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Back From the Dead by miss_remus
Chapter 1 : Back From the Dead
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A/N: This is written in response to Elysium’s “Reflections~ a non-dialogue challenge” So I hope you all like it, although it is a tad short…Enjoy

Ginny Weasley looked up to the sky as the world began to crash around her. Nature had no mercy as rain ferociously pelted her delicate features, causing her hair to stick to her face. All around her was the familiar boom of thunder, and crack of lightning, illuminating the vast, open field, in which she lie.

This couldn’t be happening,
she thought to herself. he’s supposed to be dead! When Ginny first heard news of Harry Potter’s mysterious disappearance, and death soon afterward, words could not describe the heartache she felt inside. As she replayed the scene over in her head, everything seemed as it was in slow motion. She sees her father walk through the door, with a somber look on his face, while removing his light brown bowler hat, he walks over and places a tender hand on her shoulder, bends down and tells her the news.

Ginny opens her eyes and wipes the newly formed tears with the back of her hand. All the physical wounds from the war, had long since healed, but the emotional blows were just starting to fade. And now, she’s finally began to date again, but then he returns. The buzz around the wizzarding world, is that Harry Potter was last seen alive, and well around the town of Godric’s Hollow.

A sudden gust of wind violently cut through the rain, causing the auburn leaves to get caught in her hair. But she didn’t care, she was soaked as it is, face covered with dirt, no doubt. Ginny, closed her eyes, and once again, let the memories from the past engulf her. She stared at her father blankly, trying to comprehend the words being said. She heard Ron swear and Hermione gasp in the background, and she let a single tear roll down her cheek. Her dad made to wipe it away, but in a hurry, she pushed him away, stumbled out of the chair, then ran out of the back door and into the very field in which she occupies now. It wasn’t until there, that she let all the sorrow escape her with one last cry.

There was a large crack and Ginny flashed open her eyes. She stood up and in the distance, saw a tree slowly fall towards the earth, the ground vibrating in the process. She didn’t know why seeing the tree had such a powerful affect on her, but it did. It used to be so strong, so confident with its bright red leaves blowing in the wind. Then, in one brief moment, it fell to the ground, all because of a lightning bolt. One stupid, carefree lightning bolt.  She slowly began to walk to the fallen tree, which quickly turned into a sprint. The wind roughly whipped her face and stung her cheeks, where her tears were turning to ice. The tree was still warm and there was a mark where the bolt had made contact with the tree. She looked up at the sky with hatred burning in her eyes. How dare life give her such a blessing in the form of Harry Potter, her one true love, then greedily snatch him away! How dare life give her time to heal, then as quickly as she’s recovered, let her relive all the pain and suffering over and over again, until she breaks! How dare life--

There was a bright light that lit up the entire sky. The light was blinding, and all noise stopped. There were no more leaves swirling below her feet, no more cracks of trees falling to their death. No more doubt in her mind, Harry Potter was back from the dead. If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have believed it. In the sky, was a bright lightning bolt illuminating the area in its entirety. Any other person would just say that it’s lightning, and that she should stop being a damn fool and get out of the field. But Ginny knew better. She felt it in her heart, and that lightning bolt did not go away. No, it just stayed there for all eternity reminding her of her love. No, Harry Potter was indeed alive.

As soon as she made the connection, the bolt faded into the sky and the chaos of the storm once returned. Heart beating rapidly, she started running back to the burrow, where she was sure that Harry would be waiting for her, he was always there when she needed him. Well, running was an understatement. Ginny was sprinting. She sprinted as if her life depended on it, which it did, she was sure. Flashes of light and loud noises of thunder were all around her. All the while, she was thinking of the time they first met, their first kiss, when they broke up, when they got back together, their first night together, and the night he proposed. She was exhilarated. The thought of being in his arms gave her an extra boost of life, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, she smiled. In the distance, she could see the lights of the burrow ahead, and in her heart she was sure Harry was there. And then, a flash of light, a crack overhead, all went dark.

A/N: To all you Harry/Ginny shippers out there, I’m terribly, terribly sorry, but it had to be done. But please, I would still love all of your reviews!

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