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Pushing the brink of insanity. by _Kreacher_
Chapter 9 : Blind
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Sorry for the long update! My computer crashed. It does it alot, but i lost alot of my plans and havent replied to reviews in a while!! So this is a very quick chapter, i'll add one to pad out the transition to christmas soon, but heres a quick one while i have time!!
It may be a while until the next update, but i love you all! Keep reading!!

Fergie walked nervously up a winding path. Snow was laid thickly around her, but a path was clearly visible. She had just finished her treatment with Danni, if anyone tried to read her mind she could let them, they would see only the memories Danni had planted. It would also last longer, so she didn't have to worry about breaking down in front of Draco. His father had accepted, and said he was curious. As Hermione, before the treatment, she researched her new family name, Ferguson. Lupin had done his homework well; the family had disappeared without a trace, until her so-called-parents showed up dead. They were mostly known by their red eye colour and ability to convince people to do what they wanted. Fergie approached the large oak door, and knocked three times. It opened abruptly. Draco stood in the doorway, a smile across his features. 

"And you told me security was tight!" Laughed Fergie, taking her snow-trodden shoes off. 

"It is. So tight, you don't see it" Draco replied. He kissed her briefly, warming her cold lips and sending tingles all over her body. A house elf appeared next to Draco. 

"Would you like me to take your coat miss?" It squeaked. Fergie pulled off her pale blue coat, and handed it to the elf. 

"Thanks." Fergie said. Draco wrapped his hand round hers, and pulled her into the main hall. Fergie gasped. It was huge. A grand marble staircase rose through the middle of the room. The tiles were immaculately clean and sparkled in the light of the chandelier and frosty windows. Draco laughed at her face. 

"I guess foster homes aren't like this then?" He asked. Fergie laughed. 

"Not quite." She replied. "I did stay in a house like this once though. The owners then tried to kill me. Maybe I'll have better luck here" Draco fervently hoped that too. 

"Ahh" Said a silky voice at the top of the stairs. "So this is Fergie." 

"Yes sir." She said as Lucius Malfoy came slowly down the stairs. 

"Well we have manners. I admit I was surprised when Draco told me he would be bringing someone home for Christmas, but I think now I see why. He reached the bottom of the stairs. He held his hand out to her. 

"Lucius Malfoy." Fergie met his hand with hers, taking it away from Draco. 

"Michaela Ferguson." He raised her hand and kissed it, then let it fall to her side. 

"Ferguson?" He asked with an inquisitive look. "I thought the family was dead." 

"Left for adoption sir." She answered confidently. "I know of my birthright because of a letter." 

"So you are pureblood?" He asked his tone still silky. 

"Of course" She lied. Lucius seemed satisfied by her answer. 

"Draco, please find your mother. I think she is in the family room." Draco nodded. Fergie could tell he was too scared to disobey him. He walked off quickly. 

"I have no doubt that Draco has told you about the Dark lord." He said quietly but quickly. Fergie nodded. 

"There is a lot that happens in this house that I don't want people to know. I trust that you will keep the secrets?" 

"Of course." 

"Good." He said, straightening up. "I see why Draco likes you." 

"I think I'll take that as a compliment." 

"Good" Lucius smirked. "It was one." Fergie smiled. 

"Ah, you must be the girl who has stolen my son's heart." Exclaimed the person Fergie recognized as Narcissa Malfoy. Draco followed just behind him. 

"I hope so." She replied, glancing at Draco. He nodded at her with a smile. 

"We have to have a girly night at some point. It can get so tiresome with two boys in the house and no-" 

"May I have a word with Draco and Fergie a minute please?" Lucius interrupted. Narcissa's smile wavered slightly. 

"Sure." She replied though. "Lunch is at one, and dinner at seven." She said. Narcissa smiled warmly at her, and Fergie returned the favor. Lucius put his hand on Fergie's shoulder, and lead her out of the room. Draco followed. 

"My study is out of bounds. However, my and Narcissa's rooms read off of there, so knock before you enter please." Fergie nodded. 

"Will you be sharing Draco's room or one of your own?" 

"On my own please" She said. Lucius gave her an amused look. "At least for the first night." Lucius laughed. 

"Your wish is my command. Draco will show you the room he picked out for you. He was under the impression that he woundnt be able to charm you this holiday, and it looks like he was right." 

"I didn't say he couldn't" Retorted Fergie with a small smile. "I'm just going to keep him hanging for a while." Lucius laughed. 

"Has Draco Told you about the Parkinson's and Zabini's?" Fergie frowned and shook her head. "They come here every Christmas. They should be here later today or tomorrow." Fergie closed her eyes, willing this not to be happening. 

"I am guessing pansy is bitter about you being with Draco?" Fergie opened her eyes and nodded. 

"Just prove to her you won't stop just because she wants you to." He advised. 

"I'm not planning to. Pansy has tried several things to get me away from Draco, some worked, and most didn't. But we are still here, so I don't think she's going to do anything." 

"I found out she was behind the Amanda thing." Draco said quietly. 

"So long as I don't kill her first." continued Fergie. Draco laughed. 

"In that case, I think she may be here tonight. Would you like to show Fergie the room you picked out for her?" Draco nodded, and clasped her hand. Lucius bowed at Fergie, then walked through the door into the out-of-bounds study. Draco pulled her back into the entrance hall. Then they walked up the stairs, and to the left. Draco opened the door to a huge room. 

