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Nobody said anything about love by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 2 : Hermione's first detention
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The next morning in the great hall, was the usual hustle and bustle.

When Hermione entered through the great oak doors, the post was arriving.

She sat in next to Ginny and started to pour out some pumpkin juice, when a small tawny owl landed neatly in front of her.

"Its a letter from mum." Hermione announced, as she saw the puzzled look on Ginny's face.

It soon turned a deep red, and Hermione turned around to see who the young redhead was looking at.

Harry and Ron had just walked in and Hermione smiled as she saw that Harry's cheeks had turned a tomato colour.

"Hi Hermione...Ginny" Harry smiled and sat down and Hermione noticed out of the corner of her eye that Ginny had turned if it was possible, a deeper shade of red.

"Hey Harry," they both said and Hermione soon turned back to her letter.

-Dear Hermione,

I'm writing to you to tell you that me and your father are going away for a couple of weeks for an interview in Rome.

If we're lucky we might be able to set up a dentistry so we can expand the business.

Hope your having a good time,

Love Mum


-"Who's the letter from?" Hermione turned to look at Harry, who was staring at the letter.

"Oh, my mum she said that her and dad are going away for a couple of weeks." Hermione replied.

"Whve tey gne?" Ron asked, (Harry received a spray of food in the face.)

"Sorry Ronald? I didn't understand what you were saying, as all I could see was chewed up bread, rolling around your mouth."

Ron glared at her but swallowed all the same and replied "What I said was, why have they gone?" Before waiting for her reply, he shoveled another mouthful of cereal into his large gob.

Hermione's disgusted face made Ron slow down and close his mouth.

"They've gone away on a business trip, to see if they can set up other dentistries in other parts of the world."

Ron nodded and went back to eating, Hermione on the other hand looked down at her timetable to see that she had Arithmancy first.

Looking up at the clock she saw that she only had ten minutes to reach her class that was on the other side of the castle.

"Gotta go guys, see you later." She waved to her friends then strode towards the great oak doors.

Hermione was half way to Arithmancy when the chime for the end of breakfast and the star of lessons went.

"Oh no I'm gonna be late." Taking a short cut that Harry had shown her, Hermione was two corridors away from her first class.

She started to run at a fast pace when she collided with a tall blond boy.

"Sorry... oh its you," Hermione arose from the floor and dusted herself down.

" What's that meant to mean Mudblood?" Draco Malfoy looked at her with his cold grey eyes, but Hermione noticed that they weren't cold anymore, they showed warmth and happiness which Hermione had never seen before.

Being so shocked by the sudden change, Hermione didn't even shout at Draco for his remark.

Seeing that she had dropped her bag, she bent down to pick it up, but slipped.

Thinking that she was going to meet her doom, Hermione braced herself for the pain that was about to come.

But, it never came. She opened her eyes to see Draco Malfoy holding her by her arms, so she wouldn't fall.

He pulled her up and soon she was back on her feet.

"Errr, thanks..." Hermione looked at him and she felt a sudden flutter in her stomach.

She picked up her bag and walked over to the door, where her Arithmancy would be.

She soon noticed that Draco was following her.

"Malfoy, I said thanks for helping me, but that don't mean that you have to follow me."

"Why would I want to follow a Mudblood like you, I'm going to my Arithmancy class." He smirked at Hermione's shocked face.

"I didn't know you did Arithmancy." Hermione's puzzled face made Draco smirk even more and this made Hermione angry.

She stomped into class and was surprised to find that Draco followed and sat next to her.

"Look Malfoy, I don't mind you calling me names, but I don't want you ruining my education."

He smirked even more and replied "I wasn't here to annoy you, but since you gave me the idea, I might just do that."

Hermione's look of horror made his smirk grow like a chessier cat.


Soon the lesson began and Draco was bugging Hermione.

"Have you kissed Weasel yet?" "Was it sloppy?" "Did he lick your face?" "Did he call you a bad kisser?"

"FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I DON'T GO OUT WITH RON, SO SHUT THE HELL UP OR I'LL HEX YOU INTO OBLIVION!" Hermione shouted and professor Lexis came over to their table.

"Miss Granger, detention."

Hermione looked at the professor with a look of horror and exclaimed,"But miss, it was Malfoy's fault!"

"Hmm, Mr Malfoy, you and Miss Granger will be in detention together, tomorrow night., no arguments."

She walked off and Draco whispered in Hermione's ear "Well done Granger, now you got us both into trouble."

Hermione turned around to face him, her eyes were burning with anger and she whispered back with such force that even Draco was shocked.

"Listen here Malfoy, it was your fault in the first place, I've never had a detention in my entire living at school and I'm not going to let you start ruining my reputation."

The bell rang and there was a noisy shuffle as the students put away their books and quills and hurried out the door.

Hermione was one of the last ones to leave the classroom and she was still fuming.

If Malfoy annoyed one more time today, she knew he would suffer the pain of a thump around his jaw.

A/N: thanks for my reviews for my first chapter. This chapter is dedicated to Indira as she helped me.
Thanks keep read and reviewing.

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Nobody said anything about love: Hermione's first detention


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