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The Dangers of Matchmaking by Circe
Chapter 1 : The Dangers of Matchmaking - Ch. 1 - Confusion
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The Dangers of Matchmaking
By ~Circe Simpleton~
Rating: PG-13 for some SLASH innuendo, but nothing really offensive. Probably PG, but PG-13 just to be safe.
Summary: Hermione plays matchmaker for Harry Ginny and things get completely out of hand! H/G, Hr/G, R/H, H/H (yeah, it’s a lot, I know ^^) Pleeeeease Read and Review!
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the genius Jo Rowling!

Ch. One--Confusion
Dear Diary,
I confess, I haven’t written as often as I should, but I will now start a new league and write every day. Such a coincidence that this day of all days is the day I begin to write to you.
I just had the most brilliant idea I have ever had. I was sitting at the breakfast table beside Harry and Ron, and across from Ginny, Ron’s sister, when this wonderful idea popped into my head. I looked from Harry to Ginny and saw this wonderful image. Oh, they would make the most wonderful couple.
Neither of them have ever been with anyone else, but both of them are very kind and compassionate, and full of love, they simply need someone to share it with.
I’m starting my plan today. First, I must go Ginny and somehow pry it out of her if she likes Harry or not. Then I must do the same to Harry. Oh, it will be brilliant!
Hermione walked up to the fifth year dormitory quietly. The other three girls were in the common room so she new Ginny must be alone. Sure enough, as she peaked her head around the door she saw Ginny sitting with her legs crossed on her bed shuffling cards. When Hermione walked in Ginny looked up and smiled.
“Hello Hermione, come sit down,” she said.
“Oh, if you insist, thank you,” Hermione said, going to sit on beside her. “I just came up to keep you some company.”
“Thank you,” Ginny said, leaning back on the headboard. “Exploding Snap?”
“Okay, but I must warn you, I’m not very good,” Hermione told her. She began to grow slightly nervous, wondering how she could start a conversation concerning Harry. Ginny took out her deck of exploding Snap and the began stacking them in a pyramid. They talked about usual things they always talked about: classes, teachers, their parents, homework, what they wanted to do when they left Hogwarts. It wasn’t until the last card was placed when Hermione said:
“Ginny, have you ever been in love?” Ginny was so surprised at Hermione’s question she dropped her last card on the huge, perfect stack and the entire pyramid exploded.
“Oh, we almost did it!” Ginny yelled, beginning to pick up cards that had fallen all over the room
“I’m sorry Ginny,” Hermione said, helping her clean up. “I didn’t know you’d be so surprised at my question.”
“It’s quite all right. It’s just, I was thinking nearly the same thing when you said it. And yes, I have been, sort of, in love, I suppose,” she blushed.
“With who?” Hermione said quickly, growing anxious. Please Harry, please Harry, she thought.
“Oh, I dare not say, it’s too embarrassing,” Ginny said, her cheeks matching her hair.
“Come on, we’re all friends here, aren’t we?” Hermione said. Ginny nodded and opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted when the door opened and Harry walked in.
“There you are Hermione,” he said. “Oh, hello Ginny.” He gave her a little smile. “Hermione, would you mind helping me on some Herbology homework?”
“No, not at all,” Hermione said, disappointedly. She gave Harry an aggravated look as she left the room with him.
Dear Diary,
I haven’t written in a Diary since my second year, and I’ve decided I need to start again. I hope this one has never been occupied before by Tom Riddle. Well, anyway, I have been having extremely strange thoughts lately.
See, I’ve always had a crush on this boy named Harry Potter, but he’s never returned my feelings, so I’ve nearly given up on him. There was also this boy in my grade named Colin Creevey but he got on my nerves eventually and I have barely spoken to him all year. There was another boy named Seamus who was really cute and always sweet to me, but he likes lavender Brown now. So basically, I have given up on boys.
Well, toady, I was sitting alone in my dormitory thinking about who I like now and I knew immediately who it was: if I don’t like boys anymore, I must like girls. And there’s only one girl I could ever like, in a way other than friendship: Hermione Granger. Just as this thought crossed my mind she walked write in. Gosh, she looked beautiful. She has such thick brown hair and gorgeous dark eyes. I couldn’t stop looking at her.
Then, to top it all off she went right out and told me her feelings for me! Well, not exactly. But she said: “have you ever been in love?” Oh, I knew then what she meant. She likes me too! Why else would she bring it up. She was just too shy to mention it any other way. Unfortunately, stupid Harry Potter had to ruin our moment and he walked right in and took Hermione away from me. Oh, how I wanted to slap him at that moment. He even gave me this sweet but wicked smile, as if he knew what I was feeling. Oh, I wish I could turn back the clock and tell her how I feel about her. I suppose I’ll just have to be patient!

