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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 7 : Confessions
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The next week on a Saturday Harry was walking along the sidewalk of Hogsmeade, looking for a present to buy for Ginny, for her birthday the next week. He passed a jeweler and saw all the beautiful necklaces, he turned back and opened the store door.

"Hello there, dear. How may I help you today?" came a friendly voice from a witch with beautiful gold locks of hair, from behind a counter.

"Yes, I am looking for something for my girl friend." Harry said, approaching the counter.

"What's the occasion, dear?"

"Its her birthday, she's turning seventeen." Harry said.

"Do you want a ring or necklace?"

"Necklace, please." Harry responded.

"Alright. Are you worried about a price?" the witch asked.

"No, ma'am. The best you have, I will take." Harry said, smiling.

"Alright, let me see what I can find, dear. All of our best is in the back." The witch said. She disappeared behind a hallway, and called back "So, what is your name, sweetheart?"

"Harry Potter." he called, wondering if he was going to get a squeal of response. He walked around the store and looked at all the brilliant jewels and accessories. He saw a beautiful golden ring; the band of the ring had a vine of diamonds around it and in the middle had a huge diamond. 'Ginny would love that.' Harry thought. 'I will need to remember to come back here for an engagement ring.'

"Ah! And, who is the lucky lady, may I ask." came the witch's voice again.

"Her name is Ginny, Ginny Weasley." Harry called back, still staring at the brilliant ring.

"Really? I believe I knew her mother back when we were in school. Sweet lady, in Gryffindor." the witch called again, returning from the hallway with many velvet boxes in her hand. "Here, dear. Take your time."

Harry took the boxes and began looking through the necklaces. "Did you go to Hogwarts?"

"Yes, I did. I was a Ravenclaw. Molly was always a very sweet person...and so was your mother." the witch added.

Harry looked up from the necklaces and looked at the witch. He smiled, happily and returned to the necklaces.

"Oh...Now your father was something else. Great Quidditch Player, he always had all the ladies following him, the ladies even made a James Potter Fan Club! A little crazy, but he was James Potter."

Harry loved hearing the good things about his parents. "Were you friends with them?"

"I never knew them very well, but I did know them. Wonderful people, Harry. You should feel lucky to have such wonderful parents." the witch said sweetly.

"I don’t have them...anymore." Harry mumbled.

The witch hearing this said, "Harry, dear, you do still have them. Even though they can't be with you here, their always here, in your heart. You do still have them with you."

Harry nodded. Then he saw the necklace he knew Ginny would love. It was on a gold chain, with red ruby in the shape of a heart, it had emerald leaves surrounding the heart. He knew emerald was her favorite color; he picked up the necklace and handed it to the witch.

"That one, please."

"What a wonderful choice. Now my dear, I do not know if you noticed but the ruby was slit in half and the inside was taken out of it. So the heart opens up into a locket." she said, opening it up and showing the red inside of the locket.

Harry smiled. "Would you like anything engraved on it?"

"Yes. Could you put 'With all my Love, Harry.' on it, please?"

"Yes, I sure can." she brought out her wand and pointed it inside the locket. Gold began to write across it, and a second later it was done. "This will be 150 galleons and seven sickles."

Harry nodded and got out the money. He had taken 200 galleons from his Vault, because he knew he would be spending a lot of money.

"Now what color box would you like?"

"Emerald, please."

She took out an emerald box and placed the necklace carefully inside. She brought out her wand once more and wrote the name 'Ginny' in gold on the front. "Here you go, Harry. Ginny is a very lucky girl. Have a goody day. I hope we meet again."

"Thank you. You have a nice day too." he said, before exiting the store, carrying Ginny's beautiful necklace.


On Monday Harry, Ron, and James were sitting together at a table in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Moody had given them time to work on their essay that was due the next day. Sirius, Remus and Pettigrew were sitting at their own table, and were in their own conversation.

Harry, Ron, and James were in an argument whether Ron should tell Hermione he loved her or not, because Hermione was not around at the time, she was in Ancient Runes.

"But every time I try, she’s doing something or I back out!" Ron exclaimed, "and what if she doesn't love me back."

"Trust me, mate. She does." Harry said.

"Man. Look at me. I don’t know if you know but, back home I am the ladies man of the school. It's obvious when someone likes you or not, and trust me. She does!" James said, tipping something into his cauldron that was glowing a light lilac.

"All right. I'll tell her this evening, if she’s not in the library all evening and if she’s alone, and you all are gone!" Ron said finally giving up.

The bell rang and there was the usual ruffle of parchment and shoving of people putting their books back into their bags and Professor Moody looked up from a letter he had just received and said, "Potter."

Harry and James both looked up and Moody growled again, "Junior!!!"

James looked back down and continued putting his things in his bag, and Harry answered "Yes, Professor?"

"Come here."

Harry stood up and walked to Moody's desk. Once the Classroom had cleared out Moody continued, "I just received a letter from the Headmaster and he thinks I should give you private lessons to prepare you for Christmas Eve."

Harry nodded and he continued, "So, I think our first lesson will be this evening. How about that?"

"All right." Harry replied.

"Good boy. Now be in my office at seven this evening."

"Yes sir." Harry replied and he left the room after gathering his bag.

He met the Marauders and Ron outside of class and told them what Moody had said.

"Finally. Classes are done for the day." Sirius exclaimed, as the group left the dungeons and headed to the Common Room.

Halfway to the Common Room Ron departed to head to the library where he would tell Hermione his feelings for her.

Ron checked in all the rows of bookcases for Hermione till he saw her. Her nose buried in an Ancient Runes book.

"Hey." Ron said.

"Hey, Ron!" Hermione said, smiling to Ron before returning to her book. "Its not very often I see you here, so what’s up?"

"Well, I had to come to tell you something." Ron said, nervously, rubbing his neck and taking a seat next to Hermione.

"Okay. What is it?" Hermione said, closing her book and looking at Ron.

"Well...Well I've known for along time, but I have always been too...scared...to tell you, that I...I love you, Hermione." Ron said.

Hermione didn't know what to say. She loved him too, but she never thought he would love her back; she had always been too scared to tell him her true feelings. Hermione smiled and Ron knew that she loved him back. Ron leaned in and kissed her.

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Making Good Use of Time Travel: Confessions


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