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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 38 : Chapter thirty eight
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Disclaimer JK Rowlins owns Harry and friends; I just sit here and wish I did.

Time again chapter thirty eight.

Harry Potter woke up late on the morning of August the fourteenth, after sleeping soundly for the first time in more than a week, his wife Hermione and his as yet unborn twins had done nothing to wake him all night. Unlike the rest of the past few weeks, when the accidental magic that kept happening had kept him awake night after night, while Hermione slept on blissfully unaware of what was happening around her as she slept.

Sleepily he walked into the bathroom, he was bursting to empty his bladder, as he looked bleary eyed down into the toilet bowl he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the water. He had to finish what he had started before he gingerly crept toward the mirror; he could not believe what he had seen in that quick glimpse of himself, taking a breath he stepped in front of the mirror with his eyes shut, slowly he opened one eye then snapped it shut again, he could still not believe what he was seeing.

Opening his eyes he stared at his reflection, he just could not believe the sight that gazed back at him. “HERMIONE!” he yelled as he stood rooted to the spot looking at himself in the mirror.

“HERMIONE!” he called again a lot louder.

Seconds later a slightly flustered Hermione came rushing into the bathroom as fast as her bulging stomach would allow, she stopped dead in her tracks just inside the doorway when she saw Harry; her eyes went wide for a moment then she suddenly burst out into peels of laughter.
To say Harry was a little annoyed would not come close to how he felt, he had an appointment at the bank in just over two hours and he wondered how the heck he could go out of the bedroom at all never mind go out to Diagon Alley.

Hermione was laughing so much she was hanging on to the door with her legs crossed, it was she decided not a good idea for an eight months along pregnant woman to be laughing so hard, suddenly Hermione could hold back no longer as her waters broke, Harry stared at the slightly pink tinged pool of water that lay at his wife’s feet, two seconds later Hermione had her first contraction.

Harry stood in disbelief “Hermione Potter, I know you once said you want to be like Mrs Weasley but do we really have to have twins like Fred and George,” he asked seriously.

‘Harry James Potter, you had better get my suitcase and get me to St Mungo’s rather quickly’ Hermione thought, then she called for Erin.

Erin, Hermione’s favourite house elf appeared next to Hermione, and having glanced at the small puddle that Hermione stood in she knew what she had to do, first thing she did was to clean away the mess with a quick wave of her hand then she looked up at Harry.

“I’ll just fetch the portkey sir,” she said, quietly

Harry could see the little elf was trying hard not to laugh, and she was doing a good job of hiding the fact until she walked into the bedroom to fetch the special portkey supplied by the hospital, she could no longer resist the giggles that were building up and she burst out laughing. She re-entered the bathroom trying to apologise as she handed Harry the portkey.

Hermione gasped as she grabbed the large lump that was her stomach, ‘Harry love, Hospital’ she said as the second contraction pain subsided.

Harry tried casting a few spells on him self as he rushed around the bedroom getting dressed, nothing seemed to work, what was even worse was when he changed out of his dressing gown into some every day clothes his clothes changed.

“I’m gonna kill the first person who laughs,” he said as he wrapped his arms around Hermione and activated the portkey.

Moments later they arrived in the reception of the maternity ward at St Mungo’s, Harry helped Hermione to the nurses station and declared their names, “Harry and Hermione Potter, the wife’s labour has begun,” he said wishing he could be back in to his bathroom with the door firmly locked.

The reception nurse casually looked up then turned her attention back to the form she was filling in, she then quickly snapped her head up again and stared at Harry, “Oh dear, oh my,” she said before chuckling to herself.

The nurse pressed a button in front of her, and a voice answered “Yes June what is it?”

The Nurse was unable to speak as she held her breath and suppressed her laughter, she then rang the bell three times, it was obviously the signal for the healer to come to the reception as fast as she could. Hermione’s healer rushed from her office stopping as she saw Harry, “Bloody hell Harry,” she said before attending to Hermione.

All arrangements for Hermione’s stay at the hospital had been made in advance, it had been something that Hermione had insisted on, hearing the reception nurse laugh as she tried speaking to someone Harry turned to her just in time to see her finish a floo call, “Tell me June, you did not just call the Weasleys?”

“Yes I did sir that’s what it says here in these notes,” the nurse said keeping her eyes facing down.

“Oh sh*te,” Harry cussed under his breath, Helen and Richard his mother and father in law were staying at the Burrow with the Weasleys, and he himself had left instructions that they were to be informed if and when Hermione was brought in.

They would be here within minutes and he had nowhere to hide, Hermione was having another contraction as Healer Jennings led her into a room.
There was no way he would leave Hermione now so he gritted his teeth and tried to prepare himself for what was to come.

“How far apart are your contractions Hermione,” the healer was asking when the slight panic of a father to be finally got through to Harry,
oddly, though Hermione could not say how far apart the pains were Harry knew, “Just over four minutes,” he said as Hermione had another contraction, “Correct that to just over two minutes.”

“Looks to me like this is going to be a rather short labour,” Healer Jennings said as she helped his wife into the bed.

By the time Hermione was having her next contraction Ginny appeared in the door way, she took one look at Harry and began to laugh.
Seconds later Helen, Richard, Molly, entered the room.

The looks on their faces were enough for Harry “Ok go on have a laugh, Harry Potter, Lord Gryffindor is vivid pink from the tips of his toes to the tip of his hair,” he said as the funny side of things began to over come his shock.