“Harry, why did you have to walk in on us, she was about to tell me something important,” Hermione said as she and Harry reached the Common Room.
“Girl talk, eh?” he asked, nudging her with his elbow. “What kind of secret did she tell you?”
“Well, if you must know, she has a little crush on someone and she was about to tell me who it was on. She is getting very mature, wouldn’t you agree?” Hermione looked at Harry to see if he showed any sign of kindness or longing towards Ginny. He did smile a bit.
“She has gotten quite pretty since last year,” he mumbled, but Hermione heard every word. “Hey--Ron!” Harry left her standing by herself as he walked to the other side of the room to sit by his friend.
“What about that Herbology question you wanted to ask me?” she asked.
“Oh, yea, I almost forgot.”
Dear Diary,
My plan is working perfectly. Harry likes Ginny. Ginny likes Harry. Oh, I’m so excited. Now, for the next step. I’ve got to get them alone together. But how? I don’t want to make a step too big, I just need them both to confess their true feelings for each other. Matchmaking is a hard job, but eventually I’ll get the hang of it. If Ginny were a year older then things wouldn’t be as complicated, for she and Harry would see more of each other.
Perhaps I could talk to Ron! What a splendid idea! Though Ginny is my friend, I still don’t know much about her. Perhaps I could learn her interests, then share them with Harry. I will find things in common with both of them. Oh, Hermione, you’re such a genius!

Hermione walked over to Ron in the Library and sat down by him. Ron looked up startled. “Hey,” he said.
“Good to see you’re reading that,” she said. “After seven years.”
“Yep, this Hogwarts: A History is fascinating. Why didn’t you point it out before?” Hermione shook her head at him, frustrated.
“I told you to read it since our first year!” Ron laughed. “Oh, shut-up. I really came here to talk to you about your sister.”
“Ughh! More talk about her?” he exclaimed. “That’s all I’ve heard lately: Ginny, Ginny, Ginny. That’s all Harry’s been talking about lately. How pretty Ginny is, how funny, how smart. He’s such a drag when he’s in love.”
“Yes! I knew it! Isn’t this wonderful Ron--Ginny and Harry! Oh, isn’t it perfect!” Hermione yelled so loudly that a few people stared at her.
“What do ya’ mean, ‘Perfect’. Harry’s not supposed to be in love. He’s--Harry!” Ron looked disturbed. “I mean, he’s never been in love before, well, and he just gets too light headed.”
“Oh Ron, he’s seventeen. I myself think it’s great that he’s finally found someone who likes him back.”
“How do you know Ginny likes him back?” Ron said loudly.
“Well…”Hermione looked taken aback. “She does. Doesn’t she?” She looked at Ron closely. Ron shrugged, looking down at the book.
“I don’t know barely anything about my sister anymore. She’s so quiet and so secretive. She spends most of her time up by herself in her dormitory…”
“Yea, that’s true. But you see, I had this idea. I’m trying to get them together. You might say I’m being a ‘matchmaker’ or something. And I think that if they do become a couple, Ginny will become more sure of herself, and hopefully become more friendly and reliable on other people.”
“Well, I don’t know if you should meddle,” Ron said. “Something just doesn’t seem right. Anything could go wrong…”
“Well, I’m going to anyway. Nothing’ll go wrong, I’ve got everything under control.” With that, Hermione walked away, leaving Ron alone, looking after her with a small smile upon his face.
“Just don’t fall in love with Harry, Hermione…” he watched her until she closed the Library door behind her.
Hope everyone enjoyed! Please read next chapter, and review…the funs just starting!

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