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A Child of Opportunity by LilliaSnape
Chapter 7 : Of Doxies and Destiny
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A/N: Otay.... Here we go! My newest chapter! I hope you like.... I really want to thank everyone who takes the time to review my chapters! I really appreciate it. AuburnFair and Miss Remus have been especially amazing! But I love you all! So, thanks for all the great support! Check out my other two stories too. They aren't getting as much attention and it's making me sad! :( lol. Well, here it is. Hope you like it.

The sun was high and the smells of cooking drifted upstairs from the kitchen and yet Lillia was exhausted. She could feel the tension of the night in her neck and shoulders. Her body was aching for rest. Lillia tumbled into the bed. She ran her hand across the yellow flowered comforter, the name Ginny was elaborately embroidered across the middle. Lillia broke into a painful smile. Her face had been so tight from keeping her emotions guarded, but now she was almost on the verge of giggling. Ginny Weasley did not know her, there where plenty of people in her own year who didn’t know her, Ginny couldn’t be expected to, but once she did she would probably not be thrilled to have Lillia sleeping in her bed. The pretty little redhead would not want the taint of Lord Voldemort to touch her happy life, no one ever did.

Lillia tried to push these dark thoughts out of her head. She knew that it was just going to depress her, or worse, make her want to lash out. That wasn’t going to happen though, Lillia never lashed out. Instead she turned back to the cold reality of being in Order Headquarters. It was obvious that she wasn’t making many friends here. She had Professor Lupin for one, but she wasn’t about to make the same mistakes with him that she had made earlier. It had felt good to release some of her pain. Generally, she could push all that to the back of her head and go on content with her little day, but it was the events happening around her. She had no control. Every little dark and tragic thing seemed to be constricting around her. Her life had generally been hers, maybe it wasn’t the happiest of lives, but it was hers. Now she had to worry about hidden agendas and worse. It made her head spin a bit.

On the other hand though, it seemed like she had at least a little support from the man named Arthur, he seemed to expect her to be just your simple little girl. Lillia felt it was naïve of him on a whole new level. He probably should have learned by now, what with being so close to Potter, but adults were often so stupid. When they grew to love something they threw their whole heart into it. Lillia, however, had learned long ago that she couldn’t trust anyone, not for long anyway. So, while the Order was busy trying to make sure that she would not betray them she resigned to do the very same thing. But, was she doing a very good job so far? Probably not, with her exposing herself so thoroughly to Professor Lupin. She sighed, she would have to do much better.

Her vision began to fade to a blurry mess of colors as she succumbed to sleep…

She was alone, always alone in a dark place. Someone was screaming in the distance with a voice masked with rage. But she was safe, at least for now, safe in her dark little sanctuary.

And then that dark little world shifted to one of comforting tones, but there was the baby. The crying pained her ears and her soul. The wails were so familiar, so repetitive, like listening to the same sad lullaby night after night, but forgetting the words while the melody remained the same. There was a struggle, a woman’s cry, a flash of green light, and everything went black once more. Lillia was consumed by the darkness and the pain, oh the pain…

Gasping for breath, Lillia sat up in the bed. “Ow.” She held her head. She always felt dizzy after the nightmares, not necessarily in pain, but definitely woozy. She fought to push the images from her mind, but those strange dreams were so persistent. They clung to her, as they always did, but this time it was different. The first dream still remained a mystery to her, but the second… oh the second. The series of flashing images and sounds made so much sense to her now. Finally, after so many years, the pieces of the story fit together, if not perfectly then adequately, and oh that was enough.

Leaping from the bed, Lillia let Ginny’s yellow blanket fall to the filthy floor. She jammed the sneakers from Snape over her feet without stopping to tie them. She did not have the time to mess with such trivial matters.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she sped down the stairs, shockingly she barely made any noise. On the second level, however, she came crashing into a set of mirror image redheads with bulging pockets.

“Sorry,” she muttered, shaking her head. “I’m in a hurry.”

“Oh.” smirked a twin. “That’s all right. You’re the one they are all talking about. Seems we missed out on all the fun. What are you in such a hurry for. then?”

“It really doesn’t concern you.” She tried to nudge past them, but their shoulders came together in some sort of human barricade.

“So, you really are his daughter?” the other brother demanded with only slight distaste, his voice was mainly full of curiosity.

“Yeah, and you’re Fred Weasley, pleased to meet you, now kindly get out of my way!” she huffed.

Fred grinned. She had guessed his name correctly when his own mother often made the mistake, at least he hoped she has only guessed. “Oh, now. No reason to get all touchy. I was only asking.”

“And I answered you, so please just move!” she was becoming exasperated quickly.

“Alright, alright, c’mon George. I can see when we are not wanted.” He dramatically took his brother’s arm and with hurt but somehow smug expressions and a loud pop, they were gone.

“Uhg!” she panted impatiently. She bounded down the final set of stairs. At the bottom, Lillia looked around hesitantly. She had never been shown around the house and even if she had been, she had no idea where to find him. Chewing on her bottom lip, she headed into the kitchen. Judging by the aroma of simmering vegetables, she was sure to find someone in there.

“Hello, dear, I see you are awake.” She called while dropping a handful of sliced cabbage into a large self-stirring pot of soup.

