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Mischeif Managed! by Silver_Falcon
Chapter 1 : Mischeif Managed!
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**** MIscheif Managed! /***

“Dad! Mum! There’s a letter from James!” Albus yelled from where he was attempting for the fourth time to complete a game of solitaire with explodable snap cards. 

Harry smiled as he put down his book for the sixth time that day. It was one of his few days off these days with the Quidditch World Cup coming up in the next year. And on those few days he was home his children tried to claim all the attention their father could provide. Lily being the worst, but Ginny so far had wormed her into helping cook cakes to take over to the Burrow for dinner than night. But that still hadn’t stopped his nine year old pride and joy from calling for help twice and he was since waiting for the time when she would run out with a cake just for him. A large ‘D’ decorating the top in a dark pink icing. 

“Coming.” Harry called to Albus walking past the portrait of Mrs Black (who had calmed down in her old age and several well placed silencing charms) and into the parlor opposite the kitchen. 

James’ large black owl Mischief was perched on the top of the couch watching Albus and his cards, the letter still stuck to its leg. 

“Mischief.” Harry called holding out his arm and the owl swooped over and allowed him to take off the letter before taking flight out the open window and sailing off into the distance. 

“Ginny, James has sent a letter.” Harry smiled holding up the letter as he walked into the kitchen. ‘Mum and dad’ written in James’ cramped writing that constantly reminded Harry of Sirius’ writing. 

“Oh Good.” Ginny smiled leaving Lily to finish her icing of the cakes, perched atop a stool and carefully painting her decorations, her tongue protruding out the side of her mouth in concentration. 

“Open it up.” Ginny smiled, leaning over Harry’s shoulder to read the letter.

Dear Mum and Dad,
Well, by this letter it’s clear that this is one of my monthly correspondences so here it is. Hogwarts is the usual; Victoire yelled at Cameron yesterday cause she caught him trying to send us down the Slytherin corridor - which is stupid cause we know it’s like a vipers nest. Well the lessons are getting harder which sucks, Victoire is smirking cause she reckons nows the time when I have to start studying – like hell. Hogwarts is too much fun to waste studying. All the passageways are great and you can see all the places the teachers don’t know about cause some parts still haven’t been fixed since the war – we found this one passageway that’s like in completely obliterated and Professor Longbottom chased us away from a room that had bunks and stuff with Ravenclaw Hufflepuff and Gryffindor Banners, Professor Longbottom doesn’t want to catch us near there again, but he’s not going to catch us is he? 
“He’s as bad as you!” Ginny frowned reading over Harry’s shoulder. 

“No Gin he’s worse. I think the Marauders were reincarnated in him, all three combined.” Harry laughed 

”I warned you about that when you named him.” Ginny replied going back to the letter. 

Everyone’s not staring as much as they used to and Professor McGonagall has finally let us try out for the Quidditch teams, Fred reckons we’re a sure thing, and I have to agree. Professor Minnie reckons that we shouldn’t get our hopes up and Victoire reckons our heads are too big to get the brooms off the ground. But she’s just jealous; Teddy told me over the holidays she couldn’t even get the broom off the ground when she was in First year so when I teased her about it she hexed me! So much for being a Prefect!
Anyway you know how much I hate writing, so I’ll see you at Christmas – oh yeah can Drew come over for Christmas, he has a new baby brother at his house and he’d go insane! I know you’d say yes so I’ve already told him he can come, besides if you didn’t I’d write to Grandma and she’d make you anyway!
See you at Christmas! (Or until I write again which isn’t probably until Christmas…)
Mr Prongs, Padfoot and Moony
Or more importantly the new Gryffindor chaser! 
“Oh that little scamp!” Ginny grinned reading the last line for the third time. 

“Wonder why he didn’t sign his name?” she asked aloud after a moment. Harry smiled. He knew. 

“I’ll be back.” He said to his wife kissing her on the cheek as he passed. Ginny nodded. Climbing the stairs three at a time Harry opened the door of his study and in the corner Marker the cat stirred, and then went back to sleep. 

Harry smiled but still he walked over to his desk and sitting down he sat watching his daughter’s cat but his mind on a different child. He alone read James’ letter for what it really was and the way he had signed the bottom only confirmed it. 

Shaking his head Harry opened the bottom drawer of his desk and lifted up the pile of books to where for years had rested a folded piece of very old parchment. 

“You little scamp.” He chuckled letting the books fall back into place. 

James really was the Marauders reborn and with Fred and Drew he had the friends to cause all sorts of grief, and now he had the Map. 

“Darling?” Ginny asked stopping in the doorway. 

“What’s on you’re mind?” 

”The Marauders have returned to Hogwarts.” He said softly. “What could possibly be wrong? Now where are we going to stash the boys over Christmas?” 


Meanwhile at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry James Potter sat crouched in a broom cupboard, a red haired boy was perched by the door watching out of the crack and a third, with sandy brown hair was watching over James’ shoulder. 

“Alright, Neville’s gone! Let’s go!” he grinned tapping the map with his wand. 

“Mischief managed!” 

AN: this is just a plot bunny i wrote, i heard that JK said she imagined that Harry wouldn't have given his son the map, but that James would have just taken it out of the bottom of his desk one day, so hence where this came from. And of course Fred is George's son and if James II is a troublemaker then Fred II would be too, so we get the Marauders II! 
Anyway remember to tell me what you think as always. 

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