“Don’t forget the spots,” Richard laughed.

“Spots! what spots?” Harry asked, he knew he was bright fluorescent pink all over but he had had no spots when he looked into his mirror.

“The orange ones that are roaming all over your face,” Ginny said laughing harder at him.

“HARRY POTTER,” Hermione shouted at him as she had yet another contraction, “this is all your doing,”

Harry forgot his own slight problem as he moved closer to hold Hermione’s hand, even in her condition Hermione chuckled a little as he took her hand in his bright pink one.

The next contraction Hermione had was one that Harry really felt as she crushed his hand in a vice like grip, “Potter I hope one day you have to suffer this,” Hermione hissed through gritted teeth as yet another pain made her squeeze his hand even harder.

Healer Jennings was rushing around the room trying to get everything ready, she ushered the visitors out of the room, as she turned back and began to pull on a rubber glove Harry called her over.

“Its to late for that, they are here,” he said as the first of the twins suddenly appeared between Hermione’s thighs.

“Heck Hermione you could wait for me, I am your healer you know,” Healer Jennings was saying as the second twin arrived.

Harry stood with his mouth open as the two babies nestled between Hermione’s open thighs. He did not have time to stare for long as Healer Jennings nudged him in his side “Go grab a nurse quick,” she told him.

Harry rushed from the room and yelled for a nurse to come quick, Molly Weasley was the fastest one to respond and she was at Hermione’s bed before Harry realised she had moved.
Having given birth to seven children of her own Molly knew just what needed to be done, she lifted one of the babies as the healer took the other one, both babies had their cords cut and their airways cleared before a nurse had arrived.

A young healer arrived just in time to help with the after birth while Jennings and Molly placed a little girl and boy into Hermione’s waiting arms.
Harry looked down at his wife and he saw the instant love she had for her children, it lit up her eyes as she looked from one to the other.

“Oh Harry, look at our babies,” she said a tear running down her cheek.

Harry leant over and gently kissed his wife’s forehead, then he turned to Healer Jennings, “Are they ok, I mean they are a month early.”

“They are both big and strong Harry,” she said as she waved her wand over the two new Potter’s “and they are both fit and well.”

Harry sat down in a chair next to the bed and simply stared at his two babies, a feeling of pride in Hermione filled him till he nearly shed a tear, leaning over he gave Hermione a kiss, “Thanks sweetheart,” he said.

Healer Jennings walked out of the room and told those waiting out side that they could go back into the room now, before she went on to her next patient, who she hoped would not give birth quite so quickly.

Helen and Richard were waiting and had been rather worried when Harry had called for help, what they saw when they rushed into the room was quite a shock for them both, Hermione had had the babies and was lying in the bed with a small bundle in each arm.

Both of Hermione’s parents had tears in their eyes as Hermione introduced them to her children for the first time.

“Mum, dad, meet Guinevere Helen Potter, and…” she looked at Harry.

“And this little one is Richard Neville Potter,” Harry said proudly.

Harry lifted his son and passed him to Richard “Rich say hello to your granddad,” he said as Richard lovingly took his grandson in his arms.

Hermione nodded to her mum “I think you should meet your grand daughter, mum,” she said looking at the tiny bundle of new life, “Ginny go say hi to your Nan.”

Helen lifted her granddaughter after she had kissed Hermione on her cheek “Well done sweetheart,” she said as she lifted the little girl into her arms.

It was just then that Harry noticed Ginny was missing, “Did anyone see Ginny,” he asked looking around.

The door to the room opened before anyone answered and Ginny came in “Did I miss anything?” she asked as she entered,

“Come say hello to Ginny Helen Potter,” Helen said, the pride obvious in her voice.

Ginny stopped and her mouth dropped open, “You had them, and you named her after me?” she finally managed to ask as she stepped up to see the newborn.

“Well her full name is going to be Guinevere,” Harry said “but that’s just the English version of Ginevra.”

“This other little one is Richard, Neville,” Hermione’s dad said holding the baby where Ginny could see him.

Helen passed the baby on to Ginny for her to say hello to her soon to be goddaughter.

“I went to call Albus, he should be here soon,” Ginny said as she gently swayed with the little girl asleep in her arms, she could not believe it was all over so quick.

Albus Dumbledore arrived a few minutes later accompanied by his brother Aberforth, he was surprised to see that he already had two new members in his family, Harry saw the tears as they ran slowly down beneath the headmasters glasses and disappeared into his long white beard.

“Hello granddad, uncle Abe,” Hermione said as the two old men looked at the new family members, she suddenly felt very proud of her family.

A small commotion outside the door caught the attention of them all, Albus then noticed Harry was bright pink, chuckling he prodded Abe in the ribs and nodded in Harry’s direction.

For an unknown reason Abe blushed then said “It’s not just me then,” both he and Albus then chuckled before saying a quick little chant waving their wands at Harry. Harry’s colour returned to normal as Dig entered the room.

“Silly woman out there said you had more than enough visitors,” he gasped then continued “I have some one out side, can I bring him in.”

“The more the merrier,” Hermione said as she looked at the room full of people.

Dig went out of the room only to reappear a few seconds later, the man with him caused a silence to fall on everyone in the room.


A/ Note, sorry about it ending there but I’m getting a little tired and I do love to leave a cliffie occasionally, no to worry the next part will be along quite soon.
The Quick birth was based on personal experience though I did elongate the time and increase the number of contractions a little for Hermione.

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Time Again: Chapter thirty eight


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