"Wow" Fergie breathed. It was huge. The bedroom was decorated in a pale blue, from the walls and carpet to the bed linen. It was huge, all her clothes hung limply in the large wardrobe. Draco pulled her over to a door on the other side of the room, and opened it without a word. It opened up into a huge tiled bathroom. Fergie was beginning to wonder if anything in this house was small. 

"It sorta links to mine" Confessed Draco blushing. Fergie smiled mischievously at him, and turned towards him. 

"I don't think that will be a problem" She breathed, kissing him gently on the neck. pop 

"Sir?" Asked a surprisingly deep voice. "Master has asked for your presence as the Parkinson's and Zabini's have arrived." it was a house elf. Draco sighed, and nodded. The room faded, and changed into the entrance hall. 

"Draco!" Yelled Fergie laughing as she pulled herself up off the floor. "Tell me before you apperate!" Draco laughed and put his hand around her waist when she stood up. 

"Mrs. Parkinson" Draco nodded towards a pig like woman. "This is my girlfriend Fergie. I'm glad you could make it." 

"Pleased to meet you" Fergie smiled, and held her hand out for Mrs. Parkinson to shake. She frowned at it. 

"I was under the impression you were still dating my daughter." She stated. 

"Not since the end of Halloween." Draco answered. She glared at him, and then walked off in the direction of the dining room. 

"And so she breathed fire burning down the house." Muttered Fergie. Draco laughed. 

"Draco!" Exclaimed Pansy, a dog-like happiness plastered across her features. 

"Pansy." Acknowledged Draco. 

"Cant wait to see what you got me for Christmas" She said, shuffling slowly up to him, ignoring Fergie completely. Draco looked surprised, and struggled with a comeback. 

"Pansy, just between two girls, what did you get Draco?" Fergie asked, actually curious. Pansy sniffed the air haughtily. 

"No doubt something better than what an orphan could get" She replied spitefully. Fergie gasped in mock horror. 

"Oh I'm wounded. Is it any wonder Draco doesn't like you anymore?" 

"Yes, I'm wondering what he saw in you." Draco looked speechless at the exchange. 

"More, obviously than in you." 

"More of sluts more like. Everyone saw you with Blaise, its common rumor about Ron and Harry, and Dean Thomas. Draco is just the last in a long line." 

"The last in the so-called line." Draco put in finally. "And your not here to argue. You know where your room is." Pansy's eyes filled up in childish tears. 

"But Draco!" She whined 

"Your stuff is already up there." Draco cut her off. She turned and dramatically stomped away from them. Draco turned to Fergie with an apologetic look. 

"Her family was constantly trying to get us together." 

"No problem" Fergie said. "But i before i forget, there's somewhere i need to go on Boxing Day for about two days. Is that okay?" 

"Sure. Private or...?" 

"Private Draco." 

"Okay. No problem." 

"I love being ignored" A familiar voice said sarcastically. Fergie laughed and turned around to face Blaise. She engulfed him in a huge hug, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and returned to Draco's side. He grinned. 

"Dude, you are one lucky guy. If that's me being ignored, well...Lucky lucky lucky" Blaise laughed. Draco nodded and smiled at Blaise. 

"Well Zabini, How long are you staying for?" 

"Over Christmas. Oh, Drake, my parents will be here in a few minutes. Any chance we could go before they get here?" 

"What's so bad about your parents?" Fergie questioned. Blaise groaned. 

"Well, they've been trying to fix me up with any pure-blood, mostly whoever Draco dates, you would be their dream girl for me, and if not, well, we all know Pansy's available." He shuddered, picturing them. "They also seem to think I'll be a bachelor forever." Fergie Laughed. That was one thing she couldn't imagine. "And i would absolutely love-" But what Blaise would love, Fergie would never find out, as two loud [i] Pops [/i] alerted them to the arrival of Blaise's parents. They looked slightly like him; he had his mother's eyes, but his father's looks. Like Harry The Hermione part of her brain couldn't resist pointing out. 

"I'm Michaela Ferguson" She hastily introduced herself, shaking their hands. "But i prefer to be called Fergie." 

"I'm Gabriella, and this is Sean" Mrs. Zabini introduced. "Are you here with Pansy?" Fergie shook her head. 

"No Ma'am. Nothing personal but i cant stand her. I'm a guest of Draco's." Sean laughed when she said her opinion of Pansy. He smiled warmly at her.
Gabriella glared at him. He shrugged. 

"She looks like a pug and creeps me out" He confessed. Gabriella elbowed him. 

"What do you think of Blaise?" She asked suddenly. Her tone reminded her of the voice she imagined Harry's aunt Petunia to have. Blaise groaned. 

"She's Draco's girlfriend Mum" She shrugged off his comment. 

"He is a great guy, fun to be with, hit with the ladies at school-" Draco snorted, and attempted to cover it up with a cough. Blaise thumped him on the back- hard. "-And a good kisser." Fergie ended. Draco sobered up immediately, and Blaise looked smug. Sean raised his eyebrows, as if impressed by his son's record. Gabriella widened her eyes. 

"Ah Gabriella!" Exclaimed Narcissa, in a french accent. Silently, Fergie thanked her for the interuption. 

"You're still here?" Narcissa said with surprise. "Why dont you play some quidditch, and later maybe you guys and Pansy can go down to escape." She suggested. Both Draco and Blaise seemed very happy with this idea. Fergie nodded, unsure what she was agreeing to. 

An- So. Any ideas what escape is? Why they might want to go? Whats going to happen? I'd love to hear your theories!

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Pushing the brink of insanity.: Blind


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