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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : The kiss of life
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A/N: hello again faithful readers, thanks for reviewing. sorry bout the wait for this chapter but we hope it's satisfactory enough

"I can't believe you two did that Harry" Hermione muttered into her breakfast the next morning

"Hey, Ron was there too!"


"I can't believe that mum and dad were going to keep it from us actually" George said


"I mean you can't have a vampire in the house with children like Ron running around can you Fred"


"Of course not George"


"We have already been through this; she explained it all to us! If you two hadn't been stirring it!"


"Hey!" Harry said,


"I meant Fred and George...but you are just as bad!"


Fred and George rolled their eyes at each other


"She’s just like me and you!"


"...except she eats people...”


"She’s a vampire not a zombie!" Hermione snapped at Fred


"Oh great here we go....what is it next Hermione S.P.A.V, society for protection against...."


"No not against! They’re not dangerous!"


"...Hermione..." Ginny sighed


"give it a rest will you...yes she's explained it to us, yes she's a vampire, but she's getting help and the least we can do is to support her and not argue over it!"


"She’s still the same Lucida we know"


"Yeah...but we don't know her do we?" Harry pointed out


The room fell silent after this as Ginny tutted before turning back to her breakfast. Not being ones for awkward silences the twins turned to Ron


"So Ronniekins" Fred leant forward on his elbow and surveyed his brother who was trying to eat his breakfast "you were quiet all through the talk yesterday"


"And you were looking at her with a certain expression on your face"


"Fear?" George asked


"No...Lust" Fred stated matter of factly


"Are you sure he wasn't constipated?"


"she's made an impact on you Ron because normally your running away and screaming like a little girl when anything scary comes your way" and before Ron could react George butted in again


"How would you feel taking her out on daylight walks? ... No wait that won't work"


"And don't go thinking about being romantic and giving her a present like a cross on a chain"


"Are you scared of coffins?"


The twins laughed and Hermione scowled at them


"She explained yesterday how she could walk in the daylight and how she doesn't sleep in a bloody coffin! That’s just stereotyping!"


"That’s a bit of a long word for this time in the morning isn't it?"


They all fell silent until they could faintly hear Fred sing under his breath


"Ron Fancies Lucy"


Ron swallowed his scrambled egg


"Her name is Lucida"


"So you do fancy her"


"I never said..."


"But all you said was ..."


"Oh shut up" Ron growled


"Do you like the vampire then Ron, I didn't realise you were into that kind of thing!"




Ginny giggled over her breakfast


"Leave him alone Ginny" Hermione said, but she was also grinning behind her tea cup.


"Has Wronny got a girlfriend?"


"No George!" Ginny sighed


"It’s just a crush!"


Hermione fell into a fit of giggles


"Oh leave me alone!" Ron slammed his plate and cutlery into the sink and stormed out, leaving the others laughing behind him, without realising that Harry had followed him out


"It’s not your morning is it mate?"


"Don’t you start!"




"Sorry Harry..." Ron apologised


"What is it?"


Ron ran his fingers through his tousled hair and sighed

Harry patted Ron's arm


"Come on Ron, you know you can talk to me"


Ron gave a thankful smile


"Its...they.....its Lucida" he mumbled


Harry grinned


"Do you like her then?"


Ron went red and began shrugging his shoulders and muttering incoherently

Harry laughed


"They are just picking on you forget it Ron!"


Ron shrugged his shoulders again and Harry grinned at his best friend


"Look I’m going back to breakfast; I’ll talk to you later ok?"


Ron nodded and Harry left for the kitchen after giving Ron a reassuring wink.


Ron frowned and then turned around




Ron swallowed nervously


"Erm...hello...yeah" he coughed


"Are you off to breakfast?" she asked


" I’ve just finished"


"Oh right"


An awkward silence fell between them Lucida cleared her throat


"I may just get something and eat up in my room. Erm... do you mind getting it for me?" she

Asked cautiously


Ron nodded


"....I heard what you were saying earlier...I...I’m not dangerous"


"Oh no!..No I know that...I trust you" Ron said going slightly red, Lucida smiled at him


"...Ron....why are you staring at me?..."


