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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five: Pinky Swear
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Chapter Five: Pinky Swear

“Wh – wh – what are you do –”

“Hello Adara,” Sirius smiled pushing away from the wall.

“Sirius?” Adara stuttered.

“Who else could look like this?” Sirius laughed.

“How did you... what are you…”

“I thought you’d be coming this way. Hospital wing, yeah?”

“How’d you know?” Adara was stunned. Who did Sirius think he was?

“Booty’s protective, I was hoping you could convince him to let you go alone. Come on, let’s go,” Sirius walked away from her. Adara followed him, still in shock.

“Are you stalking me?” she finally said when she caught up with him.

“I thought we already established that I was,” Sirius answered.

“You know, stalking someone – in some cultures – is considered rude, even illegal,” Adara said, the surprise wearing off and her normal personality returning.

“Hmm. Didn’t know, thanks for telling me,” Sirius chuckled. It bugged Adara that he was so chipper about all this.

“Okay,” Adara started, “then here’s another question: why are you stalking me?”

“Well,” Sirius started as we turned the corner and neared the entrance to the Hospital Wing, “you are very interesting.”

Adara rolled her eyes, “Thanks, what a compliment.”

Sirius shrugged and opened the large wooden doors to the Hospital Wing, “After you, Miss Moore.”

Adara walked into the room and Sirius followed, “Poppy!” he called. Adara looked back and raised an eyebrow at him.

Adara laughed mentally.

The young new nurse walked out of her office and immediately smiled, “Sirius!” she gasped approaching them.

“Poppy,” Sirius took her hand and brought it to his lips. The nurse blushed. Adara rolled her eyes, could Sirius really dazzle every witch, except her of course, in the whole school?

“You’ve been well, then? I haven’t seen you in at least three weeks… did that scratch heal alright?” Madam Pomfrey asked.

“Perfectly, of course,” Sirius flashed his perfectly white teeth, “But I’m not why we’re here. Adara is having a bit of back pain.” He explained. The nurse seemed reluctant to break her gaze on Sirius, yet she managed to look at Adara.

“Back pain?” she asked, the happiness in her voice completely gone now that Sirius wasn’t giving her the attention.

“Er… yeah. I kind of fell off my broom –”

Sirius coughed something that sounded remarkably like ‘twice.’

“—and my back is killing me.” Adara finished, glaring at Sirius out of the corner of her eye.

“Oh, I hope you don’t mean literally killing you, because that would be a case for St. Mun –”

“No, it just hurts.” Adara sighed. Honestly, if her back had literally been killing her, did Poppy think that Adara would have let the nurse and Sirius carry on that pointless conversation?

“Well, then I’ll just give you a pain potion and it should be gone,” the nurse turned and headed back into her office.

Poppy?” Adara laughed at Sirius.

He shrugged, “She likes us – me, James, Remus.”

“So you’re in here a lot then?”

“Eh, not really. Just when Remus makes me come after I cut myself or something. Honestly, I wouldn’t ever come if it weren’t for him,” he smiled.

“At least one of you is responsible,” Adara muttered.

“Here you are!” the nurse busted out of her office waving a bottle of maroon potion before Sirius could retort.

Adara sighed gratefully, but regretted it when even that small action caused her pain, “Thanks so much.” She smiled.

The nurse waved a hand at her, “Anytime,” she said then turned to Sirius, “I would say come back soon, but then I’d be condemning you to injury.”

“You’re too nice, Poppy,” Sirius said, “well, we’ve got class to get to.” He grabbed Adara’s free hand, waved over his shoulder, and then proceeded to drag her out of the hospital wing.

Adara noticed how warm his hand was… then pulled her hand away, “Was there a reason that you dragged me out of there like a dog?” she asked examining the bottle in her hand.

“Yes,” Sirius stopped, Adara did the same, “love that nurse when I’m sick, but that lady will talk your ear off if you let her. I did that for your own good.”

