind a suit of armor and waited so he could stop her from kissing him.

What he did not expect to see was Draco Malfoy walking up to California.

“Draco I’m about to do my part have you completed your part of the bargain?” California asked. Her smile turning into a cold evil grin.

“What do you think im doing right now?” Malfoy replied.

“Well I heard from Snape that you can’t be trusted with a task this big.” California said sticking her nose up in the air.

“Yeah like getting Harry to fall in love with you Hermione to fall in love with me kill Ron and get Hermione to talk about all of Potter’s secrets is so difficult.” Malfoy teased.

“Malfoy not so loud do you want everyone in this stupid castle to hear you!” California just blew up with Malfoy grabbing for his neck when she saw the portrait hole opening again. Harry came out this time and California ran down the stairs, and Malfoy hid behind the statue opposite of Harry. Ran down the stairs after California. Malfoy, unfortunately, saw Harry and past out from shock of seeing two Harry’s. He was never ok again.

Chasing after California Harry finally spotted her.

“California I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” He yelled to her..

“California turned around and ran towards Harry.

“What are doing here Hermione said you were going to see Cho?” She said in shock.
”Who cares about that bitch all I want is you.” Harry said. I better wash my mouth out with soup after doing this.

Harry hugged California and put her lips on his and they kissed. His wand was already in his hand and while they were kissing he jinxed her. She fell to the floor.


In the end California apparently was wanted in America for a number of bad crimes. Ron and Hermione hooked up and Cho and Harry were very happy together


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