"Oh er um....scrambled egg on toast?" Ron stuttered


Lucida smiled


"Sounds good to me"


"I’ll ...I’ll get that for you then"




Lucida smiled gratefully and turned to go back up the stairs, Ron stared after her


"Get in there!"


He whirled around


"Shut up Fred!"


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


After Ron had taken Lucida up her breakfast he went and got ready for the rest of the day


"So you going to ask her?"


"What?" Ron looked up and saw his twin brothers standing in the doorway


"Yeah little man you going to pop the question or shall we?" George asked


Ron slid his t-shirt on, but said nothing


"Well looks like its up to us Gred"


"It certainly is Forge"


"Don't you dare!" Ron snapped


"Dare what?..." Fred began




"Alrighty maybe we won't" Fred said shrugging his shoulders


"Maybe? ... Look just leave..."


"Lucida! How are you? Didn’t see you at breakfast, don't be shy come here"


"No" Ron hissed, but George still beckoned to Lucida, who had now changed into a skirt and top,

And Fred and George steered Lucida into Ron's room


"Ron's got something to ask you, haven't you Ronny boy?" George said


Ron's eyes widened and he glared at George


"Go on..." Fred said pushing Lucida towards his little brother


Ron nervously scratched the back of his neck


" was just wandering the erm... book list for school?" Ron mumbled


Fred and George tutted in unison


"You know that stupid! Mum got her books last week"


"Oh yeah..." Ron muttered


"Now ask her the real question"




"Basically!" Fred cut in, pushing Ron down onto the bed


"Ron would like to ask..."


George seated Lucida next to Ron


"...if you would..."


Ron began frantically waving and shaking his head at Fred behind Lucida


" so kind as to..."




"Play chess with him this evening"


Ron gaped at Fred


"Erm... I don't have to if you don't want to..."


Lucida turned to Ron.


"No!" he suddenly said "I’d...erm... I’d love you to" he finished quickly


"There you go! It wasn't too difficult was it Ronny boy" George grinned and winked at Ron


"Well we will leave you now" Fred said


"Our job is done" said George


Lucida stood to leave as well and luckily missed the mimed threat of 'I will kill you!' aimed at Fred and George by Ron.


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


"Your move"


"Oh sorry" said Ron


Lucida smiled


"Is this really what you wanted to ask me then?" she asked


"Well... it of...erm...I..." Ron stuttered


Lucida smiled


"You what?"


Ron blushed


"I think it’s your move"


"Oh... yes" Lucida moved the piece across the board reluctantly


A small meow was heard from the door


"Hello crookshanks"


The fluffy cat rubbed up against Ron's leg. Crookshanks meowed again


"No you can't play chess Crookshanks"


Lucida laughed, she reached out to the stroke the cat as I sauntered towards her.


Ron watched Lucida's pale figure and smiled to himself as Lucida stroked Crookshanks and brushed her silky long hair out of her face, she had such a beautiful smile...


"Crookshanks no!"


Ron didn't react in time to stop Crookshanks from jumping on the chess board and the pieces from flying everywhere.


"Oh honestly!" Lucida said laughing at Crookshanks innocent face


"Here I’ll help you pick them up" she said bending down to pick pieces up from the floor


"Yeah..." Ron said quickly grabbing at the chess pieces. He looked up and smiled at Lucida.


"Oh you missed a piece" he said pointing behind her.


Lucida looked at Ron




He could see her glistening eyes and wanted so much to be close to her.


She then moved closer and Ron panicked. The next thing Lucida knew, Ron had gently kissed her.

Lucida pulled away surprised at what had just happened


"I...I..." Ron stuttered


"I’m so sorry ...I"


Lucida gave him a look that made him stop


"I liked it" she whispered


Ron smiled meekly at her


Lucida brushed her hair out of her face and leaned closer towards him and just as their lips was about to touch...


"HELLO! How’s the chess game going?"


"Now really Fred, you should learn to knock before entering"


"Oh yes George dreadful habit of mine"


Lucida and Ron scrambled up from the floor


"What were you two doing down there?" Fred asked


"I...we...were, Crookshanks knocked them on the floor, and he jumped up and ...erm..."


"Oh really eh?"


"Crookshanks eh?"


"Likely story eh Fred?"