“Hmm,” Adara huffed. She turned the bottle over and read the directions.

Take two mouthfuls now, and finish bottle before bed.

“Are you going to analyze the ingredients in the potion or actually take it?” Sirius asked, leaning up against the wall.

Adara threw him a look, unscrewed the cap and swallowed the first mouthful. The potion was thick and it burned her throat, not to mention that it tasted like owl dung. Or what Adara would imagine owl dung would taste like.

“Ugh!” she spat after she swallowed.

“Not pumpkin juice, I take it?” Sirius laughed.

Adara wanted to call him something that was not very nice, “Not precisely.” She muttered.

They stood in silence for a moment, Adara trying to wipe the taste out of her mouth and Sirius watching her with a bemused expression on his face.

“Well?” he finally asked.

“Well, what?”

“Well, aren’t you going to take the other mouthful?” he rolled his eyes at her stupidity.

Adara looked at him astonished, “Are you serious?”

“Actually –”

“Not funny. What I meant was how the hell, one: do you expect me to swallow another mouthful of this dung, and two: know that I have to in the first place?” she narrowed her eyes.

“Let’s see… One: yes, I do, and two: I have had a ton of experiences with this particular potion.”

Adara grunted. She did not want to take another sip of this liquefied hell.

“Adara. You know you already feel better. One more sip and you’re good as new,” Sirius smiled.

“But it’s disgusting!” Adara whined playfully.

Sirius laughed. Adara noticed how bark-like it was.

“But either you take it or I’ll force you to.”

Adara put a hand on her hip, “Was that a threat, Mr. Black?”

“I believe it was, Miss Moore,” Sirius laughed from his spot on the wall.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Would I?” he raised a brow, “recall what made you have to take this potion in the first place.”

Adara narrowed her eyes. He had thrown the both of them off a broom. A moving, airborne broom. Chances are he wouldn’t hesitate to pin her and force-feed her medicine. She sighed, “Fine.” She plugged her nose, squeezed her eyes shut, and took a quick swig of the potion. She forced herself to swallow it then opened her eyes, “happy?”

“Do you feel better?”  he asked her.

Actually she did. She didn’t have any pain at all! “Yeah, my back’s fine.”

“Then I’m thrilled.”

“Good,” she smiled. “And there’s no way you can make me take it tonight,” she consoled herself.

“So, were are you headed?” Sirius asked as they neared the Great Hall.

“I guess my Common Room,” Adara said. Jay would probably be waiting… wait. No he wouldn’t, he had herbology.

“Booty going to be waiting?”

“No, but Christine will.” Adara said. She hadn’t talked to her best friend in forever and was sure that the strawberry-blonde would be ready to ambush her for details.

“The annoying redhead?” Sirius asked.

“Yea – hey! She’s not annoying,” Adara defended, “all the time.” she added.

“Sure,” Sirius smiled, “well, see you in Defense.” They had reached where Adara needed to turn to go to her Common Room.

“And you’ll be nice to Jayden?” Adara asked him.

“If you promise to take that potion tonight,” Sirius wagered. Adara scowled, so maybe there was a way he could make her.

“Fine,” she sighed.

“Pinky swear,” Sirius added holding out his pinky.

What?” Adara gasped.

“Pinky swear: you know, that muggle thing where you –”

“I know what it is!” Adara said, still confused, “I just… it’s what muggle children do, Sirius,” Adara finished, laughing.

Sirius shrugged again, “So?”

He couldn’t be – for lack of a better word – serious, could he?  “Do you really expect me too –”


“Sirius –”

“Pinky swear!”

“Come on!”


“You can’t be –”


“FINE!” Adara wanted to stop this pointless conversation. She stuck out her pinky and Sirius took it in his.

“Say it.” He ordered, looking into her blue eyes with his stunning grey ones.

