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The Heir of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw by Looney_T_Luna
Chapter 7 : Tawny's Secret
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Ginny was fuming for the last few days Tawny had been training Ron, Harry, Hermione and Draco she still couldn’t believe that they trusted her. They didn’t even know the girl! For all they knew she could be working for the Dark Lord and just fouled Dumbledore. All she knew was she didn’t trust her and she will find out the truth about her.

Ginny just came up the stair when the group came out of the room they were training in, of course Ron looked like he was dying from all the running Tawny was making them do, not to mention getting up at the crack of dawn. Draco came out next smirking at Ron and how out of shape the red-head is, he spotted Ginny and walked over to her wrapping his arms around her “Still have sore feeling for Tawny?”

She rolled her eyes “of course! It’s like I’m the only one that see her for who she really is.” Ginny sneered as Tawny came out of the room with Harry and Hermione talking about something “we don’t even know her! She could be working for You-Know-Who and just be tricking everyone!”

Malfoy chuckled “Well, you trust me and I came from a family full of Death-eaters, you just have to give her a chance get to know her.” He kissed her on the side of the head “come on lets get some food, I didn’t get to eat breakfast this morning.”

At that moment Ron came near them, his head swung in their direction “Food!” he screamed and ran down the stairs. Tawny heard him yelled and called out to him “Only vegetables and fruit Ronald!” they all heard him groan from down stairs. Tawny chuckled as she turned to Harry and Hermione “come on let’s get started on your meditation, then you can go have lunch.” The two nodded and followed her back into the room.

Tawny looked over at Ginny and Malfoy as they started walking down the stairs, Ginny looked over and caught her eye before giving her an evil look and walked down the stairs. Tawny signed, it wasn’t going to be easy to get everyone’s full trust epically Ginny’s she only hope she didn’t have to revel her secret for a while before she really had no choice but to tell them.

Closing the door she walked over to where Harry and Hermione were sitting and sat in front of them crossing her legs in Indian style. Harry and Hermione did the same and closed their eyes and started their meditation.

Tawny did the same, closing her eyes she pictured the house she once lived in before everything changed, before her world turned to hell. She smiled thinking how many times she and her family would be outside playing in the big field that was in the back of their house. She remembered her father and mother chancing her and her sibling around, jumping into the leaves during fall. She shook her head now wasn’t time to think of the past, that time was gone and never coming back.

Taking a deep breathe she spoke “Now I want you to concentrate on your fire power, fell the heat of the fire run through you.” Opening her eyes she watch Harry and Hermione concentrate, she could sense the magic running through them. Soon the fire lit up in their hands. Harry and Hermione opened their eyes to gasped, they been working hard on their fire power to figure out how they got it to lit and now they had it in their hand. They looked at each others hand looking at the different color each had. Harry’s gold and red like Gryffindor, while Hermione had blue and white like Ravenclaw. They looked at Tawny who was smiling at them.

“Now that you are able to figure out how to receive your fire power, now its time to control it” Tawny stood up “But first what did you think about when you felt your fire power run through you?”

Harry looked at his hand “I thought of Hermione, Hogwarts everything I want to fight for and keep safe from Voldemort.”

Tawny nodded, turning her attention to Hermione “I thought of Harry, my parents, everything I care for.”

“See this power comes from the heart, everyone you love and care for, and even the places you love to be. This is a power that is controlled by love, if you think and believe in the love you have for the others that are close to you, you can have complete control of these powers.”

They nodded understanding how special these powers were; they looked at each smiling the fire in their hands grew larger. Tawny smiled their love for each other was strong, she just hope it was enough for the power that would soon come.

Tawny held out her hand to help Hermione up “come on, we’re going to see how much you can control.” Hermione closed her hand and the fire was gone, greatly took her hand once she stood she help Harry. Tawny walked to the other end of the room getting into her dueling position, Harry stepped forward, flicking his wrist and the fire rouse from his palm. Tawny nodded “now Harry the only spell I want you to say is Incendio.” Harry nodded understanding what she wanted him to do.

