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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 39 : Chapter thirty nine
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Disclaimer JK Rowlins owns Harry and friends; I just sit here and wish I did.

Time again chapter thirty nine

The total silence that had fallen on the room was broken by a loud gasp from Richard “Dad!” was all that he said as he stared at the Bishop.

“Collin found him wandering up and down the lane, I wasn’t sure about what to do,” Dig said as the silence fell again.

“You did the right thing Dig,” Hermione said as she shuffled to sit up a little more comfortably. “Hello Grand Father,” she said in a rather stiff slightly scared voice.

“I-, he-, er, the-, I wanted to see my grand daughter,” the bishop said haltingly as he approached the bed with his hand held out in a formal way.

Every one stepped aside as they gave him room to reach Hermione, he stood next to the bed his hand still out stretched, his face stiff and his lips held in a tight line.

Hermione could see fear behind the mans eyes as he looked down at her, she could almost feel the discomfort he was feeling as he stood there his hand still held out to her.
Suddenly Hermione could see regret and pain in the old mans eye and she reached out and took hold of his offered hand with both of hers, she turned his hand over and pulled gently on it forcing him to lean forward over the bed, “I’m glad you came granddad, thank you,” she said smiling at him.

She saw him relax just a little as she changed the formal greeting into a friendlier one; he was obviously not expecting a warm welcome, she thought as she held onto him for a few seconds longer.
“You should say hello to your great grandson and daughter,” she smiled as she nodded to her new borns.

Her words seemed to touch something inside him as his face relaxed into a small smile, without warning he leant even closer and enfolded Hermione in his arms, “I should explain,” he said as she returned his embrace.

Harry watched as his family put the babies back into their mothers arms then as one they left the room, leaving just Harry watching as the bishop stared down at his great grandchildren, he mimed to Hermione that he was going to fetch a cup of tea and would return soon, she nodded to him in understanding as he too left the room.

Turning to her grandfather Hermione awkwardly patted the bed next to her “We should talk, don’t you think,” she said as he looked down at her hand.

“I’ve made some really terrible mistakes,” the bishop said as he sat on the bed next to Hermione, “I was overzealous when I was younger, and it led me to making some of the worst mistakes a man could make,” the bishop began.

“We should talk of the future granddad and not dwell on past mistakes, if we put the past behind us where it belongs we can enjoy being a family,” Hermione told him as she gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

The bishop took a deep breath, then looking at the floor similar to the way Harry did when he was embarrassed, he began to speak.

“I have had two unusual experiences in the past few months, the first one I was told by what sounded like a young mans voice, that I should meet you, the second one I had a visit from… well I’m not sure what he was, he had a long flowing white beard, he told me you would understand, said I was being given a second chance to be with my family thanks to your husband, he told me I should visit you, left me the address, that’s how I knew where you live but I couldn’t find the house, I should have visited you weeks ago but to be honest I was frightened you might turn me away, I’ve not exactly been a very nice person that’s why I have retired, I wasn’t doing a very good job of being a bishop, I was worried you would not want to see me, I hope your father can also find it in him self to forgive me.”

Hermione thought instantly of Harry’s visit to the bishop, then she thought of Merlin who must have been the second visitor, she wondered briefly why after so many years her family was so suddenly growing, being brought together.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Harry returned bearing a cup of tea for her; he sat on the opposite side of the bed to the bishop and took his son from Hermione, cradling him gently on his lap so that she was able to drink the much needed beverage.

Hermione introduced Harry and when Harry said hello, the bishop stared at him for several moments before shaking his head, Harry’s voice sounded so much like his first visitor.

“Harry, I, er, how did I get here?” the old man suddenly asked as though he had just realised, “I mean I was looking for your house, when that young man spoke to me, he vanished into thin air and another young man appeared a few minutes later, then I found myself here, where ever here might be, I know they were not supernatural because that last young man said he works for you.”

Harry looked from the bishop to Hermione, he had no idea how to tell him he was in a hospital for wizards and witches, or how to tell him that they were magical people, Hermione was just about to speak when the door to the room opened and Marjorie and David Puckle walked in, they both stopped for a second and looked at Bishop Granger before they stepped forward again.

“Hi sweetheart, granddad and I came as soon as we heard, that strange little elf called to tell us you were here, we had a devil of a time getting past that witch on the front desk, kept insisting you had more than enough visitors,” granny Puckle said without a pause, “Oh and I got my own wand, I shall be attending your squib school.” She reached down and lifted her great grand daughter from Hermione’s arm, with a huge smile she asked “And what have you named the little ones, I wonder if they will be as powerful as you and Harry?”

Harry chuckled “I think they are going to be greater than we are, I woke up this morning and found their accidental magic had turned me bright pink, I looked the same colour as Tonk’s hair.”

“Tonk’s isn’t she the law officer, Remus’s girlfriend?” granddad Puckle asked.

“Yes that’s her,” Harry replied.

“Yes beautiful young witch she is,” granddad Puckle said his eyes shining.

“David Puckle now you behave yourself in front of Mr Granger,” Marge said with a chuckle.

“So Harry you’re no longer just the greatest wizard who ever lived you’re a father now how does that feel?” granddad Puckle asked.

Harry looked at David Puckle and suddenly realised that in just those last few words he had told the bishop exactly what he was wondering how to say.

Granddad Granger was looking at the Puckle’s as though all his worst fears about them had been well founded, they were both insane, then he realised that neither his granddaughter or her husband were surprised with the strange questions. It did not take him long to put things together, he turned to look at Hermione his eyes asking for confirmation.

