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Yearning for Lily by wild hippo
Chapter 1 : Mistakes
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The last word that escaped Severus' lips before a distressed Lily snatched up her books and ran weeping from the scene.

Severus stood there, swaying a little staring into the space where Lily had disappeared from. His nervous system had gone briefly numb. He was so dumb-struck with what he had said that it was at least 10 seconds until he realized he was lying on the floor with James throwing punches to his face.

"" growled James, throwing punches between each word and kicking Severus' wand away from him.

Remus Lupin,Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew sprinted onto the scene before Sirius leaped onto James and pulled him away from Severus with all the strength he could muster. Remus, realizing how much strain Sirius was under, grabbed James' arm and tugged him away. Leaving Severus lying on the floor almost unconscious.

James finally admitted defeat by shrugging Sirius and Remus off of him and storming towards the castle growling under his breath as he went.

James rushed around to the Gryffindor common room, sure that Lily was going to be there. He took a slow,deep breath and muttered " Blast-ended skrewts" and dragged his feet as James spotted Lily sobbing on a sofa with her hands covering her face and the blazing fire reflecting off her beautiful, auburn hair.

Reluctantly, James walked over to the seat next to Lily and put a comforting arm around her which made her physically leap up from the seat and whip out her wand.

" Oh, James it's you. You made me jump." Lily panted, clutching her chest and sliding her wand back into her pocket.

" Why were you crying,Lily ?" James questioned, he actually felt Lily's pain. He longed to be with her and in her presence. Sometimes, he would sit in the common room looking, just looking at her. Admiring her flawless nature and breath-taking beauty, how she wasn't vain was beyond him.

" Oh...erm...nothing. Just a petty argument." said Lily holding back tears and wiping her face with the corner of her robes.

" Lily." James growled. He didn't mean to get angry but it infuriated him to see her defending the boy who called her a mudblood.

Lily felt James' eyes burning into hers. His glaze just intensifying as she delayed her reply.  It wasn't that she didn't trust James, it was that she knew he would do something awful.

She took a deep breath and replied. " Severus called me a..." she looked around to make sure no-one could hear."He called me a mudblood." As she said the last word, she broke down into sobs.

James felt as if a knife had plunged through his heart. He put a caring arm around Lily's shoulder. She wrapped her arms around his neck causing James to fall into the seat next to her.

"Come on. Lets go to the Hall. Get some food into you. It will make you feel so much better, I promise." James said about 30 minutes later, helping Lily off her seat.

" Thank you." Lily smiled, taking James' hand and standing up.

They both went through the portrait hole and out into the hall, but stopped dead in their tracks as Severus jumped up. He had, obviously, been waiting outside the common room for a while because he was half-asleep when they came out.

Severus' face was swollen and bruised from James' blows. He looked exhausted from what was visible of his puffy face.

" Lily. I'm so sorry. You don't understand. I didn't mean..." Severus pleaded, his confidence being knocked down by the look Lily was giving him. Severus was trying to ignore James who had his arm around Lily and was staring angrily at Severus.

" What happened to your face ?" Lily interrupted.

" Oh don't worry about it.I'm fine." smiled Severus weakly.

" So you call me names and won't tell me how you hurt yourself ?" Lily snarled.

James had never seen Lily this angry and neither had Lily herself. She was so mad at Severus. The way he called muggle-borns mudbloods knowing that a muggle-born was standing next to him.

"It was me. I hit him. I saw that he called you, well, you know, and I couldn't control myself. I apologize." James said shamefully. He didn't mean to hurt Lily.

" Yeah James started attacking me. He was lucky I didn't ..." Severus was cut short as Lily slapped him hard around his already swollen face.

" Don't you dare threaten him. If you had not been such a hypocrite in the first place I wouldn't be so angry with you would I ? Come on James." Lily screeched. The anger that was bottled up inside poured out of her like a well-made polyjuice potion.

James walked along with Lily who was walking incredibly fast. He looked back and saw Severus standing there sobbing.

They turned off of the corridor and Lily pulled James to the side.

"I'm so sorry, James. I didn't mean to act like that and I understand why you attacked him. I would of done the same for you but don't do it again. People here say a lot of bad things about me. I don't want you getting in to trouble. Promise me ?" Lily asked, looking into his chocolate eyes.

" I swear." James said before Lily leaned in and kissed James.

A warm glow like drinking a whole pint of firewhisky swallowed him. His whole body was overcome with gratitude towards Lily. "If only she understood how amazing it felt to be with her" James thought. "To be able to be in her presence is enough to keep me going through anything."

" James, thank you."Lily grinned, like a child with a new toy. " No, thank you, for everything. I will make it up to you eventually. I promise." James replied.

He knew at that moment, Lily was the woman he was going to marry. The woman he would have his children with. The woman who would change his entire world.


A.N - my very first attempt to write a Marauders one-shot so please read and review in that great little box down there and tell me what you think, good or bad.

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