“Incendio!” he yelled, he moved his palm aiming Tawny, and a fireball headed her way. The fire ball was bigger than Tawny had expected her eyes widen as she focused on the fire ball “Glacius!” a blue light came out at the tip of her wand and froze the fire in place, she flicked her wrist again and the fireball was gone. Tawny let out a breathe she seemed to be holding “good Harry, you just need to control how much power you put into those fireballs.”

Harry nodded at stepped out of the way for Hermione to take her turn, Hermione seemed nervous as she stepped in front of Tawny. As Harry did she flicked her wrist and her blue and white flame came out of her palm. “Alright Hermione, just like Harry I just want you to say Incendio.” Hermione nodded, she took a deep breathe and shouted “Incendio!” the fireball was just as big as Harry’s only it was coming at Tawny faster, “Glacius!” the fireball froze and disappeared with a flick of her wand.
Tawny smiled at them “That was really good! On your first try too!” Harry and Hermione only grinned wider “Why don’t we call it a day and go have lunch if Ron hasn’t eaten it all yet.”

The two laughed, were happy to have a break for lunch, after having a breakfast of only fruit they were starving. Harry and Hermione exit first Tawny stayed for a minute think of the next move she needed to make without being caught, only barley getting their trust she had to be careful of what she said and did, if any hints get out about her she was in trouble. Walking out of the room she followed the sound of everyone laughing into the kitchen.

Later on that day, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Tawny sat in the Library reading in any books they could about Horcruxes, any history on the first war and on Salazar Slytherin. They haven’t found anything they don’t know yet, but as the days go on they were starting to think it was impossible to find any information.

Ron signed in frustration as he placed another book down; there was no information at all on the first war they already knew. He was starting to get annoyed on all of this research and training. Tawny sensed his anger and looked over at him “Ron why don’t you go have some time with Luna, I’m sure Harry, Hermione and I could keep looking.” She looked over at the couple sitting on the couch, they seemed to agree with her “yeah Ron you haven’t had that much time since we started training” Hermione said “go on, we’ll be fine.”

Ron looked happy, but felt bad about leaving them to look through all these books “are you sure?”

This time Harry spoke “positive, you need your time with Luna, Hermione and I are always together training and doing the research. Go spend your time with Luna,” he said smiling at his best friend. Ron smiled back “thanks guys, I’ll seeing at dinner than.”

Ron lifted the room leaving the other to do their research in silence, Hermione looked over at Tawny, she seemed to be working hard and she knew Tawny hardly ever got sleep. There had to be something wrong “hey Tawny?”

“Hmm?” was her response and she read through the book “Why don’t you go take a break, look tired and you been working so hard since we agreed to let you help us.”

Tawny signed and looked at her from her book “Hermione I came here to do a job and I’m not going to take breaks when I’m needed.”

“Well, everyone needs to take breaks, your going to make yourself sick. I know you haven’t been sleeping a lot.”

“Look Hermione” Tawny snapped “I came from a place where you couldn’t take breaks; you had to be on your feet every minute of everyday. I’m just used to doing things that way. Besides there’s a dark wizard out there, that if they work together with Voldemort we’ll be in trouble, so sorry for just trying to find a way to help you,” she almost yelled and went back to her book.

Hermione looked over at Harry, who shrugged and went back to reading, the rest of the night no one talked to Tawny.

A while after midnight Hermione just came back from Harry’s room; they were just talking until it turned into a whole make-out seen. After a few hours Hermione stopped him and told him it was time for her to go back to her room before Mrs. Weasley desisted to have a check-in with everyone, after a few more minutes of kissing Hermione lift the room and now in her room.

She signed, she liked being with Harry, but Mrs.Weasley would not have any of the children sleeping together. For the now they would have to sleep in separate rooms until they got to Hogwarts were they could share a room together.

Walking over to her bed she could see Tawny stirring around in her bed, ‘she must have been have a bad dream’ Hermione thought as she walked over to Tawny and placed her hand on Tawny’s shoulder. Once Hermione started to rub her arm, Tawny settled and fell into a peaceful sleep. Her face expressions started to turn; she now looked like she was at peace.

