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Starting Over by Lily_James4ever
Chapter 19 : Broken
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Chapter 19: Broken 

Hermione and Ginny had surrounded the CLC with every protective enchantment they could think of. They also shielded the windows and doors so that the campers and staff inside would not be able to see or hear anything that might happen. They had informed Olivia of what was going on after she woke up. She volunteered to help them keep watch outside. They were each stationed at different corners around the building, but they were each in view of at least one other person at all times. 

Draco and Harry had only been gone for about 10 minutes, but it felt like much longer to Hermione and Ginny. Olivia was absolutely scared out of her mind. She had thought that all of this dark wizard business was over, and that her generation would not have to deal with anything like this. She had never had to duel anyone outside of DADA class, and she was praying that she would not have to put her skills to the test tonight. 

No sounds could be heard outside of the CLC. It was very quiet and completely different from the normal sounds of laughter that were normally heard at Camp Shadow Rock. The three women jumped simultaneously when two distinct cracks broke the eerie silence. They all immediately held up their wands and walked toward each other. 

“Who do you think that was?” Olivia asked her voice trembling. 

“We’re about to find out.” Hermione said gripping her wand tightly. Two figures clad in black robes emerged from the shadows. Their faces were hidden behind hoods. When they were about ten feet from Hermione, Ginny, and Olivia, the person on the left let out a shrill laugh that sent a chill down Hermione’s spine. 

“Oh, this is going to be much more fun than I thought! Two mudbloods and a blood traitor. I came to torture some muggles, and I find this instead! How wonderful!” the woman on the left said before laughing again. This time the man on her right began to laugh as well. Hermione and Ginny’s eyes grew wide when they realized who was standing before them. Hermione looked over and linked eyes with Ginny. Ginny nodded and together they yelled “STUPEFY!” 

Bellatrix shouted ”REVERSKI!” while Rodolphus produced a shield charm.. Ginny had to duck to avoid being hit by her own jinx. The four began to duel as Olivia stood by, staring at the scene before her. She knew she should help, but she was rooted to her spot out of total fear. Her attention flew back to the battle and out of her thoughts just in time to see Ginny yell “SECTUMSEMPRA!” 

The spell only grazed the side of Bellatrix’s face, leaving a small gash on her cheek that was bleeding profusely. “You little bitch! CRUCIO!” Ginny let out a blood curdling scream and fell to the ground. She continued screaming and writing in pain as Bellatrix stood by and laughed. Hermione looked over and reacted quickly so she could help Ginny. 

Petrificus totalus!” Hermione said, the spell hitting Rodolphus right in the chest. He fell to the ground and Hermione put him in a body bind before going to help Ginny. 

“Watch him!” she yelled to Olivia as she ran to where Ginny and Bellatrix were.
Hermione thought, “Levicorpus!” and Bellatrix screamed because she was caught completely off guard by Hermione’s jinx. She was hanging upside down, but she still had her wand. She tried to put the cruciatus curse on Hermione as well, but she dove out of the way. Hermione said, “Expelliarmus!” and Bellatrix’s wand flew straight into her hand. 

“You’re fucking dead you little mud-“ 

Silencio! Really, I think that would be you when the aurors get here.” Hermione said twirling Bellatrix’s wand between her fingers. She then put Bellatrix in a body bind as well, but still leaving her hanging upside down. Hermione’s head shot over in Ginny’s direction when she heard Ginny making a choking noise. Ginny was on the ground, coughing up blood. Hermione ran over to her. 

“Ginny, tell me what hurts.” Hermione put her hand on her forehead. “Shit, you’re burning up!” 

“My stomach.” Ginny moaned before going into another coughing fit. 

“Olivia, I have to get Ginny to St. Mungo’s now. I will send some aurors along as soon as I can. I need you to stay here with these two. I have their wands. You will be fine.” Olivia nodded; her face was as pale as a sheet of paper. Hermione helped Ginny up and together they apparated to St. Mungo’s. They appeared right in the middle of the Emergency ward. 

“We need a stretcher and some healers in here!” Hermione screamed still supporting Ginny. 

“Hermione! What happened?” Solome said rushing over to her and Ginny. She helped Hermione support Ginny and looked Ginny over a bit. 

“She’s been put under the cruciatus curse. We need a stretcher. She has a high fever and has been coughing up blood. It’s probably internal bleeding, so you’ll need to-“ 

“All right Hermione, I have this. She’ll be okay. Now are you okay?” Solome asked as more healers came over with the stretcher. 

“I’m fine. We have bigger problems though. I’ve captured the Lestranges. I need aurors A.S.A.P!” Hermione told her long time friend. 

“Go over to the desk and tell the woman that there is a code black. She’ll get whatever information you have and send it to the Ministry to get you some help. Just tell them who you need if you want anyone specific.” Solome said as they were getting ready to take Ginny to get treated for her injuries. 

“Find Harry, please.” Ginny whispered before she began coughing once again as the blood filled her throat. Hermione squeezed her hand. 

“I will.” She kissed Ginny on the forehead before they took her away on the stretcher. Hermione then ran over to the front desk. “I need the Head of the Auror Department. Can you call over to the ministry? It’s an emergency!” Hermione said to the witch at the desk. 

“I know for a fact that the Head of the Auror Department is on vacation. Is there anything else I can do for you?” the woman stated without any concern in her voice. 

“Harry. Right.” Hermione whispered to herself. “Okay, fine. Get me Nymphadora Tonks then.” Hermione told her.
“Do you mean Lupin?” the woman asked. 

