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Pureblood by Hazel Black
Chapter 4 : Superiority Complex
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01/02/16: Edited just a tiny bit :)


I rubbed my temple slowly for the second time that day as Sirius Black let out an outrageous howl of pain, and I narrowed my sapphire eyes at him impatiently.

I found myself currently in the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts, perched on one of the, rather surprisingly, comfortable beds that were laid out in two rows along the length of the room. Bellatrix, who despite her protests I had managed to drag along with me, was seated at the end of my bed near my feet, watching the scene in front of her with a look of pure enjoyment etched upon her face.

Sadistic wench.

"Watch what you're doing, woman. That hurts!" Sirius growled lowly at Madame Mellick, our elderly and strict school nurse, earning himself a smack across the head from the old woman.

I couldn't blame her really, for hitting Sirius I mean. One look at that mug of his could make almost any sane person want to smack him one.

"Mr Black! How many times now have I had to warn you about your manners? That's no way to speak to a lady," Mellick scolded the boy who was lying on another of the hospital beds in front of her.

I didn’t even try to hide my laugh – this was just too damn entertaining.

"I would have thought by now, Mr Black, that you had learned to respect your superiors," I mocked with a dark grin, laying extra emphasise on the last word.

Sirius bolted up abruptly, seemingly in order to position himself for another battle with me. However, in his haste he had laid all his weight on his injured arm and once again groaned in pain as he fell back onto the mattress beneath him.

Madame Mellick shook her head. "It wouldn't hurt so much, foolish boy, if you'd just learn to keep still," She said sternly, before returning to dabbing Sirius' wound with the green, sticky looking paste that she held in a jar in her hand.

Bellatrix let out a snicker, earning a death glare from James, who was seated on the bed next to the one Sirius was currently on – looking awfully unhappy and still covered in a whole lot of disgusting boils. I couldn't help but burst into a fit of laughter at the sight of him.

"Now girls, I don't see what's so funny about this situation," Mellick scolded as she finished tending Sirius' wound with the green paste and reached for a piece of Expandable Bandage, which lay on the dressing table next to the bed. I watched as she stretched the seemingly small piece of white fabric around Sirius' arm, again and again until it covered up his entire wound.

"Mr Black has a serious wound here," She continued her rant, and I looked at Bella and rolled my eyes.

The staff at Hogwarts were so dramatic.

She turned her attention back to Sirius. "Now dear, you'll need to get a lot of rest tonight. The wound should be almost fully healed by the morning. However, there will be scarring,"

Sirius’ grey eyes widened in horror.

"Y- you mean my arm will be scarred?" He asked a little shakily, and I scoffed at his dramatics.

So what if there was a bit of scarring? Trust Sirius freaking Black to act like it was the end of the world. He looked like someone who had just been told that his best friend had been in a terrible broom accident and died a tragic death. Which unfortunately hadn't happened as said best friend was in the same room, looking equally miserable.

"Yes, Mr Black, that's what I said," Madame Mellick said as she shook her head disapprovingly."Now onto you, Mr Potter,"

I watched Sirius as he stared at the wall ahead of him blankly and I rolled my eyes for the umpteenth time that day.

He was such a baby.

All of a sudden his eyes then came to rest upon mine, and the look on his face turned from pure horror, to an even purer hate.

"You're going down," He whispered harshly, and made a gesture with his hand across his throat that I was going to lose my head "Just wait until Dumbledore hears about this,"

I mocked an expression of fear. "Oh, I'm so scared. The big, bad Gryffindor and the crazy, old man are out to get me. You're the one who should be worrying, Black. You and your little side-kick over there," I hissed, indicating to James who had jumped off the bed excitedly, as the Boil-Cure potion Madame Mellick used had cleared his boils right up.

"Yeah? So I guess you've already run crying to your idiot of a boyfriend and his gang of bullies then? Remind me, which one of them are you screwing these days?” Sirius sneered at me darkly, and I could feel my blood begin to boil in anger.

