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Love Me Now or Lose Me Forever by Lillylover22
Chapter 1 : love me now or lose me forever
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Love Me Now Or Lose Me Forever.

Hey peoples!! please read and review!! the song in this story is Perfect by Simple Plan.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even the computer!! The song Perfect belongs to Simple plan.


The Marauders have a band. And they called their band The Marauders. Remus on the drums, Sirius playing the guitar and being the main back up singer, James also played the guitar but he was also the lead singer and Peter played percussion. It started out as a hobby in their 5th year at Hogwarts but soon they started playing at pubs and clubs. When at school they at the Three Broomsticks about once a month. The Three Broomsticks was always full with Hogwarts students whenever they played.


About a month before Christmas, in the Marauders 7th year, Professor Dumbledore came to the boys and asked,


“Do you boys know about the Christmas Eve Party?” The Professor asked them.


“Yes of course we know about. It was me and Lily who came up with the idea,” James answered.


“Oh yeah, your right. Well I was wondering whether you would like to sing at the party.”


“Yeah! Of course!!” James answered for them all.


They had 1 month to come up with the perfect songs for the night. Now James had been chasing a girl called Lily for years now and every time James asked her out she would always decline. But lately James had a feeling that Lily was beginning to soften. He thought Christmas Eve would be a fabulous night to ask Lily out again.


As the day of the bid performance grew closer the boys were excused from class to practice. And boy did they practice hard!


Finally it was here. The hall was decorated with tinsel and glitter. Snow fell from the ceiling but as soon as it touched something it would disappear. At around 10 o’clock the hall began to fill with year 6 and 7 students. The younger years were only allowed into the hall if they were in the company of an older student. Behind the stage that had been set up, the marauders waited nervously for the signal to go on stage and start.


“Alright tonight’s the big night boys!! We have to give this performance everything we’ve got!!” James said. He had been repeating this for the last ¼ of an hour.


“Prongs we get it!! We got the first time you said it no need to repeat it!!” Sirius exclaimed.


“Alright!! Alright!! I’ll shut up then!” James said.


“Finally!!” Mumbled Sirius.


Then they heard Dumbledore announce,


“It is my pleasure to announce the Marauders!!”

One by one the boys walked on stage to the sound of loud cheers. They sang for almost 2 hours with only ½ an hour break. With only about ten minutes to mid night the boys started their last song.


“This song is my favourite and it’s called Perfect!!” James announced.


Hey dad look at me
Think back and talk to me
Did I grow up according to plan?

The lights dimmed magically. The only light was on James.

And do you think I'm wasting my time doing things I wanna do?
But it hurts when you disapprove all along

And now I try hard to make it

Everyone was hushed. Either they were staring in awe at James or slowly swaying to the music. Or in some cases both.

I just want to make you proud
I'm never gonna be good enough for you
I can't pretend that

James stared off in space. 

I'm alright
And you can't change me

'Cuz we lost it all 

Lily was looking everywhere but at the stage. She knew that if she looked, she would never be able to look away.

Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be perfect

Several people asked Lily to dance. She declined everyone.

Now it's just too late and
We can't go back
I'm sorry 

She just stared into space. Trying not to drift of into the melody of the lyrics.

I can't be perfect

I try not to think
About the pain I feel inside

Too late. Lily was consumed by the loveliness of James' voice. 

Did you know you used to be my hero?
All the days you spent with me
Now seem so far away

She just sat there slowly stirring her drink. 

And it feels like you don't care anymore

And now I try hard to make it
I just want to make you proud 

She was the only one sitting down.

I'm never gonna be good enough for you
I can't stand another fight
And nothing's alright

Everyone else was standing.

'Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry 

Lily tapped her feet in time with the music.

I can't be perfect
Now it's just too late and
We can't go back

Sometimes humming a part of the tune that she was familiar with.

I'm sorry
I can't be perfect

Nothing's gonna change the things that you said

James looked around  at the crowd. Looking for Lily.

Nothing's gonna make this right again
Please don't turn your back
I can't believe it's hard

He finally found her sitting by herself, humming and tapping to the song.

Just to talk to you
But you don't understand

'Cuz we lost it all 

James just kept on looking at the red-headed beauty.

Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be perfect

His eyes never left her after that.

Now it's just too late and
We can't go back
I'm sorry 

Lily felt his eyes looking at her.

I can't be perfect

'Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever

She tried to resist the urge to look at him.

I'm sorry
I can't be perfect
Now it's just too late and 

But it didn't work. She turned and looked at him. Their eyes met. 

We can't go back
I'm sorry
I can't be perfect


The song finished and James kept on looking at  Lily. Lily kept looking back. 

 “I have one more thing to say. Lily Evans you are my one true love but all these years you have rejected me so to you I say this, Love me now Lily or Lose me forever! It’s your choice!!” said James with so much emotion that it shocked the crowd.

 Lily got up from her seat and walked slowly over to the stage. Her eyes never left James’s while she walked.

 “I choose to love you James!! With all of my heart!” Lily whispered. The words shocked her and the crowd that heard her. James jumped off the stage and went over to her. He bent down slightly to reach her lips. They kissed with so much passion it made both of them dizzy with pleasure.

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Love Me Now or Lose Me Forever: love me now or lose me forever


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