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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 37 : Chapter thirty seven
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Disclaimer JK Rowlins owns Harry and friends; I just sit here and wish I did.

A/Note not an exciting chapter but I hope you will read it anyway.

Time again chapter thirty seven

Collin and Dennis Creevey could see their headmaster Albus Dumbledore stood along side a large black dog in the door way to a strange cottage, the two Creevey boys standing behind him were both wondering what was happening, and why they were here.
Dumbledore had told them nothing, they had been told by professor Flitwick to go to the headmasters’ study there they had found a note for each of them, as they read the note they had found themselves whisked away by a portkey to the house they were now standing out side of.

The boys watched as the headmaster walked from their sight in through the door way, and from inside they could hear what sounded like several people laughing, once or twice they saw a flash of light before they then heard a huge cheer coming from the house.
Just a few seconds later they both had a shock as their father walked from the house carrying two gnomes, one in each hand.

“Hi boy’s, back in a jiffy,” Peter Creevey said to his two shocked sons.

Peter then rushed into the garden of the house next door, both Collin and Dennis followed him, wondering what on earth their father was doing with gnomes, muggles couldn’t even see gnomes never mind carry them.

Peter Creevey was having the time of his life; he was performing spells with a wand for the first time in his entire life.
He had hidden from the wizarding world and all its insults and the stigma of being a squib, along with his wife Gina, and they had lived the past twenty years as Muggles, they had even been married as Muggles never expecting to have anything more to do with the world of magic, that is until their sons had both shown early signs of being wizards, now thanks to Hermione he and his wife were both able to perform magic.

Rushing from the empty house he bumped into his two offspring as they peered into the dark interior.

Inside the house next door Gina Creevey fell backwards over the old sofa as she grabbed a rather energetic female gnome, “I got one, I actually got one,” she shouted as both Harry and Hermione laughed at her, all they could see of her were two feet sticking up from behind the sofa.

Albus unable to resist joined in the laughter as Mrs Creevey lay on her back her legs and feet rising up the back of the sofa she had just fallen over, behind her head a rather tired looking gnome sat down and wiped its forehead before it shouted “Oy Missus, how about catching me as well.”

Gina Turned her head a little and held out her hand to the tired old gnome, “Not as young as I once was,” the old gnome said as he climbed into her hand.

“I don’t think I’ve had this much fun since I was a little girl,” she told the gnome as she carefully dropped her legs to the ground then spun around so she could sit up.

Harry heard Dumbledore laugh as he watched Gina Creevey disappear backward out of sight. Looking up at the head master he wondered where the two Creevey boys were, Albus joined them in chasing and catching the gnomes, he was soon followed by Peter, Collin, and Dennis as they returned from the house next door, the look on the faces of the two Creevey brothers caused both Harry and Hermione to laugh hard and loud, to say they looked surprised would be an understatement, they had just entered the room when Gina crawled awkwardly out from behind the sofa, a gnome held carefully in each hand, gripped in her teeth was the wand she had been using.

Collin stood with his mouth wide open as he watched his mother covered in dust having a mumbled conversation with a tiny red faced gnome, Dennis was gaping at Harry his eyes wide with surprise, his mum and dad were doing magic with Harry Potter. This was a surprise he had never expected, even in his wildest dreams.

Dumbledore suggested that the boys take a seat for a moment until they recovered from the shock. Both boys did as he said without question and sat on the sofa staring from Harry and Hermione to their parents, they were still wondering what was going on.

Mrs Creevey offered her two captives to her husband then took a seat between her sons, “Welcome to your new home boys,” she said still chuckling a little.

“So you’re going to take the job then?” Harry asked smiling.

“Oh yes, we’ll take the job, I have a feeling it could well be the best thing we ever had offered to us,” Gina Creevey answered “besides I think I have a new friend here,” she said taking the old gnome back and she set him down on her knee.

The arrival of more humans into the house had an odd effect on the gnomes, they were all getting tired, they loved being chased but now tired and with the odds of being caught increased they began to climb from their hiding places and gathering around Gina’s feet, they all looked up to the old gnome and seemed to be waiting for him to say something.