Adara stopped her eyes from rolling, again, “I swear –”

“Ahem,” Sirius interrupted holding their pinky’s higher.

Adara couldn’t stop them this time: she rolled her eyes, “I pinky swear to take the potion tonight,” she said, “You’re turn.”

“I pinky swear to be nice to Booty in this one Defense class,” he recited. Then with one last shake he released her pinky.

“Later,” he said as if nothing unusual had just happened and turned to go. Adara stared, shaking her head, as what was supposed to be a seventeen-year-old boy walked down the hallway after making her pinky swear to take her medicine. She felt like a bloody three-year-old.


“Addie!” Christine called when Adara entered the common room. Adara joined her friend at the table.


“Where’ve you been? Jay dropped off your stuff twenty-five minutes ago and said you’d just gone to the Hospital Wing to get a potion for your back –”


 “ – which I assume he now knows is hurting you, why didn’t you want to tell him earlier? And how did it start hurt—”


“—ting in the beginning. You have to tell me, your best friend, these things! You can’t just leav—”

“CHRISTINE!” Adara finally yelled to make her friend stop talking, “If you’ll take a breath, I’ll tell you!”

Christine smiled, then made a big deal of taking a deep breath, “Very good,” Adara smiled, “Now. The first questions was – if I remember correctly – where have I been?”

Christine nodded.

“I was where Jay told you I was, I the Hospital Wing,” she paused… should she tell her about Sirius? “then on the way back I ran into Sirius and we talked then I came back here.” Adara compromised. She didn’t know why she was ‘compromising.’ It bugged her that her instincts were making her do this.

“Oh, him.” Christine muttered. Maybe that’s why…

“And I didn’t want to tell Jay sooner because I thought that he’d not let me try out for the team with my back hurting,” Christine nodded again, understanding Jay’s cute protective tendencies, “and it was hurting because I fell of my broom when a weird dog barked and scared me.” Adara explained.

“A dog?” Christine asked.

“Yeah,” Adara answered thinking, “And it wasn’t Fang, either.”


“I know,” Adara needed to ask Sirius about that. Where had he gone?

With Christine satisfied, Adara took out her potions essay and began to write. She was halfway through with it when she looked at her watch and realized that the period before lunch had been over for five minutes.

“Hey, Chris, it’s time for lunch,” Adara nudged her friend awake.

Christine sat up on the couch and looked at Adara sleepily, “I fell asleep didn’t I?” she asked. Adara nodded, “Great, and I could have written my essay for Care of Magical Creatures!”

Ten minutes later, Christine and Adara slid into their seats at the Ravenclaw table.

“You feel better?” Jayden asked right away.

Adara smiled up at him, “Much, thanks,” she said then kissed him, “but I’m starving!”

“You should be you barely ate anything for breakfast,” Christine commented.

Adara happily piled a ham sandwich and mashed potatoes on her plate.

“Hello Addie,” Laila said as she sat down with Xeno, “is your mood better now?”

“Yes, I feel much better now,” Adara had forgotten that she stormed out of potions this morning.

“That’s good. Sometimes those humblingbundingers can worsen your mood like that. Very spontaneous they are,” Xeno commented solemnly.

“Right,” Adara smiled. Trying not to laugh, she shoved her sandwich into her mouth and choked.

Jayden hit her on the back and she was able to swallow, “Thanks, Jay,” she said when he found her voice.

“No problem.”

Adara looked back at her plate and remembered that they had Defense class next. She had to talk to Jayden before class to ask Jayden to be nice, as Sirius pinky swore he would be.

Soon, Christine, Jayden, and Adara were walking to class.

Adara stopped and pulled Jayden’s arm and he stopped, too, and gave her a puzzled look. Christine kept walking but soon stopped once she realized she was walking by herself.

“Go on, Chris, I just need to talk to Jay,” Adara waved her on. Christine nodded, said something bout her saving them seats, and continued into the classroom.

