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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 12 : From the author: A sneak peek
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Chapter One: Not Again

Draco and Hermione decided not to mention the last time they saw each other. The only person who knew about their metting other than them was Ron, and he promised Hermione he wouldn't say a word about it to anyone. So far he hadn't, and for that she was glad she didn't want to think about it, all it did was make her cry.

Today Draco was coming to take Mia shopping in Hogsmead, he told Hermione he wanted to do it to make up for lost time that he had with her. Hermione doubted this very much, she noticed how Draco took to his daughter, like a kid opening up a present for the first time, the joy he had in him now adays when she saw him was unbelieveable. The Christmas holiday was fastly approaching, and she figured he was taking their daughter out for early Christmas present shopping. On this day, Hermione couldn't wait to see him, she wanted to deliver Mia to him and leave. She had a busy day ahead of her, and an appointment she couldn't miss. "Mia." She called out for the small girl who was upstairs in her room.

"Yes, mommy." Mia replied, she ran out of her room. She was already dressed and ready to go. She was wearing a white dress with a white fur coat to match. Her tights were also white, but they had red snowflakes on them, it seemed that they were falling. Hermione had bewitched them to do so. Mia thought it was funny and always wanted to wear them with everything. Her hair was brown and silky, much like her mothers, but her face and her eyes especially were all Draco's. She was a spitting image of him. Infact if she were to ever become a blonde, she could pass as Draco's little sister. Hermione beamed up at her. "Is my daddy here yet?" She asked from the top of the staircase.

Hermione smiled yet again at the question. The girl had only met Draco a week or so ago, and had seen him everyday since then. But every time she spoke of him her eyes lit up, and her smile grew wider than Hermione knew it could get. She was so excited to spend time with a father she didn't think she would ever meet. Hermione had always told Mia that her father was out there somewhere, and that he couldn't come home to them becuase he didn't know about her. At some point, she knew Mia would want to know more about him, and then suddenly there he was. The meeting went better than she could have hoped for, the two of them fit so well together. Mia had taken to Draco, like a baby did it's mother on the day of their birth. In some ways Mia was reborn the day she met Draco Malfoy, a man she talked about non stop now. It made Hermione feel guitly somewhat, keeping them apart for so long. However, thoughts of Draco still hurt her, she knew back then it had to be done. It really hurt hermione to know what he had been capable of doing, just to proove he could. She had finally put all of that behind her, but old wounds were opened when she learned the truth. Today when she thought about it, Draco was nothing more than Mia's father. Mia needed him, and would need him more than she knew sooner or later, and Hermione just had to put her problems with him to the side while things were still good. She did have to admit if Draco hadn't been so crule to her five years ago, she wouldn't have the amazing little girl standing before her right now. For that reason alone, she was greatful to him. "No, honey. Your daddy is...."

To find out more please read The Love Of Two. By Pixie_Dust04220

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I Promise Nothing Happened: From the author: A sneak peek


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