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The Miss Malfoy by SlytherinPrincess
Chapter 1 : Bricindia Malfoy
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Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! Wake up! It’s 9o’clock! Wake up! It’s-
Bricindia hit off the morning alarm and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. OhmyGod! she thought as she sat bolt up right. It’s the first of September! Hogwarts! She got up, had a shower and then walked over to her wardrobe.

“Hmmm. What shall I wear today?” Bricindia asked herself, sifting through her clothes. She decided on her favourite outfit: black skinnys, black converse and her fave shirt her brother got her last Christmas, which was black and had ‘Seen The Real me?’ written on it in red.

After she got dressed and straightened her hair, she put her new wand, (blackthorn, 12 ½ inches, and the rare unicorn’s horn core), in her pocket and went over to the room opposite her’s and knocked.
“Yeah, come in!”shouted Draco Malfoy. As she walked into his room, Bricindia saw that her brother’s room, decorated by a Slytherin theme, was unusually tidy. Her brother was sitting on his bed attempting to close his full-to-the-brim trunk.

“Yo, bro!” she said, smiling down at her struggling brother. “Need any help?” she offered sitting on his trunk.
“Thanks, sis.” said Draco, after he closed the trunk. “ So, looking forward to your big day?” he teased.
“I’m not getting married Dray!” she replied. “But yes I am, although...”
“Yeah?” he asked, choosing to ignore his sister’s annoying nickname for him.

“WillpeoplethinkI’mabigsoftielikeyoubeforetheyevengettoknowme?!” Bricindia blurted out quickly.
“What? No way!” Draco assured her. “I’m not nice to anyone, well, except a few friends and you and mum I guess.” Bricindia sighed with relief and muttered something along the lines of ‘thank God’.
“C’mon we better get going before mum-” she began.
“Draco! Bricindia! Come down here please! And bring all your stuff as well!” Narcissa Malfoy shouted up the stairs to her children. “Quickly!” she added sharply.

The two siblings wasted no time grabbing their trunks and pets, (Draco’s eagle owl, Thrash, and my new panther kitten, Shade), then dragged them down the stair towards the kitchen. As they entered, Bricindia and Draco saw their parents waiting, obviously to reveal some sort of news.

“Ah! There you are! Took your time didn’t you?” snapped Lucius as soon as the two pre-teens entered the kitchen together. “Oh well, sit down and have some breakfast. Hello Angel, how are you? Nervous?” he asked his daughter, and continued without waiting for the aswer.
”Don’t worry, Angel, you’ve got your big brother there to look after you. Now why don’t you have some breakfast, hmm?” he said patronizingly. Draco managed to turn his burst of laughter into a cross between a cough and a sneeze.

“I know, I’ll be fine daddy.” She replied in her sweet good-girl voice, giving her parents a cute innocent smile.
“You know, your father and I have been thinking,” Narcissa began, addressing both Draco and Bricindia now.
“And we’ve decided that Hogwarts was to tough on you Draco and we want to make sure both you and your sister can handle it without too much difficulty.”
“So we’ve gotten you both a well - helper – for while you're at Hogwarts.” Lucius finished.

“Really? What?!” both children exclaimed. In answer both parents snapped their fingers. There was a loud *POP* and two house elves appeared in front of the family.

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