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The Untitled Christmas Story by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 1 : In the Spirit of Christmas
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A/N: This is part of the Baby Harry collection. The others are Birthday? Hmm... Sounds Like Fun and The Baby's Coming!. The latter is a part of it because it gave me the idea to write Birthday?, and just like in Birthday? Harry's thoughts are italicized and in quotes. And please don't be negative about my "baby talk", you'll understand that more as you read. Also, this is written a bit differently than Birthday? because Harry is seven months younger in this story than in Birthday?.

I do need a title for this story, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.

~A Special Thanks~ to mizz92 for the idea of Harry's first Christmas!

Chapter 1

It was the day of Christmas Eve in Harry Potter's home, of course, being only five months old, Harry didn't really understand what Christmas, or its "Eve" for that matter, was. There were different things around the house, like lights, shiny things, and other things that Harry reach, and a big, fuzzy, green tree, all of which seemed to go along with this "Christmas" thing, but that was pretty much the extent of Harry's Christmas knowledge.

Harry had been fascinated by the tree, especially when his mummy would lay with him underneath it. She had stopped doing that though when she saw Harry stuff a handful of needles down his diaper - much to his own discomfort - and try to stick a tiny lightbulb in his mouth.

Right then, Harry was in his room being held by his Uncle Pa-foo, and chewing (with his one tooth) on the arm (were two really necessary?) of his favorite teddy bear, Blotchy, which was as big as Harry was. He felt Pa-foo hold him differently, and Harry came face-to-face with his daddy. He could see Pa-foo holding him from behind Daddy.

"Hello, Daddy," Pa-foo said in a high-pitched baby voice. "Will you puh-lease dress up like Rudolph for my first Christmas? I'd love you just oh-so-much if you did."

Harry blinked. 'I talk like that?' Somehow he didn't think so. He tried to say 'I no think I sound like that', but it came out as "Me ohy thhie ounny had".

"See," Pa-foo proudly announced. "He's reinforcing what he just said."

'Crazy people.'

Daddy rolled his eyes. "Yeah, sure he was," he told Pa-foo sarcastically. He held Harry, much the same way Pa-foo had, and looked Harry straight in the eye. In a serious voice, he asked, "Harry, you don't want to see Daddy dressed up like Rudolph and humiliated, do you?"

'What's a "Rudolph"?'

"Oh, James, you're going to dress up like Rudolph for him? Harry will love that!"

'Well, Mummy says I'll love it... I want to see a "Rudolph".'

"No, I don't think he would so much, Lils," Daddy said.

'Daddy, no! Don't say that, Mummy's always right. She always says so.'

Mummy put her hands on her hips. "Are you saying I don't know what my son would enjoy, James?"

Daddy's eyes bugged out like he had just realized what he had said. Harry gave him a look of sympathy; Daddy only looked like that when he realized he had, as the adults put it, "trapped himself".

"Well, um... uh, no?"

"So you're going to dress up like Rudolph because Harry will love that, aren't you honey?"

"Yes, dear."

"And you're going to enjoy it, aren't you honey?"

"Yes, dear," Daddy answered again, like the two words had been rehearsed. Then again, Harry had heard his daddy say them so often that he could never tell when he was practicing saying them or saying them for real. Mummy could though.

"That's right, James." Mummy kissed Daddy's cheek, and then Harry's. "Happy Christmas, sweetie," she said to Harry with a smile. To Daddy, she said, "You had better get working on that Rudolph outfit, it's Christmas Eve after all."

"Can't we compromise on this?" Daddy asked desperately.

Mummy raised an eyebrow.

"Get Dumbledore to come over dressed like Santa Claus, and I'll do it without complaining."

Mummy smiled. "All right then. I have to go check on the cookies, which you cannot have yet," she added to Pa-foo, whose ears perked up when he heard the word "cookie".

Mummy left and Daddy glared at Pa-foo.

"I don't know what you're so worked up about, Prongs," Pa-foo said calmly, "it's just a spell that does this:" He pulled out his wand - 'Yay! Magic!' Harry could never get enough of watching magic preformed - and waved it in front of Daddy's face.

Daddy's nose became red and shiny, like a lightbulb, and he looked at his reflection in a mirror.

Harry thought for a moment, observing Daddy's new nose. 'Mummy was right, I do love the flashy-light-nose, but if this is "Rudolph", I don't understand why everyone is so worked up over it...'

Daddy sighed. "Sirius," he asked, obviously trying to keep his voice calm, "will you kindly take this charm off of my face?"

"Nah, it's a good look for you. Think of it as an early Christmas present."

"Well, in that case," Daddy said slyly. "In the spirit of Christmas and as an early Christmas present, I'm going to make you, in addition to my son's godfather, his Official Diaper Checker."

"Now, Prongs, I really don't think-"

"No, I insist. Check him for poop," Daddy ordered.

Harry felt himself being handed back to the arms of his goddaddy. 'Poop?' he thought. 'Oh yeah, I know what that is!' And he proudly proceeded to produce some.

"Oh, oh," Pa-foo cried.

"See ya later, Padfoot. Official Duty of the Official Diaper Checker is to also change the diaper."

Pa-foo was left stuttering a "but- but" to an empty room, except for himself and the baby he was holding.

Harry thought, 'are you going to get around to changing me or not? This is getting pretty uncomfortable, you know.'

"Ok," Pa-foo started, looking at Harry and realizing the situation he was now in. "Right, uh... Let's- let's just... get this over with."

Slowly, they started moving towards the changing table - 'About time.' - and Pa-foo put Harry down and removed his soiled diaper.


"Prongs!" Pa-foo called desperately. "He's doing the fountain aga-- Oh, Merlin! Prongs! Help!"

The only response was the sound of the door locking from the outside.

"That's not funny-- oh - oh - help!"

'Don't cry, Uncle Pa-foo, it's not that bad.'
Harry looked at his goddaddy, who was crying as he changed the diaper and tried to save his nose. 'Poor Uncle Pa-foo. Maybe some more poop will help... He'll have to change the diaper again, and everyone loves to do that so much, they fight over it.'



A/N: I'm trying to get it up to standard with the others, and hopefully it will be soon; so please don't base your entire opinion of this story on chapter one.

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The Untitled Christmas Story: In the Spirit of Christmas


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