"Fucking Slytherin coward,”

I was used to Sirius throwing insults at me, but no-one insults my boyfriend and my friends and gets away with. I reached for my wand, but before I had any time to do anything, James ‘Idiot’ Potter bounced in front of Sirius' bed like a moron.

"Padfoot, look! My beautiful body is back to normal!"

Sirius turned his attention from me to his best friend, and forced a smile. "That's great, Prongs."

"Let's go down for dinner, eh? Hopefully we've missed Dumbledores speech, and can get straight into the food," James said with a bout of laughter, completely forgetting the existence of Bella and I.

"Yeah, let's get outta this snake-pit," Sirius agreed with a last dark glare over his shoulder.

He then shot a cheeky wink at Mellick before following James out of the Hospital wing. Madame Mellick shook her head once again, but had an amused expression on her face.

Stupid Sirius Black, thinks he can charm anyone he wants.

I glared at her, before Bellatrix diverted my attention. "Did you really have to drag me here with you, Alex, I'm starving!" She groaned, rubbing at her stomach longingly.

"Of course I had to, Bella," I snapped, still thoroughly pissed off at Sirius Blacks attitude "You wouldn't just leave me stuck here with those idiots all on my own, would you?"

Bella mumbled something I couldn't hear, not that I cared about what she had to say anyway – I was far too bust seething over Sirius and his pathetic threats.

Madame Mellick inspected the cut on my head. "Hmm, not too bad. A dab of this should clear it right up," she explained as she reached for the same jar of green paste that she had used on Sirius' arm.

She put a small bit on the end of her finger and applied it to my cut. I immediately felt a cool, tingling sensation in that very spot, and then it kind of went all numb – the pain from it was completely gone.

"That should do it. You girls may run along to dinner now. And keep out of trouble, please. I won't be happy if I see you back in here as a result of another spat with those boys," Madame Mellick warned before turning to clean up her medical supplies from the bedside table.

"Yeah, sure,” I mumbled to her, before catching up to Bella, who had already made a mad dash for the door.

We entered the Great Hall to find an absolute frenzy. I guess you never really notice it when you're sitting amongst them all, but watching the teenagers of Hogwarts eat, is a very bizarre and somewhat scary experience.

Bella and I guided ourselves between the Ravenclaw and Slytherin tables to find the spot where we usually sat for meals. I swear, just walking down that aisle was an experience in itself. At one point along the way we had to watch ourselves as we walked behind a group of younger Slytherin boys who seemed to think that good table manners consisted of throwing the remains of their food onto the stone floor behind them, every now and then hitting one of the unfortunate Ravenclaw girls who were seated across from them, looking completely disgusted.

I smacked one of the boys on the back of the head and hissed at them. "What are you, a bunch of farm animals? Learn some proper table manners before I'm forced to make you learn them,"

The boys all looked at me nervously, and then nodded their heads furiously in understanding before turning cautiously back to their meals. I smiled in triumph before continuing down the table and placing myself on the bench in between Lucius and Severus.

I sighed slightly before filling my plate up with the roast chicken and vegetables that were placed in front of me. The Feasts at Hogwarts were a glorious sight to behold.

"All better, love?" Lucius asked me as he took a small sip from his goblet.

I nodded in reply as I cut off a piece of my chicken and placed it in my mouth. I chewed it slowly, taking in the full flavour. The house elves at Bella's house were amazing cooks, but I had to admit that their food was nothing compared to the meals that the Hogwarts House elves cooked every day – I don't think I've ever tasted anything better.

I was just about to take my second mouthful when a strange feeling came over me. You know, the kind of feeling you get when you're being watched.

I glanced across the table. Bellatrix was busying herself with eating and talking at the same time, her mouth so full that bits of food were spraying over the table in front of her.

I mentally thought to myself that if her Mother had caught her doing that, she would be in for one hell of a punishment.