“Is it true we get to live undisturbed next door?” the old gnome asked Gina.

“Yes dear, thanks to Lord Gryffindor we will be neighbours,” she replied smiling at the tiny creature.

“Well you heard the lady, get all our things together we’re moving house,” the old gnome told his waiting family.

The two Creevey boys still sat staring at the things going on around them as the most unusual sight of a large family of gnomes carrying their possessions walked in single file through the room and out of the door.

Collin was the first to get over his shock enough to ask what was going on, Peter Creevey crouched down in front of his sons.

“Your mum and I, we were never true Muggle’s, we were both born squibs and well you know how squibs are treated by the wizarding world, anyway we decided to live as Muggle’s till lord Gryffindor offered me a job as his driver, now thanks to lady Gryffindor we can do magic,” he explained to them, “we get to live here in his lordships property and we will have a secure income every week.”

“Harry, you’re lord Gryffindor?” Dennis asked in awe.

“Yes Dennis, that’s me, oh by the way Peter as I told you before the house is now yours,” Harry replied.

Peter Creevey looked up at Harry with a look of surprise “Harry Potter? The Harry Potter?” he said.

“Yes dad, this is Harry,” Collin told him as the headmaster stepped forward.

“Collin, and you Dennis, this house will require a good cleaning, I hope you know sufficient cleaning charms to teach your parents or you will be doing the work by hand,” Dumbledore said a huge grin on his face.

Collin turned to Hermione “Help,” he whispered as he looked around at the dusty room.

Hermione stood chuckling at the faces of the two boys as they both looked pleadingly at her, “Ok everyone back up to Potter house, its time for a nice cup of tea before we do anything else,” she said as she took Harry’s hand “all that gnome chasing has me worn out.”

Once outside the cottage Albus told Hermione that she was to take the odd shaped three wheeler back to the house, “You shouldn’t be doing so much in your condition,” he said as he pointed to where he had parked the quad.

Harry agreed with Albus and held Hermione’s hand as she climbed aboard the bike, then they watched as she roared off out of sight up the lane.

“Blimey Harry, Hermione goes a little crazy on that thing don’t you think,” Collin said as she sped off.

“She is a little fast I suppose,” Harry answered as they started the walk up the lane “Still I think she’s safe enough.”

“Harry I wanted to ask you about that thing, as you know I do like to read those muggle magazines when ever I get the opportunity, well the one I read had an article about those machines and I am quite certain that your machine has to many wheels, the article I read described them as three wheeled motor cycles made for farmers,” Albus said as they walked.

“The one we have is called a quad and it has the correct number of wheels,” Harry said with a chuckle “there is now a six wheeled version as well, and I do believe that there are people trying to make a version that will float.”

“The things that Muggle’s will make is always a constant surprise to me,” Albus said as they neared the gates to Potter House.

As they reached Peter Creevey’s old car Harry did a Reparo charm on it then they all stood back and watched as the car made some rather odd noises, then after a minutes silence and with a nod from Harry, Peter got in and turned the key, the engine flared into life almost instantly, and Peter hoped that the spell Harry had just used was one that he would get to learn.

“Sounds as good as new,” Peter said as he walked up to the front door with his new boss “thank you M’lord.”

“Now Peter, we’ll have less of that, the name is Harry, ok,” Harry said grinning.

“Ah, Mr Creevey, might I ask a question?” Albus said as Glanry opened the door for them, with out waiting for a reply he carried on “do you think you could acquire one of those three wheeled quad bikes for me, the version with six wheels would be excellent.”

Harry Peter and Gina all turned to look at Albus then they all burst into laughter, Albus looked a little confused “Did I say something amusing?” he asked.

Collin and Dennis then joined in the laughter as they all walked into the entrance hall of Potter house. The laughter died almost as soon as they were inside, Gina and her two sons stared around at the huge hallway in awe, none of them had ever been in a house like this before.

