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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 11 : Troubles
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Disclaimer:  I don’t own Harry Potter, obviously.  Anything you don’t recognize is mine, and, you know what?  I’m proud of what I have!

“Tyler!  What are we going to do?”  Lily asked.  She had absolutely no idea what to do.

“I don’t know, Lils.”  Tyler sighed.  The heads had been at this for hours and had yet to come up with a good idea for the Halloween celebration.  For the hundredth time, Lily stood and began pacing.

“Whatever we do, it has to be big.  It’s got to be something that will blow every other Halloween celebration out of the water.  And, everyone has to be able to participate, first through seventh years as well as the professors.”  Lily laid out the facts.  She sat back down, carefully concentrating.  They had to come up with something!  After a few minutes of sitting without any ideas, she let out a frustrated growl and ran her hand roughly through her firery hair.

“Lils, let’s call it a night.  We’ll think of new ideas tomorrow.”  Tyler stood and left the Head’s common room for his room.  Lily stood, intending to go to bed herself, but she knew she wouldn't be able to fall asleep with all the thoughts running in her head.

She sat back down, and pulled out her latest novel.  She opened to the page her bookmark was at and began reading.  A sentence and five minutes in, she couldn't concentrate enough to take in a single word.  Another frustrated growl escaped her lips as she slammed her book shut.  In her anger, she just threw her book on the floor and buried her head in her hands.  

"Think Lily, think!"  She willed herself to think of something.  A blank came, again.  Why couldn't she think of anything?  Couldn't she just have a plan come out of her brilliant mind?  Why, of all times, must she be drawing a blank?  Oh, something was coming!

Mint chocolate chip ice-cream with whip cream.  HOW WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO HELP?!  Lily glared angrily at the ground as the thought of ice-cream swam all around in her head.  Suddenly, Lily didn't feel like figuring out what to do for the Halloween festivities.  What she felt like doing was going to the kitchens and eating a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice-cream with a lot of whip cream.  And, guess what?  That's exactly what she did.

Ignoring the fact that she could be seen by a professor and that she was a horrible liar, she hurried from the dorm.  Many dead ends and an hour later, she was in front of the picture of a fruit bowl.  She tickled the pear, and quickly entered the sanctuary.  This time, she and the house elves were the only ones there.  Speaking of house elves, she was immediatly surrounded when she walked inside.

"Miss Flower, what can we get you?"  The elves asked, and Lily felt herself smile.  For some reason, the house elves happy faces always had that effect on her.  It seemed like they never stopped smiling.

"I'd like a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice-cream with a lot of whip cream, please."  Lily said politely.  The elves scurried off as Lily took a seat at the table.  Less than a minute later, the order was in.  

"Thanks!  It looks delicious!"  Lily dug into her midnight snack as she let her mind wander.  She smiled at the first thing that popped into her head, James Potter.  There was no longer any doubt that she had a crush on him, and the reasons were laid out on a platter in front of her.  The guy was charming, smart, loyal, funny, mischievous in a good way, caring, tough, strong, sweet...Everything a girl could ask for in a guy.

Of course, he did have a few bad qualities, but a perfect guy would be too boring.  Ya, like being obnoxious is boring.  If it weren't for that, he probably would have never come after her.  He knew she was the only girl who wouldn't give herself to him, so she was a challenge.  Once he got her to go out with him, he'd have the hearts of every girl in school, and everyone would honor him for it.  This brought a sad frown to Lily's face.  This meant that he could never return her feelings of lo...liking him.

Great!  The girl has fallen for the guy who will never want her, just when she should be strong enough to remember that he was not a guy she should go out with.  But he was!  He was what she had always wanted in  a boyfriend, including the looks.  Too bad he didn't feel that way about her.

With this realization, Lily had to not only worry about Halloween, she had to deal with a possible heart-br...ache from James Potter.  What's worse?  She's out of ice-cream.

A/N:  He-he, how's that for a twist?  I hope you like it and leave a review.  Now, now, I know it's short and probably not what you wanted, but you're just gonna have to live with it.  First of all, I'm still in writer's block...NO idea what they're gonna do for Halloween.  Also, it's like...4:00 in the morning!  Sorry if there's errors, I'm not checking over it right now.  This thing deleted itself and I had to retype it!  Urgg!  Anywhoot, it's up!  Oh, and happy birthday to my daddy on Nov. 19!!!  ^_^  Luv you!

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