Rodolphus and Evan were seated either side of her, both of them eating as if it were their last meal. On the other side of Evan was the younger three. Narcissa was moving her food around her plate with her fork; she looked like she'd barely even touched her meal. I frowned slightly. The girl was so thin, it wouldn't hurt her to eat a decent meal for once.

Rabastan, who was seated beside Narcissa, was shovelling food into his mouth at an alarming rate, and talking animatedly to Regulus at the same time – food coming out of his mouth and flying in all directions.

And that's when my suspicions were confirmed. Regulus was sitting there, his arms folded across his chest, apparently finished with his meal and completely oblivious to the fact that his best friend was having a full-blown conversation, seemingly with himself. His stormy grey eyes were fixed on me, small frown lines etched on his forehead. I noticed the way his wavy black hair fell into his eyes, much like his older brothers.

It unnerved me how similar the two of them looked.

"Alright, Reg?" I asked, laying my knife and fork down beside my plate, as was the correct manner, and smiling at the raven-haired boy.

His cheeks flushed slightly at being caught staring, but he managed to keep his cool.

"Sorry, I was just wondering… well, I heard about your run in with my – with Black. I was just wondering if you're okay, that's all,"

My smile grew a bit wider. He was worried about me, how sweet.

"Reg, I have run-ins with Black and his friends every other day. I'm always fine, you know that. Besides, he's not going to get away with it so easily this time," I smiled at Lucius. "No need to worry about anything, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Regulus replied, but he was still frowning. There must be something up. I made a mental note to ask him about it later on, privately. But for now, my attention was fully focused on… my food!

As I turned back to my plate I found that it had completely vanished. It had been right in front of me not a minute ago. I looked around the table angrily, searching for the culprit. That was the problem with hanging out with a bunch of guys, if you're not fast you don't get to eat at all.

I heard a small snicker and turned in Evans direction, glaring daggers at him. He had his eyes glued to his plate – which was filled up with my food!

"You!" I shrieked, pointing a finger squarely at sandy-haired boy.

Evan could no longer hold in his amusement, he burst out in a fit of laughter.

"Sorry Alex, if you snooze you lose," he chuckled and I noticed Lucius roll his eyes tiredly before sipping from his goblet again.

"Not funny, Evan, you can't just steal someone's food while they're not looking!"

"Well it looks to me like I just did," he teased. Bella cackled at the scene while Rodolphus hi-fived Evan, who was grinning like a lunatic. Even Severus had a small smile playing on his lips as he peeked out from behind his curtain of hair.

"Oh ha, ha, so funny. Not." I replied sulkily, crossing my arms across my chest and pouting childishly.

"Aww, come on Alex, don't look at me like that. If you really want it back, you can have it," Evan said gently. I looked up at him hopefully; ready to accept my food back. But the next thing I know, he had ran his tongue all the way up the side of the biggest piece of chicken, then placed it back right in the middle of the plate.

I wrinkled my nose – boys really were disgusting. I didn't have time to retaliate though as Lucius had kicked Evan right in the knee from under the table.

"Shit!" Evan cried out, while gripping his leg. "Merlin, that hurt!"

"Perhaps it will remind you to be a little more courteous in the future," Lucius said coolly, shooting me a small smile. I felt my heart skip a beat as he did so and grinned back at him. Now it was Evans turn to sulk. I couldn't help but laugh at the pout that his mouth had turned into.

That disappeared in a few moments however, when all of the dinner plates were magically cleared from the tables and replaced instead, by mountains of ice-cream, chocolate mud cake, pumpkin pasties, and every other kind of dessert you could imagine. Evans eyes widened in delight.

If there was anything worse than dinner at Hogwarts.

It was dessert.


A/N:Okay okay so i finally updated =) i really hope you guys liked it. Please remember to review if you've got the time. And remember, constructive criticism is always welcome xo 

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