Adara pulled Jay away from the moving mob, “Jay, besides saving my life earlier, I have another favor to ask of you.”

“What?” he asked wearily.

“Can you be nice to Sirius today?” she noticed his expression darken at the sound of his name, “Please, I know he’ll be civil today.”

“Addie, I’ve told you. I don’t like him,” Jayden whined.

“I know, just don’t be mean. I’m stuck with him in all my classes and I have to talk to someone.”

“Can you talk to one of the nice other people in your class?” Jayden suggested.

Adara gave him her best “please!” look. Jayden rolled his eyes, “You know I can’t resist that. Fine, I won’t be mean.” He resigned.

Adara smiled and nodded. She almost said, ‘pinky swear?’ but she stopped herself just in time.

“Thanks, Jay,” she leaned in to kiss him. He kissed her back slowly, as if he was savoring a last moment with her or something. She felt his tongue brush the top of her lip and pulled away, “if we go much longer, I don’t think I’ll be able to go to class.” She whispered and Jayden nodded.

Hand – in – hand the couple walked into the classroom and took the same seats they had the first day of class. The seat next to Adara, the one that Sirius had previously occupied, was still empty. Adara bit her lip worried as to how this whole ‘being nice to each other’ thing was going to work.

The professor walked in a few minutes later and still no Sirius. Adara looked around and noticed that none of the marauders were present. She knit her brows together in confusion. Where are they? she wondered. She had just been with Sirius, what, two hours ago?

She knew much better than to ask Jayden or Christine if they had seen them, so she just sat there and contemplated where the four boys might be.

Was this some type of joke? Did he think that by not showing up he could fulfill his promise of being nice? No, Adara thought, he wouldn’t do that because he wants me to take the medicine tonight.

She wasn’t paying attention to the teacher, so when the sound of chairs scraping the floor awoke her from her trance she realized that they were obviously practicing something. Then she realized that her assigned partner wasn’t there. She raised her hand to point this out to the teacher, when something scared her so badly she fell off her chair.

“Ready, Adara?” came Sirius’ voice.

Crash! Adara hit the floor.



Jayden and Sirius were at her side at once, “Are you okay?” they said at the same time. Adara looked from her boyfriend to the man who was the reason she was on the floor. They were glaring at each other.  Adara moved her pinky to touch Sirius’ hand and remind him of the promise.

He sighed, “I’ll be over there when you’re ready, Adara,” he said and walked away.

Jayden helped her up, “Are you okay?” he repeated.

“Yeah, it’s just Sirius surprised me,” Adara smiled.

“Okay, but if that back pain comes back tell me,” Jayden told her. He kissed her forehead and then walked off to practice with Christine.

Adara joined Sirius, “Thanks,” she said, “for being nice.”

“Well, I promised,” Sirius muttered.

“Yeah,” Adara agreed watching his face, “and where did you come from?”

He smiled, “That’s for me to know and you to find out,” he sung.

“But none of you were here!” Adara turned and say James partnered with Lily in the middle of the room and Peter and Remus close by.

“I have no clue what you are talking about,” Sirius replied his eyes twinkling.

“This isn’t over, but we have to practice,” Adara warned him as she raised her wand, “And I don’t want you holding back on me.”

“Okay, if you’re sure,” Sirius said with a sigh.

“I’m sure,” Adara smiled, “Okay, one, two, thre—” And with a flash of light and Adara was on the floor. In a full body bind. Not a word had been spoken.

A second later, she was unfrozen, yet she remained on the floor, “Are you alright?” Sirius asked offering his hand. Adara took it and he pulled her up.

“How’d you do that?” she asked for what felt like the hundredth time that day.

“You told me not to hold back,” Sirius simply replied.

Adara scowled. How had he beaten her?

“Let’s try again, this time you count,” she said.

He shrugged, “One, two, three!” he cried. And Adara’s concentrated face was frozen as her body hit the floor in another perfect full body bind.