“Her ladyship is in the kitchen M’lord,” Glanry said as they entered.

“Glanry you know if Hermione hears you saying that she will give you an ear full,” Harry said chuckling at the formality of his head house elf.

“Yes M’lord,” Glanry said as he stuck out his chest “no etiquette at all,” he mumbled as he closed the door.

Harry led the way to the kitchen followed by the Creevey’s, three of them were looking around them in awe at the house and its contents, the two boys had never once in all their time at Hogwarts thought Harry might be rich, he had after all, nearly always worn old baggy clothes and shoes that were falling apart, it all seemed so unreal to them that he was in fact a lord and that he was now their fathers employer.

Harry had a pleasant surprise when he entered the kitchen, Mrs Weasley greeted him with a bone crushing hug as she usually did, “Hermione said you could use a little help,” she said as she squeezed the air from his lungs.

Harry had to wait until she let him go before he looked at Hermione ‘We need some help, in what way love?’ he asked Hermione.

‘Cleaning spells sweetheart, unless you know them all,’ she replied.

Harry nodded she was right he had never had to use a cleaning spell in his life except the Scourgify one, and he knew that would not be of great help to Mrs Creevey. Mrs Weasley took Gina to one side and explained that she was there to teach her some of the house keeping spells she would need to use on the cottage; she also volunteered to call back in the morning and to help out if she was needed. Mrs Creevey was so pleased she had a small tear in her eye as she accepted the offer of help.

Georgina Creevey had quite an audience as Molly Weasley taught her a charm to get the dishes to wash themselves, Molly taught her how to get rid of Doxies and other pests and she also promised to loan one of her favourite books to Gina till she could get a copy of her own.

Gina suddenly realised that she and her husband, now for the first time since they had met owned a house of their own, tears filled her eyes as she thought about how she had been against the idea of even coming here just a few hours ago.

She felt at home with the Potters, they might be rich and famous but they had treated her as an equal, something that had never happened to her before, not even as a muggle. She and Peter had always had to struggle always saving pennies, never seeming to get a real break or a little bit of good luck, now all that seemed to have changed.

Hermione poured them all a cup of tea and as they all sat around the table they were joined by Dig, Harry asked Dig if he would be willing to take Peter into the local town and show him around, then help him to pick a car for them sometime in the morning. Dig as usual was willing to do as he was asked and made arrangements with Peter to leave straight after cleaning out the stables.

As the tea cups were emptied Hermione told the Creevey’s that they would be staying in the main house until their own house was ready, she called Erin to show them their rooms before she spoke to Harry about the type of car they should have, together they decided that they should have a simple family car, maybe a five door or an estate, their eventual decision was for the estate car as it could carry more.

Collin and Dennis stood in the room they had been shown into and looked around, it had two single beds though they were large and comfortable ones, and they had their own bathroom.

“This is bloody fantastic,” Collin said as he sat on the bed he had chosen.

“Strange dad working for Harry,” Dennis said as he sat on the other bed “who would have thought it?”

“Its about time dad had a decent break, he has worked darn hard to pay for us to go to Hogwarts,” Collin replied.

“Wonder what its like working for Harry,” Dennis said as he lay back.

“I’ll bet he’s a great boss, I mean he is such a nice bloke,” Collin said as he got up to examine the bathroom.

Half an hour later having showered the boys went back down to the kitchen where they joined Harry, Dumbledore, Dig, and their dad, in a butterbeer.

Hermione, Molly and Gina were sitting talking in the living room; Hermione was asking what it would be like for her as her pregnancy progressed.

“Well I was always a little bit emotional, something to do with the magic I think,” Gina said.

“When I had the twins I had allsorts of odd things happening,” Molly said smiling at some memory, “it can be a bit tricky for us witches you know, what with accidental magic and things.”

“We’ll find out soon enough I suppose,” Hermione said as she relaxed into her chair and listened to the older women talking.

A/Note sorry about this one but I have been a little ill and have not had the energy to do much. a big thanks to my dear Wife for looking after me.

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