“Yes, damn it! This is a code black situation!” Hermione nearly yelled through clenched teeth. The woman’s eyes grew wide as she sent a call through the floo for Tonks. Less than a minute later, Tonks apparated into the emergency ward of the hospital. 

“Hermione! What the bloody hell is going on? I just got a call that there was a code black!” Tonks said running over to Hermione. 

“I have the Lestranges.” Hermione told Tonks in a whisper. 

“WHAT?” Tonks cried. 

“Yes! I have them at the muggle camp I’ve been at this summer. Can you get some back up to come with us?” Hermione asked. 

“Of course! Just tell me when and where we need to go.” Tonks said. 

“All right. Let’s go get the others and then I’ll tell all of you where we are going.” Hermione suggested. 

“Sounds great, let’s go!” Tonks said leading Hermione to the exit. 

“Oh, I forgot to mention one thing.” Hermione said stopping in the middle of the hallway. “Lucius Malfoy is there too, but Harry and Draco are dealing with him. I hope.” 

“Thanks for almost not telling me that minute little detail that is not important in the slightest Hermione! That makes this even more urgent, let’s go. You just need to apparate into the atrium at the Ministry.” Tonks told Hermione before spinning on the spot as she apparated to the Ministry. Hermione let out a long breath and followed her to the Ministry. 


Come on, Father, give me your wand. You are outnumbered.” Draco said, calmly reaching his hand toward his father. Lucius laughed in his face. 

“You no longer have the right to call me father. You are no son of mine. You are a blood traitor and a fucking coward. You are not the son I raised. My son was powerful, and he would take my wand by force instead of being a bloody coward and asking for it. My son was not a mudblood lover. My son most definitely was not a boy who would run from the Dark Lord and bring shame upon his family! You are not my son.” Lucius said with contempt; his wand was raised, unwavering, and pointed at Draco. 

“You are right. I am not your son. I am a man and a decent human being. That is much more than I can say for you Lucius.” Draco replied. 

“Let me take a guess at why you are a man and I am not. You can love, so that makes you a man. Well, let me share something else with you. Love makes you weak. It has no strength over anything. Power is all that matters and those with vast power and control over it have no weaknesses, unlike those who think love is powerful. I am not foolish, and I do not love. You cannot defeat me, for I have no weaknesses.” Lucius stated smugly. Lucius was so busy bragging that he was oblivious to what was happening around him. While he was busy bragging about his powers, about half a dozen aurors had appeared and were standing in the shadows, waiting for Harry’s orders. 

“You know what, Draco, after I am done with you, I think I will go find that mudblood whore of yours. Let’s not keep her waiting, shall we?” Lucius said raising his wand. Before he could even mutter an incantation, he was hit with a stunning spell from Harry. Draco then put him in a body bind, and revived him. 

“You do not even realize when you are wrong. You do have a weakness; your goddamn overconfidence.” Draco said to him. 

“What are you going to do now, Draco? Kill me?” Lucius asked in a mocking tone. 

“No, I am not going to kill you. I am better than that. Have fun in Azkaban, father.” Draco turned his back on his father as the aurors prepared to take him to Azkaban. Harry ran to catch up with him. 

“Malfoy!” Harry yelled. Draco stopped and turned around. “Neville told me that the girls are at St. Mungo’s!” They both exchanged a worried glance and apparated to the hospital without a word between them. 

Back at St. Mungo’s… 

Draco and Harry both arrived in the waiting room at the same time. They both immediately began to look for any signs of Ginny or Hermione. Draco spotted a woman with brown bushy hair curled up on a chair in the waiting room. “Hermione!” he yelled. Her head shot up when she heard his voice. Her cheeks were wet with tears and her eyes were red and puffy. Draco and Harry ran over to where she was seated. Draco wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair. 

Harry was frantically looking around, but Ginny was no where to be seen. “Hermione, where is Ginny?” he asked. Hermione let out a sob and detached herself from Draco. She took one of Harry’s hands. 

“She’s been with the healers for the past few hours. They won’t tell me anything because I’m not related to her. When I brought her here she was coughing up blood. Bellatrix and Rodolphus had found us. I think it’s bad, Harry.” Hermione told him as more tears cascaded down her cheeks. He sat down in the chair next to her and buried his face in his hands. Hermione kept a firm grip on his arm while Draco held her free hand. They sat in the waiting room, unmoving and silent, for the next hour. Their silence was interrupted when a voice called out from behind them. 

“Hermione?” the voice said timidly. Hermione looked up and saw the glum face of her close friend and healer, Solome. “I have some news on Ginny, but I can only tell her husband for now. Would you come with me Mr. Potter?” Harry nodded and slowly stood up. Solome led Harry to another corner of the waiting room where there were no other people around. 

They were talking for about five minutes before Solome turned and walked away. Hermione’s heart broke when she saw Harry’s legs crumble beneath him as he slid to the ground. Harry drew his knees up to his chest and he did not move at all. Hermione turned and buried her face in Draco’s chest. He stroked her hair as she cried. Hermione could not help but wish that this was one of those moments that she was wrong about everything. Hermione knew this was not one of those moments; Harry's reaction to whatever it was Solome told him was heart wrenching. This time she was not wrong. Something was wrong with Ginny and it was bad. It was very bad.

I am so so so so sorry for the long wait!! I will probably only be able to update about once a month, because school is killing me. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and this story!! 
I want to give some special thanks to some of the wonderful people on the forums, without whom this chapter would not have gotten done this quickly!! 


Thanks so much everyone! 
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