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Insanity by real_life_sucks
Chapter 1 : Unexpected Encounters
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Unexpected Encounters
by real_life_sucks
Banner by mrdarcy. We all love him for the amazing banner.
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Chapter dedicated to Britt for everything she's been through. I love you girl!!!

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now. After all, I was the smartest witch of my grade, even if that was just last year. You’d think, naturally, that I would have carried over my common sense with me into the real world. But apparently, something happened in between all of that. Yes, thank you, I know we did defeat Lord Voldemort. But that was two years ago – they made everyone repeat that year. Talk about aggravating to be turning 18 and still in 7th year. And 1st year was TWICE the size, and will be for a while. But that’s not what is important in my ramblings at the moment. The important factor I am trying to get across – I went stupid. Beyond stupid, I entered insanity.

So should I be telling you what happened? I suppose – I’m completely new to this sort of thing. But with everything that happened, I’d really rather not have to tell anyone in person. As it is right now, I’m in hiding till everything blows over somewhat. Ginny knows where I am and what I’m doing, so she’ll hold Harry and Ronald at bay. But I’ve got to let the rest of the wizarding world get used to…everything. I mean, I’m only getting married. But apparently, I choose the wrong guy. But that doesn’t explain why I entered insanity…no, that won’t explain any of it at all. Until I tell you the name of the guy.

But I really had a good reason to fall in love with him. Even if everyone else refuses to see it, there was an excellent reason behind it all. He’s amazing. He can keep up with me in conversations, actually dares to argue with me, and won’t let me always have my way. Sure, at the time it is quite aggravating. But in the end, I love it. I love him. I love the way he smiles when I’m doing something wrong and refuse to admit it. I love the way he runs his fingers through my hair when we’re alone. I love the way he rubs my hand when we’re surrounded by people and we can’t do much more – we’ve already freaked them out enough. I love the way his voice raises when he’s angry. I love the past we’ve had. It isn’t perfect and that’s what I love so much. Not like if I’d ended up with Ronald. We would never have any bad memories, truly bad memories, to reflect upon and laugh on in the future…but with him…we have oh so many its funny.

I suppose I’m really not doing what I promised to do though – tell you who it is. I suppose I’ll do a little recap before I tell you. Back to that day we met after school, about two months after graduation actually. I was preparing for my long sketch of limited life as I trained to be an auror. So, out on the town I was. And of course, you should know that out on the town for me meant a long day in a bookstore or library. In this case, it was in a muggle library of all things. At the time, I couldn’t fathom why he of all people would be there. But he was there nonetheless.

So there I was, finishing a classic, though at the time I forget the name, and was searching for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I remember which book I was looking for, because I had just asked the clerk to help me find it, unsuccessfully. I don’t know if he had heard me asking the guy, or it was just chance that he happened to have it in his hand when I bumped into him. But there I was, making my way up and down the long aisles, when I turn a corner, there he is and he thrusts the book into my hands, then turned on his heel and hurried off. He didn’t even say a word to me. At the time, I was confused, the image of his face burned into my brain.

His eyes had seemed so real…an image I wasn’t used to seeing. His blonde hair was as perfect as always, a few pieces of hair hanging in front of his eyes. But the smirk was missing; he seemed to be searching for something, leaving a worried crease across his eyebrows. I’ll admit, I didn’t think much about it. I went and read the book before heading home. But home alone…the thoughts plagued me endlessly. Why was he even in the muggle world? Why did he happen to know exactly what book I wanted? What was the point of it all? I knew it couldn’t be for nothing.

After a while, I did forget about it. Till he showed up again. This time I was grocery shopping, I still preferred food the muggle way. And he showed up, helping me place items in my cart. The entire time we were silent. He simply would look over my shoulder at the list, walk off and grab the item before placing it in my cart. Eventually, I just handed him the list and followed him with the basket. It was faster to let him do that. He didn’t leave when I went to check out, he reminded me of a lost puppy. He paid for my groceries and began to push my basket to my car. (How did he know which car was mine?) I followed him and helped him place everything in the back; once again, neither of us said a word. But right when he was about to walk off with the basket, I placed my hand on his arm, and forced him to look at me. Then, I asked a question in a quiet voice, my eyes peering intently at him. A question that changed the course of our lives forever.

“What are you doing here Draco Malfoy?”

Author's Note: So, I saw this banner mrdarcy on the DA made and I fell in love with it. Luckily for me, the banner was UFG. And then BOOM. There goes a story inspiration. I know I said I'd work on my other stories...but when the banner gets up, I promise you guys will see why I fell in love with it. Until then, R&R. Opinions are loved. Love ya guys ^_^

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