"Oh definitely George"


Fred winked at Ron


"So why are you here then?" Ron asked curtly


"We just came to tell you dinner was ready Ronny boy"


"Now let us escort your lovely lady down there" George said grabbing hold of Lucida and pulling her towards the door.


"What are you doing!" hissed Ron


"Taking this pretty young thing downstairs" George said


"You know what, we haven't spoken enough have we Lucida?" asked Fred




"No! That is the answer and so you I and George over there will be sitting together, with you in the middle"


Fred flashed a smile at Ron, who just glared


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         


"More juice Lucida?"


"More peas Lucida?"


"How about mash potato?"


"Or gravy?"


"Leave her alone boys!" Molly said


Fred looked over at Ron


"What’s up with you then?" he asked shovelling carrots into his mouth


"Nothing" Ron mumbled


"You sulking?" George asked


"What’s wrong with you?" Fred pestered


George nudged Lucida


"You need to cheer him up you do"


"Yeah give him a little..."


"FRED! That is not appropriate behaviour at the dinner table" Molly warned


Ron hid his face, blushing like mad


"You’re so cruel" Lucida smiled, but she was blushing too.


"Hey, Lucida!" Fred said suddenly making her turn around to face him,


She burst out laughing at Fred and George who had put chips in their mouths to make it look like fangs and were hissing like vampires at each other




"We’re just trying to make Lucida feel at home!" George insisted spitting the chips onto his plate, Lucida laughed again


"I don't mind"


But then she noticed the whispering coming from the other side of the table. She looked over at Hermione and Ginny, who had their heads close together and kept on looking over at her

Lucida looked at them and began to get worried


Arthur noticed the worry on her face and turned to Hermione and Ginny.


"What are you talking about girls?"


They stopped abruptly


"Nothing" Ginny said


"Now come on we can share things here"


Ginny took a deep breath


"Well...we were wandering why..."she glanced at Lucida


"Why Lucida doesn’t look like a vampire"


"What sort of a question is that?" Ron said appalled


"It’s ok Ron" Lucida said quietly


"No its not!"


"Calm down's only natural the girls are curious" Arthur said


"However" he looked disapprovingly at Ginny "it isn't polite to whisper about someone like that"


"Really its ok" Lucida said laying down her knife and fork.


"What else do you want to know?"


Molly looked nervously at Arthur


"It’s alright, we're sorry it's just that well we don't entirely...understand a lot about vampires"


Lucida shrugged


"It’s alright I don't understand a lot about vampires myself"


Harry frowned


"But how can you not know a lot about it?"


Lucida glared at him


"It’s not like I was given a crash course on how to be a vampire before I was bitten you know"




"So what's it like drinking blood then?"




"Oh come on mum!"


"It’s ok Mrs Weasley; I did say it was alright to ask questions"


"Soo..." Fred prompted


Lucida just shrugged


"I don't know"


"How can you not know?" Hermione asked


"I haven't had any blood"


"How were you fed in the hospital then?" asked Harry. Ron looked at Lucida


"They force fed me"


"They what?" Ginny gasped


"Well how would you like to just drink someone's blood?" Lucida said exasperatedly


"If she was the right girl..."


"George!" Fred gasped dramatically


"Sorry Fred, but you must know what I mean"


He waved his fork at Ron


"And I’m sure Ronnykins knows too eh?" and Fred and George winked in unison.


Throughout the meal Sirius had kept quiet until someone arrived.


"Snivellus" Sirius growled as he rose to his feet and glared at Snape "come back for more abuse?"


"Don’t flatter yourself Black...I’m here to see Lucida" and he looked at Lucida


"Can I speak to you outside please?"Lucida nodded and smiled at everyone as she stood up and followed Snape out of the room.


"How is it here?" he asked as they walked away from the kitchen


"It’s great... I didn’t think I would fit in this fast...although they keep asking lots of questions that I don't even know the answers to"


"It’s alright; I was like that when I first got bitten. I’ll help you get through it all at Hogwarts, it's safer to tell you there then it is here"


Lucida looked at him as he stopped


"I haven't got long, but there's one thing I need to start today" and he went in his pocket and pulled out a vial full of red liquid


"I’m not ready"


"I know you're not but you have to"


*          *          *          *          *          *         


Lucida moved away from the window and lay back down on her bed. She sighed heavily and tapped her fingers together as she looked at the ceiling. She felt bored.