“Yes granddad,” she answered his unasked question “the visitor you had was Merlin.”

“He didn’t know,” granddad Puckle said surprised, “would you like me to explain it, you look rather tired love,” he added looking at Hermione.

Before any one had a chance to answer him David Puckle caught hold of the bishop’s elbow, “You come with me Henry, I have a few things to show you.”

Bishop Granger was in no condition to argue, he was feeling confused and unsure, rising from Hermione’s bed he allowed David to lead him from the room.

“Wonder where they are going?” Harry thought out loud.

“David will sort it out, it took him a while but he now seems almost as pleased as I am that he has a family of magical people,” Marge said as she placed her great grand daughter back in Hermione’s arms and moved around to take her great grandson from Harry.

David Puckle did what he thought would be the easiest thing he could to enlighten the straight laced Henry Granger, he took him to the hospital main entrance, together they sat down in the waiting area and watched the steady flow of witches and wizards coming and going, some of the sights they saw had them both chuckling before many minutes had passed.

“So there really are wizards?” Henry asked as he watched a man walk in with a huge book stuck to the side of his face.

“Yes and your great grand daughter his the greatest and most powerful witch there has ever been,” David told him

“And her husband?” Henry asked.

“Ah yes Harry, not only the richest but also the greatest, he is far more powerful than even Merlin was, and do you know what is really odd? Despite everything, they are two of the kindest nicest people I ever met, they are both so full of love its hard to believe, Harry, well Harry grew up in a family that hated him…” David Puckle then went on to tell Henry all he knew about Harry and Hermione.

As David finished his story of Harry and Hermione Henry Granger felt a hand on his shoulder and heard the whispered word “Dad.”

Looking up he looked into his son’s eyes “I wish your mother was here to see this,” was all he said.

Richard Granger stood with his hand on his fathers shoulder and nodded, it was the first time he had ever heard his father mention his mother since he had been a small boy. The three men remained in the entrance hall watching the various strange sights until they were joined by Helen.

“Time we went to say goodbye to our little ones,” she said as she placed her arm around her husband’s waist.

Harry had been rushing around all morning putting up decorations, flowers, banners, and also ensuring that the marquee in front of the house was ready.
He paused from his tasks to send Peter Creevey off in the new estate car to collect the bishop and the Puckle’s, he was still amazed at how well the bishop had taken things when he found out his great grand daughter was a witch married to a wizard, and he was still surprised that the Puckle’s reaction to the bishop had been one of forgiveness and friendship.

Checking the time he decided he could afford to spend the next hour with his wife and children, the thought warmed his insides as he pictured his wife as she had fed the two hungry babies that morning, her breast had looked enormous, and to him it looked a rather painful task as the two little Potters clung to them and fed greedily.

‘Hermione love, where are you?’ he thought as he opened the backdoor and entered the kitchen.

‘I’m upstairs sweetheart, feeding our children’ she replied with a little humour in her voice.

‘I’ll be with you in a minute, fancy a cup of tea’ Harry said as he checked to see if there was any hot tea in the pot.

‘Yes please love, I could murder a cup of tea’ Hermione told him as he filled the kettle with fresh water.

Harry thought back over the past month since the twins had been born, neither he nor Hermione had had a full nights sleep but they were so happy he found it hard to believe, his thoughts strayed to his previous life and he wondered how he had made it through all those years without Hermione.
He was snapped out of his thoughts by the whistling of the kettle as the water began to boil, making the tea he placed the pot along with the milk and two mugs on a tray and made his way to the bedroom.

The surprise Harry got when he opened the door was a huge one, Hermione was sitting with his mother several other people were crowded around the two children all talking at once.
Harry’s father greeted him as he slowly closed the door and then rubbed his eyes, Merlin and two women stood on one side of the bed while on the other side Godric stood with two men, all of them were talking to the twins.

“Hey folks Harry’s here,” James called to the others.

Godric was the first of the visitors to reach Harry, having shook Harry’s hand Godric then introduced Harry to his grandparents and great grandparents, Harry was finding it all a little hard to believe, his family had all gone awol to be here on the most important day of his children’s first year, the naming day, the day when with ceremony and pomp they would be accepted into the wizarding world, and formally given their names.

“We decided that as Hermione will be having all her family with her today, that you should have yours here as well,” Godric said as Lily waited patiently.

As soon as Godric finished speaking Lily took Harry into a hug, “Hello sweetheart, I’m so proud of you,” she said as she shed a tear.

Harry held his mum tight and swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat, “Well mum, what do you think of your grandchildren?” he asked as he let go of her.

“With that mess of black hair they look just like you did on your naming day,” Lily said the pride evident in her voice.

Harry and Lily were joined by Hermione and his dad, “I’m so happy you all came, mum, dad,” Hermione said as she placed an arm around each of her in laws “So pleased.”

Merlin joined them grumbling a little about no one ever naming one of their children after him.
Harry chuckled “It would be a hard name to live up to.”

Hermione looked at Merlin and smiled “I suppose we could have called them Merlin and Merlinetta, or something but we spent a lot of time deciding on the names, and we are both happy about the names we chose.

“I think the names are perfect,” Lily said grinning at her ancestor.

“Yes me too,” James said adding to Harry “best if I agree with the boss, don’t you think son?”

Harry nodded vigorously he was definitely in agreement with that statement.

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