Hermione removed her arm and smiled, Tawny looked like she was going to get few good hours asleep. Walking over to her bed she pulled the covers out and got into bed, after just a few minutes Hermione herself fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning Tawny was the first to awake, as she always did. Getting dressed she walked down to the kitchen and started cutting up fruit for everyone. She poured five glasses of orange juice and placed the plates and fruit bowl on the table before walking back up stairs to wake Hermione.

Tawny quietly walked over to Hermione’s bed shacking her softly “Hermione wake up” she spoke. The witch stirred, but was up “alright I’m up” she yawned. Tawny smiled “great you can go wake up Harry while I get the two lazy bums up” she heard Hermione chuckle as she lift the room and walked down the hallway to Ron and Draco’s room.

She didn’t even open the door yet and could hear Ron’s snoring. How the boy’s at Hogwarts or even Draco could put up with it she had no idea. Stepping into the room she tip-toed to Malfoy’s bed first, he like to walk up Ron just as much as she did “Hey blondy get up” she said shacking him. Draco groaned, but sat up in his bed “’m up” he mumbled.

Tawny smiled “well, you have to wake up Ron, so I would get started” was all she said before leaving the room. She was down the hall when Hermione came out of Harry’s room fully dressed. Hermione smiled at her “Harry just got up; he should be down in a few minutes.” Tawny nodded “I just woke up Malfoy, but I lift him to wake up Ron.” Hermione made a face “I feel bad for him.”

Tawny smiled “That’s what I thought; he takes forever just to get down to the kitchen every morning.”

Hermione nodded “yes well, he likes to sleep in for a few more hours before he decide to get up completely.” Hermione giggled and Tawny smiled as they made there way down the stair and into the kitchen.

After a few minutes everyone was in the kitchen eating their breakfast. Everyone, but Ron was actually fully awake, he sat in his seat half asleep as he ate his fruit pouting because he couldn’t have a real breakfast. Tawny sat in silence as Malfoy, Harry and Hermione talked about things she wasn’t paying attention to she was still think how long she could go before the secret she was keeping from them was told.

They were going to find out sooner or later she just hopped it was later, it might give her enough time to figure out how to explain everything to them, but she hope they would never have to find out. She was brought out of her thoughts by Ron roughly dropping his plate and glass in the sink. She looked over at everyone else seeing as they had finished as well “come on guys let’s get started.”

Everyone nodded getting out of their seats and placing their dishes in the sink, Tawny was the last to put her things away and followed the group up the stairs and into the room they used for training.

Ron pouted as they walked over to the closet door; Tawny walked passed him and opened the door; reveling a room with a track, weights, dueling ringing and a rack of weapons on the back wall. The first day of training Dumbledore had shown them this room, it was like to Room of Requirements all they had to do was think of a room for their training.

Tawny walked into the room first going over to the rack full of swords and arrows “guys start stretching, after that we’ll run our two mile lap” Ron groaned as he fell onto the floor and started stretching his legs. Hermione, Draco and Harry chuckled as they sat next to the red-head and started stretching as well.

Tawny took a few swords and a set of arrows off the rack, before placing them on the dueling mate were they would train after their lap. Tawny would work with the boys on their sword skills and Hermione on her bow and arrow and sword skills. Walking over to them she sat next to Harry and started stretching.

After finishing the first mile Tawny slowed down into a jog looking over her shoulder to see Harry and Hermione struggling to keep up with her, Malfoy in a slow jog behind them and Ron in a very slow jog almost walking and gasping for air. Tawny shook her head “alright anyone that needs a water break get one now, but after your drink keep running!” she said loudly. Everyone, but Harry stopped and signed with relief as they walked over to the water fountain that was keep in the back corner of the room.

Tawny kept going and Harry started to run to catch up to her “aren’t you thirsty?” Harry asked as he just caught up to her.

