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Curiosity Killed The Cat... by lollipop_marauderette
Chapter 3 : Saying Goodbye And Purple Eyes
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"So you’re going back to the 80's?" Ron asked. Still slightly confused.

Harry nodded. Since he had gotten back, he had been trying to tell Ron, Hermione, Ana, and Ginny where he was going without revealing too much.

"How pimpin’ sweet is that!" Ana shouted looking extremely excited.

Ginny had been silent through all of this, but now spoke up. "Don’t."

Harry looked confused. Ginny raised her head. "Don’t go. Don’t leave us. Don’t leave me."

‘Gin’, it’s not like I’m not coming back.’ Hermione had let Harry keep the wipe board, and it was proving to be very useful.

"But what if you don’t!" Ginny sounded slightly hysterical. "I don’t think I could handle it!"

‘Ginny I will always come back to you.’ Harry lent in and gently kissed Ginny.

"Oh la la!" Ana wiggled her eyebrows. "Is it hot in here? Or is it just you two?"

Harry and Ginny glared at her, but Ana just gave them innocent eyes. "Well, I have to go," Ginny said getting up.

"Us too, We have to meet Lupin for something," Hermione and Ron disapparated at the same spot Ginny had.

Before Ana disapparated, she turned to Harry and said, "I’ll be here bright and early!! And if you start to feel depressed remember, if life rains on you, bring out the slip and slide!" She said the last part very seriously and left.

Harry shook his head. Honestly, what had he done to deserve this crazy person!?



"Yo! Sleepin’ Beauty! Get up now!!!" A pillow was repeatedly hitting Harry in the head.

Harry covered his head. ‘Ana! Stop hitting me!!’

"Not until you get up!!!" Ana didn’t even pause.

‘All right!! All right!!’ Harry rolled out of bed.

Ana threw the pillows on the bed and put her hands on her hips. "You know, for someone who was in a coma for the past two months, you sure sleep a lot!"

Harry scowled and looked at the clock. It read 11:45. ‘What happened to bright and early?!’ Harry yelped in his head as he ran to the bathroom.

"Well, some people refused to wake up!"

Harry was done in a few minutes and the two hurried to disapparate. The made it into McGonagall’s office right on time.

"Miss Potter. What are you doing here?" McGonagall looked surprised.

"Just here for support!" Ana sat in a chair. McGonagall looked at Harry quizzically. He understood and shook his head slightly.

"All right then, Mr. Potter. Before you go, there is something we must do." McGonagall looked at them both. "As both of you know, Mr. Potter will be returning to the time of your parents. Therefore, we must change your appearance."

"Awesome! You’ll be like James Bond, wizard style! I’ll send you a care package with a tux in it!" Ana was nearly bouncing with excitement. She was serious. And despite his nervousness, Harry smiled when McGonagall rolled her eyes and shook her head wearily.

"Well, anyway. Harry, I’m sorry, but I can’t change your scar." Harry let out a silent sigh of frustration. "But we haven’t got all day. Put on this necklace."

Harry took and looked at the necklace. It was a black cord with what looked like a shark’s tooth on it.

"That necklace is insane!!!! Now it’s like James Bond slash surfer dude!" Ana put her hands up like a gun and said in a deep voice," The name’s Potter, Harry Potter. And I like to be surfin’, not stirred."

Harry laughed silently and put on the necklace as he watched McGonagall take two deep breaths and rub her temples.

As soon as he put it on, Harry felt a difference. His body was tingling, kinda like being poked and stuck with needles all over his body at once. And was it just him, or was he shrinking???

Just a soon as it had started, it stopped. He looked over at Ana, who was staring at him. "Dang Harry," She said slowly. "You’re hott.’

Harry looked down at his new body. He had shrunk, now standing at 5' 11" instead of 6' 3". Harry still had his broad shoulders and muscles, but his tan looked more like he had gained it by lots of time in the sun. Brown pumas, faded slightly baggy jeans, and a blue shirt completed his look.

McGonagall handed him a mirror and Harry stared, perplexed.

Harry’s face was now chiseled, with hints of stubble on his chin. His scar was still there, but was covered by shaggy, dark brown hair, with occasional carmel streaks. But strangest of all were his eyes. The usual bright green eyes were not a dark, almost blue, purple.

Ana walked silently, which was unusual, over to Harry. She circled him as if trying to take in his new appearance. Then she stopped and inspected his face. After a few seconds, she smiled widely.

"Awesome eyes! I’ve never seen any other like ‘em!" Ana turned to McGonagall. "M&M { A/N– Get it? Like her initials!} Will you do my eyes like Harry’s???"

Ana, seeing the word ‘no’ start to form, walked over in front of the desk. Her eyes widened and started to fill with tears. Her lips pouted and her chin started to quiver.

This was Ana’s famous ‘potter pout’. Everyone knew about it and had once been under its influence. Nobody except Dumbledore and McGonagall could break it, and McGonagall only twice.

"Ughh, fine." McGonagall flicked her wand. Ana smiled and the tears disappeared so you would never have guessed they had been there. She squealed and grabbed the mirror from Harry’s hand. McGonagall sighed and took a bottle of asprin out of a drawer and swallowed one, something people normally did in Ana’s presence.

After Ana was done looking at her new eyes, she turned to Harry. "We are the oddest lookin’ twins I have ever seen! Hey lookey! You’re only 2 inches taller than me! Not 7!" It was true. Though Ana was tall, Harry still towered over her.

McGonagall quickly regained her composure. "Right then. We don’t have all day. We need to cover some things."

Harry shrugged and nodded to show he was listening.

"As I’ve already said, you will be going back to the time of your parents. Remember, do not tell them anything about what will happen to them or about the future. It is of vital importance."

"I am also going to change your name. You’ll now be known as Scott Ryan."

"You’re naming him Scott??!! Man, I’m gonna need a therapist!" Ana was silenced by a look from McGonagall.

"Also, do not take off your necklace. Your things will be provided, so all you will need is your wand. That is all, please come over here."

Before Harry could step forward, Ana caught him in a big bear hug. "Remember all that. Luv ya’, dork."

‘Love you too, Repunzal.’ Harry thought hugging her back. Ana smiled instead of punching him like normal.

When Harry got to the desk, McGonagall was holding a small book. "Just grab onto this when I tell you." She dropped her voice to a whisper. "And remember why you’re going."

She sat the book on the desk and in a normal tone said, ""Ready... Now!"

Harry grabbed on. Instead of the horrible portkey feeling he was expecting, Harry felt something totally different. He felt as if he were simply fading.

After a few minutes, the sensation abruptly left. The force caused his knees to buckle and him to fall down.

Harry looked around and that he was again in the Headmaster’s office.

His eyes wandered around until they rested on the man sitting behind the desk. He radiated power and kindness, and had a long grey beard with intelligent blue eyes.

"Hello Harry," Albus Dumbledore said calmly.

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