Dammit! She thought a second before she was unfrozen again.

Sirius looked worried as he helped her up, “Do you want me to take it easy?” he asked her.

“No,” she growled. This was seriously pissing her off. She was always able to beat anyone! She was in Ravenclaw for Merlin’s sake!

“Adara,” Sirius started but Adara held up her hand to silence him.

“Count again,” she ordered.

“One, two, three –” Sirius counted obediently. However, this time he didn’t curse Adara, Adara beat him and Sirius landed with a “thunk” on the floor.

Adara was passed angry, “You let me win!” she cried as she unfroze and helped Sirius up.

“Did not.”

“Then tell me that. Look me in the eye and tell me that you did not let me win,” Adara rested a hand on her hip.

Sirius looked at the ceiling then at Adara, “Adara, I didn’t…” he trailed off.

“See!” Adara shrieked, “you did let me win!”

“Adara, calm down,” Sirius put a hand on her shoulder. Adara took a deep breath. She knew that he was just trying to make her feel better.

“Sorry,” she muttered looking at the floor.

“It’s okay. You’re an amazing witch, I’ve just had a ton of practice,” Sirius told her.

“Well, I should know how to do this better,” Adara moaned, “How do you do it? Tell me.”

Sirius smiled, “I told you,” he took her hand off of her shoulder and turned around, “practice.”

“Fine,” Adara sighed.

“Okay, class, that’s enough for now, let’s sit back down and I’ll allow you to work on your essay that will be due Wednesday,” the professor announced. Sirius smiled and put his hand out telling Adara silently to go first. She rolled her eyes playfully and took her seat beside her boyfriend.

“Hello, Boot,” Sirius greeted pleasantly as he sat down on Adara’s other side.

Jayden looked at him, confused, “Black,” he nodded his head once then looked at Adara as if saying, ‘what the hell?’

Adara smiled at him then turned to write down the essay topic. She noticed that Sirius was writing something, then he kicked her gently under the table. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and he nodded at note.

I’m doing good, aren’t I?

Adara nodded, smiling wider. Sirius looked very pleased with himself and pushed back in his chair.

Maybe this ‘being nice’ thing will work, Adara thought hopefully.


Later that night, Adara was finishing at letter to her mother in her dorm room.

-- and there’s this guy named Sirius (yes, that is his real name) in all of my classes. At first he was annoying, but now I guess he’s pretty funny. We were assigned to be partners in most of the classes, so we’ve become friends. And my friendship, and the times where we haven’t been friends (i.e. broom incident), with Sirius has led me to erm… bond with this Gryffindor girl named Lily Evans. We were enemies, but I’ve realized we have a few things in common.
    So anyway, classes are hard, and life is good. Jayden is great, as always, except for the small feud between Jay and Sirius. They just can’t seem to get along. Probably a house/Quidditch rival thing.
    I hope that you haven’t been cooking. That would be bad. And I hope that you do have a life other than me, Mum. Because when I leave in two years, you are going to have to find a way to get along without me.
    You need a boyfriend. That’s your homework.

Love you,

She finished and put it in a envelope, addressed it, and put it on her bedside table. She would drop it off tomorrow morning. Now, she wanted to go to bed. She threw on her PJ’s and was about to climb back in bed when she saw the bottle. The evil bottle that contained the evil potion.

I should take it, she thought. Sirius kept his end, she’d keep hers. She grabbed the bottle, shut her eyes and gulped the whole thing down.

“Uck!” she shook her head and climbed into bed. She laid her head down on the pillow and felt something uncomfortable. Reaching behind her she pulled what felt like a letter from under her head. Wondering what the heck would be on her pillow at nearly ten o’clock at night, she read:

Don’t forget, you pinky swore.

A/N: So, after this chapter, well, at the end of next chapter... things get interesting!

Haha. THANKS for the reviews! I really love them.

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