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Ginny's secret by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 5 : "Do you like it?" she smiled "I love it"
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"Come on James, I need to get you ready for when we leave."

"Coming mummy, I just need to pack my model wizards into my box."

"James, I've already told you that daddy will pack your things for you, you just need to put a few of your toys into your backpack for the journey."

"But I'm nearly finished now."

Ginny sighed and walked towards the kitchen where Harry was packing the silverware.

"I'll tell ya, that boy is becoming more and more like you everyday."

She placed some wrapped plates into the box that was labeled; china and sealed the box with some spellotape.

"Is that such a bad thing; turning into me?"

Ginny turned around and smiled at her finance, kissed him on the lips and walked out of the kitchen.

Hearing a sudden crash from James's room she called out to Harry, "I'll handle it."

Walking towards the door of James's room, Ginny was shocked to see it wrenched open and watch a little black haired boy halt from running.

"I didn't do it."

Ginny frowned at him and saw him smile weakly back.

"James Weasley, what did you do?"

"Nothing, a couple of my books flew across the room and hit the wall, then they somehow smashed into my boxes and they all fell over."

"How?" Ginny picked her son and looked him straight in the eye.

"I dunno, magic I suppose..."

Ginny's eyes flew open with horror; she placed James on the floor and ran into his room, only to find it completely cluttered with the things from the boxes, which had been flung into the corners of the rooms.

Ginny scanned the room to find her wand on the floor, where a round circle was (she guess that must have been, where James was standing.)

Slowly turning round to face the door, she found a whimpering James standing in the doorway.

He stood there, looking as helpless as a lost puppy, and her expression softened.

"Come here," shes whispered; raising him from the floor and into her arms.

For about five minutes they stood there; Ginny rocking him slowly back and forth, as if he was a new born baby again, while he slowly stopped crying.

Harry came out of the bathroom carrying boxes of toiletries,he then noticed Ginny and an upset James so he walked up to them, wondering what on earth had happened.

"What's a matter with him?" Harry nodded towards James's direction, but his question was answered as he leaned over Ginny's shoulder and into James's room.

"Wow that's alot of mess, oh well."

Harry strode into the room, careful not to tread on anything.

James looked up from his mothers shoulder to see what his father was doing.

First, Harry repaired anything that had broken with the repairing 'reparo' and then he placed everything into their rightful boxes with a wave of his wand.

Finally, he he made the boxes seal up and zoom past Ginny and James, and into the living room; where the rest of the boxes lay.

"You gotta love magic."

James giggled and Harry took him from his mothers arms and started tossing him in the air.

Ginny smiled but turned to the front door as the bell had just rang.

"I'll get it, oh and Harry finish off will ya, we'll be leaving in a couple of hours."

He sighed but nodded all the same, and carried James towards Ginny's room so they could finish the last of the packing.

Ginny on the other hand, strode over to the door and opened to see her best friend and her brother standing on the doorstep.

"Ron, Hermione, I'm so glad to see you, come in come in."

The redhead and the bushy brunette smiled, and strode past Ginny into the flat.

"Wow you've been working hard, your nearly finished."

Ginny smirked at her brother and replied "Yes the packings finished, but you can help with the loading Ron."

Ron groaned, "Jees sis you sure make a poor man work hard."

Ginny glared at him.

"Ronald Weasley you don't lift a finger to help with anything, and you can't say your poor anymore, you run your business!"

Ron glared back at his sister but didn't make another retort.

"So Hermione, how you been."

Ginny took their coats and placed them neatly over the side of one of the chairs.

She looked back round to see Ron and Hermione smiling at each other and Ron said to Hermione "Shall we tell her?"

Hermione nodded and turned back towards Ginny, smiling broadly.

"Me and Ron have something to tell you."

She didn't wait for Ginny's reaction but carried on.

"We're... we're gonna have...have..." she stopped, the sheer excitement was taking her breath away.

Ron stepped in.

"A baby, we're gonna have a baby."

