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My Best Summer by Mr_Potter
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8: Part 1
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Chapter 8


The next morning Hermione and her mother were in the front lawn planting new seeds and filling their flowerbed with new soil. This was the final chore that needed to be completed before Hermione was off of her punishment.


Hermione was lost in her own thought now that she found out that Harry and she were going to go to Grimmauld Place after Harry’s birthday. She had hoped that Harry and she would be able to spend his birthday together with no one else and now that was possible. This thought brought a smile onto her face that went unnoticed by her mother.


“Hermione dear, exactly when were you going to leave?” Melina asked.


“In about six days, why?” Hermione asked.


With a frown on her face, Melina replied, “Well, we haven’t spent much time together this summer and with the family being here and all…”


She didn’t have to continue, Hermione already knew what she meant.


“I going to miss you too, but I promise that I will be here for Christmas break.” Hermione replied with a soft smile on her face.


“That’s all I ask dear.” Melina said as a smile replaced her frown and they continued improving the unfinished flowerbed in a comfortable silence.



Harry just woke up to his usual alarm clock; Uncle Vernon shouting at the top of his lungs for him to get downstairs and start cooking breakfast.


Dragging himself out of bed, Harry went downstairs and into the kitchen in nothing but his boxers.


Harry started cooking their usual meal while Uncle Vernon kept on criticizing him about him waking up so late.


“As lazy as your alcoholic, unemployed father”, were his exact words. Harry had learn a long time ago to simply ignore him, which only made him turn five different shades of purple, much to Harry’s amusement.


After finishing his own breakfast, Harry went upstairs and did his usual morning drills, which include push-ups, crunches, stretches, and taking a shower and brushing his teeth after.


All the Dursleys’ were know out of the house and Harry went downstairs and made himself a turkey club sandwich and continued to watch “South Park”. It was the usual routine for Harry, relaxing in the afternoon in nothing but his boxers.


Then the doorbell rang, after about fifteen minutes of watching television.


“I’m coming!” Harry shouted, over the volume of the doorbell.


Opening the door, Harry saw Hermione, Tiffany, and Lily standing in front of the door and Tiffany and Lily were staring at his chest while Hermione looked away with her cheeks turning beat red.


“Oh, um hi” Harry said, breaking the silence in an awkward voice.


“Hi”, was the girls reply as they turned bright red and tried to stare at him in the face.


“Do you want to come in?” Harry asked after a moment of silence.


Hermione, Tiffany, and Lily just nodded.


Moving aside, Harry walked away from the front door. “Fell free to raid the fridge; I’m just going to go put on something to wear.”


“Alright” Lily replied, as Harry disappeared from view and they took a seat at the couch, while Tiffany went to get them some drinks.


“That was awkward”, Hermione said, breaking the tension between the three of them. Tiffany and Lily only nodded in agreement as they continued to watch televisions, while the waited for Harry to come back downstairs.


Five minutes later, Harry came downstairs fully dressed in black jeans and a white t-shirt and a red baseball cap in his hand.


“So, what are you girls doing here anyway?” Harry asked, as he took a seat in an armchair to the left of the couch that the girls were occupying.


 “Oh well, Tiffany and Lily are going to go to a party and I’m not invited, so the girls suggested that I spend the day with you.” Hermione answered. Harry just raised his eyebrow in reply.


“We just thought that you wouldn’t want to stay inside for the whole day.” Tiffany quickly answered.


“Okay…” Harry said, waiting for them to continue.


“We want you to take Hermione out on a date.” Lily answered suddenly, surprising everyone that she would be so forward.


After a bit hesitation, Harry finally decided to accept the idea with a brief nod, “okay”.


“Really” Hermione asked with a tone of shock and confusion in her voice.

“Yeah”, Harry said a little too eagerly, causing Tiffany and Lily to laugh. “I mean, if you want to?” Harry asked as he scratched his head feeling slightly awkward.


“Okay” Hermione said, as a pretty blush appeared onto her face. They just stood there in silence and didn’t notice as Tiffany and Lily slipped out the door and ran back to Hermione’s house in giggles.


“I guess I will pick you up around 6:00.”


“Yeah, okay, I’ll see you then.” With a quick kiss to his cheek Hermione left, Harry just stood there with a hand on his cheek as if he has been slapped. Wiping the stupid grin on his face, Harry closed the door and went back to watching “South Park”.



It was 3:00 p.m, Harry was in the park sitting under a tree staring into particularly nothing. The other kids were all around on the swings, slides and such. He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there but he knew that it had been awhile.


Closing his eyes and rocking his head back onto the tree, Harry tried to relax, and that was in till he felt a hand poke his shoulder. Opening his eyes in a snap, he grabbed the hand and twisted it. A shriek was heard, and then Harry finally noticed that it was Hermione. Hurriedly Harry let go and stood up all the while apologizing and stating that he didn’t notice that it was you.


“Hermione, I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was you. Are you alright?” Harry asked with worry and fear in his voice that he hurt her.


Calming down, Hermione stated that she was fine.


“Are you sure?”


“Yes, yes I’m fine.




“Yes really.”


“Are you sure?”


“YES!” Hermione shouted out in annoyance.


“Alright, good.” Harry said as relief washed over him.


“I was just wondering if you were alright.” Hermione said in concern in her fragile voice after the whole twisted arm incident.


“Yeah, I’m fine.”


“Good” Hermione stated awkwardly, “I was wondering were you wanted to go tonight?”


“Oh” Harry said, “Well I just thought that we would do whatever you wanted to do.”


“Really” Hermione asked surprised.


“Yeah, I mean, I can’t really decide so why we don’t go somewhere you want to go.”


“Ok, thanks that’s brilliant.” Hermione said, giving Harry a kiss on the cheek, Hermione ran off and went around the corner.


Harry sighed and sat back down. ‘I’m never going to understand women’, he thought as he closed his eyes listening to the laughter of the kids in the playground.



A/N: I know that this is a really short chapter, but I wanted to get one out so it doesn’t seem like I gave up on this story. Please don’t hate me. I know this chapter sucks. (Like the rest of my stories) So I don’t know why some of you are still reading it. This chapter is part 1 of 2, so I will try to get the next one out quickly. J

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