She stood up again and crept towards the door; she silently opened it and left. She walked towards Ron's room and silently opened the door.


She looked around the room as the people in it slept on; completely unaware that someone had come in the room.


She walked towards Ron's bed and smiled at him. She got closer and leant down


"Ron?" she said quietly


Ron carried on snoring


"Ron?" she repeated


Ron grunted "go away Harry, trying ...sleep"


"Ron" she hissed shaking him


Ron awoke with a snort and looked around wildly.


"Lucida?...what's matter?" he asked stupidly


"I can't sleep"


Ron looked at her and sat up, rubbing his eyes and yawning


"What do you want to do?" he asked


"I dunno go sit downstairs maybe?"


"Alright" Ron said standing up and following her out of the room yawning and rubbing his eyes


"Why are you so awake?" he asked as they walked down the stairs and sat in the front room


"I haven't really been able to sleep since I got bitten"


"Don’t you get really tired?"


"Not really" she said shrugging


"I don't think I’m awake enough for a game of chess" Ron yawned


"Oh come on at least I’d be able to beat you" Lucida smiled


"Go on then" Ron said smiling and setting up the chessboard. After a few games Ron realised that for once he was going to be beaten at a girl.


"Damn Snape, he must of given you tips when he took you away from the dinner table, just to annoy me" he laughed


Lucida gave a small smile.


"Can I ask what did happen?"


"He gave me some blood"


"You drank some of Snape's blood?" Ron asked his mouth open in shock


"No...It was from his pocket?"


Lucida laughed


"So what did it taste like?"


"It was really rich and thick..."


"Eurgh! He most probably got it off Draco then" Ron screwed up his face in disgust




"Someone you don't need to know"


Lucida moved her bishop so it checkmated Ron's king


"Hey I won" she smiled


"Ah!" Ron pushed the chessboard over


Lucida tutted and picked up the pieces, Ron helping


"There’s no need to sulk because I won" Lucida said smiling at Ron as she moved closer to him to get some pieces


"That wasn't why I done it" he smiled


"Then why did you do it then?"


"So I could finish what Fred interrupted" he smiled and leant towards her and kissed her gently


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         


Later the next day Lucida found herself outside thinking about the kiss she shared with Ron and other things that were plaguing her mind.


“You ok?”


Lucida looked up to see that Harry had come outside and was standing beside her, looking down at her


She nodded before sighing and looking back out at the garden. She sensed Harry fidget slightly before he sat next to her.


“Aren’t you cold?” Harry asked as he wrapped his cloak around himself


Lucida shook her head as she watched small flakes of snow flitter to the ground.


“You can talk to me you know. I mean I realise that we haven’t known each other for that long but I am here to listen if you need someone to talk to”


Lucida turned to Harry and gave him a small smile in gratitude.


“Thank you” she said softly


Harry smiled back as he shivered slightly


“How about you come back inside? Molly’s making hot chocolate” Harry told her


“No I think I’ll stay out here for a while”


Harry fell silent for a few moments not knowing what to say


“Would you like me to bring some out?”


“Thanks” she said softly. Harry smiled before standing up and walking away, before he got to the door he turned around too look at her


"Ron's inside, do you want me to get him to bring it out instead?" he flashed her a smile which she returned before he walked inside, leaving Lucida outside alone. She pulled her knees closer to her and wrapped her arms around them, before she rest her head on them, closing her eyes she thought back to that night, the night that plagued her dreams and tainted her life. She wished her parents were here to offer words of comfort, or to just hold her and tell her that everything will be alright because they were there for her.


But she somehow knew that they would never be ok about this, they were never going to come round. It’s like in some way they blamed her. She couldn't even talk to them about how she felt about Ron.


“I can’t be held responsible” she whispered “it’s not my fault”


“Lucida dear” she heard Molly’s voice “come inside, you’ll catch your death out here”


She opened her eyes and lifted her head from her knees to turn and face Molly who was standing at the back door. She gestured for Lucida to come inside before she herself disappeared back inside.


Lucida stood up and reluctantly walked back inside.

A/N : well we hope you enjoyed it, please review

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