Ginny's eyes widened with shock which soon turned to excitement.

She squealed and run to hug her best friend and her brother.

Harry soon ran into the room with James close at his heal.

"What happened?" His wand was out but it fell to his side when he saw his two best friends and his finance smiling at him.

Putting away his wand, he picked up James and walked over to where the others were standing.

Ginny rushed over to the two green eyed boys that she loved and adored and said to harry " Ron and Hermione are having a baby."

Harry looked over to see the couple arm in arm, and for the first time that Harry could ever remember, Hermione looked a little chubby.

"Congratulations!" and went over to hug his two best friends.

Then he turned to Hermione and asked "How many months gone?"

"3 months." But instead of hearing from Hermione's lips, he turned around to see Ginny holding James, looking at them.

She smiled at them weakly and and said "It's in the job description."

Harry laughed at went over to hug her.


The five of them sat at the kitchen table(which was the only free space in the flat) talking and laughing until the clock read 3:30pm.

Harry stretched and he and Ron set to the work of putting all the boxes into the van outside, which Ginny and Harry had hired.

By four, the two boys had finished and everyone was ready to go to Harry's house in Hampton's Heath which was on the outskirts of London.

The two boys climbed into the huge van, and set off towards their destination, while the girls took Ginny's land rover, with James in the back.

It was a four hour drive to Hampton Heath and soon James fell asleep, tired of being bored.

Ginny announced to Hermione in the car, that she and Harry were engaged and the girls were soon giggling a the most stupidest thoughts.

Soon, Ginny pulled up onto a gravel drive and she looked out the window to see a grand house in front of her. Harry's red BMW convertible was also sitting in the drive along with the big white van, where Harry and Ron were already unloading.

Ginny unstrapped a still sleepy James and walked into their new house.

What she saw amazed her and Hermione. The hall was covered in was a bright cream colour that looked cosy and welcoming.

Then they walked into the living room which joined onto the dining room, where they saw a grand fireplace, big comfy armchairs and a sofa that could seat three people.

In the corner was a computer and and radio which looked really expensive.

The dining room table was a grand pine colour, furnished and everything.

They soon noticed that there was also doors leading to a big kitchen, where Ginny would enjoy baking and cooking for her husband to be and her son.

They walked up the grand stairs to find three bedrooms, a nursery, a study and a big bathroom.

James's room was decorated exactly like his old one, which would make him happy when he finally woke up. His bed was magnificent.

It had a headboard that looked like a huge snitch and his cover was cover in little snitches. His boxes had already been placed in the room and with a wave of her wand, all of his things were in their rightful places.

The strode towards Ginny's and Harry's room, where they saw a king size bed, a dresser, a vanity and a big wardrobe. They also had their own on suite which could only be accessed from their room.

They soon expected the rest of the rooms when Hermione noticed a door right at the end of the corridor.

Opening they saw some nice looking steps that led to another door a bit further up.

Climbing up, they noticed that the room was a loft conversion and a note had been left of the double bed.

Hermione read and and she dropped the letter in shock.

Ginny read it and she noticed that it was from Harry to Hermione and Ron.

Dear Hermione and Ron,

This loft conversion is just for you, it has its own on suite and your allowed to decorate it anyway you like.

I did this because I want you to come and stay round as often as possible so that I don't miss any more of what I already have.

Love Harry x

Ginny smiled and said to Hermione "He is the most wonderful guy I've ever met."

Hermione nodded and looked around the room once more.

"Come on Mione, let me go make you some tea in my new kitchen."

They giggled and carefully walked down the steps, down the stairs and into the kitchen.

It was another two hours before the guys had finished and had taken the van back to company; James had awoken and wen straight to his new room to play.

Harry walked over to Ginny and kissed the top of her head.

"Do you like it?" she smiled "I love it!"

He to smiled and kissed her softly on the lips.

"You shouldn't have done that conversion for us Harry."

Harry turned around and replied "But I wanted to, so I did."

Hermione smiled and ran over to hug him.

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