Tawny looked over at him “No, I can go a little longer without water, I just felt bad for Ron he looked like he was a fish out of water how he was gasping for air.” Harry chuckled at that while Tawny gave him a small smile. Harry smile fade “What’s wrong you seemed trouble for the last few days?”

She didn’t look at him, but she shrugged “just have a lot on my mind I guess, I mean training you guys and researching and my own problems I just have a lot to think about.”

Harry nodded “do you want to talk about it?”

Tawny smiled at him and shook her head “no, I think I can work it out on my own, but for now let’s finish this run and get started.” Harry nodded as he and Tawny broke off into a run.

After the run they got started on sword skills, on the first day Tawny had to teach them how to properly hold the weapon, but now they knew how and a few moves they were starting to have duels with each other. Tawny watched from the side lines as Harry, Ron and Draco dueled each other, Hermione right next to her just got a drink from dueling Tawny. For a girl her age Tawny knew how to sword fight, Hermione was having a hard time fighting her, the girl was good.

The young witch looked over at her “are you ready to start your bow and arrow practice?” Hermione nodded and Tawny motion her to get ready and turned back to the boys dueling “you guys are doing great, soon you’re going to have to duel me,” she said and turned back to Hermione who had the bow in her hand and the arrow in the other.

Tawny walked over to her “ok get into position and practice your aiming,” Hermione nodded and turned to the target they had at the end of the wall. Tawny watched from behind her as Hermione shot a few arrows, the arrow were far from the bulls-eye, but she had to admit she learned fast. The first day Hermione couldn’t even hit the target, smiling Tawny looked at the holes in the wall from all the times she missed.

A few hours later Ron and Malfoy lift the room, leaving Harry, Hermione and Tawny to do their mediation. They had already gotten started, but Harry and Hermione couldn’t fully concentrate, Tawny sensed their trouble and opened her eyes “guys what’s wrong?”

Hermione looked at Harry, he signed looking over at Tawny “could we maybe see what your animagus form?”

Tawny hesitated “you want to see my amimagus?” 

The two nodded, rolling her eyes she closed them and concentrate on her animal. After a moment or two she felt herself change, once she felt her change complete she opened her eyes she had to look down at Harry and Hermione how she was sitting, but the two teens looked at her with wide eyes.

Harry and Hermione’s jaw drop as they starred at a white wolf. Tawny stood up and leaned closer to Hermione and nudged her, Hermione, over her shock petted Tawny on top of her head, Harry started to do the same.

“Wow Tawny your beautiful” Hermione said in complete awe. Tawny started to wag her tail and lick Hermione’s hand; they smiled at Tawny as they petted her.

Tawny leaned away from them and changed back into her human form “okay now that you saw what you wanted to see, why don’t we call it a day and go have lunch?” Harry and Hermione greatly nodded and stood up. Helping Tawny they lift the room to go have a quick meal before starting on their research.

Ginny signed and walked into her room, Ron, Harry, Hermione and Tawny were researching again and Draco had to talk to Dumbledore about something so she was bored. She still didn’t understand why they trusted Tawny and got up at the crack of dawn just to train.

Sitting on her bed she spotted a book on Tawny’s bed, curious she walked over to her bed and picked up the book only to have a premonition:

Tawny stood arms crossed in what look like an old living room looking at a boy about her age. The boy was pacing “are you sure it’s a good idea to go?”

Tawny signed “I have to, to go back is changing the future and I thought that’s what we want.”

The boy nodded “aright if you have to, but just remember don’t tell them anything unless you have no choice” the boy walked closer to her “don’t tell them you’re from the future” 

Ginny was pulled out of her vision by someone shacking her, looking up she might Tawny’s honey brown eyes. Ginny jumped away from her “your from the future?”

Tawny seemed trouble by her statement, but knew once she thought for a moment. Tawny did the only thing she could do and nodded her head “yes I am.”

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I wanted to ask if anyone wanted to be my beta. I just wanted to make the story better for the reader so if someone could help me. I also wanted to say how sorry I am for how long it took me to post this chapter, I’m sorry and just had a writer’s block, but I am working on the next chapter so it should be up soon.
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