“Yeah, could you tell me…”

“The kids are down the hall in the drawing room, dear. Remus is helping them finish up removing doxies from those old dusty curtains. You can go on and head in there if you like. I don’t expect you to help around with the chores and stuff, but you might like being in there with the others. Or, you can have a bit to eat if you like, you must be positively starved. You missed out on breakfast and lunch, you know. I thought about waking you, but I figured that you could use the rest after a night like that.” Her demeanor struck Lillia as odd. A woman so devoted to the welfare of her children was treating her, an outsider and his daughter nonetheless, like one of her own. It was strange and Lillia was very unaccustomed to it.

“No, but thank you.”

“Alright, dear, are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m quite sure, I’m not used to eating all that much anyway.” Lillia smiled trying to seem convincing and at ease.

A sad look washed over the woman’s soft features. “I’m so sorry, Lillia.” her voice was calm and low.

“Why are you being so kind to me?” Lillia asked. Nothing was normal about this.

“Oh,” Molly sighed. Lillia was so sick of sighs. They generally meant depressing news. “Because I know what it is like to be hurt by You-Know-Who. I was too young to fight with the Order in the first war, but I was not too young or too stupid to be hurt. I lost an Uncle during the fight, no, actually it was before the true war. No one knew yet what was to become of Tom Riddle. Uncle Fred was just a random causality of the Death Eaters. He wasn’t very high in the Ministry, but his position was high enough to earn him a few enemies. They killed him simply because he had married a muggleborn. Many in my mother’s family joined their side. My family was broken because of the things that they did. Then only two years ago, Ginny was taken in to that awful chamber… and well I’m sure you know the story.” Molly fell silent. Lillia was beginning to think that she was finished when the woman began to speak again. “I’m not stupid, Lillia. I know the things that V.. Voldemort” she shuddered at the utterance of the name. “can do. I also know that the people in his reach are not necessarily bad people. They are just people doing what they think that they must do. You should not have to be forced into his world, I am sorry that we were all so quick to judge you based on your parentage. You have done nothing wrong and we have all been jumping to accuse you. We should be above that as old as we are, but we make mistakes too, and I’m sorry.” she rested her hand on Lillia’s shoulder. “I am being nice to you because I should. None of this is your fault. You did not chose to have the father that you have.”

A sudden surge of affection for the woman hit Lillia unexpectedly. Her emotions had been so unpredictable for so long it was good to have this woman’s acceptance even if it was not granted in affection. “Thank you.” that was all she could manage.

“You don’t have to thank me, dear.” Molly smiled. Her mournful expression was exchanged for one of warmth. She pushed a piece of bread into Lillia’s right hand. “Here, eat this at the least, I know you are starved.”

Lillia waited until she was in the hall before engulfing the bread. From the smell of it she could tell it would have tasted delicious, but inhaling food leaves little room for the sense of taste. Feeling less empty, Lillia headed down the hall. As she passed the large curtained section of wall, she smiled to herself. Yes, Lillia had heard as much of the Black family as any good Slytherin. It was ironic to her how such an influential and notoriously wretched supporter of her father had been reduced to such an existence. Her portrait screams whispers of a fading legacy while her dirty bones rot in grave much too deep for her. “What a fitting end.” Lillia whispered almost hoping to wake the wench for an opportunity to tell her what the daughter of the Dark Lord thought of her.

Finally, Lillia came to a set of peeling double doors. Behind the doors, she could hear a lot of screaming and excitement. She held her hand hesitantly above the middle of a door. After a few minutes of listening to the noise she gave it a halfhearted rap. The laughter on the other side did not falter. She tried again, still no answer. After a third and much more forceful knock, she pushed to door open.

The room was in total chaos. She only had seconds to take in the moldy carpet and dark green curtains before she noticed the doxies. The beetle like creatures were zooming around the room as they were being sprayed in clouds of suffocating fumes. She turned to see Hermione Granger staring at her. Lillia tried to smile, but the taste of poison filled the air. Suddenly pain surged through her left eye. Lillia gasped and her mouth filled with a biter taste. She looked into Hermione’s horrorstricken face. The last thing she remembered was the smell of the Doxycide.

Lillia could feel the presence of several bodies pressing nervously around her. She fought to get her eyes open. Swimming in the blurs of her vision was the face of Harry Potter. Harry Potter? She threw herself upward into a sitting position. “Wha… appened?” she slurred.
Lupin smiled somewhere in her peripheral vision. “You were bitten by a doxy.” he said soothingly and held up the petrified culprit.

“Bloody Brilliant!” the twins breathed from somewhere behind her.

Lillia sighed and looked around at them. She counted them off in her head. Professor Lupin, Potter, Granger, and four Weasleys. It would be hard to get him alone. “I don’t feel so good.” she murmured.

“Here, eat this.” Lupin instructed. “You haven’t exactly faced dementors or anything, but a little chocolate couldn’t hurt.” He broke a piece off of the bigger bar and tried to hand it to her.

Lillia shook her head. “I’m allergic to chocolate, Professor.”

A/N: Teehee. I know it's not all that amazing, but I'm building up to something.... try to guess what! lol! Well, hope the next one is put up soon! I have to start writing it though! Well, anyways love you goes now go R&R!! ^-^

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