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All Hail The Heartbreaker by define_normal
Chapter 6 : Can you hear my pain?
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A sigh escaped my lips, my tongue rolling over my teeth. Six days and seven hours to be exact. The exact amount of time I've spent in this very bed, refusing to attend to the hospital wing. It wasn't something that could be cured. I felt my breath hitch, as pain shot up from my fingers to my shoulder. It had been like this for so long now, that I no longer screamed in pain. The whimpers not reaching my lips. It was torture.

Time drew closer and closer to that day. That day was my birthday, and for the first time of my life, I could feel the dread sinking into my stomach. I didn't want that day to come. I wanted to turn back to the time when I was four years old, the highlight of my week, is watching cartoons all day and eating cookies. Helping my mom bake those very cookies..

"Babe, you need to get out of bed." Sky coaxed, snapping me out of my dazed state. I opened my closed eyes, and hissed as I felt light pouring into the room. "Hey! I told you to keep the curtains closed!" I heard Sky snap, before the windows curtains were snapped shut.

My pupils returned to a normal state, the stinging sensation gone. My best efforts were trying to get myself in a standing postition, but with the pain I only managed a sitting. "I'm going to get McGonagall, this is ridiculous! You shouldn't be in this much pain!" Sky ranted on, as she gave me a light hug before running out the door.

I looked around the empty room, our roomates had left only minutes before Sky had. My mouth hung open, as I tried to yell for Sky. To tell her no, it was only the pain from the transformation. Transformation? But I'm already dead in a sense. Will I lose my heart? Will I ever care about someone or something again? Will I turn into a crazy bloodlust driven monster?

I don't want to be a monster. I don't want to kill the innocent, and turn those to restore my own kind. If there were no vampire hunters, would I ever been turned?

The thoughts were running a million miles per hour, before it all fell silent. Then the images appeared, sending shocks of pain throughout my body. My back came in contact with the matress once again, as my body lurched back.

Eyes disappearing, body convulsing, pain pulsing.

It was the worst experience of my life.

- - -


"Professor! PROFESSOR!" I yelled, running into the classroom where McGonagall was teaching a class. "What is it Miss King?" McGonagall asked, fuming at the fact I disrupted her class. "Theres something wrong with Harmony. Shes .. sick, and refused to go to the hospital wing." I ignored the first year stares, as she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

I understood the unasked question, and nodded my head. "Class dismissed, Miss King, alert the Headmaster."

- - -


It hurt. Tears leaked down from my eyes, wetting my cheeks. My body laid still on the floor, somehow ending up there. I couldn't remember, it hurt to even think. I let out a whimper as I felt my leg twitch, the pain becoming more intense.

"Help," I whimpered out, trying my best to keep myself under control. I ran my tongue along my teeth once again, this time letting out a cry of pain as it ran against the sharp canine. This couldn't be happening. Slap me, tell me its a dream. A nightmare...

My spine curled, as I felt my body lurch again. My stomach felt as if it could explode, my heartbeat was going faster than the speed of light. My eyes were swirling with darkness. A scream that could be heard from the other side of the castle, came from my lips.

"Oh dear lord." I heard the faint voice of a professor. My body was lifted from the ground, I was floating in thin air.

But that didn't seem to matter. Time was relapsing. It was happening again.

My eyes rolled, body convulsed, and pain pulsed. This truly was hell.

"Harmony!" I heard Sky yell. It was so close, yet so far. I wanted to tell her I'd be fine, it was just a freak case of the flu. But I couldn't, just the pain and fear in her voice, made my heart give shocks of pain throughout my body. I screamed out again, trying to bring myself back into the real world.

I knew people were staring, whispering, voices of concern, others of confusion. I didn't notice the looks of the Marauders, or Lily Evans. All that mattered was that Sky knew I'd be fine, that I would fight my way through this. I would keep fighting, even if death was its only toll.

Everyone and everything feels like it slips away. Way down, deep down in my lungs, I can hear you as you fade

"Can you hear me?" I can hear you. "Is she okay?" I'm okay, really I am. "What're you going to do to her." Nothing, because I'm something that you cannot fix. "Harmony, wake up sweetheart." I am awake.

Can't you see? My eyes are open, I'm staring right at you. I can reach out, and grab your hand. Tell you everythings going to be fine.

Sky, why are you giving me that look? Everythings okay! Please don't cry! And why is Black here? Who said he was allowed to be near me! Sky, why aren't you responding back? Sky, can't you hear me?

"She can't hear you." Are you mad? Yes I can! Sky, don't listen to them. I can hear you loud and clear, just tell me whats wrong. Why are you crying? I'm no longer in pain. Sky! Please talk to me. I'm sorry for scaring you!

"Shes in a coma state. She can't hear any of us." Sky, please! Don't, don't listen to them!

"Will she wake up soon?" Sky, I'm already awake.. Can't you hear me? "Its hard to say, from the strain on her body, she could be asleep for weeks, months, maybe even years. If alls okay, she'll be awake by tomorrow."

Please, Sky, I'm begging you. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...

- - -

"Shes not breathing!"

Blinding lights. Needles piercing. Eyes wide. Screams erupting.

Why are they hurting me?

The pain sets in, everything flowing back. It was unbearable, heart tearing, skull shattering pain. Can't they see, they're only making things worse?

"SKY!" I screamed out, wanting my best friend to comfort me. To tell me I'm okay, this is just some sick and twisted dream.

"Please, you're hurting her!" I heard her voice, it was so distant. Rain pelted the windows, thunder roaring, lightening alluminating the already brightened room. Another scream, another jolt of pain! "STOP IT! SHES IN PAIN, CAN'T YOU TELL?!"

I can see now... these clouds are following me. Mocking the pain, the tears, everything.


Authors Note: Credits to Hawthorne Heights. SO yeah, it was a long wait. Forgiveness... is more than saying sorry. Hence, why I gave you this chapter instead!
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All Hail The Heartbreaker: Can you hear my pain?


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